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  1. Now Governor Scott proclaims us the undefeated champs.
  2. Quick question and then I’ll hang up and listen. Is it an actual playoff decided by the teams on the field of play or something else? If it’s the latter then we’ve all lost.
  3. Have you researched old titles Alabama’s claimed or researched BYU’s National Championship year? Even undefeated Auburn claimed the title despite not being eligible to play in a bowl. UCF as National Champs has more credibility than all 3 and I fear at this stage of insanity we’ve all accepted the ESPN narrative more than facts and information. Thus, we’ve all lost. Smh.
  4. I’m stunned and disappointed the Bulls aren’t coming out in droves to support our title as this process paves the way for USF to claim a title in a similar manner. The playoff is simply a beauty contest and if the prettiest woman isn’t invited, she’s still the the belle of the ball, right?
  5. We’re the only undefeated team why is this concept so difficult for folks to accept?*
  6. We are the only undefeated team that’s why we are the champions my friends.
  7. Y’all are always welcome to the parade. We should all rejoice for the AAC.
  8. Auburn beat both the teams playing for the fake title. We beat Auburn. See where this is going?
  9. Why wouldn’t he? We are the only undefeated team from sea to shining sea.
  10. Danny White our AD has proclaimed us the national champions and is working on it right now. Feelsgoodman
  11. It doesn’t matter how or why it only matters what. Let the good times roll.*
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