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  1. lotsofbull99

    Temple’s New Coach

    USF vs Temple, The Publix vs Wawa Cheesesteak Conflict. A new Rivalry is born!
  2. The beat down will get us sympathy as we could accuse UF and the SEC of bullying a TransConference Athletes.
  3. CJL would have already built the OCS, brick by brick with his bare hands
  4. I've been of this opinion for many years, USF should show up in Gainesville one Saturday in the fall and demand a football game. If they refuse to go along with our little plan we accuse UF and SEC of transphobia
  5. No borders, no walls, no Power 5 at all, schools should be able to join any conference they want
  6. Tired of all this anti AAC hatred and bigotry, all Conferences are equal
  7. lotsofbull99

    Reasons for mass transfers:

    No evidence need, the mere accusation is enough to convict in this post modern world. #BeliveAllAccusations
  8. lotsofbull99

    Naytron Culpepper Transfering from USF

    CJL would never have locked a player in a box.
  9. Of course, everyone knows Alabama only recruits 5 Stars. All USF has is 5 Star Pizza
  10. lotsofbull99

    USF Bull Statue?

    The last thing we should be doing is worshipping a golden calf.
  11. He did that over the summer, and look how that turned out?
  12. lotsofbull99

    USF player in Jail

    Leave Brian Fisher out of this!!