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  1. I'm concerned with so many athletes congregating around the "Portal" that they maybe in danger of passing the Wuhan Flu to others as they do the KungFlu Hustle out the door. USF should enforce social distancing and confine athletes to their dorm rooms so they don't gather around the "Portal" and risk exposing others.
  2. Stop trying to rationalize advantages to not having an OCS. It’s embarrassing playing with the Pirate Ship
  3. The Chinese Corona Virus would have never set foot on campus if CJL was still around.
  4. Glad I won’t have to comment on how uncompetitive USF baseball is.
  5. USF football was essentially canceled when the Judyites sacked CJL.
  6. Taggert and Strong where playing for the title of Tallest Midget in the AAC, no comparison to Big East play
  7. I’m counting on it, Leavittism will triumph in the end.
  8. All those years playing football at USF, and the coaching staff never got around to teaching him to catch. No player development at USF
  9. CJS is having trouble connecting with the players. He needs to remember this is “Slow Coast”
  10. Mike White could start for the Vipers, but CWT want to put a square peg in a round hole.
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