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  1. lotsofbull99

    Football event tonight

    My thoughts exactly
  2. lotsofbull99

    Football event tonight

    If players have to lose weight to fit through this "portal" our team will get beat up in the trenches by the Power 5 teams.
  3. lotsofbull99

    Football event tonight

    CCS is just not connecting with young players in Florida. It's a bad sign when you have to use some sort of "portal" to fill out your roster. We're not asking him to recruit Idaho
  4. lotsofbull99

    Lets hire Jim Leavitt to replace Judy

    Make his Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, and then you have a deal! All power to CJL.
  5. CJL is finding his way home, when CCS tanks next season, and Judy retires, CJL will come riding in to build the OCS and lead USF back to glory.
  6. You never really loved CJL if you feel that way.
  7. CJL would have never let it get this bad. CCS is CSH 2.0
  8. My parents used to pay me for making the honor roll.
  9. lotsofbull99

    Welcome QBulls

    Was USF wrong to force you to play Quarterback, when your true position was running back?
  10. CJL sure knew how to develop QBs like Daniels and Grothe.
  11. Toxic Femininity destroys everything
  12. Frenchie needs a team, and could help at Quarterback.
  13. lotsofbull99

    Eveld gets non-roster invite

    USF always fails to develop players at the right position. QF should have been a Running Back, and USF had the Eveld brothers playing the wrong sport entirely. Failure at all levels.