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  1. Failing to crush the FGCU independence movement has been a disaster for the USF.
  2. You hate grandma and want her to die so you can watch basketball.
  3. If coach puts him in, we win the AAC, no doubt in my mind.
  4. More proof that the establishment at USF fear a return on the great CJL.
  5. Why move forward if things aren't broken? The College Football Globalists would have you believe that the teachings of CJL are from a primitive and barbaric time, and no longer applicable to the modern football landscape. However, we followers of CJL cannot help but speak out, and we cannot allow the college football establishment to claim their speaking the truth, when they're not.
  6. @puc86and I know someone who could turn this thing around....
  7. What ever happens next year, CJL could have done it better.
  8. They’ll firing this Coach, those kids need tough love, we at USF know this.
  9. We wouldn’t need to worry about the record if CJL was driving the bus.
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