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  1. Feels like the beginning of the CSH, CWT, and CSS error here on TBP. Two out of three ended in disaster. I’ll withhold judgement for now.
  2. CJS doesn’t take our USF culture and traditions seriously, he has yet to pay homage to our ancestors. He’s just another carpet bagger.
  3. Has CJS paid homage to the founder of USF Football CJL yet? Perhaps burn some incense at the trailer or on the inter-mural fields?
  4. CJL's greatness is foolishness to the Judyites.
  5. Puc86 is an enlightened one among us, you and the other Judyites have hardened your hearts.
  6. You're speaking like a Globalist/Multi-Cultist. I'm a simple provincial man, who enjoys and wishes to maintain his provincial culture and traditions. Freedom is Slavery, Diversity is Strength, etc.
  7. As it becomes more prevalent, I'll probably take my ball and go home. Lots of other activities I can use to entertain myself in my leisure time.
  8. King quit in the middle of the season, completely sinking Houston's chances of fielding a competitive team last season. Imagine if he was USF's Quarterback, how would you feel as a teammate or a fan? It will happen several more times next year, especially at the G5 level where highly talented upper class-men will want a shot at an extra year of eligibility to be the next Jalen Hurts or Joe Burrow at the Power 5 level.
  9. This new red-shirt and transfer rule is going to ruin football for G5 schools.
  10. CJS folded in the big game. Only CJL could head butt Ed Orgeron and take that Natty last night.
  11. CJL the greatest Head Football Coach in USF history. Peace Be Upon Him!
  12. My posts are always sober and well thought out, I'm triggered that you would accuse me of being an "instigator"
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