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  1. Postmodernists have even infiltrated the USF athletic program. They don’t have the will to be competitive
  2. Why do you hate CJL, Peace Be Upon Him, why don’t you want to make USF great again?
  3. How many touchdowns has an IPF ever scored?
  4. For CJL, Peace be upon him, there is no better coaching job than USF
  5. The Wild Ride will never end, until CJL "Peace be Upon Him" is returned to his rightful position as USF Head Coach.
  6. Joey is an agent of UCF, he hides in plain site. It should be obvious for you all by now.
  7. CJL is known nation wide as a solid football coach, only the Judyites stand in the way of his triumphant return to USF!
  8. Count me in the upset if it isn't Leavitt crowd. Though I wouldn't be to disappointed with Art Briles or Hugh Freeze, because they know what brings all the boys to the yard.
  9. The fact that this guy doesn’t have CJL as a top candidate shows he’s not a serious journalist, just another fake news propagandist
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