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  1. lotsofbull99

    Future Schedules

    The AD should have known not to trust any institution that is "Central"
  2. lotsofbull99

    Charlie's tenure here....

    Exactly, CCS is not willing to do what it takes to compete at a high level, thus why he crashed and burned at Tejas.
  3. lotsofbull99

    Charlie's tenure here....

    CCS will never be as good as our first.
  4. Our globalist masters, ESPN, have already determined it.
  5. lotsofbull99

    Girls of UConn

    I felt I was being very inclusive by mentioning the Huskie Girls, I'm all about Equal Opportunity
  6. UCONN always drags USF down into the mud, I expect this to be a low scoring battle that will set offensive football back years.
  7. lotsofbull99

    Girls of UConn

    Huskies Girls need love too!
  8. I was at the game, wish Memphis had won. UCF section was very lame with their National Champion Banner.
  9. lotsofbull99

    Bowl projections after week 7

    Total fail by the Athletic department that USF has to travel to Birmingham twice and only get one game at home from Birmingham in return.
  10. lotsofbull99

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    Judy's days are numbered...the Age of CJL will return.
  11. lotsofbull99

    Bowl projections after week 7

    I finally move away from Murfreesboro, and finally the USF vs MTSU rematch is on....ugh
  12. lotsofbull99

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    CCS will always be on the hot-seat so long as CJL is out there coaching, waiting for his chance to lead USF back to glory.
  13. lotsofbull99

    This team is not good

    Every team in the AAC is very beatable. I just watched A very flawed Memphis team almost beat UCF
  14. lotsofbull99


    I won't believe it until Joey Knight says so.