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  1. The IPF will only get my support if it can double as what we really need, an OCS.
  2. If she had kept the Baddest Man on Campus CJL, she could have been a contender.
  3. If he can just find another Teddy Bridgewater, he'll do great thing.
  4. USF, deep down, has always been a basketball school
  5. Moving this off the main forum is just a sign that the establishment is afraid that CJL will return and drain the swamp!
  6. I'll be back to chum the waters, but my excitement for USF football has shrunk year after year post BCS.
  7. AAC can begin an inter conference championship with Sun Belt, or maybe CUSA if they'll take us back
  8. I'm deeply offended by the Cultural appropriation. My Culture is not a promotional event!
  9. See, USF can draw big time competition when we have an athletic program with an OCS
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