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  1. I really don't think it's fair to be comparing UCF to USF. They are in a different league and stage of development than we are. They have an on campus stadium that has hosted GameDay with an entertainment district around it and selling season passes to their lazy river. We are struggling to scrape together pennies to put an aluminum roof over a practice field. They have many fans and community support. Let's not compare ourselves to them at this point and focus on being better than other schools in our conference like Tulane and Temple who have passed us up in athletics.
  2. It's obvious that we need better facilities... Hard to recruit good players with that delapidated muma center and out of date yuengling center. We need a full time hype announcer for practices and laser light shows for player entrances before practice. Otherwise, how can players be expected to get excited to practice? Also, do the basketball players have their own pool tables and Jacuzzis or do they have to share them with other athletes? These are things that recruits are looking for.
  3. Exactly, the drought is in the "major" sports of baseball, football, and basketball... Not to belittle tennis and golf or anything.
  4. Baseball was our last conference championship in a major sport in 1995. They are therefore the most successful major sport we have by that metric. That being said, we have the second largest drought in ncaa d1 at winning conference championships as an athletics department.
  5. 7th as a major Florida school in baseball... Yeah, mohl will be gone. We should be winning this conference every other year.
  6. I received a George Selvie signed photo. Looking for a Grothe and Leavitt to go with it now.
  7. Ucf will probably have more fans in the stands then we did this year... So yeah, we suck.
  8. Transfers usually aren't bought into the system /school as much. Hard to build a program with them... They can be good in small doses to patch up positions of need, but if you're getting a bunch of transfers, that usually means your program is in trouble.
  9. We don't have the Orlando school's resources... They have an ocs and an athletics culture + more money. I see a more realistic protection being 2-3 wins next year, 6-7 the year after that and maybe competing for the conference year 3. Next year we will be trotting out a lot of back ups from this year's team. We graduated some key talent and aren't really reloading it seems.
  10. It appears though that this is a complete program rebuild from the ground up, so maybe we need to be patient and realize that we are going to suck for the next 2 or 3 years to get things back where they need to be?
  11. This recruiting class will be our worst all time unless CJS has a miracle up his sleeve.
  12. It's a good solid safe hire, just not the splash hire we all wanted. If he can have 4 or 5 good seasons here, I think the fan base will start to come back and money will start to roll in again. I think Leavitt and to some extent Taggart would have brought many back on board instantly.
  13. At least we aren't accepting that we are the athletic doormats of the conference.
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