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  1. UL 2005 and Pitt 2001. Both 20+ point dogs and won outright. The UL 2005 game may be the biggest swing from the spread to actual result. 21 point spread as I recall and a 31 point win so a 52 point swing. That’s insanity.
  2. Is this a first that you paid for something? I kid I kid...
  3. I switched to ESPN2 thinking it might pop up. Saw Texas state return a punt for TD to tie the game and then miss the XP. Crazy.
  4. Fortin also not available. And I think Kelgler is out not Pinckney
  5. Just listed on the unavailable list. There’s 12 Bulls on there. Pinckney on the DL also.
  6. Cecil, Jennings, Harris... so two of our better linemen. Next man up.
  7. Depends. Play nice and get game rescheduled is one option. Possibly agree to a small payout now and lower the future payout. Another option is to demand the 1.9 and unleash the lawyers on both sides. We’ll say it doesn’t meet the contractual definition of force majeure. The definition is specific to the particular contract.
  8. CBG getting this ship turned. Maybe getting it built in the first place.
  9. Some years there’s zero FCS. The only FCS teams on the schedule are Bethune and FAMU over the next decade. Positive development there IMO.
  10. I don’t think we can hire CWT. Can’t go home again and all that. However, if it happens he better not bring Woodie with him. I’m still bitter about 2016 and that Temple game.
  11. Thanks @NewEnglandBull for the write up. Greatly appreciate by someone who has not had an opportunity to see any of the press conference.
  12. Bry, you think any of those 4 you listed in the lower right corner would come here? None seem likely. If we’re looking for a new coach it’s either coordinator or retread. Phil Fulmer may still want the job.
  13. What do you want him to say? “Screw the kicker, he failed the other 104 guys in the locker room”? CCS deserves a lot of criticism. But this ain’t it.
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