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  1. Good push. Both teams are good to watch. On the MBB side this is the first team in forever that win or lose plays entertaining and competitive basketball (the Stan Heath teams were competitive but entertaining only to the diehards). Hopefully people start supporting USF BB.
  2. Not sure we take all of those. Don’t want the classes to get too uneven or lopsided.

    free throws

    Fire CBG now. He’s screwing up an NCAA caliber team with his failure to teach free throw shooting.

    Willie in trouble

    If the case is BS then they can fight it and get it dismissed or win at trial. If there’s no permanent injury then in most, if not all, states the case never even gets to the jury. More than likely they’ll settle eventually because there’s enough risk that a jury will believe the kid was permanently injured.
  5. My guess is that the assistant coaching carousel is still going in many places. Guys with plenty of options may be leery of jumping to the CCS ship knowing he’s on the hot seat.
  6. We’re the dog not the tree. At least we were the other night.

    Roll call

    Do the tickets say club access on the face?
  8. That’s a false choice. It’s not UF or UMass. It’s really a 2-1 with UF or a 1-1 with some mid level ACC or B10 team.

    For you Tom Jones haters

    Well that’s not unusual.
  10. Under the new rules since he did not play more than 4 games this will be a redshirt year.
  11. Actually 1-1 with Illinois, Syracuse and the like are exactly what we do need. Teams that have some nominal name value, P5, and will bring contingents of northern fans to buy tickets. I don’t mind a 1 and done but there’s only a handful of places I think are worth that. My personal 1 and done list: Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, Notre Dame, Georgia, Clemson.
  12. SANJAY

    Roll call

    They’ll be on the lookout. Nothing gets past them.
  13. Yes, but Bentley Sanders was not bad on returns.
  14. The return game from UF makes the deal make sense for us. I believe USF gets all money above a certain threshold ($2.50?) of each ticket. If there’s 50,000 tickets sold (regardless of who sits in them) and the average ticket goes for $52.50, then USF makes $2.5 million from the home game. And I think those are conservative attendance numbers for that game.
  15. SANJAY

    Roll call

    Ok. There’ll be 3 of us. Me and 2 of the previously described children. And I renewed my season tickets. Shout out to @John Lewis who always helps.