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  1. Puc’s Punctilious Positive Posts. I see a future for you. And Go Bulls!
  2. Silence? Is the objection to CJS trying to rally the team for the balance of the season? Or is it that the social media team put it together and tweeted it?
  3. I just came back because it’s football season. Hope all is well Brad.
  4. Going from memory, the 2007 WVU game was a 7 figure payday for USF. It used to be $2.50 a ticket to TSA (Bucs) plus the first 3000 cars and all concessions. Lee Roy Selmon is the only one at the TSA that voted against the lease agreement which set this up. Apologies if I misremembered.
  5. I have the tickets listed for $200 apiece on ticketmaster. I can’t list them lower on ticketmaster. Section 210 right on the 50 yard line. I can split them 2 and 2 or all 4 together. DM me any interest. Thanks.
  6. Ok. I have 4 good seats (section 210) available if a Bulls fan wants them. Work and family preventing the travel tomorrow.
  7. He’s old. Burnt out comes with the territory.
  8. Is the ticket board gone? I may have some available for a good Bulls’ home.
  9. It’s not the worst grouping we’ve ever been with. We’re not back with Southern Miss. Yet.
  10. The peak of the season was right before the never before heard and never again called illegal forward propulsion.
  11. Came back just to read and post so this moves one post closer to 2000 pages.
  12. Didn’t Yetna participate in senior day yesterday? Thought I read he did. Which means he’s likely gone no matter what we think his chances of paying pro ball. As a reminder pro ball could be Europe or elsewhere not necessarily the NBA.
  13. Defensive effort was good for bout 6 minutes but otherwise CBG has stuff to work them on. Hopefully the guys pick it up this weekend.
  14. USF was supposed to play this week at the Ft. Myers tip off with Butler, Wisconsin, and Colorado. With all the corona stuff that got shifted and ended up with Florida College. Not sure of all the details but the Ft. Myers tip off slid to later in the week and ended up with Gonzaga, Kansas, Auburn, and St. Joseph’s. But there will be limited fans and no public sales of tickets.
  15. I enjoyed bantering with him over the last 10 years on this and two other boards. A great Bulls fan and a great loss to the Bulls online community. As @Skingraft noted above this still bugs the hell out of me also and I was sad to have to post this. Too young. He’ll be missed.
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