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  1. Bry, you think any of those 4 you listed in the lower right corner would come here? None seem likely. If we’re looking for a new coach it’s either coordinator or retread. Phil Fulmer may still want the job.
  2. What do you want him to say? “Screw the kicker, he failed the other 104 guys in the locker room”? CCS deserves a lot of criticism. But this ain’t it.
  3. Sent them to you. I don’t come on during work hours anymore....
  4. 4 in section 210 with club access. Free to a good bulls fan. Email me at sanjayk1331@gmail.com or pm me on here.
  5. Reality? We lost to a team that just lost 24-2 to Temple. Not to badmouth Temple as I am sue they and their first year coach are licking their chops to play us.
  6. I think it’s on the YoutubeTV app. Meaning get the free trial. I think Illinois last year required the same.
  7. I saw the title of the article when it first came out and by pure gut feeling though BB would be ranked at 45. He has a lot of upside and can are a lot of throws but he did not finish the year well. Obviously injuries had a strong role in that.
  8. Big Bama fan colleague of mine came to my office about 30 seconds after this hit twitter to discuss. He was pretty excited too. BUilding the buzz. Great deal.
  9. This year’s team is more impressive since they’re playing on campus. The 11-12 team benefited from not playing home games on the Indian burial grounds.
  10. Extra curricular activities at C. Leon King High school and found a tv where we watched the end of the USF/Georgetown game.
  11. Good push. Both teams are good to watch. On the MBB side this is the first team in forever that win or lose plays entertaining and competitive basketball (the Stan Heath teams were competitive but entertaining only to the diehards). Hopefully people start supporting USF BB.
  12. Not sure we take all of those. Don’t want the classes to get too uneven or lopsided.
  13. Fire CBG now. He’s screwing up an NCAA caliber team with his failure to teach free throw shooting.
  14. If the case is BS then they can fight it and get it dismissed or win at trial. If there’s no permanent injury then in most, if not all, states the case never even gets to the jury. More than likely they’ll settle eventually because there’s enough risk that a jury will believe the kid was permanently injured.
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