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    We are all UCF fans this week

    Some people said this about Louisville back in 2005. eff all that. Root for the Bulls. Everything else is secondary on Friday.

    Promote Shaun King

    CCS may move on from Gilbert. But I think there’s no chance he gives King, or any other first time coordinator, the job if he thinks his job may be on the line.
  3. Defense allowed 13 points. Offense gave up 7. Special Teams gave up 7. Temple had gotten the offense going the 2 weeks prior so overall good defensive effort.
  4. Seems unlikely we would play an ACC team in the Gasparilla if we’re rolling in on a 5 game losing streak. More likely that Temple ends up there and we end up in the Cure or in Boca to play a sunbelt or cuss team.

    ABC commentators remark on Heupel

    What? I’m partial to guys who take over a record breaking offense and say “I didn’t watch any of the tape from last year.”
  6. That’s not true. We now have 2 variations. Up the middle, up the middle, deep pass down the sideline, punt. Pass to the far hash, Pass to the other far hash, up the middle, up the middle. Turnover on downs.
  7. No, your RB is the good but not great Tice.
  8. Imagine you have 3rd and 3 at the opponent 20 with 2minutes left. At home. Do you run up the middle with the RB or put the ball in the hands of QF on the edge? I know what the OC did.
  9. People at the 7-on-7 camp.
  10. You love your wife like you love BK? Admirable.
  11. SANJAY

    Point spread vs Temple

    Wonder what the biggest swing between 2 teams is from one year to the next. We won by 36 last year. only chance we’ll have is to keep Armstead under some semblance of control. Probably unlikely given the run defense to date.
  12. So we’ll keep playing a converted DL (Reaves), converted safety (McGee), and freshman (Boyles) and hope for the best.
  13. 2010 game at Cincinnati. 2 game losing streak with a first year coach and a bad feeling that it would get worse. We won 38-30. Of course we fired that guy 2 years later because it got much worse.
  14. Maybe. If we were South Alabama then definitely.
  15. Pretty sure Houston offense is from same family as ours. Maybe distant cousins.