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  1. Didn’t Yetna participate in senior day yesterday? Thought I read he did. Which means he’s likely gone no matter what we think his chances of paying pro ball. As a reminder pro ball could be Europe or elsewhere not necessarily the NBA.
  2. Defensive effort was good for bout 6 minutes but otherwise CBG has stuff to work them on. Hopefully the guys pick it up this weekend.
  3. USF was supposed to play this week at the Ft. Myers tip off with Butler, Wisconsin, and Colorado. With all the corona stuff that got shifted and ended up with Florida College. Not sure of all the details but the Ft. Myers tip off slid to later in the week and ended up with Gonzaga, Kansas, Auburn, and St. Joseph’s. But there will be limited fans and no public sales of tickets.
  4. I enjoyed bantering with him over the last 10 years on this and two other boards. A great Bulls fan and a great loss to the Bulls online community. As @Skingraft noted above this still bugs the hell out of me also and I was sad to have to post this. Too young. He’ll be missed.
  5. I am sad to post that fellow bull fan DCribb aka Bull Dozer passed away last week. This was posted on another board and the link to the information is below. Thought I would post as i know he was active here for many years. I have no details just sharing this information. RIP man. Way too young. http://www.rhrfh.com/duane-eric-cribb/
  6. UL 2005 and Pitt 2001. Both 20+ point dogs and won outright. The UL 2005 game may be the biggest swing from the spread to actual result. 21 point spread as I recall and a 31 point win so a 52 point swing. That’s insanity.
  7. I switched to ESPN2 thinking it might pop up. Saw Texas state return a punt for TD to tie the game and then miss the XP. Crazy.
  8. Fortin also not available. And I think Kelgler is out not Pinckney
  9. Just listed on the unavailable list. There’s 12 Bulls on there. Pinckney on the DL also.
  10. Cecil, Jennings, Harris... so two of our better linemen. Next man up.
  11. Depends. Play nice and get game rescheduled is one option. Possibly agree to a small payout now and lower the future payout. Another option is to demand the 1.9 and unleash the lawyers on both sides. We’ll say it doesn’t meet the contractual definition of force majeure. The definition is specific to the particular contract.
  12. I don’t think we can hire CWT. Can’t go home again and all that. However, if it happens he better not bring Woodie with him. I’m still bitter about 2016 and that Temple game.
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