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  1. One thing this whole business does is send a message to the NCAA. They know the present playoff system is broken and the UCF stunt does add fuel to that.
  2. Looks like they're switching to the USF game on Spectrum Pinellas.
  3. It's listed as starting at 1:39 now. So maybe...
  4. 72bull

    UCF will beat USF by +21

    CCS should have a special incentive to get the team ready for this game. UCF gave his Louisville team its only defeat in 2013 and kept them out of a possible playoff bowl. I hope he will have some special plays ready to throw at UCF.
  5. 72bull


    USF -38 for the best year ever (so far)? Expectations were too high.
  6. 72bull

    Dr. Saturday ranks the bowls

    I'm glad we get an SEC opponent, but it's pretty bad when the top two teams in the AAC can't get better than a 6-6 opponent. Shows how screwed up the current system is.
  7. 72bull

    New bowl projections

    Yeah, according to sbnation, we would have the better bowl than either Navy, who they projected in the Armed Forces Bowl against a 5-7 Miss St., or Temple in the St. Pete Bowl against South Alabama.
  8. I went to USF after 2 years active duty in the Naval Reserve. Served on the USS Intrepid during the Vietnam war. The GI bill back in '72 was only $200 a month, but paid for most of my schooling!
  9. 72bull

    American Power Rankings

    Nice analysis! I agree that the AAC has good parity, more than most conferences.
  10. 72bull

    Publix Subs Validated

    In Pinellas, at least, the publix Cuban bread is not real Cuban bread. Real Cuban is hard to get outside of Tampa and its gotta be baked with a palm leaf.
  11. 72bull

    Syracuse worries me

    It seems strange that this game is Syracuse's homecoming, especially since their other 2 games were at home.
  12. 72bull

    15 Years Ago Today.......

    A great win against Pitt. The week before we had lost to NIU 17-20.
  13. 72bull

    Welcome, WKU Fans!

    Ah, finally some smack! Where's all the Hillfloppers?
  14. 72bull

    Welcome, WKU Fans!

    Are they here?
  15. I understand that a lot of Temple fans aren't happy playing a MAC team in the little FAU stadium.