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  1. If we win or it's a close game then they are OK. If we get blown out, I never want to see them again!
  2. I thought it was terrible that the TV cameras kept focusing on Shrader during the rest of the game. Glad to hear that the team supported him.
  3. Interesting article on why Leavitt is B. J. Daniel's favorite coach. https://amp.tallahassee.com/amp/2295978001?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Actually, I think he's quite amusing. He says of Wisconsin: "Never forget who is the true King in the North when it comes to college football."
  5. My gastroenterologist has a big stuffed Mr. Poop in his office.
  6. That would be quite a comedown if they lose to Cincy...
  7. But..but... Tim Tebow says the playoff system is great the way it is. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/10/tim-tebow-college-football-playoff-expansion-4-teams
  8. This should be a revenge game and I think the guys will be up for it. A few trick plays might help also. Cronk, who felt bad about his fumble, will do well.
  9. It's affiliations are AAC, ACC and C-USA. Since it's moving to Ramond James stadium, I would assume they would pick an ACC opponent.
  10. Before the season, did anyone expect us to be in the top 25 at this point with a new QB and all?
  11. The Chick-fil-A logo would be close enough.
  12. The red cross in the Florida flag is the Cross of Burgundy, or Burgundian saltire, which was used in the Spanish Empire flag when it had sovereignty over Florida.
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