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  1. Time wise it’s almost impossible for a conference to have its own playoffs. Right now if there is a 12 team playoffs many conferences will start to eliminate the conference championship games.
  2. Yes Youtube TV carries it. I went with Fubo TV so I could get my local sports channel (NESN for Red Sox). Look around first, most give a week for free so you could always get it for the game and then cancel.
  3. When I cut the cable last year I made sure to get the AACN as I figured we would need it and I do watch a few of their conference games.
  4. Unlikely it’s on plus as the AAC channel is a separate channel.
  5. Just curious what is your benchmark for success this year? As you say it’s all about wins and loses so how many games does he need to win for his second year to be a success…in one word please.
  6. Here we go…the start of three months (hopefully four) of USF football.
  7. Correct. The first four days will be shells only then things start to heat up with full gear.
  8. I saw that…what an f’n waste of time. Another politician sucking up for a few votes and press attention.
  9. Conference announced that if a team has COVID and cannot play it is loss to that team. Aresco stated that they had not reached out to any conference. He said he would not comment on expansion.
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