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  1. I believe once the ball hits the ground the punter can be a live target
  2. Ha! That’s sacrilegious talk in the state where and abundance of fast players are as plentiful as sand on the beach...or at least that is what I’ve been told by others on this board.
  3. Man, you are exhausting and depressing. Take your pills and get some sleep. Tomorrow’s another day...
  4. Wait...you guys are talking about posting on the site right?
  5. That’s what I think too. He really needs to get back in the game.
  6. And I would crawl through burning coals to have the talent levels those teams had (but could not finish).
  7. Agreed. Cincy is loaded we don’t need two games with little chance back to back. We can hang with FAU ( but not necessarily win).
  8. I still support. I am an alumnus first and foremost. I ain’t going anywhere.
  9. I heard that...he wanted payback 9 years later.
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