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  1. I agree. There are a few others as well and all they do is troll. Pretty sad.
  2. I know that dude. He actually played for ucf in the D2 days. His kid goes to USF which I find funny.
  3. Wait...where are the positive posts? Is this a Superman bizarro type thingy?
  4. Most college coaches today (both FB and BB) don’t use highlight videos in making a determination of a scholarship offer. They want to see the entire game films. Thus, I trust BG’s knowledge on this one.
  5. It’s only hang loose by weed heads and surfers. We would have been fine with it. If you think UT has been irrelevant you should get a look at that team on Fowler.
  6. I’ve heard that story even when I was a student. Not sure how true it was but regardless there was no way in hell Allen was going to let football happen on his watch. He was busy creating Harvard on Fowler Ave. Allen did not have the business knowledge to understand the PR benefits athletics gave a university.
  7. Wish he could find something in the USF Athletics Department...it’s a shame to let that passion for the university coupled with his playing career go to waste. In many ways he is Mr. USF.
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