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  1. Bulls up 7 with 8 min left
  2. They are streaky though
  3. Bulls up five and shooting FT at tv break
  4. Bulls rolling baby!!!!
  5. Bulls up 31 to 30 Playing great defense
  6. Refs are allowing a lot of hacking on the boards
  7. Bulls down 26 to 28 at half: Yetna is a stud Collins hits 2 key threes Team defense is outstanding I LOVE THIS TEAM!
  8. NewEnglandBull

    USF Will Win on Friday

    Need turnovers...lots of turnovers...
  9. Here come the Bulls! Down by 2. Yetna is going off...11 rebounds
  10. Bulls have missed last 8 shots and are 1 for last 13. Down by ten. Missing three shots right under the basket is frustrating
  11. Down 9 to 12 at 11:03.
  12. Bulls up 7 to 6 at first media time out
  13. For those that do not know Patrick Ewing is now the coach at Georgetown.