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  1. I am leaning that way but will give him one more year before I get militant.
  2. Maybe with the words “Sad” or “Great” before the word “Performance” based on how well we are playing.
  3. It should be remembered that BE money back then is about what we are getting paid now. But about all of it was plowed into the baseball/softball complex and a few others. I still don’t get why the university does not spend from its own resources in Athletics. It amazes me that this entire IPF was privately funded. If this is the same strategy going forward I would not hold my breath on the football center anytime soon (which is why they are updating the existing locker rooms now).
  4. It’s USF Athletics...I have like dozens of concerns..
  5. Ok I agree with that point...”if” there is a plan to get people there. My concern is people from other states scanning the channels for a game tune in to our game and see 17k and this creates a negative impression. I already have this with some relatives so I am sure others nationally have done so as well. So my issue is separate from the financial issue...which I agree, if someone is cutting a check for season tickets that’s good regardless if they come or not.
  6. I do...it looks bush league on tv...the optics are terrible. Further if we “ever” to have anything that’s a positive brand athletics image then we need butts in the seats. If they don’t actually show up do they really care?
  7. Yes, I think 38k average is doable and is about at the max (maybe 42k if everything is perfect). And I am talking about people “at the actual game.” We have people who have season tickets but never come (corporations I suspect).
  8. You probably would not like working for someone who frowns on drinking at work...
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