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  1. UH has had a top 15 (yes they ranked them) track and field almost every year. They have 17 national championships as well. Carl Lewis (who ran for UH) is the men’s coach. They have a great history and following.
  2. Correct. The conference would be taking a pay cut to add these schools. Again, I will be very surprised if there are any changes...especially when the playoffs expand in three years.
  3. This team is 1000 times better under the new coaching staff. Pole vault (men), long jump (women), and sprints (men and women...but especially women)is much improved. But for sure the team has a long, long, long way to go before they are in the top tier of the conference in the championships.
  4. Yes, cross country and the heat is an issue. Most of the better long distance runners are in the pacific northeast, Midwest, and northeast universities. There are always exceptions but that’s where many go to school. However, the south owns the sprints.
  5. God **** Puck, where were you when I needed you years ago
  6. The day we win a conference trophy for football I’ll be doing the same...hopefully I won’t have to be in wheelchair when that happens
  7. I figured you would be there. I think I have seen you at about every away game I have been at. Your jersey with your name on the back is a dead giveaway
  8. Nice. If I can get tickets to the Saturday Georgia vs Clemson game I will definitely be there.
  9. Was thinking of flying down. Are any of you guys making the trip to Raleigh? I see the game is on a Thursday night.
  10. LMAO...he is not a five star anymore...there is a reason he is slumming with you clowns. See ya in November...
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