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  1. But it is perfect for this team...keep it simple get some wins build some confidence and maybe we can win a few conference games. 14 wins is a possibility.
  2. We are on page 5 discussing if ucf is a rival or not...I think the answer is pretty obvious...
  3. This may be true but that sure as hell does not mean I am going to sit on my couch and yell in favor of those schmucks.
  4. NewEnglandBull


    What the hell was Shurron Pierson thinking...
  5. NewEnglandBull

    USF Flag on Gameday!

    Ummm...not quiet what I had in mind
  6. Hate is a strong thing. Hate is an important thing. Hate is a good thing. Hate is fun. Lets keep talking ucf......
  7. NewEnglandBull

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    Its about national PR when we kick ass...that does help when expansion comes back onto the table. Also, I want exciting opponents to watch...not FAU, FIU, or some 1aa team.
  8. NewEnglandBull

    USF Flag on Gameday!

    Putting the USF logo smack dab in the middle would increase the quality of this flag significantly.
  9. Me too I just love bad mouthing them every chance
  10. Even with all of that clear sense and perspective there is no way I am going to do it...I just can’t...it’s unnatural.
  11. Exactly. A NYD bowl game would be icing. But winning a conference championship is paramount.
  12. Unless the game is changed to a Sat it will never happen
  13. Good god what is wrong with you people????????? I want ucf to get crushed, beaten, smashed. I wish nothing but pain and humiliation to them each and every week. If a game is Evil in Hell vs. ucf, give me Evil in Hell every time. I hope they get rolled. Impact on NYD bid? Please. Boise will lose to BYU and we are still good.