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  1. That was someone else. Forgot who though. People come and go...there are lurkers on this board who jump in just to say some people on the board suck then they disappear again for many months. KR needed a break. He is a true Bulls fan and will be back once all this goes away and athletics starts back up.
  2. Looks like my bike riding season just got nine weekends longer
  3. True but that does not negate the fact that the family who was adversely impacted won’t feel bad. If I was them I would not really give a **** who survived when mine did not. I suspect they are not acting as cavalier as one day we all have to go.
  4. You are right. I just feel for the families. But yes, a buck is a buck and they are rarely turned down.
  5. True...but if there is money involved I don’t know realistically how much change can happen.
  6. It’s already happened and it’s going to get worse as soon as all of the sports return.
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