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  1. NewEnglandBull

    Good News for T Horne

    Don’t drop the soap and stay away from the beans and cabbage...
  2. Game averaged 1 foul every 40 seconds
  3. Would love to see at least 4-1 run in that stretch. Must beat Wichita on Tues as they are not very good.
  4. There are 11 teams praying that don’t have to play us in the AAC tourney. Even if you are fortunate to get a win you will have nothing left in the tank the day after.
  5. Ugh you went Trump on me...
  6. Completely disagree...to say “not very good” is not a accurate at all.
  7. Close score but felt like we were never really in this game.
  8. Yes Hou is good and we are getting exposed because we don’t have a real shooter on the team. Hou is not the team you are going to drive on...just not going to work.
  9. That was the dagger...no idea why you don’t call TO there.
  10. Yetna and Durr need to get back in the game. Huge drop off when they are not in
  11. Puc is over at the BE board talking about the old days.. Players are going to need lots of ice after this one.
  12. Every time we get close they pull away again