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Everything posted by NewEnglandBull

  1. I am a supporter of getting the number of actual attendance. If it sucks that’s not a reporters fault but the fault of the university and the so called Tampa “fans.”
  2. He was not purposely antagonistic, hereported facts you cry babies didn’t want to hear. He has stepped all over UCF multiple times but again you don’t want to hear that. His reasoning for reporting the exact attendance was that it was representative of the popularity of the program which is true. He had the data and he reported it. Jesus you and your flock are such a bunch of whiners on this. Instead of pissing and moaning try getting more people to the game so it’s not an issue.
  3. You whimps. You all want a reporter who will sugar coat things so you will feel better. Go take a friggin nap and feel better.
  4. Probably but not much on the late great Judge.
  5. I love Southern Florida I vacation there twice a year.
  6. Ugh do we really have to use an fsu AD quote???What’s next, the Gator chomp at the next Bulls game.
  7. I am actually ok with that for a few of “our fans”...
  8. This is very good Bry. You should send this to Kelly just in case...though I’ll assume he knows the numbers.
  9. You are still a good fan ElToro. Yes, eat those ribs on last time in 2019.
  10. The offensive guy is staying big guy. So is the coach. Enjoy!
  11. No, we are done with the Blake experiment. It failed. Time to move on. Why should he even be worried about football with that hot wife of his.
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