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  1. You are probably right. But my point is he has a lot more going on than something as trivial as professional football in his future.
  2. Comparison photo of USF football attendance last year vs. USF football attendance due to COVID 19
  3. You are assuming he actually wants to play in the NFL. Perhaps he has bigger plans than that.
  4. I thought it was lack of a stadium to pay off...
  5. Players from OU also tested positive. Probably had the antibodies.
  6. At the end of The day there simply is not going to be enough schools to cancel their season
  7. And most will simply play fewer than 12 games...Especially if they are non-conference.
  8. Right. Somehow he must think OU, Neb, ND is just waiting by the phone for us to call.
  9. How is that payoff going to work when you will have to pay a fee for dropping a game (to the school and conference)? You sure as hell won’t make it up at the gate (25% max allowed). This has to be your dumbest post yet and that is saying a lot.
  10. You have no idea if a university will not play games at all. You have no idea who those teams are. You have no idea if some conferences have decided to play only conference games. You have no idea the contractual responsibilities of playing the conference games. You have no idea of the costs and payoffs for dropping and adding games.....yet you go ahead and make a stupid statement....yay!!!
  11. Of course after all of this a contract will probably not get worked out until mid season and when it does we lose 7 straight and then the real **** storm will commence.
  12. Yeah I think when I posted it he was only saying he got an offer. It seemed pretty obvious to me at that time that was where he was going...but it was not official.
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