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  1. Could this be UT and OU’s end game? Big 12 commissioner releases statement after meeting with Oklahoma, Texas presidents – Saturday Down South Grant the Longhorns and Sooners an additional half-share annually (1.5 shares each), bumping their payouts to approximately $56 million per year. The other eight schools would decrease their payouts accordingly. Big 12 schools currently average $37 million in annual TV rights earnings, including revenue from bowl games and the NCAA Tournament.
  2. To surmise…never be the man who replaces the MAN (or in this case WOMEN).
  3. What Merging the AAC and Big 12 Might Look Like Here's what this league could look like.
  4. Pete Thamel @ Yahoo Sports "Source says Big 12 may go to 16 teams" https://sports.yahoo.com/with-ou-and-tex...25168.html Some of the highlights: Big 12 Texas schools would not want SMU and Houston. BYU, Boise State, Colorado State, and San Diego State for the west wing. AAC schools mentioned are UCF, USF, and Cincinnati.
  5. There is a gentleman’s agreement in the SEC that no school from the same state as a current member can be added without the support of the existing member. However, this is not contractual and would not hold up in court.
  6. If there are any teams left, and I not sure if that’s going to be the case, then you are correct Puc. I would still rather have the Big12 name but this guy makes a good point.
  7. This **** is getting crazy. It may not matter where we end up if this happens
  8. Relax, we will have someone here in four weeks. Things can still work out. It’s also entirely possible that no G5 teams get called up all.
  9. Personally I am not opposed to this as long as no other G5 jumps us.
  10. Disagree…this is not rocket science for a president. We can still show our academic metrics without the current President who by the way will still be president when all this goes down. Based on JTrue’s comments we will have about 4/5 weeks with no hired president.
  11. Just wondering if his leaving is a good thing. MK could be given more leeway to make a deal and could be the one actually in charge of the whole process. Just a thought…
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