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  1. I agree I actually like Joyner he’s lickety split quick. I hope he hangs around after this year.
  2. To have such problems again…we should have added one more- why haven’t we started an on campus fund?
  3. If she was rich I would 😀 If she could lead me to better options I would 😃 I could go on…😂
  4. Same I am too mired in my own personal USF football depression to take it out on others. I really hope this does not happen. it was lame as hell 10 years ago and would be just as lame today.
  5. Everyone on this board posting like a true HR professional
  6. If JL came back season ticket sales would increase for sure. Of course there would be a segment as well who would hate the decision. There is a of polarization there. Willie would come back in a second. I can't imagine JL returning with Tags and being second in command. Further, any mistake Tags made people would immediately be calling for his firing and to elivate JL.
  7. Yes, and just about every other team is looking for the same.
  8. Thats the key “if”…hopefully we can make it happen. I think the P5 has benefited the most in the portal.
  9. I was thinking more like full lobotomy…but yeah that works.
  10. Which will be nothing more than a one to two year band aid.
  11. This week was the first week in years that their ranking was higher than the AAC according to Massey Index.
  12. I am starting to feel wobbly on this perspective. What I saw Saturday is beyond concerning.
  13. Ok, ignore my last post to you…I see your answer here and it is pretty good. Basically you are saying to go the Willie T route we took after CSH was fired. The only think that worries me now is Kelly doing this correctly. With his coach Scott hire he has me worried.
  14. Not sure I follow you here. You are saying you support CJL then you say he lied then you say we should have never fired him. So I am not clear in what your response is saying relative to my post. I believe I have been very clear over the years I have not supported the actions of CJL in his demise. But it’s time for me and others (in USF administration) to move on from that. It was a mistake. The program is on life support and bring in another retread or another untested assistant coach may not be the way to ago. I am suggesting something that would be a shot in the arm to create excitement. Both Willie and Jimmy would do that. Tags could recruit and players loved him. My biggest issue is can M Kelly find the right person? I don’t like his track record right now.
  15. The program needed (and still needs) a shot in the arm that would excite the fan base. There were two who would have done that and would have said yes to an offer: Coach Jim Leavitt and Coach Willie Taggart.
  16. I am still in…not going anywhere. I will continue to support USF football regardless how much we suck, how much our conference sucks, how poorly as coach makes decisions, how much it crushes my spirits when we lose, and how much it hurts to see other programs pass us. Why? USF is my alma mater, it’s a part of whom I am and by extension so is USF football. Will I still get pissed with all of the above issues? Will I still call coaches and athletics directors out based on stupid decisions? Yes, absolutely! But I am staying until the bloody end (mine or USF football).
  17. I am in the same place as you brother. It is so disappointing to be at this point.
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