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  1. He is 50/50...can’t put the blame on Henrik but Igor can move the move puck significantly better behind the net which is needed to control the aggressive forechecking of the Cane’s D. I am hearing it’s 50/50 That Igor gets the start.
  2. You’re right. I was also there in 2015 and saw Adams with a monster day where he had 3 TDs. Yes, it was MVS in 2017 who broke that long run. They were both super quick!
  3. I was there at the Uconn game 3 years ago. Adams caught a 5 yard pass turned up field and poof he was gone...90 yard catch and sprint to the end zone. He was amazing.
  4. Hang in there man, but keep moving it’s the best thing for you.
  5. Just about everyone starts on Monday. Hold your breath and let’s see what happens.
  6. Get yourself a routine and start slow. Nothing wrong with long walks in the morning.
  7. Lightening will be fine. They learned from last year. Stankos has plenty of time to be ready. It seems like every team is getting nicks and bruises in this accelerated format. The team I am most interested in is Columbus. They could be a tough take out. Philly too (assuming GT does not lose games) but I hate that team and their fans so I am not going to give them too much love. Rangers are two more years away from being consistently “good” but it’s nice to see the young guys get some work...they are the second youngest team still playing (Blackhawks #1).
  8. A few more of your posts and I might finally have to put down the tea cup...
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