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  1. Yeah the wife and I won’t be getting anything but don’t they give $500 to children or something? If that’s the case, it will go into my son’s savings account (he’s 18 months old) and he can decide what he wants to do with it in 17 years.
  2. There are no new cases in China... maybe they stopped testing?
  3. So is UF the national champions? You know those pricks will claim it.
  4. It’s amazing that teams don’t just pressure us from the beginning. We wouldn’t break 10 points a game.
  5. Another example: I don't know for sure, but I would bet you're not fun at parties.
  6. Stop being a drama queen. I never said he has had a harder life than anyone on this board but I said I would bet he has. Your reading comprehension needs work.
  7. I still dont think it was. I said he has endured much more than the average person. So I would bet he has been through more than anyone I know. Sorry to offend you so badly. Maybe read the article, I dunno...
  8. Really? Is it so outlandish to think that in Flowers short time on earth he has had to endure much more than the average person? Obviously I dont know everyone's life but Flowers has been through way too much **** for only being a 20 something. So outlandish lol http://www.si.com/.amp/college/2017/11/21/quinton-flowers-south-florida-bulls-family
  9. Quinton Flowers has persevered through more in his life than I bet anyone on this thread. Quinton needs to make decisions that are best for him. How can any of us know what is best for him without being in his shoes? BTW BJ Daniels was the backup on SEA and was finally given a chance and we see what he was able to do. Trestman never gave Flowers a legit chance even though everyone knew he was the best QB on the team.
  10. The only thing bringing me back would be if BJD was starting...
  11. This. It's not like these guys are making good money in this league...
  12. Here comes jtrue, who wouldn't be able to sleep at night if someone was more contrarian than him... We get it, we are all sheep and you're the cool guy who walks his own path, man.
  13. I also never said he was a great xfl qb either... But if you weren't referring to me than I am just confused. Carry on
  14. What the hell??? All I said was Q was mobile. That style of offense is what the NFL is trending too. Nowhere did I say Q could, would, or should be a QB in the nfl. Trestman should adapt that sort of offense if he wants to move back up to the nfl. The game seems to have passed him by.
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