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  1. I'm probably the most pessimistic fan I know but even I can see this is a team with a brand new staff and scheme with no off-season or spring and a first game. It was boring as hell but maybe it was because I was overly excited for the return of football and the game fell flat. If we look as good as last years team at this point, there is still hope for improvement.
  2. Respect is earned. Nobody hates the kid, but we aren't gonna kumbaya either.
  3. They could cgi naked chicks all over the screen and id still be half bored
  4. McCloud is weak, can't run, can't throw, and yet he is the starter.
  5. **** this game is boring. So anti climactic of a long off season
  6. Yeah McCloud ain't it boys. Also, when was the last time we lined up for a fg and you felt confident about it going through?
  7. Seriously this is ****. We have waited so long for this and they **** us.
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