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  1. Lol I was just messing with him because he's from NE. My dad is from Gloucester. I have had my fair share of lobster rolls. I like them cold rather than hot
  2. It's just that gross sushi stuff. I don't know why an american deli would have the best...
  3. Uh I hope CJS is closer to Butch Jones... Butch Jones won 2 Big East championships and 2 MAC championships.
  4. Well if he is taking visits after committing then pull the offer
  5. He is playing poorly tonight but that is crossing the line man
  6. Rideau is the only player that might play more recklessly than AC
  7. It's not that we completely suck, it's just we seem to do just enough to lose.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if this team even knows how to run an offense against a zone...
  9. I think Coach just told Dawson "that's how you ******* play" lol
  10. Yes he is. He is also the highest ranked recruit in the conference for 2019.
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