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  1. ForestBull

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Honestly, this whole team is garbage. From the God awful kickoffs, terrible punts, putrid o line, disgraceful play calling, ugly execution and ****** excuses.
  2. Charlie strong would drive the bus worse than me right now and I am hammered...
  3. Lol I won a state championship in basketball. Unfortunately, you won't even see me in the D league. Horrible would be an improvement with this Oline...
  4. Not sure what you are getting at. Can't tell if there is sarcasm or not lol. Did Taggart give us anything tangible? Yeah his offense was fun as hell to watch but at the end of the day, he came up short.
  5. Nope never gave Strong credit. He failed miserably at the richest school in the nation and I had hope it was just bad luck and he would do well here. He has **** the bed. Inb4 17-6 We won the games against **** competition and lost to teams that were decent. He's gotta go honestly
  6. At what point are you over it though? God **** I bleed green and gold but we literally do everything we can to not live up to the talent we have.
  7. Why though? Why would you pay this man 5x what he made this year when you can pay him 200k to **** off?
  8. Could you imagine making $2,500,000 in 12 months for being ******* terrible at your job? I could literally be the best I can be at my job and not sniff that amount of money.
  9. Skip Holtz seemed like a good person too. Being a good person gets you jack **** in cfb.
  10. He is the leader. Everything falls on him ultimately. How this season has turned out is literally embarrassing. Honestly, how he managed the clock before halftime was unforgivable. The 2nd half was just straight water trash.
  11. If you pay these hacks that kind of money, alumni should sue.
  12. Like 200k lol. I've never seen such an easier decision
  13. I vowed to stop watching but like the addict I am, I watched the entire game. I told my friend when Strong acted like a little ***** and didnt try to score or stop the clock before half, that the game was over. Why would you pay this awful coach 2.5M? I will coach for free and honestly believe it would be a minor improvement. **** this staff and **** this year. Go Mens BBall!
  14. ForestBull

    Cronkrite all around back?

    Bad coaches find ways to keep the ball away from the best players