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  1. ForestBull

    Looking for watch party

    Would you go to the game?
  2. ForestBull

    Looking for watch party

    Let me know if you can't get one. I could hook you up.
  3. ForestBull

    Looking for watch party

    I'll throw some money in for your uber. I am in Atlanta and wish I could go. Haven't been to a game all year so far. It's been killing me. Last year I went to most of the home games either by car or plane...
  4. ForestBull

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    Not really... he said we gained 600 yds. and won but should have won by more. So in the same logic it would be GT gained 600 yds and lost but should've lost by less
  5. ForestBull

    TV Service Options

    IPTV new ones always pop up and then get shut down eventually. Set TV was a good one that got sued and shut down
  6. ForestBull

    TV Service Options

    Lol enjoy that while it lasts. It will definitely be shut down. There's no way they have the rights to those channels
  7. ForestBull


    I rewtached it yesterday on the app. I think it was under replays
  8. ForestBull


    You can rewtach the game on the foxsports go app
  9. ForestBull

    Final few minutes of first half

    I like being aggressive
  10. ForestBull

    First Half Thoughts

    Hey here's an idea... get the ball to the athletes. Wilcox should be a safety valve
  11. ForestBull

    First Half Thoughts

    I took a more exciting poop this morning
  12. ForestBull

    Where is the game?

    It says delay... what's that for rain?