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  1. They can take some of the money they’ve thrown away paying our Chief of Staff and put it towards upgraded assistants
  2. I’m on board with Manny Diaz as DC and recruiting coordinator. Time to break out the cafecitos and get this guy to Tampa.
  3. Sonny Dykes went heavy in to the transfer portal to rebuild SMU. Worked out okay for them. I believe that’s what CJS will try and do this offseason. Whether he will be successful or not remains to be seen.
  4. 6 games in to the 2nd year of the CJS/Doogie Howser offense and the Bulls have 1 passing TD. To put it in perspective, 1-5 Navy has 2
  5. Got invited at the last minute by my BIL to go to the Ole Miss/LSU game this weekend in Oxford. So I’ll be partying in the grove rather than tailgating at RayJay. A few years ago, I would have said nope can’t make there’s a Bulls home game. Now I’m looking for last minute flights. Times they are a changing.
  6. It seems like McClain has taken more vicious hits in his 4 games than Flowers did in his entire career. Flowers was way more elusive than McClain and knew how to void the big hit. I know it’s still early but right now McClain has not wowed me.
  7. Some more ramblings. I was there yesterday and stayed to the very end and was pissed like everyone else, however unlike in the past I got home and said eff it and didn’t care anymore. USF football has been an important part of my life however in its current state it brings me no joy and very little entertainment. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the beginning and rarely ever missed a home game. In fact, I would never schedule any vacation or trips around home games. This year however I had the opportunity to take a couple of cool trips next week and the weekend of the Houston game. I’ll glance at my phone to check a score but that’s it. Slowly but surely I’m disconnecting from USF football. Sad but that’s the reality of where things are at.
  8. “Best is The Standard” obviously doesn’t apply to play calling and timeout use
  9. Lol. There was a let’s go Brandon chant in my section and some Bulls fan a few rows lower turned around and asked who’s Brandon and what’s his number 😂
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