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  1. El_Toro_86

    Scheduling Philosophy

    These next few recruiting classes better be talented and deep, because in 2022 we need to put on our big boy pants.
  2. No matter how you slice it the biggest problem USF athletics faces right now is apathy and everyone is to blame, students, alumni, faculty, Tampa Bay Area community and it’s up to Harlan and USF athletic leadership to figure out a solution. Unfortunately, the one solution that would turn things around is P5 invite, but that ain’t happening so Harlan and crew need to get creative and find ways to engage the community, the fanbase and potential donors. Man the offseason sucks!
  3. El_Toro_86

    AAC Tournament

    Some days being a USF fan is kind of like Charlie Brown continously lining up for that kick and Lucy yanking that ball out every time.
  4. El_Toro_86

    Very Early Football Game Lines

    So no Charlie Strong effect
  5. El_Toro_86

    Very Early Football Game Lines

    FAU at 31???
  6. 5313 students at home games and our student section is how big, 12.5k?? Jeesh...
  7. Maybe I missed it but No FL/UGA or FL/FSU or FSU/Miami?
  8. Let the games begin...may the best QB win and lead this team to an AAC Championship! Go Bulls!!
  9. El_Toro_86

    HB QF

    4 out of 10 are from AAC...#P6
  10. Kind of depressing to read. Anxious to see what the Athletics survey will show. I’m not sure if or how this stadium will ever get built.
  11. My understanding is he committed to Notre Dame and Oregon, signed with Alabama, got beat out by Hurt and transferred to ASU and is now transferring again. Commitment may not be his strength. If the coaches feel he’s got his head screwed on straight, then sign him up and throw him in the competition with Kean and Oladokun and let the best man win. We need to win the **** AAC!
  12. El_Toro_86

    JPP To Bucs

    Welcome home JPP!!
  13. El_Toro_86

    Illinois game 2018

    Will be there 9/12 - 9/16. Flying United in to O’Hare on the 12th and staying at the Fairfield Inn/Downtown. Very much looking forward to this roadie. Go Bulls! Jchem and I are also thinking of making the Houston roadie.
  14. El_Toro_86

    Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    Really looking forward to the Oladokun/Kean battle. For the first time in a long time we have a roster with depth at most all positions.
  15. Staff continuity is huge. Let’s finally see if CCS can put together a really successful season without a QB named Bridgewater or Flowers.