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  1. I’ll sum up the USF sports calendar: Long boring offseason gives way to renewed optimism about the upcoming football season —> By first of November football team has crapped the bed and not bowl eligible and everyone looks forward to the beginning of basketball season with renewed optimism —> By February, MBB has face planted and out of the conference race and not tourney eligible so people look to WBB and spring sports —> By the middle of the spring semester baseball is another huge disappointment and the rest of the spring sports are exceedingly mediocre with some actually doin
  2. Our last FBS win was 20 months ago. Sorry, not buying the hype this offseason. Show me some FBS wins and then I’ll believe.
  3. They said work would begin right after spring training. Haven’t seen anything official from the university around this project getting off the ground and was wondering if anyone that’s around the university or LRS has seen any construction or are we waiting for the final draft of the 8th feasibility study.
  4. I missed it as well and was hoping to watch a replay somewhere
  5. Next year when you’re sitting in the Yuengling watching a MBB game you’ll be thinking God I wish I was patio furniture shopping
  6. If athletic success is the barometer, we are most definitely the antithesis of UCF
  7. How about this guy? Has anyone watched Last Chance U basketball? https://www.elacathletics.com/sports/mbkb/coaches/MosleyJohn
  8. Whether allegations are true or not and I hope they’re not, considering this current cultural climate we’re in the only option is to gut the MBB coaching staff. Anything less will be viewed as tolerating racism. Why does USF make it so difficult for their fan base? At this point, I’d cheer mediocrity in both MBB and football. And mediocrity seems so far away.
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