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  1. Great article! Discipline and hard work can make a difference. Way to go Mike!
  2. That’s great. I’ve got the same buff and wearing it the same way.
  3. I’m 1000% behind CJS and think he’s the right guy to take this program to the next level, however, I’m no longer buying the offseason hype and the blind optimism that happens every year around this time, ie, player weight gain, increased bench presses, cute slogans and the great practice videos. I will sit back and watch all of this unfold and will be looking for on the field progress. My hope is that this team improves over the course of the season and is playing some of our best ball by the time we face the idiots from Oviedo. Like a great philosopher once said “We suck until we don’t” Go Bulls!
  4. I was still pissed about the Cincinnati game and figured we’re going down in flames again so I turned it off when they were down 9 with around 4 minutes to go. Kicks self in A$$ Great win! After all the late game collapses this year this team needed a finish like this on senior night.
  5. I’m with NEB on this one. We suck until we prove on the field that we don’t.
  6. Good night fellas...another USF tease. I guess I should be used to them by now.
  7. Yep. Durr and Brown need to teach the guards how to make a FT.
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