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  1. El_Toro_86

    Club Soccer to Potential K.

    And Mrs Gramatica
  2. El_Toro_86

    Mi'Cario Stanley, off the rosters

    Sort of off topic. Are we changing to a 3-4 defense this year? I notice Reeves and Black now listed as a LB and Bronson a DE. If so, we’re gonna need some of the true freshman to step up in a hurry.
  3. El_Toro_86

    Club Soccer to Potential K.

    Agreed. With Oline play a close second.
  4. El_Toro_86

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    We all recognize QF as GOAT so finding a replacement will be next to impossible. My concern is none of the 3 have the elusiveness of Q. There were multiple games that without Flowers escability and his ability to turn a negative play in to a significant gain with his feet we might not have come out on top. He was that integral to our success on O both with his feet and arm. I guess the one that comes the closet is CO. My fear is that if the Oline is not a strength, we may struggle on O. Only one way to find out is to get the **** season started already.
  5. Maybe I missed it but has there been any comment on the Kelly hiring by CCS?
  6. Must admit that I had never heard of Michael Kelly till today but with everything I’ve read I couldn’t be happier about his selection. Now let’s build the **** IPF and OCS and get in to a P5. Lots of work to do Mr. Kelly. Welcome aboard and glad to have you back in Bulls Nation!
  7. El_Toro_86

    Quinton Flowers

    I’m gonna really miss not seeing QF under center this year for our Bulls. He transcended just being a great QB. He was transformative for this athletic department. We got a lot of national attention because of him. I would not bet against this kid in finding a spot on an NFL roster.
  8. El_Toro_86

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Really anxious to see if CCS can have sustained success without a QB named Flowers or Bridgewater. This year will tell us a lot.
  9. El_Toro_86

    New AD Search

    All of this Jurich chatter will be another case of Lucy yanking the ball away from Bulls nation. Just enough to tease us that maybe we’re really serious about taking this athletic department to the next level. When all is said and done we will end up with some assistant AD that no one has ever heard of from another part of the country. The Judy will never sign off on his hire and if she did I don’t know where we will find enough coin to get him here.
  10. El_Toro_86

    Kenyatta Jones dies

    Wow. Very sad
  11. El_Toro_86

    The Deland regional

    It's in our DNA
  12. El_Toro_86

    The Deland regional

    About 15 feet from being a tie game
  13. El_Toro_86

    The Deland regional

    USF doing USF type things
  14. Lots of good names mentioned but my 2 favorite are Charlie Bradley and Quinton Flowers
  15. El_Toro_86

    Auggie Sanchez to Potentially Start Coaching Career

    Good Luck Augie! Hope to see you back one day as HCAS!