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  1. I appreciate all the analytics but it doesn’t take a lot of data to know that we suck on offense.
  2. I guess our MBB team didn’t get the memo.
  3. Unless there is 180 degree change in offensive output I don’t see another win on the schedule.
  4. I’d be ok seeing more castenada and Dawson and less Q and Collins
  5. Over/under on games they win the remainder of the season? I’ll go with 4
  6. This team can’t shoot...mid range, long range, FTs it doesn’t matter
  7. Sorry. You can’t pin this all on the loss of yetna.
  8. Most teams that win the CBI go on to have successful seasons the following year. Guess we didn’t get that memo.
  9. Sucking a$$ at both major revenue sports really wears down a fan base.
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