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  1. I hear ya cuz. It is hard to hear all the slurping over the golden showers but I have to tip my cap. They made the financial commitment to build a winning program and they did it. On the other hand USF is falling further and further behind without any optimism for the future except for blind faith the Scott will turn it around or Kelly getting the IPF built. Neither of which will we see soon or ever.
  2. Based on what I’ve seen so far it pains me to say but C. Will stream roll through this conference again.
  3. Everything starts with the QB position. A highly doubt the answer is on campus
  4. We could easily break that with this roster and schedule
  5. If our next game is Cincy, I see another beat down coming our way. That’ll be back to back a$$ kickings.
  6. I do have faith that Scott will turn things around however these total rebuilds every 3-4 years are getting old
  7. Watching other college football games and seeing other teams move the ball up and down the field and make plays really drives home how bad we are and how far we’ve fallen.
  8. As far as I see it, your only redeeming feature is your avatar. I happen to love the movie Falling Down. As The Bandit asked Sheriff Buford T Justice, I will ask you “Do the letters F. O. Mean anything to you”?
  9. Haven’t really seen a whole lot of separation out of the WRs with the exception of Dukes and Miller
  10. The WRs and the QB position have been the biggest disappointments so far.
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