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  1. Bulls 35-31 Cronk Salomon 499 I believe Bulls nation will have to sweat out another nail biter.
  2. Some of these players who seemed like they were ready to break through. Injuries? In the CCS doghouse? Beat out by better players? N Culpepper - I believe he started in the UCF game K Johnson - A LB that showed promise early in the season last year and I dont’t believe we’ve seen him yet this year. The Duke transfers (Boyce & Price) - I thought for sure they’d have an impact this year. They weren’t dressed for Georgia Tech and I don’t know if they even made the trip to Chicago
  3. Do you honestly feel that we get the proper coverage and respect from the hometown paper? Our own beat writer seems disinterested in his coverage of USF. From time to time he has seemed to troll our fanbase with tweets about UCF. MB has not really shown us the respect with his AP vote going back to last year. Hell, we even got a vote from BMM last week and nothing from MB. The columnists in this market, MF and TJ, take any opportunity to dump on the program with back handed compliments and digs about our program, conference, attendance, and fan support etc. I have people that know nothing about our program and when I mention I’m a Bulls fans, they tell me “hey I hear nobody goes to the games”. I asked them where they heard that and they said they read it in the paper. I look at the TBT coverage in its totality. And frankly, I think it sucks!
  4. You can continue to defend the coverage we get from the TBT all you want. I guess we can agree to disagree.
  5. I believe you’re right. The fact that Baker is covering our game against ECU is not gonna make him somehow look at USF in a more positive light. He’s shown little respect towards USF last year and this year and covering one game is not gonna change that and God forbid if we don’t thrash ECU by 50. If we struggle, I can just about hear the back handed digs already.
  6. You said it brother. There are 9 hopefully 10 more 1 game seasons left.
  7. Sure doesn’t reflect it on the cover of the sports page
  8. Nothing like checking out the latest TBT tweets on the TBP and seeing an article on UF and Franks and another ad nauseum article about Taggart and FSU’s awful Oline. Hey Baker, you’re slacking, where’s the UCF, Miami, FAU and FIU coverage? It appears we no longer have a beat writer. It looks like USF coverage is just included with the other programs in the state and we know where TBT slots the hometown team vs the others. Pitiful!
  9. El_Toro_86

    Blake Barnett

    At 6’5” he has 4 batted balls in one game. What’s up with that?
  10. El_Toro_86

    Polls - Week 4

    Polls are based on a brand or lack thereof Complete garbage
  11. El_Toro_86

    Final few minutes of first half

    Had no problem with the aggressive play calling. We were moving the ball just have to stop the **** turnovers
  12. El_Toro_86

    How do you assess this?

    No way in hell FSU makes a bowl game. Taggart may equal his record in year 1 with us
  13. El_Toro_86

    First Half Thoughts

    I’m here at the game and Bulls energy is pretty low. This is when your leaders step up