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  1. So when should we see an updated roster with current weights? Really interested to see the weight increases on the DL.
  2. At work and turned on the radio and it was 18-18 and now down 37-19... I’m out.
  3. MBB has had a significant turnaround under CBG. With jus about everyone coming back, the future is bright indeed.
  4. Who cares about football and basketball when you can claim this natty...
  5. Just checked the roster on Gousfbulls.com and early enrollees are now up and was glad to see Devontraes Dukes and Arman Williams now listed on the roster. I guess they worked their way back in to the program. https://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?path=football
  6. Can’t shoot, can’t rebound and are turning the ball over...other than that not bad
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