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  1. Ft Desoto Park in Tierra Verde - it is about a 50 minute drive to the stadium though
  2. I am pretty sure that you have to have a game plan before you can follow it Progress for me would be seeing Coach Weis develop a game plan suitable for the talent that we have
  3. Like how to cheat and actually win games as a result? He did not learn that the first time under Coach Cal, hopefully he takes better notes this time
  4. Transitive property of recruiting Prostitution is legal in Nevada, so that becomes a feeder for new talent on Nebraska Ave and at Mons The Nebraska/Mons talent becomes a “pipeline” for getting players to USF Didn’t you ever see The Program???
  5. The last time I remember this happening at USF was QF to RA vs FSU in 2016, so that is once in 5 years
  6. I agree - the past is the past and hopefully we get back there some day
  7. Born to be a Bull Hopefully he is as prolific as some of our other aptly named players
  8. But Covid . . . so this year’s draft doesn’t really count anyway, right?
  9. At least this prediction has whole numbers, so that is certainly a positive
  10. I remember that kid - didn’t he get kicked out of Bevis due to a massive pixie stick habit, like 50 a day? I heard that he tried to go pro, blew out his glabella and is now calling Rwandan Sumo Wrestling on the Ocho
  11. Ah . . . the proverbial question when it comes to USF athletics
  12. These are moral victories - @puc86would be happy to expound on why he is so satisfied with CJS’ moral victory record from 2020
  13. Also, how accurate is a prediction model that lists .2? Does that mean that we play for 12 minutes and call it quits?
  14. Skip Holtz would agree. He is going into his 9th year with LA Tech, making 800k per year base and holds a 61-41 record. Not top dollar, but still a cushy, consistent gig
  15. Seems fair - Austin gets a $250 box of stogies, while Tampa potentially gets 400,000 servings of BBQ
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