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  1. I am surprised nobody is questioning where the 1/2 win will come from? Looks like C. is listed at 9.5 - so maybe we are just going to rochambeau and call it a day?
  2. Would be nice if you could purge/vacate the 2018/2019 seasons as well. Thank you in advance
  3. Well - at least special teams is looking up We have yet to miss a field goal/extra point, get a punt blocked or give-up any type of return for TD
  4. Just to clarify - I have no issues with the way CBG develops post players and if Mack had stayed, I feel that would have blossomed Since Mack is choosing to leave, I hope that he finds a school where he can continue to develop his skills
  5. He is a big body with soft hands - he could have been a force in the AAC in 2 years Hopefully he lands at a school that knows how to coach-up post players
  6. IDK - looks like KJ was less then 6 feet away from AB and there appeared to be a lot of contact with no hand washing nor sanitizing Also, I heard that the NFL is thinking about modifying the 2020 rules to include a social distancing penalty. Any defender who comes within 6 feet of an offensive player will be flagged. The move is being hailed as a revolutionary way to increase scoring and decrease concussions, all while limiting the spread of Coronavirus
  7. I have been an Oceanics Guy since the 2019 MarbleLympics
  8. This really is an act of mercy - nobody really wants to have to pay for a root canal after all
  9. So Ben Moffit graduated in 2007, so that would make his son a freshman or sophomore maybe? If that is the case, sub-11 is pretty good at this point My son runs track at Lakewood HS - sub 11 in the 100 would win most meets in Pinellas County
  10. Huh - I had forgotten that Fast, Throw and USF QB could be used in the same sentence. Hopefully CJS can change this PDQ
  11. How bad is the XFL that players start spraying champagne in the locker room following a win over a 1-2 team
  12. When I think of retired numbers in college football, the main one that comes to mind is #44 at Syracuse, worn by Jim Brown (All American, CFB HoF and NFL HoF), Ernie Davis (2 x AA, Heisman Trophy Winner and CFB HoF) and Floyd Little (3 x AA, CFB HoF and NFL HoF) Incidentally, #44 was retired by Syracuse during our game against them in 2005
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