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  1. So if we played Ohio State this season and got blown out Then Ohio State and Notre Dame play for the national championship Can we claim some sort of third place finish and raise a banner? (asking for an AD who lives in Orlando)
  2. Think how Houston feels - their game against Memphis was cancelled, so they immediately backfilled with Baylor, only to have that game cancelled as well I hope we play FAU either way
  3. Probably irrespective of records, the playoff will likely windup being 2 SEC teams, Clemson/ND and a Big10 team
  4. This will be quite interesting- how do you fold in a 0-0 Ohio State mid-season against say a 4-1 SEC team or undefeated AAC team
  5. Given that the Lightning also lost yesterday, I just wanted to make sure that nobody walked into traffic on US19, jumped off the Skyway, crawled into a pill bottle or went off to become a Coastal Carolina Fan (they are 2-0 after all) Cheers!
  6. Thx - That would explain why there was no flag Seems like an odd rule, given the amount of protection kickers typically have Schneider got leveled on that hit
  7. Yep - would skip this game BTW, CC expanded their stadium to 21K in 2019, yet their best attendance is listed as 17,249 on Oct 12, 2019, with everything else in the 15s
  8. I was surprised that the hit after the first botched snap was not a penalty for roughing, since Schneider punted the ball and the defender did not get a piece of it We got flagged for a play like that at UConn maybe in ‘11 or ‘13 - in that play, the punter started to run, then kicked at the last second
  9. Kicking a field goal late to break-up a shutout is kind of like bunting to breakup a no hitter Both show you have stopped playing to win and are just going through the motions
  10. I LOVED that CJS did not kick a field goal on the first drive of the fourth quarter or the second to last USF drive of the game Gutless Chuck would have kicked the FG just to say he did not get shutout CJS kept playing to win, even when he was down by 45
  11. Kelly said it all at halftime - he wanted the shutout and never really pulled back defensively
  12. I disagree - it looked like they scripted the first few plays of the third quarter, giving McCloud some easy throws (which he made). To me, that is progress, since Charlie would typically go into the locker room looking bad and come back out playing even worse ND’s starters were on the field into the third qtr (though interspersed with subs)
  13. I agree with Faza Yes - we lost 52-0 and it was painful CJS made some adjustments at halftime, settled everyone down a little and the team began to move the ball in the 2nd half If this had been last season, this would have been a 70+ point loss
  14. The worst part is that 42 of our 65 yards came on a single play
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