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  1. I am wondering how long it takes for some national talking head to lament about reduced fan attendance in relation to realignment and PPV TV modeling Personally, I prefer to see USF at RayJay over watching on TV, but if for some reason ESPN (or any network) went to a full PPV model, I probably would not pay the access fee For clarification, I currently subscribe to ESPN+, because it is a flat fee and I get lots of alt content besides USF away games
  2. Didn’t Orlando Antigua prove that it is possible to cheat and still suck?
  3. I am a little worried about that second bullet Fortin, Marsh, McClain and Williams all played in the spring game, so unlike 2020, there should be no need for CJS to break fall camp without a definite starter
  4. Well, I for one think that this idea has merit, which means a good feasibility study is in order After all, I can not imagine a USF Student Athlete who would not want their likeness associated with a report stating that TBP would require 5 years and $300,000 in-order to decide which athlete should be the marketing face of TBP
  5. Only if Weis calls the right plays - he was horrid last season in adjusting his game plans based on the players running the plays Hopefully Weis will utilize more short drops, quick passes and a 1-2 reads, then run philosophy
  6. I am not really sure - I am not a USF Grad, so I only had cursory interest until the 2004 season I definitely saw Marquel play live, so my guess is my first attended game was the 2001 season The first definitive game I remember being at was TCU in 2003 - after the 2 OT win against Louisville the week before and the 4th qtr touchdown, it seemed like USF was going to score its first big win, didn’t happen unfortunately
  7. I think that I have heard this line of thinking before
  8. This is what I love about the Bullspen - open discussion of important educational topics with no apparent discrimination based on Neck Shade😀
  9. I agree - at the same time, most 21 YOs probably think that they are legit NFL candidates I got Mike Jenkins autograph at the 2007 fan fest - while he was courteous and accommodating, I remember him looking distinctly like he wanted to be elsewhere. Mike went on to become an all American, first round draft pick and pro-bowler. Mike (along with several members of the 2007 team) could have gotten money for their autographs It is certainly a nuance college have not had to deal with in the past
  10. The new rules will allow athletes to profit by monetizing social media accounts, signing autographs, teaching camps or lessons . . . Athletes will be allowed to sign with agents or other representatives to help them acquire endorsement deals. WOW - I wonder how this will affect things like fan fest among other things. Why would a USF football player sign autographs with the team when they could sell them
  11. Yeah, but you know, Covid I mean if they only get as far as a feasibility study as to if we should break ground, that would be okay because this is really only year 0 of the IPF
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