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  1. I got this from one of the ticket reps at the spring game
  2. The better question here is if he comes to USF, will Joey, MF and Matt Baker refer to him ad-nauseam as “former Oregon RB Taj Griffin”? Or, is that honor only reserved for transfers from in-state schools?
  3. I would like to see the pass target list - seemed like a lot of balls were thrown to the TEs/RBs (at least Johnny Ford), which was refreshing to see Wilcox looked solid as usual and Clerveaux had some nice yards after catch
  4. Huh - same basic play at the other end of the field and it worked looked like a little better pass from McCloud
  5. Odd route to run Ford to the pylon on a fade route we are right at the flag and there was no way that pass was going to work
  6. Anyone happen to know what Charlie’s offseason weight change has been?
  7. Nice rollout pass from Barnett to Wilcox to end the quarter
  8. Well, McCloud’s first series with the first team did not amount to much
  9. Well that was some blown coverage on the pass to Wilcox - nice route though
  10. 12 min to kickoff and the crowd is still a little sparse
  11. Have not bought tickets yet, but my son and I will be there First CBI game for us
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