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  1. Just be careful screening these in front of unwitting individuals - that could be a violation of the 8th amendment
  2. Amazing - we are up 10 on a top 25 team and there are more responses to the prediction thread than the actual game discussion
  3. Did not know it had been so long since Dickie V had been to the Yuengling Center I have never been much of a fan of his either way - While he knows more about basketball that I could ever learn, IMO, he tends to have favorites (even among the mid-majors) and if you are not one of them, he will not give that team the time of day My guess is that Vitale will be hyping Memphis all game (even if we are leading)
  4. In the 2017 season, Sterling Gilbert revolutionized college football when he developed an offense based solely on the half-back dive May G-d have mercy on all of your souls
  5. I am sorry, but this award goes to Josh Julmiste and/or Johnny Peyton Scott gave us a pretty good year in 2011 and left with only one year of eligibility. Ford had at least 2+ good years of service
  6. That was 6 years, 2 coaching staffs, 2 ADs and 1 administration ago If CJS wanted him, he probably could have hired him My guess is CJS had no interest
  7. My guess is that this has more to do with CJS than MK Nebraska did the same thing with Scott Frost and I am pretty sure that I remember Frost stating that he wanted to coach UCF in the Peach Bowl Either way, it is a good move for USF - having your head coach recruiting, while winning a championship, is a pretty good sell for 18 year olds looking to come to Tampa
  8. The funny thing is that I was happier hearing Skippy talk about competing, than Chuckles trotting out each week and spouting how unprepared the team was
  9. Fancy - finally some one to class up this joint Welcome aboard and Go Bulls
  10. So you are saying that IF we had given Charlie another 30 years, he MAY have won a National Championship (or at least gotten to 5 wins in a season)
  11. The amazing thing is Dabo was on the hot seat with his job on the line shortly after that loss
  12. How about we stick a WR at QB, that should add a new wrinkle Oh wait . . . we already tried that
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