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  1. CJS needs to get a new banana coach - the current one clearly knows nothing about proper ethylene technique Of-course, Chuckles probably recruited sub-standard bananas from either Winn Dixie or Aldi as opposed to Publix, so CJS really has nothing to work with anyway
  2. Could be Jamie Byrd - he was a human intercept missile
  3. Who is his dad? I did not realize we had any 2nd generation players - at 24 yrs in, it would make sense that we would
  4. This totally seems like a Corey Lea or 7Overlord teaser
  5. Multiple people throughout US History Personally, I prefer “A House Divided Against Itself Can Not Stand”
  6. Not to get too far off topic, but man - that play was 75 of our 89 frickin passing yards that day On the bright side, it was the highlight of the game and pretty darn exciting
  7. Sure . . . back in 2008 When we played them in 2014, the only thing that stopped their offense was the goal line
  8. THIS!!! Seems like ages since USF has effectively blocked for a QB (in reality, probably 2018+)
  9. I guess I am more surprised with the statement applying to McCloud as opposed to Ford It seemed like JM was a team first guy with no baggage. Whether out of trust or lack of other options, CJS started him in 7 of 9 games. To let him transfer without even a single word otherwise, puts me more in Puc’s corner, in that 2020 was just as much a mess in the coaching ranks as it was on the field. Hopefully, like everything else in 2020, the USF Football Season was just an aberration
  10. Bell is proof positive that some things work well on all levels
  11. Nice article - I agree with CJS, the spring game was always a bigger deal at Ray Jay Interesting that he did not try to convince his starting QB or one of his top running backs to stay
  12. AFC Richmond was just relegated, so Ted Lasso may be available
  13. So wait a minute . . . SBs daughter and NEBs sister both work at Mons slinging drinks, while working side gigs as dancers AND they are the same person???
  14. Just curious which established football school do you mean? According to his USF bio - “selected USF over offers from Wake Forest, UCF, FIU, Middle Tennessee State, Miami, West Virginia and Cincinnati.” At the time, WVU and UC were in the Big East with USF, with UM/WF in the ACC and the rest in lower tiers As For bouncing around, that is life in the NFL - as Frisco noted, he has worked hard and not given up, resulting in now being one of the top centers in the game
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