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  1. bowman1

    UCF ticket sales

    By way of attendance figures, we have really only had 4 sellouts (WVU & UCF in ‘07, Miami in ‘09, FSU in ‘12) - I believe all tickets for WVU and FSU we’re gone before gametime Considering that the upper deck for UM and UCF were a little thin, I would bet that there was a walk up crowd The only other game that was close was FSU in 2016 and I believe the announced attendance topped out in the low 60s (with some red in the upper deck)
  2. bowman1

    UCF ticket sales

    Outside of 2007, the series at Ray Jay has been respectable, but not great - 46k in 2005 (first meeting - which is always a boost) 36k in 2014 & 2016 Not counting 2007, I do not think that we have ever drawn more than 50k for a conference foe (aside from our games with WVU and one game with Cinci in 2009) If both teams are undefeated, this will be a top 20 matchup and will probably top 60k (with a healthy boost from UCF fans) If either team has a loss (especially if that team is USF), this game will be 45k or less
  3. Yes - I was projecting out Skip’s finish (he is probably the only former coach who would not make it to a bowl with the current team)
  4. With all of the venom out there for Gilbert and Strong, I figured it would be fun to look at what our former coaches would do with our current roster and schedule CWT - 6-0 - Willie would have an average of 70 pts on offense, 50 pts given up on defense and 2 QB changes per game (plus one broken foot - I am guessing Oladokun). The bus would be driving rapant over opossing coaches as Willie would refuse to take a knee at the end of games, opting for passing touchdowns instead. CJL - 5-1 - Jimmy would have beaten GT, smashed Illinois, throttled ECU, obliterated UMass and then lost in a spectacular meltdown by 40 to Tulsa (a game in which he called all 6 time outs in the first half and ran multiple naked bootlegs off the goal line for large losses of yardage). CSH - 4-2 - Yippito Friskito Skipito would have won his first four, before crumbling against UMass (blaming it all on the humidity In New England). He would rally to beat UConn to get to 5 wins, before losing his last 5 (barely missing a bowl game) through a combination of last second field goals, interceptions for touchdowns and other plays too bizarre to even imagine
  5. Whoa, wait a second, Kronkite is a UF transfer as well? Wait until Matt learns that there are two players on the USF roster from UF and they both have almost identical names. Not only will he cream his shorts based on all of the stories he can get out of this information, he may even vote us into the top 25!
  6. This is Jim Louk saying so long from Tulsa and we will see you back in Tampa
  7. bowman1

    Blake Barnett

    I love the fight and the resiliency - he had a rough game, but was able to stay focused and lead the team to a win. Heart can take you a long way and BB showed that tonight That being said, there is a reason that Tulsa is 1-5. If CCS and CSG can not figure out how to be more productive with the offense, our last 5 games will not turn out well for us
  8. With all of the Gilbert love, I figured it was a good time to bump this thread
  9. bowman1

    Team Hotel in Tulsa

    Short sheet the beds?
  10. bowman1

    SBNation Risk Map

    Conquering teams don’t pay no stinking taxes We did however capture a nice OCS when we took down Illinois - Mike needs to call those fine folks in Champaign, ask them to box-up Memorial Stadium and Fed-Ex it down to us in Tampa I am sure someone from TBP can photoshop Memorial Stadium onto campus, so that Judy and the gang can get an idea of where it should go.
  11. bowman1

    UMass Game Video

    Thx - Sands definitely made hard contact at the 35 and it almost sounds like you can hear the hit on the audio just before the referees whistle Since the back judge immediately throws a flag and the call was upheld, I am guessing that the officiating crew had a better replay look then the main TV broadcast
  12. bowman1

    UMass Game Video

    Is there a shot on the video of the targeting call on Sands? There was never a replay and I still do not see how a player on the receiving team gets flagged on a kick that goes out of bounds (unless of-course Sands did something REALLY dumb)
  13. The nice thing is that we get the crack at Cincinnati before UCF - if both teams can stay undefeated, that could be a top 20 matchup Of course, if either team losses prior to Nov 10, that team probably will not even be receiving votes when the game comes around
  14. bowman1

    Bulls Fans at UMass

    Is that a Walt Walker jersey? He is my all time favorite USF lineman - absolute beast on the field, total teddy bear off of it