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  1. Did this guy (whoever his is) have a good bye thread? Also, we need to get the name of whoever talked this guy off the Proverbial USF ledge - He could give a seminar on TBP for some of our more cheerful posters😂🤣
  2. Hadn’t really looked at the PAC-12 this year, but tough break for Jordan UA is a serious train wreck - they fire Rich Rod after a 7-6 season, only to bring in Sumlin, who goes 5-7, 4-8, 0-5. Now Fisch is 0-5, going on his third starting QB Per Puc mathematics, that is two failed hires😂😀
  3. Probably not a great comparison with Timmy, since Willie was still trying to run a power-run offense behind a line ill suited for the task If Willie had gone right to the GCO when Q was a freshman, Q’s numbers would have been comparable to what Timmy is putting up now
  4. A good place to start might be a focus on not falling behind by multiple touchdowns in the first quarter 😋
  5. While Courtney was throwing haymakers, hopefully she remembered these words of wisdom
  6. Like all things USF football these days, death of the annual awards banquet is all Chuckles fault Besides, was there anything to really celebrate after the 2019 season (other than CCS getting the ax)?
  7. 2 - La Teresita Restaurant, for the true experience, sit at the counter (just over a mile to the stadium if you want to walk) 3 - Ft DeSoto park is the most pristine, but CLW Beach will probably have more people your age
  8. At 1-4, we are only -1 in turn over ratio (4 INTs thrown vs 4 picked & 3 fumbles lost vs 2 recovered) Usually teams with losing records have much worse turnover ratios, so the defense has that going for them (not huge numbers, but it is something to build on)
  9. Me and my son will be there, so that makes at least 3😀
  10. Posted attendance was 23k in a stadium that seats 32k and it looked empty Conversely, USF posted 29k against FAMU and the lower bowl at RayJay is probably 45K - our fill rate for FAMU (fans in seats) looked much better than SMU had yesterday
  11. The cushion was so big at times that the announcers were making comments about the USF defenders social distancing
  12. Nothing stops a losing streak like a game against the ‘Cuse
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