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  1. Normal for UNLV basketball has become irrelevant I miss the days of Jerry Tarkanian
  2. Did anyone let Willie know that there is an OCP - could be a real selling point, especially with the current sale
  3. I showed this post to my sister and she got REALLY pissed off Ofcourse, since she is also my mom and wife, I guess her anger is somewhat understandable Then again, it is not my fault that she can not cover the point spread.
  4. Even if this is the case, he would still be better than Chuckles and his band of clowns
  5. Well, Eckhardt is dead, but Gillooly might have some eligibility left Since Corey is already putting together a portal list for CCS, it makes sense for him to add Gillooly
  6. How do we beat Texas? With tire irons while they sleep, the night before the game
  7. Not with this staff at the helm Even with the weaker schedule, I am thinking 1-11 or 2-10 next year with CCS
  8. Announcers are also trying to playoff Barnett’s injury as the reason the season went downhill IIRC, Barnett looked horrid in the Wisconsin and GT games
  9. UHALLS? Try sewage trucks to get ride of all of the Bull Crap at the Selmon Center
  10. My guess is that we score 3 points, when CCS kicks a field goal from the 5 yard line with 2 seconds left in a 30+ point blowout game In the postgame interview, CCS then states how great the game was because we did not get shutout
  11. Absolutely, which is why Strong and Bell are such a travishamockery
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