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  1. Do some pregame wind sprints, scowl at the cameras, draw-up some offensive plays in the dirt, throw some nasty blitzes their way and pull off the upset!!!!!
  2. I am guessing that we support different political parties We do seem to agree that individual response to the virus (use of masks, distancing, restriction of movement) has become a political statement
  3. Well, the AAC is really making some bold moves here After all, bringing cheerleaders and the band on the field is clearly a significantly higher risk than allowing 100+ athletes from different geographic regions engage in-close physical contact for 3 hours
  4. Can we get a poll going as to what is worse - a bot who is not real or a UCF fan who is
  5. You forgot photoshopped images of stadiums overlaid on Google Maps
  6. When I got to the 4th team, I started to wonder how far Athlon would need to go before they reached one of our QBs They would have gotten to them eventually, right?
  7. Couple of Deadheads on the board (myself included) I saw one of Jerry’s last shows - RFK 6/25/95 It rained and they played Box of Rain, Rain and Samba in the Rain They also played Jack Straw, Mama Tried and Brokedown Palace Epic show!
  8. Football in Montana is kind of like softball in Springfield
  9. I was shocked that Kylo Ren bumped off Supreme Leader Snoke, then died while defeating the reborn Emporer Palpatine I just do not know who to support now for domination of the Universe
  10. Nice story about how Ray-Ray and Jordan McCloud joined other former local football players to clean-up some of the damage in North Tampa from Saturday Night https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tampabay.com/sports/high-schools/2020/05/31/hours-after-tampa-store-fire-ex-high-school-standouts-come-to-rescue-with-cleanup/%3foutputType=amp
  11. With any luck, this is the deathknell for this travishamockery of a bowl game The 2018 game against Marshall had to be the absolute worst sporting experience I have ever been to (absolute downpour, horrendous and heartless play by USF, loss to what should have been an inferior opponent, less than 7k in our own stadium)
  12. Guess that means his playing days are over? Maybe he can light it up at the HS level and take over for CJS in a few years (after CJS wins a few conference championships and moves on to greener pastures) One of the news stories mentioned that he would be on the teaching staff at Lincoln as well
  13. Ok - Ray Jay holds 65k and our average in-seat attendance is somewhere in the high teens/low 20s Personally, I would rather see some sort of rotation or lottery for fans as opposed to trying to spread them out through the whole stadium Opening additional sections means extra cost for cleaning and staffing - plus, like most season ticket holders, I selected my seats based on where I wanted to sit and at what price point (my choice was based on afternoon shade). As such, I would not want to be moved to the upper deck for instance
  14. So reading between the lines, you are saying that UCF developed Covid-19 in-order to get into the Big-10 Personally, I thought that it was Harvard or Jhina, but I like your thinking better
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