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  1. bowman1

    Justin Burke to call plays

    And if we just scored 96 more points this season, we would be undefeated - neither happend
  2. bowman1

    WBB vs GWU

    29-15 at the half Pretty good crowd for a 2-6 opponent
  3. bowman1

    WBB vs GWU

    USF cruising after one quarter - Jordao having a good game
  4. kinda conflicted here, since I am a GW grad, but a big USF WBB fan I am here either way - anyone else at the Yuengling Center?
  5. Anyone not using their tickets for today’s game?
  6. bowman1

    Renewed season tickets

    I am in 215 and took a pretty hefty hike as well (most of that was the scholarship donation doubling, though my individual ticket price did go up about 15%) Even though I renewed my current seats, I am probably going to move to a cheaper section once the renewal period ends in early February. Since I am on the 7 month payment plan, I am guessing that if I move into a less expensive section, USF will just adjust down the remaining payments based on the new ticket price, as opposed to crediting back any money already paid.
  7. What strange things . . . like maybe we win a football game or have a playbook with more than one sheet in it?
  8. bowman1

    Renewed season tickets

    Also got the free bowl tix based on my renewal this week Just filled-out my bowl ticket survey - when it asked about my preferred seat location, I choose the most expensive seats ($85 each in sections 210 & 211). I hope they fulfill my request
  9. bowman1

    Roll call

    Just renewed my season tix, so I am in for my two freebies (myself and my son)
  10. Joey totally misfired on this article - it should have centered around why either coach would wear a necklace made of crab trap buoys
  11. bowman1

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Uniforms, humidity, UCF, player weight, sunlight . . . The list is long, so Charlie will have plenty to choose from
  12. bowman1

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Or how efficient, innovative and creative Gilbert is as an OC
  13. bowman1

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Just picked up my son from school - when I told him that McNeese State has hired Gilbert, his reaction was “are they dumb or something?”
  14. Ya gotta play to your strength
  15. Are you describing the flamingos in the picture or our offense?