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  1. 3 is greater than 1 - at this rate, we may win a conference championship in like 2030
  2. He still shows on GOUSFBULLS, but I am guessing that will be rectified shortly We know Johnny was one of the few offensive talents, I guess he did not fit the low maintenance mold
  3. Personally, I thought that they were going to go Willie Taggert on 4th down and pound it in I was real surprised they lined up in a shotgun Imagine if the UCF DB had been able to scoop the ball and take off?
  4. The CFP committee has always said that they do not discriminate based on conference and if there is any year for them to put their money where their mouth is, this would be it Especially considering Cincinnati will have played a full slate of games compared to the SEC, Big10 and PAC12 I still think Cincinnati (even at 11-0 and with the scenarios laid out above) still gets hosed
  5. Cincinnati definitely is going to need some help - in addition to winning out, they are going to need SMU, Memphis and Tulsa to win-out (other than the aforementioned games against UC)
  6. With Cincinnati just getting by UCF, OSU barely edging IU and BYU blowing out a bad North Alabama team, it will be interesting to see what biases exist in this week’s ranking IMO, Cincinnati was easily the most impressive win, considering neither IU nor OSU have yet to beat anyone with a pulse (including the horrendous ranked teams that they both beat)
  7. Watching Desmond Ritter today, I am amazed that we only lost 28-7
  8. This sounds like something that happens when senior citizens eat too much fried food
  9. They better pick it up defensively or this game could be out of reach by the start of the 2nd qtr
  10. This game is going to happen and here is how it is going to go down Toward the end of the third quarter, CJS is going to loudly and vehemently call for an end to all recording of the score in the game. He is then going to immediately send-out a volley of tweets, claiming a USF win and massive discrepancies with the official scorebook due to illegal forward propulsion tactics employed by UCF VP of A Michael Kelly will hold a press conference point-blank in the Mons Venus Parking Lot, in which he corroborates the CJS statements, along with claims of how the College Football Playoff Co
  11. @puc86will be talking about exhuming Jim’s body and how even a dead Jim Leavitt is better than whatever corpse we have roaming the sidelines at that point
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