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  1. HBCU Half BaCk dive bUffonery The art of sending your 5'5" running back between the tackles for little or no gain. Usually executed in 3 play increments following a big defensive stop, killing all team momentum and resulting in a punt.
  2. I am guessing 9-3 (maybe 10-2 since the UCF game is at home and they have looked vulnerable at times this year)
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    Games to Watch Week 4

    Hopefully Skipper hangs onto the starting job until our game - he was horrendous against Temple and our D-Line would have career days with Skipper's tendency to cough-up the ball for no apparent reason
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    Games to Watch Week 4

    INT and TD - wheels are starting to come off for the Illini
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    Games to Watch Week 4

    I am no Joey K, but Memorial Stadium is an OCS that holds 60k Based on the airial shot, I counted just over 30k, for a P5 team, playing the #10 team in the nation
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    Games to Watch Week 4

    Rod must be on the Shawn King diet Definitely a few biscuits more than when he was at USF
  7. As a Jewish Guy myself, I am highly affronted, embarrassed and dismayed at your comments Brad - I insist that the board immediately discontinue all Welcoming Threads, since they clearly support sophomoric and anti Semitic attitudes that do not cultivate the warm, welcoming environment that reflect the high moral values of the University of South Florida! In fact, I further propose that we take a poll as to whether or not the Welcoming Threads should continue.
  8. Well, I can see why he would have two FAU players on this list, I mean, they were only 7 touchdowns shy of beating Oklahoma and that 20 point shellacking of BCC was nothing short of blimpworthy
  9. A better throw from Rivers with 6 seconds left and they tie the game - happy we got out of there with the WIN Also, I love the shot of Lovie when Barnet found Saloman wide open for the go ahead score . . . Priceless!
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    Attendance at IL

    Hold on - are you saying that a P5 school, playing in a recently renovated NFL stadium, was not able to outdraw most G5 teams? Surely, Illinois is doomed to failure for all of eternity due to this clear lack of fan and institutional support.
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    At least 3 killed drives where we probably would have scored - the personal foul penalty on the 23 in the first quarter in particular almost cost us the game (considering that it took away a first down, forced a punt and Illinois scored their only touchdown on the ensuing possession)
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    We are a 4th Quarter Team

    Love the fight in this team - such a stark contrast from the '13 & '14 teams, who crumbled at the first sign of adversity
  13. Holy cow - we kicked a FG without committing a penalty
  14. You sir must have missed the Taggert years - we are not even close to the record yet
  15. For all that I complain about Gilbert, I like how he uses the TE position
  16. When was the last time that we had a TE with over 100 yards in a game?
  17. If Willie was still coaching, that would be considered a good day
  18. You are not in the Bazzaro world, yo are in the Bullspen (which is basically the same thing)
  19. Thx - just did that and now I have the game on