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    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    We are playing Alabama? WOW - Kelly really does have some good connections to have pulled that off so quick
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    More on Blake Barnett

    Like any other player on the roster, I can truly say I hope that he is successful - because if he is successful, that means that we are winning lots of games. The interesting part will be how much latitude CCS gives the eventual opening day starter, especially if he believes that he has 1 or 2 plug and play ready guys sitting on the bench. Hopefully we do not get into a musical quarterback situation like 2013 or 2014
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    Tyre with pre-Adidas Adidas

    Hopefully our players are not splayed on the turf while wearing our pretty new cleats
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    BJ Daniels

    I guess this kind of ends the whole BJ to Canada discussion Was kind of bummed to see Zach Colleros make the cut - though when I have seen him play in the CFL, he has looked pretty good
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    Big Bowl News that Impacts USF

    JK and Fenn Fenn must be salivating at the prospect of USF playing in the toilet bowl at Ray Jay Due to the new angle, this could be weeks worth of story lines as to why USFs home attendance sucks
  6. These write ups are hilarious . . . "This is the best rivalry in Florida right now, and that is before remembering that the whole thing is named after a sun-blasted stretch of highway dotted with spectacular car wrecks and terrifying anti-abortion billboards. The winning trophy should be a sign reading “PLEASE MOVE WRECKAGE TO THE SIDE,” that is nothing but a sincere compliment."
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    HB QF

    Ok - you get the pass, especially since I went the opposite direction (born and raised in the great commonwealth of Massachusetts, but living in Tampa for the past 20 years)
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    HB QF

    Ok - I will bite We got Cletus the three fingered clay slinger. Pervis the cross-eyed marksman. Kid Rock (no further intro needed), but who is the 4th guy? Being from New England myself, I hope that is not you (I may have to revoke your NorthEast status card if it is)
  9. USF walks off their second straight opponent - anyone else going to the championship tomorrow at high noon?
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    HB QF

    The possibilities in Gilbert's offense could have been limitless - just imagine how much better the HB dive would have been if QF could have just handed off to himself
  11. The complexity of the HB Dive can not be understated - there are a lot of variables in covering the 7 yards between the center and the half-back The QB needs to be able to read and adjust to the wind speed, grass height, temperature and most importantly humidity (or lack there of) in-order to execute the perfect Dive Play Clearly, Kean and Oladokun do not have these skills.
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    Bulls are ranked #20 by Baseball America

    Don't be so hasty here - if UF happens to repeat as CWS champs, we can probably raise a nat'l championship banner based on this circular logic
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    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    Good - Taurus Johnson's hit in the 2008 UCF game (shown on the Jumbotron as the hit of the game, but incorrectly credited to UCF) Blunders - every play we ran in East Hartford from 2005 to 2011
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    Can we schedule FSU in 2020?

    We are both - it is called having your cake and eating it too (or in TBP's case - schizophrenia)
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    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    Clearly there is no I in TEAM (but there is a ME)
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    ****! Rams release Kayvon Webster

    Saw that they signed Talib - I am still pissed that the Bucs picked him over Mike Jenkins
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    Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    That is too bad - it would have almost been better for him to sit the full year in 16-17, rather then start playing in January (he really was not much of a factor that year) With the way he finished this year (and with Martin leaving), he would have been poised for a big year in 18-19. I guess hindsight is 20/20
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    Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    Does Manderson have any eligibility left? It looks like he is done, but with the mid-season transfer from TT, I was not sure.
  19. CBG is probably kicking himself right now . . . with Auggie's strength and aggressiveness, he probably could have out-rebounded Scekic and Martin combined
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    Joey the Weasel Knight

    I agree - time for some new topics CFL training camp is starting in May, I really feel BJ’s skill set is more adapted to the Canadian Game. How cool would it be for the Argos to sign him - they would then have the BJ/SJ USF Connection
  21. This game came down to defense and aggressiveness - as a shooting team, we are more finesse than power. When Henshaw went down, the entire game turned. Unfortunately, upsets happen - just ask UVA. Prieto should be able to fill Flores' shoes - Jesperson is going to be tough to replace, but Jose will be able to do it. We will be back next year, as good or better.
  22. Clearly this is fake news - after all, there is a process to these things: 1) Declare yourself National Champions 2) Pay-out coaches bonuses 3) Hold a parade at Disney 4) Have a banner raising ceremony 5) Brag about your NC ad-nauseum on any and all internet platforms (specifically opposing team’s message boards) I do not remember any of these things ever happening at USF
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    Such a great time of year

    Yes - 62 to 56 Since Ohio was the 13 seed and had upset the 4, we missed a good chance to get to the Sweet 16 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_NCAA_Division_I_Men's_Basketball_Tournament
  24. So, did we win? Also, is this a big enough tournment that we can get a parade at Disney? (that is afterall, one of the prerequisites for claiming a national championship)
  25. Unfortunately 0 - hopefully this will be the year though It is tough for any college basketball team (even UConn) to beat another team four times in a single season. If we get that far, I like our chances Of course, we would first need to beat FSU at home and then upset the defending national champions