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  1. Don’t think I have seen this many posts to a BB in-game thread in quite some time
  2. This story brought a tear to my eye - so beautiful
  3. Is there a dive play in baseball? (Other than sliding headfirst)
  4. Isn’t that kind of like saying Skip Holts is the 4th winningnest football coach at USF
  5. pretty good crowd - most of the lower bowl is filled
  6. Gregory just said in the club that Yerba will not play
  7. Anyone know why ECU is warming up in “I love Judy Lund” tee shirts? i googled it and nothing came up
  8. Why is Maricevic defending at half court? Dumb foul
  9. I must have missed that also Does JK, MF and MB know? If not, I am sure one of you fine TBP’rs will blowup their respective twitter accounts with this Earth shattering news
  10. When DJ hits the gym, the gym hits the floor . . . hard
  11. That was a different Houston Team once D’Eriq King got hurt Does not excuse giving up 70 pts, but when King was QB, Houston certainly was winning games based on his offense
  12. IDK - they played the same set from the UCF game. Three weeks to prepare and the HOT band can’t come up with something new? FIRE THE BAND DIRECTOR!!!
  13. Is it me or are the Marshall WRs holding on every play?
  14. Humidity (or lack there of), sunlight, Rutgers, ex-players not going to the CFL, subs that do not come from Publix, the Halfback Dive, articles on attendance, anything written by Martin Fenally . . . The list is endless really
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