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  1. The Bucs were a pedestrian 7-5 at the end of November, before ripping off 8 straight and winning the Super Bowl - it is not where you start, but where you finish I agree that if USF gets bounced by UT, no big program is going to come calling for Mohl - but if he takes the team to the CWS, that is probably going to turn some AD’s heads As for my two cents, I hope USF can lock him up for a few more years
  2. Rivera would be the only logical choice since Eaton, Pena and Cantu have been solid in the field and at the plate At the same time, Rivera had a pretty good weekend, including getting the scoring going in the 4th against Miami One thing is for sure, Mohl has been making all of the right moves recently, so I have faith he will make the right choice
  3. I think it is safe to say that Mohl is not making any changes to the lineup, nor pitching rotation, from here on out
  4. Texas is probably not scared of USF per se, but my guess is that their coaches would have preferred to see another team make it through USF is getting it done with stellar pitching, timely hitting and limited mistakes - as has been stated, we are playing with house money and have nothing to lose That makes USF a dangerous opponent in a short series format
  5. UF - season done on Saturday (beat by USF in regional) UM - season done on Sunday (beat by USF in regional) FSU - season done on Sunday UCF - season done on May 31 (beat by USF in AAC Championship)
  6. He has been on fire going back to the beginning of the AAC tournament
  7. The actual quote I was going for is the line from Field of Dreams in reference to Joe Jackson - prior to the movie, the reference was to Speaker (I have never been a White Sox fan though)
  8. Heck of an athletic play by Ruiz to catch the ball and get his foot back down Saved 2 runs
  9. Man, the USA left fielder is looking like Tris Speaker out there - the place where triples go to die
  10. Maybe they will just bag it today and pickup tomorrow That would allow Jasiak to start as opposed to Burns
  11. Well, South Alabama is going to their bullpen (StatArm already shows Perez coming in for them), so hopefully they will start burning up pitching and will have nothing left if there is a game tomorrow Unfortunately, Lord is at 90 pitches and his night is probably over also
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