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  1. yeah hopefully Scott learned his lesson, when you haven't won a game in over a year a 3 score lead shouldn't be enough to take your foot off the gas
  2. Best case scenario: they pay that fee and go. Before they even play a Big 12 game a few teams defect and we are one of the replacement schools along with enough other AAC schools that we don't have to pay the exit fee (think I saw if the Big 12 dropped below a certain amount of teams they wouldnt have exit fees, assuming we have something similar)
  3. He had 350 yards last year on 7 yards per carry as a true freshman. Idk why it took the coaching staff so long to give him a chance this year. Think we should have a RB rotation figured out. Battie on early downs, Felix on 3rd downs (well rounded back that can block and catch), and Mangham anytime we're in the redzone (dude's automatic)
  4. Since 2000 USF has gone from 19 residential buildings on campus to 44, and that doesn't include the boom in apartments surrounding the campus. With an OCS we'll go from struggling to fill the student section to struggling to find space for all the students wanting to go to the game
  5. nvm that must be mountain time, team tweeted out 10:15 eastern
  6. I think they were testing out guys at the dline. And given how our dline isn’t that great as is, it makes sense why it would look ugly having backups in there
  7. Stats looked decent even with all the drops. Weaver had one bounce off his hands in the end zone, would have been an incredible catch but the ball placement was great. Jimmy dropped 2 and Brinkman dropped 1. QB play and play calling we’re fine, need better WR play. Hope Latrell is okay
  8. We were up 24-3 at half. But fumbled inside their 5, 89 dropped that 4th down gimme deep in their territory, Logan dropped what would have been an easy pick 6. A few bounces go differently and it could have easily been 38-3 at halftime. Games against FCS teams normally are closer in the first half, then due to a lack of depth the FBS team pulls away in the 2nd. Oregon blew out Stoney Brook this week, but it was just 17-7 at half. We just don’t have the depth and Jeff Scott called off the dogs way too early. Famu had 3 points and -7 rush yards in the first half. They had also converted 0 3rd downs. Then we started cycling in backups on defense and they started moving the ball easier. The starters played fine and the coordinators schemed well that first half. Sure we took our foot off the pedal too early, but no reason to be panicking that we’ll be 1-11.
  9. They only managed 2 field goals vs Jackson State. The only excuse for them scoring over 23 should be the score is something like 48-14 in the second half and we start resting starters.
  10. Not sure i've ever seen a USF ring but I dig it
  11. They did have an all ACC linebacker injured for the year in the first half of Mississippi State, as well as their starting Safety. So the NC State that beat us has a lot better defense than what we saw last week and the rest of the year
  12. Not sure how feasible an actual Bull is but if we get an OCS we can definitely start building our own traditions. One idea: have a Gate blocking the tunnel our team runs out of like how they hold back the Bulls in a rodeo. Then have a rodeo clown standing at midfield wearing the opposing teams jersey, the gate opens, then Rocky runs out about 15 yards ahead of the rest of the team and tackles the clown.
  13. In Torrello's preview with Seth for this game they mentioned we have so many injuries on defense they are afraid of practicing tackling in practice right now and are basically practicing it in the games? Charlie really ****** us. Left us with no depth and no QB.
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