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  1. bulloni

    Week One Depth Chart

    Isn't this only the depth chart for this week? Maybe they are stratigizing differently this week than they will next.
  2. Greg Reaves breaks out for 10 sacks. Mitchel Wilcox looks like Gronk against the AAC and declares for the draft a year early. The offense does better than last year because Barnett is a better fit than Flowers for this scheme.
  3. The home town team who is a favorite for the championship in their respective sport had a home playoff game at the same time...I love USF football but lightnight playoffs > spring game.
  4. bulloni

    Practice updates?

    Finals ended last week
  5. I think we'll win. Sure they beat Houston but that was early in the season and I think Houston is a whole different team with King at QB.
  6. USF Rivals tweeted out Utah as a possibility.
  7. FSU to independence bowl, any shot we go there?
  8. How much $$ is the Strong buyout?
  9. That would explain Harlan's tweet about this taking longer than expected. Couldn't complain about Military Bowl vs a P5 team even if it is Virginia. They only went 1-5 down the stretch so I'd like our chances.
  10. Perfect. Even the guys not leaving for Nebraska may not be a fan of UCF without Frost and would be willing to go to USF instead.
  11. I think Gilbert's offense heavily relies on the shorter quicker passes which gave us trouble last year as that isn't Flower's strength at all. If Cronkite and our oline can just give us a consistent rushing attack where we aren't asking too much from Oladokun I'm not too worried. If you look at 2013 when Strong was the coach of Louisville in this same conference some of those final scores don't look too conservative. I think a lot of the struggles are from fitting square pegs in round holes.
  12. bulloni

    Bowl Game - Military

    The only way I would be find with the Gasparilla Bowl is if we were playing FSU in that game. USF vs FSU in St. Pete would be wild.
  13. What makes everyone so certain Chris is going to be the starter next season, is he that much better than Kean?
  14. Jimbo going to A&M would really shake things up for the state of Florida. Both UF/FSU coming off bad years into new coaches. Wonder if that would allow Charlie to pull a big recruit or 2 that normally would head to one of those schools.
  15. According to this site http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/ a 3.5 rating would make that the 11th most watched game of the season not counting other games this week. I'm sure Alabama-Auburn passed us but having a top 15 most watched game of the season can't hurt.