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  1. Yeah the record doesn't tell the whole story. Temple: Up 5 in the 4th quarter, get a first down, then Joiner fumbles and they return for a touchdown. End up losing on a failed 2 point try. UCF: In the 2nd quarter down 14 at midfield Joiner fumbles, they turn it into 7 and we go down 28-7. 4th quarter down 7 at midfield and again Joiner fumbles, they score another TD to go ahead 14 with 6 minutes left. Those 3 Joiner fumbles don't happen and we likely win those 2 games. That would be 3-6 with a win over our rival. Then there's the Memphis game where the play calling on both sides of the ball up late is likely to blame. Fumbles and game management may have been something that would be cleaned up more with a normal offseason.
  2. Looking through each 4 year period in our program history I think every student has had fun opportunities around USF football. If you attended USF from 2011 to 2014 sure you never saw a winning season, but you at least got to see USF beat Notre Dame and start a season ranked with 3 straight home games over 45k attendance. Current 4th year students have come off back to back boring seasons (4-8 with Charlie and 1-8 with Scott). But that 7-6 year with Charlie Strong did see the team start off as 7-0, granted they were obvious frauds that doesn't take anything away from a fun gameday as a student. However if the next 2 seasons are each disappointments we'll have a class that never saw USF football as anything but a laughingstock. Lets hope Jeff Scott can produce a product that will generate some buzz around campus.
  3. hopefully Genshaft being obsessed with improving our academic standing got us a bunch of students that will be millionaires in the next decade
  4. anything else was unacceptable
  5. 2019 was coming off a 6 game losing streak so there wasn't much hope to be good, but we were coming off a bowl game and had a new OC so expectations were higher than this current team at least. We ended up averaging 31,823 fans a game. Not counting Wisconsin (46,704) it was 29,343 fans a game. This year we're coming off losing 8 games in a row. But the circumstances for a first year coaching staff made it hard to hold against them. Whether its due to hope that we will be better or people being bored with covid, we somehow broke the school record for spring game attendance even though people had to wear masks in the middle of the day in Florida. Home games: UF, FAMU, Tulsa, Temple, Houston, Cincinnati Note: If the UF game is a sellout we will need to average 25,000 fans a game the rest of the season to beat 2019's avg attendance.
  6. 90% chance Fortin starts 5% chance Jarren was just rusty and after summer shows why he was able to start at Miami as a true freshman and wins the job 5% chance Timmy is just too unstoppable and steals the job 100% our QB situation is better this year than last year
  7. Wonder if we can convince BYU to join football only now. 5 of the last 7 AAC champs would have made the playoffs under this format.
  8. lot of buzz this afternoon about the expansion to 12 playoff teams, with the top 6 ranked conference champs being auto bids. Honestly if this is the case the AAC seems a lot more attractive, win the conference and were in. And we don't have to get through a Oregon/Oklahoma/Clemson/Ohio St/Bama.
  9. FSU is the #19 public university on US News right now. If thats the case the hardest part about cracking the top 25 will be the hesitancy to have a young school rise up the rankings too quickly
  10. 2021 has been a great year for USF so far. Womens Basketball conference champs, country club sports and track were good, baseball is having the best year in school history, indoor practice facility and locker room upgrades announced. Lets just hope the mojo applies to Football and MBB.
  11. Hopefully people missed in person football enough with covid that attendance is up win or lose. Would have to think 4-8 with 40k a game attendance is just as attractive to a P5 conference as 8-4 with 45k attendance. Every team can draw a crowd with a winner, doing it with a loser shows you have a brand to contribute to a bigger conference.
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