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  1. There are benefits to an OCS (better game day experience, renuve from advertisting/concessions/parking, etc) ... attendance just isn't one of them.
  2. That is the article for the Montana game two weeks ago. The photos were from yesterday.
  3. Quality of the product is the SOLE determiner of sold out stadiums. UCF went 0-17 with an OCS... and students didn't go to games. --------------- @Triple B Here is a shot from during the game:
  4. NC State does pretty well with an off-campus stadium. They have large buses running from campus to the stadium. It only makes it easier to get students living in the residence halls into a stadium... All of the other students who live off campus - which is the vast majority - still have to get into a car and drive to the game. Unless you are arguing there is any difference between driving 2-5 miles versus 10-12 miles?
  5. True... The point was the location of the stadium has no bearing on attendance.
  6. Power 5 confeence On-campus stadium Awful football team. No one in the seats. U-Dub.
  7. We will do what Cincinnati or Houston does... play those games at the local NFL stadium as one offs.
  8. I must be the only one who doesn't care for uniforms that are not USF colors... these are at least better than the lime green striped version from a couple seasons ago.
  9. If I were a betting man, this would be the location I expect... very little to change to make it fit there.
  10. To raise $$$ you need to know how much ... and people you ask for Big $$$ like to see these things. This was the right order... but yeah, we're still years away. It took 4 years for the $22 million IPF... this will cost 10x that.
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