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  1. Regular season record: 12-0 (yup, the green and gold glasses are on) USF starts the season with a surprise win over Wisky at home (on the road, I would say it would be a close loss)... USF has all of the truly difficult teams at RayJay, with the exception of UCF... USF will not blow out all of the other teams, it will struggle for some reason against a few conference foes; come from behind against Cincinnati and Temple; but the new offense will surprise everyone this year... and giving USF it's first undefeated season, first division championship, and first conference championship. Cronk will lead the team in rushing, but there will be some carries spread around to keep him healthy, limiting his total yards on the ground to 1,200. USF will have two 1000-yard receivers for the first time as Barnett breaks the USF record for passing yards. With St. Felix edging out Ford 1100 to 1050. For the Black Friday game, both teams will be undefeated and ranked in the Top 20 and it will be a barn burner like two years ago. First to 50 wins: USF 52 - UCF 48
  2. No one on that list is really under consideration. USF has hired an outside firm to handle this... that firm can talk to anyone without worrying about Florida's Sunshine Law... people who move around at that level of academia do NOT want their current job to know of their interest in USF. When the outside firm provides a final list of options to the Board of Trustees, then we will hear about them. In fact, their 'application' (which is required for Florida) will not appear until after they have at least been put forward if not selected.
  3. Same issue for me as well... but I also attended the bowl game, and it gave me the "why did you NOT attend" questions.
  4. Another one what? Two words: Voodoo 5. Leavitt was a fair-to-middlin' play caller.
  5. The Orediggers finished 10-2 and lost in the first round of the D II playoffs... but their OC is their HC, Gregg Brandon. He's 25-10 in three seasons as HC, including a conference championship and two playoff appearances...
  6. Eight... Maybe as much as 10.... or as few as six. USF always wins a game it should not win, and loses a game it should not lose. Plus ... the American is not as good as people think. In the bank SC State, @ ECU, @ U Conn Easy reach @ Navy, SMU, Temple Depends on coaching and effort Wisconsin, @ GA Tech, BYU, Memphis, Cincinnati Not gonna happen @ UCF
  7. 2019 Schedule: Wisconsin - USF will be prepping all summer for this home opener and a chance to make a statement. Wisky is down a bit, rebuilding. I think USF takes this one. @ Ga Tech - New coach. New offense built with Paul Johnson's triple option players. USF wins this one, coming from behind again. BYU - Home game against the Cougars who had a tough 7-6 season. Won some they shouldn't have (Wisconsin) lost some they shouldn't have (Cal, NIU). This is a toss up. SC State - FCS team that went 5-6 last season. USF takes this... So that's 3-1 or 4-0 out of conference... Now our AAC opponents: Home: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, and Temple -- if these were on the road, USF would go 1-3 at best.... I think at home USF could go 2-2 Away: UCF, ECU. U Conn, and Navy -- The Knights are gonna come down from their highs next season but will still beat USF in the bounce house, USF takes the rest of these rebuldings teams to go 3-1. So that is 8-4 without much of a stretch... 10-2 if USF somehow gets lucky... 6-6 if USF craps the bed. Earning a trip to either the Military Bowl or the Boca Raton Bowl next season.
  8. Sorry ET ... they lost 5 straight but won their bowl game. USF is the first and only 7-0 + 0-6 = 7-6 team in FBS history. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/texas-tech/2013-schedule.html
  9. The rain is letting up... and Weather.com future radar shows even this light rain it ending around 6:30pm. Parking lots and field (and the seats!) will be wet, but we should not get rained on during the game. (Assuming their model is right)
  10. Weather.com says 75% at 5:00pm tomorrow ... 65% by 6:00pm ... 25% by 7:00pm ... and only 10% the rest of the night I will be tailgating at home and then heading to RayJay for kickoff.
  11. The USL (where the Rowdies play now and headquartered here in Tampa) are working hard to elevate their teams to Division I soccer - parallel to the MLS. Like the ABA for the NBA.... That said, the owner will have no interest in moving from St Petersburg. Not sure what the Rays would do for a possible USF football stadium... considering they are sucking up all the available money in Tampa. We should hope their efforts fail and they move to Las Vegas.
  12. It was my post... but not my prediction. Joey Knight said it first... USF admin absolutely did not want to play in Tampa... and if they had any pull at all with the AAC it would not have happened. When ESPN pulled their shenanigans and took away an ACC Team and replaced it with Marshall, ESPN knew they needed to sell tickets and USF was their only choice.
  13. I know we hate the Kaniggits from Oviedo. Set that aside just for this discussion. If UCF gets to #5 or #6 this week because of losses by, say, Ohio State and Oklahoma... that is a REALLY GOOD THING for the AAC. You see, people are not big on UCF because "they didn't really play anyone" ... Well, that is a function of the perception of the AAC and the UCF non-conference slate. Next season, our beloved USF bulls face Wisconsin, Georgia, and BYU... and we should see some AAC rankings (UCF, Cincy, and maybe Houston or even Memphis) at various points next year... Under the very-hard-to-believe-its-almost-delusional scenario of USF running the table, USF should also get the same consideration in the Top 6 to 8 teams. Everyone fell in love with Boise State even through the Mountain West never really did well overall... UCF's playoff push, as much as we detest them... is good for the AAC.
  14. 1 -- USF can still win the AAC east... Tulane will be a nice game to come home to... Temple and Cincy will be tough-but-winnable road games. UCF ... well... that is going to be hard. If USF loses one of these before UCF, then we'll need UCF to lose one as well. 2 - If USF manages to win out, they likely face a return trip to Houston... hopefully healthier. 3 - If USF beats UCF and Houston back to back, chances are really good USF will be in a New Years 6 Bowl. USF was never going to make the CFP, so the most we could really hope for is winning the AAC and playing in the Peach Bowl. That is still possible. NOTE: I fully understand there is a difference between possible and likely ... but let's not write off the entire season after one loss.
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