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  1. Yup. USF would not have been #2 in the BCS poll if others had lost... That was the year LSU won the championship ... with TWO losses.
  2. I don't disagree... but fans watching a coach leave after losing ... versus fans watching a coach leave after winning... that is a big reason.
  3. Texas had just struggled through three years and Strong was fired. Clemson is on a great run possibly repeating a national championship. There is a difference.
  4. New TV Contract goes from $2 mill to $7 mill per year -- starting next season (might be the season after)
  5. Love that everyone thinks McMurphy has a source at USF. There is another school involved here. And McMurphy didn't break this... The Clemson Insider was the first to publish that Scott was leaving Clemson for USF.
  6. The only thing I want him to "bring back" is winning.
  7. Well... he did finish 12-1 and won the conference championship, so....
  8. Michigan State (father, uncles all went) is really the only one... but I root for AAC against non AAC.. and anyone playing UCF or Michigan. I also like rooting for chaos in the Top 25.
  9. Thanks... I do miss interacting here... but it's hard sometimes, and merging threads is just part of it. @brybull1970 -- Nice to start a few threads that can be merged into this one!
  10. Never said I was leaving... not trying to take my ball and go home... just pointing out a problem I have seen for a while. Only one?
  11. It sure doesn't seem that way. But I appreciate that you have heard my concerns. Thank you. I wasn't sure where else to post this... so now that you;ve heard, you can delete the thread if you wish. Back to lurking.
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