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  1. circumstances out of his control has really hurt his start here. I'm still optimistic he can get us to the point were we are at least .500 every year and once every four years we have a team good enough to compete for a conference championship and make the tourney. Which for this program may be our ceiling. First season wasn't good but came on strong at the end, more promising than the lost years that came before. Second season won 24 games and the CBI. Looking to breakout that 3rd year but we lose Yetna right before the season and have a mediocre season. Year 4 is a covid
  2. 16% chance at 6 wins...I'd say thats fair. I have a hunch we'll be 5-6 heading into the last week. @UCF with bowl eligibility on the line.
  3. https://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2021/04/06/usf-seeks-developer-ideas-for-700plus-acres.html?fbclid=IwAR13VA5ZeGz_5Wxfels107rNF1-jf3Kfkx23CwOqU_YTHhMmiW68kjk3Mtc Anyone know what this is about? Saw some students were making petitions. "We'll give you these 700 acres to develop if you build us a football stadium on part of it"
  4. Also was curious what the exact number of this sellout will be. The fact they're calling it a "record" sellout makes me think it would be the most ever at a USF spring game.
  5. Any word on if parking will be free? Tailgating allowed?
  6. I'd love an on campus stadium as much as anyone, but while we suck things aren't as fun and thats something tangible we can point at and blame. But if that on campus stadium had just 25k fans in it and USF was losing by 3 scores to a G5 team the atmosphere would still be dull. If we can even just sustain Memphis's levels of success the last 7 years (floor of 8 wins and every 2-3 years win 10+ games and compete for a conference championship) we would consistently be pulling 45k fans into Ray Jay and game days would be a blast. The red seats don't suck as much when there are fans in USF col
  7. Maybe I'm naive to how this all works but why doesn't USF have an on campus stadium fund to donate too? They estimated it at 240 million dollars in their study. Assuming you can get 40 million of that from rich alumni/sponsors when your close to the finish line, i'm sure there are plenty of alumni that would set up a recurring donation. Especially if you made it so each person who donated over 10k would get their name on a brick outside the stadium. It would probably take 10 years, but at this point if you told me we'd get a similar press conference for an on campus stadium in 2030
  8. When I was in grade school about 15 years ago there was a program called the JR Bulls Club. I think the deal was for any kid grades K-8 and for $25 they would get a ticket to each home game, and I want to say a free soda and popcorn to each game. The school probably didn't make that much money directly off it, but for each kid that young going there's likely a parent buying a full priced ticket to take them. Me and a few friends were a part of it growing up and as a result we all grew up USF fans over the Big 3. Because when your that age going to a game in person with your friends again
  9. It's safe to assume the last game vs Notre Dame marked the end of an era in USF football. In the 5 years before that game we had beat Clemson, FSU, #5 WVU, #13 Kansas, Auburn, #7 WVU. Since then what is our best win? #21 Temple in 2015 that finished 10-4 and unranked? #22 Navy in 2016 that finished 9-5 and unranked? A 6 win P5 team in a bowl game? If I didn't know any better it would appear Notre Dame had Touchdown Jesus curse us in spite after we beat them. My prediction is they beat us in a game a little too close for their comfort (24-14), but it is enough in the end for them to b
  10. Started all 13 games this past season. Two time All-CUSA Honorable Mention offensive lineman. His offensive line coach at FIU just became our offensive line coach and he's from the area (New Port Richey).
  11. Isn't this only the depth chart for this week? Maybe they are stratigizing differently this week than they will next.
  12. Greg Reaves breaks out for 10 sacks. Mitchel Wilcox looks like Gronk against the AAC and declares for the draft a year early. The offense does better than last year because Barnett is a better fit than Flowers for this scheme.
  13. The home town team who is a favorite for the championship in their respective sport had a home playoff game at the same time...I love USF football but lightnight playoffs > spring game.
  14. That would explain Harlan's tweet about this taking longer than expected. Couldn't complain about Military Bowl vs a P5 team even if it is Virginia. They only went 1-5 down the stretch so I'd like our chances.
  15. Perfect. Even the guys not leaving for Nebraska may not be a fan of UCF without Frost and would be willing to go to USF instead.
  16. The only way I would be find with the Gasparilla Bowl is if we were playing FSU in that game. USF vs FSU in St. Pete would be wild.
  17. Jimbo going to A&M would really shake things up for the state of Florida. Both UF/FSU coming off bad years into new coaches. Wonder if that would allow Charlie to pull a big recruit or 2 that normally would head to one of those schools.
  18. According to this site http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/ a 3.5 rating would make that the 11th most watched game of the season not counting other games this week. I'm sure Alabama-Auburn passed us but having a top 15 most watched game of the season can't hurt.
  19. Sure it sucks. This season was supposed to be the year we went undefeated, won the conference championship, and went to a NY6 bowl game. But we still finished 9-2 and are 27-6 in since the Syracuse game in 2015. Considering how bad of a state the program was in before that it's hard to feel too depressed right now. Even though next year should be a down season I could still see us winning 9 games (Elon, illinois, UMASS, UCONN, ECU, Tulane, Cincinnati, Temple, Tulsa). And Georgia Tech at home, UCF at home, and Houston at home aren't unwinnable games.
  20. I could see their stud receiver Tre'Quan Smith entering the draft a year early. Then they have 2 seniors on the oline and 4 of their front 7 are graduating. So if were getting more physical on offense next year that should help as I see there defense being weaker. The key will be our defense improving and if there new offensive scheme can replicate their success. Frost was an offensive game planning genius, even with the same players I see them having a small dip in production.
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