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  1. Is there another rivalry where the fanbases actually despise each other so much? With a lot of other rivalries it seems there is some level of mutual respect. With UCF I literally would love nothing more than they get caught cheating and get the death penalty.
  2. Any word on Jamari Stewart? Mississippi State DE transfer who had some type of ankle/foot injury and hasn’t played yet
  3. USF should invest in other operations rather than a stadium, some faculty say It was in the rumor mill, but unexpected by faculty, that the Sept. 8... no surprise academics want that money spent elsewhere…but the assistant director of media relations said an updates coming soon. Feel like we’ve heard that for the past 6 weeks
  4. 2 possible reasons I see for why construction hasn’t started: 1.) we have 3 practice fields currently. To build an IPF in the middle of the season would probably take up at least 1.5 of those. Jeff Scott might be telling them to hold off until the end of the season because it would put us at a disadvantage limiting our practice space 2.) we’ve heard USF wants to build the OCS near the athletics so it’s central to all our other athletic facilities. They may hold out on starting construction until they have the OCS plans finalized in case they want the IPF in a specific proximity to the stadium. I see number 1 as more likely. They are still pretty confident it’ll be done by the start of next season. If #2 was the case that means they’d have location and renderings of the OCS-IPF-football center area done by the end of this season as that’s when they’d need to start construction. Which feels optimistic
  5. I hate UCF and I support celebrating wins over them a little harder, but this whole War on I4 points system seems a little odd. Does any other rivalry have an all sports trophy like this? I think celebrating wins over a rival should be something a little simpler. Like the winners of Bama vs Tennessee all smoke cigars, that's how a tradition catches on. When its simple and easy so everyone takes part.
  6. CONTEXT. He has plenty of runs that he'll carry guys for 5-6 yards. But when you get his volume of short yardage attempts it ***** up your ypc. Look at his ypc not including SUCCESSFUL short yardage attempts: NC State: 5 carries 26 yards (5.2) Florida: 8 carries 29 yards. 2 yard touchdown, 2 yard run on 3rd and 1 in the redzone to move the chains, 1 yard touchdown. Take away those and its 4.8 ypc. FAMU: 7 carries 27 yards. First and goal from the 7, gave him 3 carries to punch it in the endzone. Take away those and its 5 ypc. BYU: 26 carries for 86 yards. 2 yard run to convert 1st down in the redzone. two 3 yard runs to convert 1st down on 3rd down in BYU territory. 2 yard TD run. 1 yard run to convert 4th down in red zone. Then they gave him 3 chances to bang away 1 yard for a TD. Take away those and its 4.1 ypc SMU he was getting stuffed though
  7. Tulane who has 0 FBS wins this year with an easier schedule than us? We've only lost to ranked teams and people are losing their ****, if we we're 1-5 with losses to UAB/ECU/Houston people would be calling for coaches head. Their loss to ECU was way uglier than our loss to SMU whose a way better team. Houston got blown out by an average P5 team then beat a 2-3 Rice team, a 2-3 Grambling team, a 1-3 Navy team, a 1-4 Tulsa team, and a 1-5 Tulane team. I'm not saying we'll be favored in those games. But I think in the stretch of Houston-Tulane-UCF we win 1 of those games.
  8. How connected is this dude? I assumed he was given TDS let him write a column calling out USF's problems after the UCF BIG 12 thing was announced. He went on a long rant on twitter this morning mentioning: "We posted those articles a month ago. Everything I feared in the worst case has come true. Literally NO ONE has been held accountable. A lot of circling the wagons." "Everyone is doing the same things. All the wrong people are getting influence in the next Presidential search." "The lack of contact doesn't bother me. They never cared about my opinion before, why would I expect different now? It's the *pretending* to care to my friends' faces that bothers me much more. It's performative. It's lazy." "All the warning signs are there that this is going to get much worse. A bunch of people with no shame are asking us for hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium. What could go wrong?" Is it that bad behind the scenes? Or do we think this is all based off the fact USF didn't reach out to him and that bruised his ego?
  9. Tulsa favored over Memphis? Guess Vegas probably has no idea how good either is
  10. Sure that punt at SMU was indefensible but he has shown more towards being aggressive than not: BYU went for it on 4th and 1 at our OWN 34 in the first quarter Proceeded to go for it on 4th down 4 more times that game converting all of them and all those drives ending in scores onside kick at the end of that game with 5 minutes left converted a 4th down touchdown vs SMU when a field goal would have also made it a 2 score game Gave us a chance at the end of the half to take a shot at the end zone before kicking the field goal. Hopefully Timmy learned his lesson to throw it away there if the first read isn't there. I get bagging on him for that punt. But it's one conservative call, if that happens again sure it can be a trend. But as for now thats just as likely a one off mistake
  11. So is it confirmed the stadium will be in a horseshoe shape with berm seating? Wouldn't be exactly the same but Maryland put their Football Ops building right at the open end of the horseshoe. I'd rather have the berm seating, but making a huge football Ops building the backdrop behind that could be cool.
  12. Listened to the TDS podcast telling everyone to relax, some notes: They mentioned we've already been in contact with about 5 DL in the transfer portal and they're hearing good things about their interest in coming to USF because immediate playing time Sounds like they will also be focusing on the secondary in the portal. Will Jones was looking great and supposed to be the starter before tearing his ACL before the season, just getting him back could be big for that group. As that forced Matt Hill whose never played safety to be our starting safety a few days before the season started. With 4-5 injuries in the secondary we've been forced to play a walk on and a true freshman back there. Because we have so much inexperience in the secondary Spencer's hands are tied blitzing as that would leave them on an island. Defense could look a lot different when some of those guys get healthy and we can try more creative ways to get pressure.
  13. UCF's starting linebacker and leading tackler last year just entered the portal. Gus is looking more and more like their Charlie
  14. Spin zone: USF hasn't lost to an unranked team in 313 days. We haven't lost to a team with a losing record in 326 days
  15. From my understanding I think you can give 25 scholarships a year to high school + portal combined. This allows you to go beyond that number up to 32 to replace players transferring out. So if we have 5 guys transfer out after the year we get 5 extra scholarships, 7 out and we get 7 extra, 11 out and we get 7 extra.
  16. Tread carefully, beating Notre Dame seems to have cursed our program
  17. 2.) Columbia for upscale, just a sandwich Bodega in Seminole Heights is good. But really just any sandwich that uses roast pork instead of deli sliced pork 3.) St Pete area, Clearwater is too crowded and anywhere in Tampa the water will be...questionable 4.) Soho is filled with people your age bar hopping, Ybor is a more unique to Tampa nightlife experience
  18. On that tangent: recruit a lot of guys from the Tampa/Orlando area, they still have teammates in other classes in high school they can help recruit to your school. Timmy and Jimmy's high school has a pair of brother DB's that are both high 3/low 4 star recruits. If we we're a little better and on their radar it probably would have been a huge advantage for them to come join up with their star teammates they won the state championship with.
  19. Checked the transfer portal and looks like this guy is projected to go to USF already https://247sports.com/Player/James-Ash-46055320/ DL from Wake Forest that had 10 P5 offers including LSU and Miami. Need as many guys like this headed our way as possible
  20. Assuming we have an IPF for 2022 and an OCS for 2025 we can pitch these recruits on being the first class to break in a new IPF that they'll have all 4 years while they're here. Then as long as you stay for 4 years you'll be seniors starting for the team that breaks in a new stadium. Can truly pitch these next couple classes that they will be the guys ushering in a new era at a university.
  21. If the covid year was cancelled and this was Jeff Scott's true year 1 how would we be feeling about him right now?
  22. Just curious what page your seeing? Looking at 247 and we have 17 secondary offers out right now https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Season/2022-Football/Offers/
  23. Yards per play is one of the more telling stats. If a team averages over 1 more yard per play than the opponent in a game they win 86.2% of the time, 2 more yards per play and they win 95% of the time, 4 more yards per play and they win 100% of the time. Against NC State they averaged 7.95 yards per play and we averaged 4.17 Against Florida they averaged 9.65 yards per play and we averaged 4.18 Against BYU they averaged 8.96 yards per play and we averaged 5 Against SMU they averaged 5.65 yards per play and we averaged 5.69 It's pretty clear that switching to Timmy has provided an uptick to the offense, and while small my opening sentence here emphasizes how important 1 extra yard per play can be. SMU averages 7 yards per play on the season, that appears to be the first game this year where our defense actually gave us a chance. We forced 3 punts, an interception, and made them settle for 2 field goals in the red zone. The difference here seems to be we we're 2/11 on 3rd down, they we're 9/16. Whether its actually practicing tackling or there being less of a talent discrepancy, it actually seems like our defense just showed a little improvement. Lets hope we can keep getting better on both sides of the ball
  24. Timmy McClain has shown he can consistently drive the ball on ranked teams as a true freshman, playing on a team that won 0 FBS games the season before. Seriously, find me a true freshman QB on a bad team that has done as well vs ranked teams. We have already played 4/5 toughest games on our schedule. Cincy will be a doozy, but SMU/BYU look a lot better than Houston/ECU/UCF/Tulane. We've shown we can make a lot of mistakes, have starters injured on defense, and still be within striking distance in the second half to ranked teams. Clean that up and keep Timmy progressing and there is only 1 game that's not winnable left on our schedule. This staff has shown it may be recruiting better than the rankings are giving us credit for. From the class of 2020 Dollison/Logan/Battie are all already making some immediate impacts. From the class of 2021 Timmy and Jimmy look to be cornerstones just a few games into their college careers. I think there's reason to be optimistic for 2022/2023 when his guys are the upperclassmen.
  25. USF tells Kriseman it wants a seat at the table for Tropicana Field redevelopment Interim president Rhea Law and regional chancellor Martin Tadlock ask to help determine the fate of the proposals. Seems like a pretty forward thinking move for an interim president
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