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  1. Do you know how much money daddy spent buying this for you???
  2. They are totally capable of coming back and winning. But they just looked so tired and spent at the end of the season this looks like CBG and the administration set them up for a really bad failure. Ok, you want to reward them for over-achieving by giving them a post season but sometimes you gotta know when to fold em. If this holds this is like paying McNeese State to come and eat our lunch. Hopefully they do pull it out, but they just look done and I think the time off would do them better than more games.
  3. If this holds up there's gonna be a lot to say about the decision to do this.
  4. It is a legit point. But how sad is it that our trump card seems to be that we can sign a 12 year contract because we know the conference won't be here for 12 years because a half dozen teams are looking to bolt?
  5. They own the AAC, literally own us, for more than a decade and the time value of money favors them so much in this contract. Only way this contract is any good is if every school gets the entire contract amount now to earn on it rather than watching each year's payment have less and less purchasing power.
  6. Ya, I don't think anyone thought we'd get P5 money and nobody would have thought we'd get locked into a streaming service for 12 years. As you said, inflation will just destroy this contract.
  7. 2000 seems doable. I'm just not sure what the cost of opening the Sun Dome for a game is. I'd like to think we'd sell 3K + and not lose money but who knows.
  8. Ya. And a loss to Stony Brook could hurt all the emotional progress the team has made. This seems like a very low RoI endeavor. Had we not limped to the finish line I might be more up for it. After the last few games I just see the horrible specter of a loss to Stony Brook ending the season. Plus a $50k bill. Hope we sell enough seats to cover that.
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