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  1. Clearly before physical symptoms hit whatever % will get it, a larger % get turned into doomsday preppers as an unexplainable side effect of the virus.
  2. We may have found something everyone on the board can agree on.
  3. The owners must love him because they keep renewing him. Don't know a single fan that's impressed.
  4. Seems like it should be required for this user.
  5. Wow. Our fans did not show up at all. Disappointing. I don't see a single one.
  6. Unless spring football causes a major injury it is all inconsequential to me. Opening game is where we find out something.
  7. Would it be a penalty box infraction if I hypothesize that you are an artificial intelligence meant to be frustrating to people without being rude or making personal attacks with a reasonable amount of humor in the algorithm?
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