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  1. There are people who are way too bitter and emotionally involved in a football program.
  2. This thread should be the top thread forever and it can be used to discuss our conference move to FCS by those who want that.
  3. In another world on another team with an O-Line maybe McCloud might develop into something, but his arm strength would always hinder him. In this situation I only see on QB going through progressions fast enough to move the ball or decide to run before the D crushes him.
  4. 1. Reps for Johnson. 2. Mostly freshman but a core of transfers to be able to compete a little. 3. Thoughts and prayers.
  5. I agree, the difference week to week isn't us, it's the quality of the opponent.
  6. I had my issues with CWT but I loved that he would blow teams out. I agree, we go 12-0, blow teams out and even if the talent for the future wasn't there they at least got playing time to develop in that season and would have looked better when they took over than they did under Strong.
  7. Seeing the Tulsa freshman QB in reminds me how long it has been since we've been able to give the future any game time. I'm reminded of Strong's first year when we should have had QF put teams away and given the future the 4th quarter but STrong kept it so close we didn't get that very necessary opportunity to give the freshmen game time.
  8. Clank!! Start Johnson until Fortin is healthy going forward. If McCloud sees the field put him in as another undersized RB or WR. CCS is an absolute criminal who made CSH look like a football genius and recruiting savant.
  9. I know, we are experiencing relativistic time dilation without approaching the speed of light.
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