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  1. Just wait and see how long the thread gets when UCF hits the P5 and we don't.
  2. AFter the last regime, a little interest and kindness goes a very long way.
  3. I feel the facilities arms race is very dangerous and potentially ruinous. Especially since very few of even the big name schools turn a profit on athletics.
  4. At the time of the Big East, UCF unlike us wasn't at a point where they were looking like a threat to the status quo and did not have to endure ESPN and a handful of schools conspiring to destroy their high profile conference and thus their athletics.
  5. Less comparing coaches and more about the game. Did we win?
  6. I used the D word here but I really like how the censorship makes it open to D, S and F and they all work just as well.
  7. He got handed a championship caliber team and did nothing but neglect it.
  8. We're really seeing how CCS just didn't give a **** about this job.
  9. Because my son-in-law went to Quinnipiac I went to the Frozen Four finals at Amalie and let me tell you, those ND hockey fans filled the arena. So they at least travel in force for one sport.
  10. If it weren't for girls with daddy issues I'd never get a date.
  11. They tend to get stuck in the ureter which has no relation to dong size and is narrower than the urethra which runs through the dong.
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