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  1. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Airport is in Hebron technically though it uses CVG for its code.
  2. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Florence, KY. Worked in Cincinnatti.
  3. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    My old hometown.
  4. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Betting on college sports

    Slid headfirst so his name would be on camera. Ya. Pete "Me" Rose.
  5. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Betting on college sports

    That's unpopular? It seems fairly obvious it must have been so. They certainly turned a wilful blind eye to try to achieve plausible deniability. "Wow Barry, you really got pumped, you're hammering the ball, must be a great work out routine. Good talk. I'm going to my office now."
  6. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    HB QF

    This diddling around with the Bengals is gonna cost him his Blue Bombers gig! May 16th – Rookie Camps Open May 20th – Training Camps Open May 27th – Preseason Begins June 9th - Teams must cut down from Training Camp Roster by 10:00 p.m. ET June 14th – CFL Regular Season Kick Off
  7. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Why does USF Fail in Track & Field

    Need more Jamaicans!
  8. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    He needs to learn rule 1. Stop digging.
  9. K&O better watch their feet. I hear breaks can happen.
  10. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Y’all Ready to Go Bowling? Here is the Bowl Schedule

    You mean you don't want to go down that Lane that ends with being rivals with FAU?
  11. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    He sort of set the mold for winning the games that don't matter and losing when it counts didn't he? Great splashy wins against big named ranked teams but didn't bring the hardware home. We suck until we don't. T2 seems appropriate until we show we aren't.
  12. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    NFL Draft

    All the Bullspen gameday threads about him destroyed his karma.
  13. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Former Bull Mike White got drafted

    lotsabull99 is not going to allow the board to White wash the current situation and history of our program!!
  14. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Flowers to the Bengals

    I miss their vibrant performing arts culture.
  15. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    NFL Draft

    He's a playmaker but not an NFL quarterback, wouldn't picture a GM doing anything but signing him as an undrafted free agent.