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  1. George_Bullnard_Shaw


    Nah. Don't like drunks, puking, closing streets and horrible traffic. It's a blight on the city. Celebrating the rich being publicly intoxicated on floats being watched by the publicly intoxicated proletariat is nothing I can be proud of.
  2. George_Bullnard_Shaw


    I call it Tampa Bay's low rent Mardi Gras.
  3. Strong press conference coaching tree!
  4. Other team isn't going to stop trying to score.
  5. Truth. I don't go four years driving my boss crazy and doing my job in a way he doesn't like and I'd imagine it's even less so as a college/pro football coach.
  6. The priests of the temples of HB dives are no more. We have assumed control. We have assumed control.
  7. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    USF New President Search

    Given she took the crooked Carl Carlucci with her to Texas that's a hard pass for me.
  8. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Transferring players

    Did someone say transfer?
  9. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    USF New President Search

    Pretty sure I've got the job locked up.
  10. George_Bullnard_Shaw


    UF bros before NFL ho's!
  11. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Transferring players

    Well he's good at running from USF at least.
  12. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Why Bell Will Create Offense Excitement

    I'll be excited when I see an exciting offense on the field. For now I'm guardedly optimistic.
  13. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    Is Bell also a general contractor?
  14. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Temple’s New FB Coach

    Doesn't matter. He'll be hired away in a year or less.
  15. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Willie in trouble

    I think most objective posters on the board admit Taggart is a lights out recruiter, promoter and motivator but he possibly lacks in the game day arena but he does get props for changing his system even if he was forced. He was treated great here, and chose to go get the big dollars, then get even more big dollars.