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  1. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    AAC Tournament

  2. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    AAC Tournament

  3. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    USF vs UF Continues

    Like we've said. Go to their house. Take their money. Eat their lunch. Kiss their wives. Win the game. We have to work in the reality that exists while we work to change it to a better reality. Refusing deals other schools would be happy to take doesn't make us look any better to the media, at large fans or P5 decision makers. We don't make this 2 for 1 deal, Skip at LA Tech would be happy for the payday games and the exposure.
  4. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    USF vs UF Continues

    $2.5 million is probably right at the point where they could buy it out but it is high enough to hurt them but not so high they wouldn't make the deal. I could see them deciding to eat the $2.5 million, but that's also a big win for us.
  5. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Big Bowl News that Impacts USF

    Now that people don't have to cross the bay to get there I expect attendance to triple!!!
  6. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    There will be one in the OCS!
  7. All I know is if Mike White had stayed we'd be in the B12.
  8. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Airport is in Hebron technically though it uses CVG for its code.
  9. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Florence, KY. Worked in Cincinnatti.
  10. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    My old hometown.
  11. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Betting on college sports

    Slid headfirst so his name would be on camera. Ya. Pete "Me" Rose.
  12. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Betting on college sports

    That's unpopular? It seems fairly obvious it must have been so. They certainly turned a wilful blind eye to try to achieve plausible deniability. "Wow Barry, you really got pumped, you're hammering the ball, must be a great work out routine. Good talk. I'm going to my office now."
  13. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    HB QF

    This diddling around with the Bengals is gonna cost him his Blue Bombers gig! May 16th – Rookie Camps Open May 20th – Training Camps Open May 27th – Preseason Begins June 9th - Teams must cut down from Training Camp Roster by 10:00 p.m. ET June 14th – CFL Regular Season Kick Off
  14. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Why does USF Fail in Track & Field

    Need more Jamaicans!
  15. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    He needs to learn rule 1. Stop digging.