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  1. Offensive play calling is positively revolting!
  2. Give me a ticket for an aeroplane. Aint got time to take a fast train.
  3. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    I was glad CCS was hired

    GT was the highlight of our season.
  4. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    ABC commentators remark on Heupel

    All the young dudes.
  5. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    If you've given up on the season ...

    I had 2 tickets to the UCF game on my dashboard. Someone broke in. They left 2 more.
  6. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    Knight won't rank us because he doesn't respect our wins. Knight ways we'd be a laughing stock for firing a guy with a bunch of wins he doesn't respect. Knight has his cake and eats it too.
  7. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Welcome USFfrustratedfan

    It was about this time in the CSH era I joined after googling "fire skip holtz". I can see an influx of members probably for the same reasons.
  8. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    I was glad CCS was hired

    This. Was fiscally a home run. On field is turning bad.
  9. We stopped the Armstead threat. They adapted and found other was to score. They stopped our run up the middle and we had no adaptation. Gilbert puts his QB in a position to fail by using his predictable conservative play calling all game long then expecting Barnett to air it out at the end of the game. Watching UC/UCF was an eye opener. Quarterbacks with multiple tools who had playbooks designed to use every facet of their teams.
  10. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Tonight, We Are All Bearcats!

    Watching two teams with viable quarterbacks who were allowed to do multiple things made me very very sad.
  11. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    Why wait?

    Yes. One more game, cut loose those you are cutting loose and audition the underlings.
  12. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    WIll the C. Game next week

    Past that point. I want plastic.
  13. George_Bullnard_Shaw

    The moment I knew

    When we didn't produce first series second half.
  14. Ditto. Said the same thing to my wife, and maybe earlier in this thread. I hate having given up on the season, then getting hope back, then getting it smashed.