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  1. This article makes it seem as if the Oline might be better this year. Its usually 60/40 that a returning player gets better from year to year, maybe higher on the linemen. Ill buy it that we run the ball better this year. Thats also a lot of transfers for the secondary, which was sorely needed. I do like the idea of Smith going back there. Overall, I think we will be better than last year.
  2. I'm confused as to how teams of give or take 15 are having tougher times staying covid free than teams of 100. Whats happening differently here from football? I would assume these are more financial decisions than anything.
  3. The Jim will get his team so hyped for their game vs USF that they will shut out USF. Make USF pay for firing you and never bringing you back on, or even recognizing your existence. You deserved more.
  4. Agreed about Sanders. He played hard for being small in size. Really fast, but too often found out of position. I'm not sure whether those are mental lapses or a coaching issue, probably both. Either way, he isn't a guy I wanted to leave.
  5. The Bulls have had such a different path than most college teams. Sure, West Virginia, UCF and Butgers come to mind first. We have shared conferences with Cincinnati the most of any team, but its hard to think of a time we played when the game was extraordinary, or meaningful. The most memorable moments that almost created rivalrys were: 2007 vs West Virginia (we just dont play anymore) Quinton Flowers senior season vs UCF. Both teams played for the division with amazing teams. (Still not very competitive most years, though its being pushed as a rivalry) Then the fumble pu
  6. I was always a fan of St Felix. It's tough to see it not work out for either side, but it felt like it almost did. I wouldn't be surprised to see him catch on in a major role at a similar level
  7. You're right. We didnt expect anything but improvement this year. With the linebackers we have, I don't think the defense should have been as bad as it was. Fire D coordinator, and get some Dline. Then we can look at 4-8
  8. Considering he didnt get a real spring or fall practice with the team, he deserves a clean slate. Agreed with the Corona crap. I now tip service workers when they don't wear masks and thank them for showing their beautiful faces. (Even if some aren't so beautiful!)
  9. What if you're going to be hit with a loss if you DO play? I'd think finding a reason not to play a sure loss is more likely. Think if the team has a couple key injuries
  10. If we had another game, Dukes and Williams are the wideouts with Miller in the slot. I admit, I've been too high on St Felix
  11. My comment on this thread was about KJ Sails. I think I got my comments backwards. I remember him catching his first touchdown vs UCF a few days ago and thing wow hes huge where the hell has he been at!?
  12. I'd be more tempted to agree with the player development position if our defense was better. Charlie Strong was fired because the offense was a joke. The defense was actually getting a bit better under him. Where did that defensive progress go this year with coach Scott? The secondary looked WORSE and the Dline was non existent. The only development seen was from WRs and RBs imo.
  13. 1. It's hard to argue with this because Jeff Scott loves him some McCloud. There is definitely a connection they have, justified or not. 2. Based on what evidence? Have you seen more of Noah Johnson and Cade Fortin than we have? I'll just say that I dont want to get excited about one game. I heard from a UCF guy that they were missing 8 players on defense, mostly starters? Idk how true that is, but if McCloud only has one good game and it's all from behind against backups, let's just say that he STILL hasn't proven that much. The only thing hes proving is he can compete for the job
  14. I appreciate players who put their heart and soul into USF. I have a JPP Bucs jersey. I will not cheer on passive players who dont look like they put in everything they have to win. Simply putting on a Bulls jersey isnt enough. Go be worthy of admiration and respect. Respect is earned, not given. And I have my boxer / pitbull right next to me who would disagree with your assessment of me. This is football. I'm just here to call balls and strikes.
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