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  1. I want to see McCloud improve also, but as a fan, I'm extremely worried if hes starting week 1. Do you think CJS splits QB work for the first few weeks?
  2. It's hard to rank positions because there are so many unknowns. The most solid position should be RB with 3 capable RBs. TE should be another good group again. Oline and WR are shakey, but St Felix is awesome. He had a disappointing year last year, but who didnt? He has the talent to be all conference. Maybe Horne returns to form. QB is a prayer and not getting much practice with the team together is going to give CJS a tough time evaluating 3 guys. I suspect the QB competition will carry over into midseason at least
  3. Before the no smoking indoor law, there were plenty of restaurants that didnt allow smoking. I prefer no smoking in my restaurant too. Business will cater to that.
  4. I've never had a problem with someone smoking a cigarette barefoot before. You seem very tolerant
  5. I know you're a boot licker of the state, but here is a concept you might want to try and learn. Try NOT telling somebody what to do for once
  6. This part right here. If you dont want to be exposed, stay home. Do you disagree? Going outside is a risk
  7. They have curbside pickup!! Many places offer this. You can go through life in 2020 without seeing anybody. Order on Amazon and do curbside pickup. Besides, keeping your distance, wearing a mask, not touching your face, all your own responsibility. What am I missing?
  8. You have an odd way of looking at things. Do you not endanger yourself when you go into public? Is health not self responsibility?
  9. Jane Castor passed a mandatory mask order unless I'm misinformed. Thankfully our favorite lawyer Leduc is challenging it
  10. I dont see the upside to USF playing LSU in Atlanta. Who's going to care about USF in Atlanta? Unless they already know there will be no fans
  11. How can it not be a political statement to FORCE free citizens to follow orders. I finished my time in the military, I don't take orders from government anymore. If this was voluntary, I'd gladly follow guidelines. I swore an oath to the constitution and freedom, not some cozy politicians. I will live my life as I see fit with no mask, since they are ordering us to. People who demand force be taken on people like me will be met with equal force. You are not my God.
  12. I'd rather save the tax dollars and just learn stuff over paying somebody else to make decisions for me such as 'stay home or else'. It's hard for me to believe that is a controversial opinion to have.
  13. It's funny how Puc said "government invents problems to solve", then you respond back with the abolition of slavery as if that wasn't originally heavily supported by government
  14. Your point is understood. The natural monopoly of an electric company should be regulated, and there are a few other places government intervention is acceptable. Medicine on the other hand is NOT a natural monopoly, and government involvement in medicine has completely skyrocketed prices. To think government involvement is helping with prices is delusional. In these high prices you're just paying for the FDA, and other bloated government 3 letter agencies/bureaucracies. In exchange for acceptance from regulation, they block competitors from entering the market. There is no reason for these medications to cost the way they do, and it's all because people's obsession with the optics of 'government price control'. To further this agenda, all they talk about is 'big pharma' and vilainize the businesses who benefit from the overregulation to justify their involvement in the first place.
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