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  1. I really hope he's all that and a bag of potato chips, but I remember people saying Eddie McDoom was the best receiver on our roster in his transfer year. The same roster that had Solomon, McCants, Bronson, Wilcox, and St Felix (he was actually playing well at the time). I'll wait to believe that kind of hype. The only thing is this time, being our best WR should be easy.
  2. To clarify, holding him accountable is fine, but 10+ years later is excessive
  3. I went to Chamberlain HS with Nathan in the prime '07 #2 years. We only talked a few times (big school), but I knew him as one of the other guys always wearing USF stuff. Nice enough to talk to a few times. Anyway, maybe I'm just a deranged lunatic in the way Leavitt was, but I think it's pretty soft to hold a coach accountable for an altercation that was all alleged. Shoot, Blue Adam's and Khalid McGee was probably worse than what happend w Leavitt. This is a rough, collision sport dude, and Leavitt said wake the F up. We need a little of that again
  4. 12 would be the optimal #, with top 4 teams getting a bye. The 5 conference champs, top G5 team, and 6 at large teams. Seeding goes by ranking only
  5. I would be thrilled about a Leavitt return! Nothing would get me more excited about Bulls football than this. I just hope if hes brought back that hes given multiple years to turn this clown show around, our talent is non existant
  6. I find it hilarious that you fans talk about wanting a loyal coach, but when we had loyal coach, we made him look like a fool on the way out. Most of you dont want to give him a chance to come back and finish what he started. Let's just be happy with a high energy guy, and be happy when he leaves us in a couple years.
  7. I throw out more likes than dislikes but your takes are usually awful. 1. Leavitt is the only reason why USF was ever anything. Thinking any coach could have done better than he did is not thinking. 2. Barnett is way better than McCloud like I said to start the year. McCloud did nothing all year, we would have been better off just putting an athlete at QB because McCloud cant throw anyway. 3. Buying out Strong just to promote Bell is pointless. We will still suck, AND have trouble paying the buyout. Strong needs to go, but I'd rather keep Strong than fire him and promote Bell
  8. To put this in context, it really is more than that if you consider the shovel toss a run, which it really is, but stats call it a pass.
  9. I'm so confused what people are talking about with this team playing hard in regards to keeping Charlie. I was at the 17-3 beating we got by a first year coach at Temple. Its Charlie's third year, and I dont see any recruits that he brings in that are good. We have Wilcox (Taggart), Macon (transfer), and a negative 2 at kicker. The numbskulls are the ones who want to keep Strong, because I'm not going to games with this guy as coach either. I need to see effort
  10. He had a lot of bone head penalties, and took a ton of plays off. He will never be appreciated here. Also being at that UConn game in CT, he didnt make that play, Ryne Giddens did. Giddens > Lynch by far.
  11. I hope he rolls the blunts for them instead of loading their bodies with that crap
  12. I agree. He looked like an athlete taking snaps, going through the motions of a QB but he cant throw. And surely we have better athletes
  13. Are you saying Rygol should start regardless of being horrible? I wasn't super impressed by him, I think one of his passes that was batted down was a blessing, as its trajectory looked like a sure pick 6. Hes certainly not a runner. But he has an arm that at least puts the threat of deep passing back in our offense to keep the defense honest
  14. I agree with the majority of your post except for the fact that going with Blake over Jordan to start the season was the right call. Our Oline has been playing much better lately, and knowing that, Blake still gives us a better opportunity to win. I mean we went 7-0 with him last year. Dude isnt complete trash. McCloud has shown flashes, but that is very common for a mobile QB to come in and catch a defense unprepared. Any time a defense was able to gameplan for him, hes been terrible. Sure, injuries, yeah. But until we see a full games results, I'm not ready to say McCloud is better than Barnett whatsoever.
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