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  1. Hes easily the best player on our team, and I cant think of a respectable next best player. I'm glad hes back
  2. Stars: KJ Sails Best positions: LB, Secondary, WR Break out players this year: Nick Roberts, Dwayne Boyles Talent without production: Mike Hampton, Randall St Felix Positions that need big help: QB, RB, OL, TE, Dline This team looks pretty bad. I see a 3 wins at this point.
  3. I understand giving Murray the start. Sure, they wanted a passing game, and Q doesnt give that as much. But anybody watching this game (including the announcers) can see that Flowers is bringing all the energy, and coach refuses to let him fly. I'm glad they lost this one. Flowers must start next week or it will be obvious this team isnt trying to win
  4. Makes you wonder, would he have had more interest if he declared last year? This season he was forgotten about nationally and statistically
  5. A bowl game? Odds are that we dont make a bowl game this year. Who is our QB? What offensive linemen do we have? Who is even decent on defense outside of KJ Sails? This team sucks until it doesnt.
  6. Having only watched a few games this year, (watched more last year) Rideau and Collins look like they arent playing for anything this year. Especially Rideau. I was high on him and thought he was a physical guy who wanted it more. I was wrong. Hes sloppy, as if he had too many all you can eat buffets and other hobbies. Coach deserves some blame. Absolutely. But players coming back worse is a reflection of complacency in the offseason. It's hard to put that all on coach.
  7. Our best returning defensive player from last year was hurt (Sawtelle), then Sails and Macon transfer in and are immediately our best players. Hampton had a lot of hype, but an awful season. Reeves / Livingstone didnt get pressure. Our other linebackers looked like small underclassmen. We need to recruit and develop better. Our defense doesnt seem to have any talent returning. The only positive is the young linebackers did improve slightly as the season progressed. xDC BJM did NOT live up to expectations, but at least he was better than the rest of the staff imo
  8. A healthy Nico Sawtelle isnt an improvement over Boyles or Grier this year?? You are such a troll
  9. I'm not sure why it's so commonly agreed upon that even Macon was better than Sawtelle. Macon got tackles, Sawtelle grabbed the ball. Dude keeps being in the right position making plays and winning, and some fans dont think hes good. I'll say it right now, if Nico plays all year, I think we are a bowl team. Hes that impactful for us
  10. I'm sorry to the people who eat up the BS of corporations so clearly bought out and biased. Those are pretty toxic routes of information.
  11. I'm trying to say that I dont understand why political conversations cause such unease with people
  12. Seeing who people actually vote for, maybe the "dont discuss politics" saying is dated. It seems to contribute to close minded belief systems since those beliefs arent being challenged. Politics is similar to sports in a way that once every 4 years some people just put on a politicians jersey and cheer for them regardless of actually talking through why. It's actually not hard to debate merits of different positions with people while being respectful. We do it here constantly with sports, and this stuff doesnt even matter. Btw Corey our biggest problem was oline like you said. Nick Roberts is young and improving! Hes a capable rotational guy who could play 50% of the defensive snaps
  13. McCloud is extremely deficient with arm strength, and that effects his accuracy. It's hard to be a quarterback when you lack these attributes, and I was never a Jordan McCloud fan this year. That being said, he has enormous potential because hes athletic, and I actually like his decision making and leadership. If he can put in the work with good coaching, he might be a QB who can help us be a solid bowl team. But if he doesn't progress, he cannot start again.
  14. In case you've missed some on field results, the G5 auto bid is 4-2 in major bowl games vs top P5 teams. You might want to rethink your position because you're objectively wrong.
  15. Just look at Kerwin Bell. Still hasn't done anything and people love him
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