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  1. So we are going to pretend firing Jim in that manner had no affect on the interest in our program?
  2. We killed the interest trips... I was living around the country between 2011-2016 and when I mentioned being a USF fan, you would be so surprised how many people knew of the mad man Jim Leavitt... the angry guy doing sprints, and thought it was awesome how fast he raised this program's status. Multiple people asked "What ever happend to them?? I haven't heard of them in awhile!" Having a symbolic coach like that... the Gary Paterson of TCU... Bowden of FSU... Peterson of BSU.... Iconic coaches and identities resonate with people... But the pea brains at USF spit on Jim Leavitt and changed our uniforms so often that our squad was unrecognizable from the limitless potential teams of 2007-2010.
  3. The only bright side of the whole game was Timmy McClain looking athletic with a nice arm. Are we expecting anything vs Florida? Are we satisfied with 7 points? Are we satisfied holding them below 50? The benchmark of improvement seems to be showing up to the game at all. I don't know what to look for or what to watch for.. It really is going to be a pathetic year.
  4. If that is the mindset, then stop wondering why the Tampa natives don't support the team. It is because the university doesn't care what you've contributed, and isn't focused on winning. Optics are more important.
  5. Loyalty goes both ways. Leavitt was loyal to the program, and his thanks was a spit in the face dismissal. It speaks volumes to anybody else considering being loyal to USF. They know that USF will drop you immediately and show no mercy. I'm not sure what donor wants to be part of that kind of culture. Why is this so trivial for you?
  6. What Jim Leavitt did here was outstanding. Anybody expecting more is an entitled fool with no perspective of what they are asking for. A 10 year old program that got to #2. Beating the big boys. So we lost some games. It was a brand new program... Those people got what they deserved, which is a program that would immediately self destruct without him.
  7. "There are multiple guys we feel like we can with with this year. We did not feel like that last year" -CJS Man I hope this is the case, but I know its coach speak because he was being positive about the QBs last year.
  8. That was easily the best taunting I've ever seen from any player ever! Antoine Winfield Jr is the man!
  9. I'm glad to hear we got transfers worth cheering for. It was a pretty messy off-season, and we need a men's USF squad to 'do something!'
  10. I'm feeling an eerily similar way, but my gripes are about the propaganda pushing. Hopefully this season is focused around fun, competitive football so guys like us don't get pushed out of enjoying (or crying for) our team.
  11. The 2007 game vs West Virginia was my first USF home game, and since then have only cheered for USF in college. It was the best in person sporting experience I've ever had with how rowdy everybody was
  12. Hopefully this means video game licensing can get done too
  13. This news sparks my interest in USF Football again and CF as a whole! You're saying there's a chance now?
  14. Considering they hurt SoS, i agree. The academies hurt their own recruiting by not letting players get drafted if they are able to. The service academies can always have it in players contracts that they must finish their contract AFTER the NFL. It would earn the academies much more recognition with better players imo.
  15. Nfl.com has Mike Hampton as 6th best corner not drafted, and kj sails as 13th best corner not drafted. Sounds like we would have had players drafted if there was a 12 round draft
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