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  1. Nfl.com has Mike Hampton as 6th best corner not drafted, and kj sails as 13th best corner not drafted. Sounds like we would have had players drafted if there was a 12 round draft
  2. Good positions: linebacker, corners, tight end, punter Hit or miss positions: wide receiver, kicker, offensive line, running backs Bad positions: quarterback, defensive ends, defensive takles, safety There are spots to be excited about on this team, but typically if QB and the entire Dline are concern positions, it's going to be a rough year.
  3. You're right that I don't know him personally, and recognize I'm judging a 23 year old while being 29. I hadn't even picked up a political opinion until 24 when it really caught my interest, and I've been reading about it ever since. He could be a great guy. So could Aaron Lynch, but I didn't like him either as a fan. If you do a lot of talking but perform poorly, well, sorry.
  4. I agree with almost everything said here. Ill just reply to a few main points addressed: 1. I currently have nothing positive to say about CJS. I'll remain open minded and patient with him, just as I would with KJ if he remained on the team. I don't hold grudges and like to give people time to grow. 2. Police brutality is an issue all races deal with, and I do agree with the premise that black people deal with this more often proportionally to other races. I've cited studies in a college paper that black people are 4x more likely to be arrested for weed despite similar usage statist
  5. I thought the whole BLM parading was racist, and it was something they canceled practices for. There is an issue with police, but to only look at it through the lens of race is perverted. It simplifies bigger problems we have. I have no problems with him, but I will not cheer for him, and don't mind when he loses
  6. If we can get Boyles, Battie, Grier, and Evans to play at an elite level, this team can make a bowl game. If we get this, AND solid QB play, 8 games is possible. We need a minimum 5 wins for Scott to earn some respect.
  7. Sails was one of the biggest disappointments last year, with Hampton not far behind. Sails had a really good Junior season, then seemed to really fall off his senior year. Almost as if he got distracted last off-season with non football related activities... I'm sort of glad he fell off if I'm being honest. Best of luck to D Dukes, Norman, Reaves, and Cronkrite who were all fantastic players here. Those guys worked their tails off for this program, especially Reaves
  8. Much better shooting than USF is used to. Hopefully it translates to the bigger stage
  9. Id be a thrilled Bulls fan if Scott led USF to 7-8 win seasons, and I'm not sure that guarantees he leaves for pee 5
  10. Seems like a big weight jump for 2 months. I bet he's noticeably slower, but there is still plenty of time til September. It needed to happen anyway
  11. 7 players leaving means Gregory has to go. Players that you recruited felt that even starting in the structure you put in place was a worse situation than competing to start somewhere else. Plus we are going backwards. Likely will be worse next year. Get a new guy now
  12. I really wish the Bucs signed him. Him and Jones would have made for an awesome duo. Though I don't remember if he had hands. He seemed to mostly be a strong shifty runner. Still glad to see him back on a team
  13. Right, spineless people are applauded, and non conformists are ridiculed. I get it. I have no idea what happend. If he's racist he needs to go. He's obviously in the wrong profession
  14. I'm in favor of gutting the staff simply for losing so much, and now 7 players left. There is nothing being built here. Thats grounds for firing. As for firing simply because of the climate is too simplistic. There has to actually be wrongdoing. Im not sure what world you live in where we just boot good people based on what might be an argument in practice. You have no idea what happend, and I think simply siding against the white guy because of culture is beyond racist, and only encourages more baseless accusations.
  15. This article makes it seem as if the Oline might be better this year. Its usually 60/40 that a returning player gets better from year to year, maybe higher on the linemen. Ill buy it that we run the ball better this year. Thats also a lot of transfers for the secondary, which was sorely needed. I do like the idea of Smith going back there. Overall, I think we will be better than last year.
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