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  1. Bottom line is Taggart and Fritz did great in the AAC. CCS is doing laughably bad. But because hes black, we should appreciate non stop losing? And dont give me all the talent left excuse. This whole team is his team, and they suck right now. 7 wins is not a lot to ask for at USF, and hes not even projected to hit that
  2. Tulanes comeback here is game of the year so far... that was an incredible fake, and why I dont get why people shame defenses for being aggressive on kneel down plays. Why did they look asleep?
  3. Whoa. I actually like CWT, clearly more than most on here, but if I'm a betting man, the 2007 team would likely beat 2017
  4. A healthy Sawtelle is still a top 4 impact player on our defense, regardless of Macon. There isnt only one LB on the field bud
  5. It's pretty clear that we need McCloud to win anything
  6. Illinois is worse than georgia tech, and usf played gt closer than uconn played illinois. Then there is last year. You're really just looking for a reaction putting usf below uconn like this, because you have zero evidence or reason that usf is worse than uconn, making your rankings a joke. Because it isnt based on objective reason. Please stop.
  7. You really obviously haven't even glanced at UConn's scores from their 1-11 season last year. They are a pop Warner team. USF is a high school team.
  8. So how long before we can start giving Bell crap for the non existent offense? Or is he still untouchable because hes new?
  9. USF exceeded standards under Leavitt in the Big East. People expected more because of how well he was doing with the program, but considering the program, we shouldn't have even been there. I guess I've come to realize that most of you are alumni who believe this football program is more than it really is. Keep your delusions up that USF was supposed to win the Big East over established programs like West Virgina Pitt and Louisville. Its comical, and is the reason why the program fell apart without an identity.
  10. Again, USF was never 'supposed' to do anything. It was a brand new program doing amazing things, exceeding national expectations, and only falling short of ridiculous fan expectations. You're unrealistic. Those were all brands that had bigger followings and a bigger budget.
  11. It's too bad we will never know what he could have done because only 5 years into a good conference with consistent national rankings he was unjustly fired. Anybody claiming that he couldn't get us over the hump is saying that purely on speculation, because he clearly deserved more time. We had good teams that played competitively, meaning we were on the right track. Those rankings were indicators that USF was overachieving. Our athletic budget and brand recognition were objectively less than the other schools we were competing with in the rankings and routinely beating. So that being said, it's obviously not a coaching issue.
  12. I defended Blake after the first quarter and a half because that's when he was playing decent. He absolutely fell apart after that, leading me to believe he checked out mentally, which is not a trait I want in our QB either Also you downvoted my comment about USF football never being relevant outside of Leavitt, and I'm curious how I'm wrong about that? You hate him so much that you won't even acknowledge a fact.
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