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  1. You could take it as Bell is making proper adjustments. The offense always plays better near the end of games than the beginning. But that might go against the 'Bell sucks' narrative that you have
  2. Horne was the big one for me. You have to wonder if he will ever be the same
  3. I'm sure he's being suspended for smoking weed. And only loser sheep still think weed is bad.
  4. On the bright side, I trust our defense to make a stop to win it more than I trust our offense to win it
  5. Timeout? Dude it's simple here now... RUN THE BALL!! we need timeouts here
  6. No need to pass the ball even one more time this game. Time to get creative with running only.
  7. As much as it sucks, if we score it's worth it. But now we BETTER score.
  8. I'm watching a defense that has played almost a whole games worth of time in one half because the offense cant hold onto the ball.
  9. They were in position and McCloud is missing them repeatedly. The defense is playing awesome, run game is doing ok, and McCloud can't hit wide open players, and has an atrocious fumble. Hes giving this game away by himself.
  10. This isnt on coaches so far. We are failing because of McCloud. 100%. I like the dude, hes a young guy. But hes not the guy today.
  11. Either way, we are passing too much right now. We can run vs these guys let's do it
  12. The only problem with this is that chugging beer will harm his lean body 10x more than weed will. Beer is objectively worse for you in so many ways. So dumb that hes being suspended for this if true.
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