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  1. I remember thinking Quinton Flowers was bad in his first year. McCloud was a freshman, and supposedly was hurt. I wanted him off the field for Rygol, a high school player, or anybody for that matter. But this is a new year, and players improve and regress all the time. If he puts in the work right now, there is no reason he cant be great. Obviously that's a big IF, and I'm not banking on it
  2. Its possible that he had not fully recovered from his injury. Winning 2018 SWAC MVP at a minimum shows that he was playing above his peers. If he can get back to form, I'm sure hes better than last year's bunch. It seriously could not be worse than last year
  3. With the accolades he has, and the control he had over Alcorn St, he probably is trying to make a name for himself. All good for USF, I hope he earns it
  4. I would bet under 4.5. There isnt much talent returning either. The biggest chance for upside is if Cade Fortin or Noah Johnson come in and really carry this team the way an outstanding QB can. I wouldn't dismiss McCloud coming back and being decent either. Healthy with a good offseason, I do believe he could be an average or above average AAC QB.
  5. A swac offensive mvp QB has to be better than what we got last year. I'm much more optimistic about our QB play next year. Fortin, Johnson, McCloud battling would have been a fun spring battle. This will be an interesting race, or a disastrous crash
  6. News flash: a vaccine isnt coming. Not for a few years at least. Id be more worried about how this virus is being used as an excuse to steal from tax payers, restrict our liberty, and funnel our money directly to big bankers and their special interests. I doubt game 1 happens as planned, not due to the virus, but because governments across the world won't be done railroading us from behind. If we dont depend on them to "keep us safe", how can they justify highway robbery?
  7. If USF wins out, theoretically they can be national champs. Hopefully momentum starts tonight!
  8. 6-6 would have to be respected, as our team is depleted of any real talent right now. I'm guessing 3 wins, and a humiliating loss to Taggart and Leavitt.
  9. Good to see our tax dollars doing something productive
  10. I'm fairly certain he doesnt get drafted now. Call me surprised if he does
  11. I'm sure other XFL teams would be interested in using Flowers more effectively than this team. Jerking him around the way they did was sloppy. Anyone who has played QB before knows it's impossible to get into a rhythm when you're being substituted as if you're a 3rd string half back.
  12. Are you implying that on field results dont factor into a TE's draft stock? You're the one who's dreaming obviously his combine results sucked but now his lack of production last year with poor metrics make him nearly undraftable
  13. Hes easily the best player on our team, and I cant think of a respectable next best player. I'm glad hes back
  14. Stars: KJ Sails Best positions: LB, Secondary, WR Break out players this year: Nick Roberts, Dwayne Boyles Talent without production: Mike Hampton, Randall St Felix Positions that need big help: QB, RB, OL, TE, Dline This team looks pretty bad. I see a 3 wins at this point.
  15. I understand giving Murray the start. Sure, they wanted a passing game, and Q doesnt give that as much. But anybody watching this game (including the announcers) can see that Flowers is bringing all the energy, and coach refuses to let him fly. I'm glad they lost this one. Flowers must start next week or it will be obvious this team isnt trying to win
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