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  1. If we had another game, Dukes and Williams are the wideouts with Miller in the slot. I admit, I've been too high on St Felix
  2. My comment on this thread was about KJ Sails. I think I got my comments backwards. I remember him catching his first touchdown vs UCF a few days ago and thing wow hes huge where the hell has he been at!?
  3. I'd be more tempted to agree with the player development position if our defense was better. Charlie Strong was fired because the offense was a joke. The defense was actually getting a bit better under him. Where did that defensive progress go this year with coach Scott? The secondary looked WORSE and the Dline was non existent. The only development seen was from WRs and RBs imo.
  4. 1. It's hard to argue with this because Jeff Scott loves him some McCloud. There is definitely a connection they have, justified or not. 2. Based on what evidence? Have you seen more of Noah Johnson and Cade Fortin than we have? I'll just say that I dont want to get excited about one game. I heard from a UCF guy that they were missing 8 players on defense, mostly starters? Idk how true that is, but if McCloud only has one good game and it's all from behind against backups, let's just say that he STILL hasn't proven that much. The only thing hes proving is he can compete for the job
  5. I appreciate players who put their heart and soul into USF. I have a JPP Bucs jersey. I will not cheer on passive players who dont look like they put in everything they have to win. Simply putting on a Bulls jersey isnt enough. Go be worthy of admiration and respect. Respect is earned, not given. And I have my boxer / pitbull right next to me who would disagree with your assessment of me. This is football. I'm just here to call balls and strikes.
  6. He was a portal player who came here with NFL aspirations and failed. I'm sure hes a great guy, but football wise, hes anything but great. I support players who make USF football respectable, and only about 5 or 6 guys on the team did that this year imo. He wasnt one of them.
  7. I wouldn't even draft him as a top 5 corner on an all decade USF team
  8. Hes saying Milton isnt leaving UCF unless it's for P5 or NFL. Hes not going G5 or FCS
  9. I dont see him getting a shot unless he kills it at the combine. He might as well come back
  10. He wasnt even a standout on a winless team. He has no chance in the NFL. Too slow and no name.
  11. Faster than most games. He looked much more sure of himself. Sure he wasnt getting fired. But saved him from any finger pointing on my end this offseason. I'm optimistic for year 2 of this.
  12. Dline never gets pressure unless Grier or Boyles comes in to help blitz. I wonder if that's why they went to 3 lineman to put more linebackers in?
  13. Jordan McCloud looked like a competitor for the first time. I've been clamoring for a replacement all year but hes put in effort to improve and I can respect that. He looked much faster, and looked at more receivers than he ever has (still doesnt scan as well as we need him too) Joiner is getting a bit stronger (still too weak though) and Battie looks decent to good Reciever and Tight end look promising Oline held up much better than usual Dline was never good. Complete overhaul needed. Boyles Gier and Mims are good enough, mostly with the first two. If we can get imp
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