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  1. Agree with me is fine! I like to agree. I also dislike stupid.
  2. You guys had an entire pow wow about how you hate politics this off season, but when USF does it and someone points it out, you're upset at the person pointing it out? If you two actually took the time to read anything I've said, I'm not taking sides on anything and have made ZERO political arguements. What is my goal? To help some old heads be consistent in what they preach. When things piss you off, it's a big deal. Politics piss people off. It's why I dont enjoy bringing it here. Unfortunately USF brought it here, and none of you have the balls to call it out simply because its
  3. I think it's pretty basic that if you directly label a known political organization on your uniform, that means you are supporting all it comes with. I've spelled it out for you in so many different ways how it isnt neutral at all, but you only dont care because you fully agree with them. Frisco was right about you. Completely hypocritical.
  4. Isnt there going to be BLM stickers on USF helmets? This is why we are discussing BLM being political. I'm fully supportive of this right here. If they put this on the helmets I'm happy. Put BLM on and I'm no longer a fan because its politics I disagree with.
  5. Well I've brought many points to the table that shows just how political BLM is and you haven't made one counter point as to how it isnt. They call for changes to social POLICIES, economic POLICIES, and what government should and shouldn't do. Fire away.
  6. I have no problems with trip and never have. This whole thing is unique and I can totally understand where a lot of us are coming from. The best thing we can do right now is call balls and strikes. BLM is blatantly political. I'm supposed to just sit there and enjoy pro socialist tags?
  7. I'll take that as you prefer gun control measures and that's fine. Seems reasonable even if I disagree. I think the overall point is that BLM talks about politics throughout its site. They cheer on Democratic wins in 2018 Senate races. This. Is. Not. A. Neutral. Organization. I just find it to be overtly shunning to people who feel differently about things nothing to do with race. DeldaBull even said the other day that they Trojan Horse beliefs into movements like BLM and dilute the message with political opinions. I would find it in good taste for a moderator who says that w
  8. Let's remember that the constitution says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. So naturally, any gun law is impeding on gun rights. A right that we naturally all had is being restricted. I won't try to debate gun rights with you since this is TBP, but can we agree that these two quotes essentially mean the same thing?
  9. This is the primary focus of the movement, but feel free to educate me on why I'm wrong.
  10. Care to explain the difference between putting gun laws in place and taking away gun rights? It's objectively just the inverse of each other. I said I haven't mentioned the riots, meaning I dont like pinning that on BLM. Massive protests are bound to have some degenerates.
  11. I didnt know that we needed to say the phrase "Black lives matter" verbatim to show that we believe in not harassing black communities. I believe Iraqis deserve freedom, but didnt support operation Iraqi freedom. I dont support the patriot act, but I support Patriots who act. You know this man, I shouldn't have to explain this to you. This is all intentional.
  12. This is trash, they very well knew this and decided to support the organization. If you mean something different, then say something different.
  13. I did say that if USF mentioned BLM as an organization that they support, I'd be done with the team. Now BLM is on USF's helmets? Unity was already a great message. But how can we have unity when the decal on your helmet supports government run medicine, schools (run on a more federal level), taking gun rights, much more political stuff, and I haven't even mentioned the riots. Anybody who thinks I'm making this up, feel free to check out their website. I love this website but USF messed up big time. I no longer feel welcome as a fan, so I won't be anymore.
  14. I REALLY dont understand the hate Roberts gets around here. For sure, hes not great. But look at our entire Dline and LBs. Hes better than most of them, and better than Mekhi Lapointe obviously. Way better than Sanders. Maybe I'm missing something that everybody else is seeing. It's something I'll look for when the season begins
  15. I think hes basing it on how inefficient last year's offense was. Typically if your offense sucks, you're not trying to do a hurry up offense. You drag out the play clock so that you score on your gimmicky plays and let your defense get wins. That's how I'd assume USF wins this year.
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