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  1. It's worse with you gone, so your bad luck theory is completely debunked.
  2. The biggest reasons I liked going to USF games was to be loud, get drunk, and interact with other fans. While the attendance is limited, and I'm forced to wear a mask, I have no interest in attending a USF game again.
  3. I liked him at QB, but anywhere he can get on the field will help. He can possibly beat Joiner for 2nd RB, I like Evans
  4. Will you ever admit that part of it is firing the best coach we ever had? Do you agree that it set USF back to an unrecoverable state? Do you really think Leavitt would let it fall this far? I know we've had this conversations many times but I have to understand your take on these specific questions.
  5. Hey I heard MLK and Andrew Jackson did some morally questionable things in their time, but their contributions to the country were great. I'm not convinced we should be judging politicians based on their personal lives as much as we should be judging what they are doing in office.
  6. Not a chance we get within 10 of Tulsa. They have good players on both sides of the ball. We dont.
  7. Because hes bisexual or because of a drugs situation? Neither disqualify him for me. I just want somebody who will do a good job.
  8. I voted for him. Why was Andrew Gullum better?
  9. I saw this and it seems like the fatality rate is not 3-4%. I guess enjoy wearing a mask the rest of your life. The virus will never go away.
  10. If you cover yourself in bubble wrap, stay home forever, and never meet new people again, you'll never get it. Otherwise, get over it, we are all getting it. It's not a death sentence like you've been lead to believe, you'll be fine.
  11. Disagree. You cant lose good players when you have none. This can ONLY be a good thing. At a minimum, we dont get anybody. At this point, name one player on the roster we cant afford to lose? Sails or Ford? Please. This is a blessing for our new coach.
  12. This has to be the the best news possible for this program! We desperately need anybody for cJS to call his own players so that we can get rid of the 'mistake' era. Just hit on a Jamie Byrd level safety along with a Rodney Adams type WR and we are back to 7 wins again.
  13. That's an interesting perspective about olineman and USF not having good lineman and why. But if we got a good pro style QB, that means they have good pocket presence and release the ball quickly
  14. Tim Tebow threw like crap but he was a helluva QB. So was QF. QB is a lot more than just throwing the ball around. So I'd be interested in knowing how you KNOW that neither of these players can be competitive running the offense for a half. And sorry if I dont buy your citation of a sloppy drive that you saw from them this season. We haven't given either of them more than a drive or two in a row which is extremely difficult for a QB. Besides, 80% of McClouds possessions are sloppy. It's not like they can be much worse.
  15. Terrible past performances and 17 points vs ECU gets you filled in as a starter at USF. Fortin and Johnson better be complete trash in practice because I really can't get over the fact that we arent interested in seeing them get a half of a game.
  16. Unfortunately the conference no longer has UConn to get free wins from, so the record is about to get pretty ugly. We all knew recovering from Strong was going to be a process.
  17. After this year, 4 wins will be progress. This year, we arent beating Tulsa, and probably not Tulane or Temple
  18. I'm not saying I've seen more of McCloud than cJS has, but hes been playing here for awhile, and I think we cant win with him. He cant throw and hes not athletic enough to make up for that. I'm not even saying someone else will be better. I'm saying 100% it's not working with him, so give someone else a shot. Be creative with athletes. Houston does it all the time when their QB situation looks bad. I'm not saying we have Ward or King level athletes hanging around, but we have nothing to lose at this point. I can guarantee there is a guy who could be QB and make this team move the ball bet
  19. Right. Even when this conference picked their name, I thought it sounded too similar to C-USA and made it look like their level. Bad branding imo
  20. There was no luck involved in USF's fall to irrelevance. 100% objectively we fired Leavitt and that was the beginning of the end. You have a legendary coach, and over one mistake you cut all ties and make him look bad. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Potential coaches look at that and wonder why they would ever invest their livelihoods into a program that will treat you like that. You also cant seriously believe we'd fall off a cliff the way we did if Leavitt had stayed for life. USF ruined their own program. I'm still trying to be a fan, but we all know why this is happening.
  21. Did any of them play for more than 1 quarter? QBs need more than 1 or 2 drives to settle in.
  22. I dont understand why people 19-22 should be free of criticism when they are getting an opportunity to go to college for free and play on a platform like this. That being said, Nick Roberts was completely embarrassed in the 2Q when ECUs RB stiff armed him on the way to the endzone. That honestly seemed like a lack of effort. I hyped up Roberts this offseason too
  23. Obviously you enjoy losing every game then. If you've ever been around football, there is what you call a "gamer". Guys who step up on game day and perform well. We know we CANNOT win with McCloud, but we send him out there anyway. I just dont understand why we cant try something new, regardless of if hes playing well in practice. Also a wildcat offense would work better. It's where you put an athlete back there and he runs, sweeps, screens, reverses. I dont know how we can defend 17 points vs ECU with an offensive minded coach while getting blown out
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