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  1. Teams don’t want to play in a lose lose situation. If they beat UCF they don’t get credit for a good win and if the lose their season is over. There is less of a chance of that happening by playing USF than UCF. So I would say those teams definitely respect our talent more than yours. And you would have to play in an AAC championship game to know what kind of hype it would get.
  2. And you keep scheduling 2-1 with Louisville. Face it, if the Florida’s and Alabama’s of the world respected you the games would be home and home. They don’t and you need the money.
  3. Alabama scheduled you for a trip to Florida and a rent a win twice in their stadium. Stanford just played at UCF this year.
  4. We play in the same conference, have a rivalry and have a game against each other in two week so that seems pretty normal.
  5. Yeah we really don’t care if we are associated with you guys anymore. Like seriously if you went independent or dropped to 1 AA we would be cool with and still play you. It’s past the time when it mattered for us. It doesn’t anymore.
  6. About 20k a game. That’s the amount of die hards we have that will be there regardless of record. Not really sure what that has to do with your low attendance numbers regardless of the conference you are in. I don’t know why you are in denial but your attendance it’s not good. I’ve been to plenty of USF games over the years. Let’s not pretend like the lower bowl is packed. Everyone at the game could fit in one side of the lower bowl like 95% of the time. I know everyone talks tickets sold but even when UCF does it and announces a sell out I think anyone watching knows it isn’t. Two years ago you had a pretty good team and it was still pretty sparse. I don’t know maybe you guys should drop down or go independent.
  7. No you don’t and no one who goes to the games or watched them would think that. If you were averaging over 43k for a game you probably wouldn’t be having money issues.
  8. So you sold out your Big East games regularly? And playing you is not as prestigious as playing UConn or Natti.
  9. You didn’t sell out for Wisconsin, BYU, Georgia Tech, Illinois or Syracuse.
  10. Just avoid Memory Mall. It’s where all the students tailgate in the middle of campus. As a UCF alumni in my early 30’s I also avoid memory mall at all costs. If you set up your tailgate on the opposite side of the campus near the main entrance the traffic isn’t nearly as bad to get out. And if you think concessions are slow there than never ever go to a FAU game.
  11. Maybe I’m just here to offer moral support as a fan of schools in the state of Florida.
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