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  1. You're saying it isn't part of our culture but it's something that actually happens around the program unlike the things you responded with when asked what you think our culture is. When it's still talked about over a decade later, it's something. Maybe not culture since you seem allergic to the idea of that but something.
  2. It's been 12 years since we played Auburn and this whole thing started. At this point, I think it's part of the culture (a very small part of it). The only way to stop it would be to get the flamingos banned from the stadium. Until something like that happens, the flamingo hats and inflatables will continue to be hot pink dots in the stands.
  3. We better address this before the trade deadline. I hear Ohio State is trying to free up some cap space and may be willing to deal some linemen at favorable terms. We should hold tryouts for our track team to join football. With how much time they spend running, they should be good enough to break a record or two in their first games.
  4. We've had sunshine and a bit of a breeze all day here in Brandon. Hopefully Tampa's looking more like this than what you're experiencing.
  5. This isn't looking good for our game on Saturday
  6. Last I saw, he was waiting in line for the water fountain before halftime. Judging from the length of the line, he may still be there waiting to fill up his water bottle.
  7. My seats got shade just as the second half started. Good timing too since we were strongly considering leaving early because of the heat.
  8. It was originally going to be in the Tech Tower Lawn. It's now going to be in Harrison Square which is on Cherry St. Harrison Square is slightly further west but still very close to the stadium.
  9. Same goes for my family. From what I heard at last night's happy hour, there will be plenty of Bulls hanging out in the concourse.
  10. It is. Someone on the staff mentioned it to me this morning.
  11. Lots of water today. Ask Taggart if he has any tips for hydration.
  12. We're heading to the college football hall of fame when it opens. Anyone else gonna be there?
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