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  1. Congrats to @Fold FB Invest in BB for winning tonight's match in a landslide. No one came close to matching your score of.... 12 points!? The only thing more pathetic than the accuracy of these predictions is how we shot the ball tonight. I'll see y'all next week when we try to bounce back against Wofford! User Points Fold FB Invest in BB 12 DELdaBull 0 NJBull 0 NewEnglandBull 0 flsportsfan83 0 JJZbulls 0 206BULL 0 &rew Bull 0 BrassBulls12 0 79 Bull 0 ScorpionBull 0 cophbulls 0 bcgruber 0 Friscobull 0 LrdNorman 0
  2. It's looking more and more likely that I'll miss this one and will catch it on TV. I hope the broadcast is able to properly transmit the feeling in the stadium. That 2012 Pitt game was a weird experience and exactly what I'm expecting here.
  3. I hate to bring this thread back on topic but I noticed Kiir wasn't on the bench yesterday. I wonder what was different between Tuesday night and yesterday that would've caused him to not be with the team.
  4. @Friscobull was the only person to predict a BC win and ran away with the win in today's prediction contest. Much like BC's run to end the first half, the advantage gained with this prediction proved to be too much for anyone else to catch up. Actual results: Full scores from today: User Points Friscobull 46 79 Bull 29 BrassBulls12 28 NJBull 27 Gat-Rat Bull 27 flsportsfan83 26 East lake bull 26 DELdaBull 26 NewEnglandBull 25 JJZbulls 24 206BULL 14 bcgruber 12 &rew Bull 11 Fold FB Invest in BB 0 I'll start weekly stats updates after the IUPUI game on Wednesday.
  5. It looks like the changing barcode is still being used for football. I just pulled mine up to confirm that the PITA of a system is still in place. @CousinRicky If it comes down to it, I can help with getting the tickets accepted when we meet up later.
  6. That would be very tough to do this year. The top two teams in the league have two losses between them on the entire year. I think we're able to pull off one upset but not sure about both.
  7. The "get better everyday" bit of his speech made me want to leave, rob a bank, and back the truck up to the Yuengling Center so I could personally fund his contract extension. He's the best coach for our program and the players going through it.
  8. Here's what we've got after game 1. This is unofficial until I can confirm with the spreadsheet that's been used in past years. @ScorpionBull had a strong night with 40 points while @Gat-Rat Bull came two points shy with 38 points. Meanwhile, I've learned my lesson on what happens when you stray from the herd with a game-low of 12 points. User Points ScorpionBull 40 Gat-Rat Bull 38 bcgruber 35 BrassBulls12 35 cophbulls 35 flsportsfan83 33 79 Bull 31 NewEnglandBull 30 DELdaBull 26 NJBull 25 JJZbulls 24 Fold FB Invest in BB 22 East lake bull 20 206BULL 13 &rew Bull 12
  9. To keep threads like these from filling up the board, I'll use this one to share that I also have a couple tickets available. The only catch is you'll have to put up with sitting next to me.
  10. I agree. We're not very deep at forward. I think Durr's going to take a big step forward this year. Can't say on Kiir because he was out during the exhibition.
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