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  1. The board of trustees just decided on Steven Currall as the next president. He is currently the provost at SMU. His interview included a lot of talk about the branch campuses, consolidation, and connecting with the community. He's spent a lot of time in his career as a fundraiser and has been part of two $1+ billion dollar campaigns. Next steps are background checks and being approved by the board of governors next week (3/28).
  2. Yep. We're just waiting on them to actually say names.
  3. TBT has someone at the interviews today who is tweeting out updates. The first interview just wrapped up. The start of her thread of tweets is here:
  4. T-15 for largest comeback. The largest was 34 points just last year.
  5. Whew. I walked away from my computer for the final minutes. That OT seemed to go on forever.
  6. The score was 46-23 when I turned the game off. I need to stay far away from this tournament.
  7. I turned the game off because the lead went from something like 5 to 20 in the short time I was watching. I see we're coming back but don't want to spark another Seawolves run. I'll continue following along from the safety of this thread.
  8. Agreed. I really enjoyed her perspective and how she presented it in her post-interview video.
  9. The main USF Twitter account has been publishing post-interview interviews with candidates. Here's the first two: Vitter mentioned athletics when talking about his background. I think he's been reading this board for tips on how to win over the community.
  10. Antigua didn't have a problem getting talent to sign on. The challenge with his teams was getting that talent to play well together.
  11. UConn is up 24-18 with 8 to go in the first half. UConn's shooting nearly 70% and is hitting 75% from 3.
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