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  1. &rew Bull

    Club Soccer to Potential K.

    The good ole Madden Strategy
  2. &rew Bull

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

  3. &rew Bull

    Think about it.

    Based on current market conditions, it's approximately equal to the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.
  4. &rew Bull

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    They usually arrive mid-to-late August.
  5. &rew Bull

    We Made It!!

    I believe the guarantee set by the state is a guarantee that state college graduates will be accepted into one of the state's universities. I don't think these grads are guaranteed a spot in a specific school.
  6. 1) The fiscal year for the university begins on July 1st. This is common for many schools around the country. 2) Yes, you have to donate the amount each year to be placed in a tier. The amount donated in a year goes towards your status for the following year.
  7. &rew Bull

    Let's talk about men's bball

    It's a long ways off but I'm hoping for an improvement to 12 or 13 wins. With so much turnover, no one can confidently say whether we'll win 2 games or 20 (lol).
  8. &rew Bull

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    The alumni association sometimes offers travel packages for away games. These packages aren't targeted towards people on a tight budget. Your best options for traveling on a budget: Find a group of people to split the cost of a hotel/Airbnb Purchase your game ticket through third party sites outside of the visitors section Look for airline sales. There's probably some coming up around Memorial Day
  9. &rew Bull

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    That Illinois ticket price is steep. Thankfully my other away game this season will be Temple which will bring the average price down for me.
  10. Playoffs > NY6 > Bahamas > all other bowls
  11. Bachelors in Communications Masters in Physical Education It's at the bottom of his bio http://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6831
  12. The last scholarship athlete from the Antigua era is transferring. I enjoyed watching him play his freshman year before injuries caught him a couple times.
  13. &rew Bull

    Something fun for the offseason

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. The Goalmouths used to do research on the keeper and would have printouts with personal information they were able to discover about him.
  14. USF 5 Jiggetts 16 Manderson 8 72%
  15. USF 5 Jiggetts 16 Manderson 8 72%