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  1. &rew Bull

    Let's talk about men's bball

    It's a long ways off but I'm hoping for an improvement to 12 or 13 wins. With so much turnover, no one can confidently say whether we'll win 2 games or 20 (lol).
  2. &rew Bull

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    The alumni association sometimes offers travel packages for away games. These packages aren't targeted towards people on a tight budget. Your best options for traveling on a budget: Find a group of people to split the cost of a hotel/Airbnb Purchase your game ticket through third party sites outside of the visitors section Look for airline sales. There's probably some coming up around Memorial Day
  3. &rew Bull

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    That Illinois ticket price is steep. Thankfully my other away game this season will be Temple which will bring the average price down for me.
  4. Playoffs > NY6 > Bahamas > all other bowls
  5. Bachelors in Communications Masters in Physical Education It's at the bottom of his bio http://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6831
  6. The last scholarship athlete from the Antigua era is transferring. I enjoyed watching him play his freshman year before injuries caught him a couple times.
  7. &rew Bull

    Something fun for the offseason

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. The Goalmouths used to do research on the keeper and would have printouts with personal information they were able to discover about him.
  8. USF 5 Jiggetts 16 Manderson 8 72%
  9. USF 5 Jiggetts 16 Manderson 8 72%
  10. USF 5 Jiggetts 16 Manderson 8 72%
  11. USF 4 Jiggetts 16 Manderson 7 72%
  12. &rew Bull

    Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    For those having trouble finding your statement on the main ticket page, click the link "New Statement(s)" and the statement should be on that next page.
  13. &rew Bull

    Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    I thought renewals didn't start until tomorrow? Are you saying you can renew via the chat session?
  14. &rew Bull

    Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    I'm also interested in this. The time determines whether I stay up later, wake up earlier, or refresh the page repeatedly once I get to work.
  15. The Houston "Power" commercial has played quite a few times already. I wonder what message they're trying to get across with all that repetition...