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  1. We have a smaller group this week so our menu is also a little light Smoked wings and pulled pork Mac n cheese Some TBD dessert
  2. Most of the people behind the goal were student athletes. The men's soccer team were the ones heckling the ECU keeper the entire second half. There's always been a lot of athletes at games but I feel like it's increased significantly over the last few years. While chasing my kid around the berm, I spotted a large number of players from football, soccer, both basketball teams, track & field, and women's tennis.
  3. Does he ever keep it and run? It seems to me Fortin always hands it off even when there's a clear opportunity not to.
  4. The club is an air conditioned space with a bar, a lot of TVs, and seating for those who was to get out of the stands for a while. There's concessions but you pay for it just like you would in non-club areas. The bathrooms are better than you'd find elsewhere in the stadium. Regarding finding 3 tickets, I definitely have 2 available and am checking on whether or not the 3rd is available. Assuming all 3 are available and you're interested, I'm sure we can work out a favorable price in DMs.
  5. I'm up to 8 seats in the back two rows of 113
  6. If tickets were moving, I would! I started mine at $200 based on Ticketmaster's suggested price and have slowly lowered the price over the last couple weeks.
  7. I have 3 of my tickets available with club access at the top of 113. I'm looking for $120 per ticket (face value is $145).
  8. The membership change isn't about building the reported membership count. It's about being clear that USFAA works for all alumni, not just those who pay into it. As someone who has run one of the USFAA chapters, I've seen first-hand that engagement is hurt by the perception that you need to be a dues-paying member to take part in any official USFAA activities. In reality, we were hosting activities for all alumni and friends of USF regardless of their membership status. This no-fee membership is the model the most alumni associations are moving towards and has been a trend over the last decade or so.
  9. Law, Kelly, Scott, and Weatherford all spoke today. Weatherford is the most important of that group to make such a statement because his board has control on whether or not such a project can happen. This is the first I've heard of the BOT being in support of an OCS.
  10. While I wasn't a huge fan of Currall, I'll defend him a bit here. That was a de facto state wide policy going back to Genshaft's last year. The state university system has been tough on large projects the last few years and several projects across the state have been held up. Having all of the funds from donations allows the project to move forward.
  11. When we were all digital in 2019, the Ticketmaster app would log you out between the walk from the parking lot to the gates. While iPhone users were able to save tickets to their phones, the same functionality wasn't available on Android until half way through the season. What's worse is when you have several tickets in your account that need to be shared with other people. Transferring is just a couple taps away but then there's the hidden cost of getting the receiver setup to actually accept and use the tickets. The last 10-15 minutes of our tailgate is dedicated to tech support.
  12. That's the case right now but is set to change in the next couple years. Coaches (including ours) have been working on getting the sport to run year round rather than over one semester. Once that's done, teams will play a game a week and two games a week will become a rarity. Of course, this will mean more conflicts with Saturday football.
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