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  1. &rew Bull

    UCF Game Time?

    Just announced: 4:15
  2. What's going on with him today? Tried getting the game online but the stream didn't load for me.
  3. We planned on it before the season began but cancelled the trip with everything we have going on. It sounds like most of the regular NYC crew is also staying behind.
  4. We're at 3 or 4 inches in NYC today. This storm came in a lot stronger than anyone anticipated. Because it's the first snow of the season, it's above freezing, and the rain is coming through, snow should be gone long before the game. 46 in the sun will feel a lot warmer than most folks on here realize. Players and fans may feel it early on but won't even notice the temperature after a little while.
  5. &rew Bull

    Early FB Renewal?

    Sounds like we have that 4th OOC game set. Announcement coming soon?
  6. &rew Bull

    Early FB Renewal?

    I've always known about the payment plan but have never explored it. Is there any interest charged on monthly payments?
  7. If we can't get fans to drive 20 minutes to get to Ray Jay, how do we expect them to fly 2 hours to Dallas for home games?
  8. &rew Bull

    Fire Gregory Now!

    Fire Fernandez too! A loss to Albany?!?
  9. 2019 USF TE's Coach Bull Dozer
  10. Kiir's really impressive tonight. That spin move followed by a steal seconds later was beautiful.
  11. Considering how poorly we shot and the number of turnovers we had, tied at the half is a good result. Rebounding well and looking good on defense.
  12. In that case, I've stuck with the plan! Always nice when that works out.
  13. I watched the first game on BullsVision for free. The video quality was fine. The audio was good for Louk and sounded like the microphone was being eaten by the other guy. The biggest problem was entire plays were missed by unimportant replays. It was good enough for me to plan to watch all other non-TV games on the platform.