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  1. &rew Bull

    USF Flag on Gameday!

    I think we need to add a Tampa flag into the mix.
  2. It would've been incredibly helpful to have Mitchell that final year too. The season after his departure was the year where the WR corps was described as the "island of misfit toys". That's the year that we had to flip players like Lamar and Mitchell to WR.
  3. &rew Bull

    True BULLS FAN!

    A story was written about her several years back. I don't recall the publication and Google searches have come back with no results. I'm amazed that she's kept it going for so long. https://gousfbulls.com/news/2013/11/21/209319604.aspx
  4. &rew Bull

    Temple Game 2018

    The prices by the airport look really good. I'm seeing a price of $136/night for the Doubletree down there. I'm not sure about the safety of that immediate area but can't imagine it being too bad because it's in the airport property. I'm sure @Bausfkid would know a lot better than most of us. At this point, staying there is probably our best bet for making the trip. We're avoiding Airbnb for this trip because we can't attend a night game and there's no such thing as a full refund through the service.
  5. &rew Bull

    Temple Game 2018

    Now that we're done with the Chicago trip, I've started looking into hotels for Philly. The hotel we stayed at two years ago is more than double the price because the Philadelphia Marathon is running that weekend. If you book through the marathon's site, you can find prices around $200/night. Otherwise, you'll want to look into hotels in the suburbs or by the airport (which is very close to the stadium). The prices on Airbnb seem to not be affected by the marathon at this time and you can find some deals there. The race is on Sunday and runs through Center City and West Philly. That's something good to keep in mind when thinking about getting out of the city on Sunday. Here's the map of the route: https://philadelphiamarathon.phila.gov/#/full
  6. That's a couple seconds after seeing the flag on the field. I don't think any of us breathed until that call came through. hm101 is hiding behind the Florida flag in that photo.
  7. &rew Bull

    Attendance at IL

    They're set to play OOC games in this deal. Their only other options this season we're Kent State and Western Illinois. Saw ND gear all week but only saw a few Illini prior to Saturday. The UIUC alumni are there but don't keep track of football.
  8. &rew Bull

    Genshaft to retire

    The search committee has been announced and will be led by Les Muma. An article on the committee: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gradebook/2018/09/14/les-muma-a-familiar-face-at-usf-will-lead-the-search-for-its-next-president/ USF site which includes bios on the committee members: https://www.usf.edu/system/board-of-trustees/presidential-search-committee/index.aspx
  9. &rew Bull

    Bulls Happy Hour Friday

    Bar Louie had a great crowd. There was around 100 people early on and we saw more fans making their way to the bar as we were heading out. Had a chance to meet Coach Gregory and spoke with him about his expectations for this upcoming season. He feels we're ready to take a leap forward this year with the new players joining the rotation.
  10. &rew Bull

    Chicago Roll Call/Updates

    Here with my wife and 7 mo. The little guy has us doing our own thing at his pace. We'll be at some of the official events over the next couple days.
  11. Had a great experience my one night in the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza even with the strike going on. We had to walk through a small group of picketers yesterday morning but it wasn't much of a disturbance. Rooms were large and clean. If they were understaffed, it wasn't apparent from our experience.
  12. &rew Bull

    Illinois game 2018

    I think they'll have them available for pick up at the stadium. My tickets got lost in the mail for Maryland a couple years ago and they had me go to will call. Definitely call so they know you'll be coming.
  13. &rew Bull

    Hotel Room Available for Chicago

    For anyone still looking, this is a great rate for the weekend. There's something going on in Chicago this week that has caused inventory to go down and prices to shoot up. I had to add an extra night to my trip and struggled to find a hotel in the middle of it all without paying $400+ for the night.
  14. Memphis's RB might get the nod with 212 yards on 13 carries and 3 TDs. He might be penalized because of the loss but probably earned the honors over Barnett with a rushing stat line like that.