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Found 11 results

  1. "Student Body President Moneer Kheireddine said student fees could be used to fund an on-campus football stadium during his State of the Student Body Address on Wednesday." "Kheireddine said the potential fee could range between $30 and $80 a semester per student. He also noted that Student Government (SG) could not change student fees without a vote by the student body and that any statement regarding student fees to fund a stadium is currently hypothetical." Full article here: http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/1033149/Student-fee-to-possibly-fund-on-campus-f
  2. STADIUM FEASIBILITY STUDY MOVES INTO BROAD SURVEY PHASE April 16, 2018 TAMPA, April 16, 2018 – The USF feasibility study exploring the possibility of an on-campus football stadium will move into its next phase with a broad survey of USF students, alumni, faculty and staff, Bulls Club members and football ticket buyers beginning this week. "As we have said from the beginning of this process, the interests of our university community, USF students, alumni and supporters will be an integral part of our decision-making process as we continue to study the potential for an on-campus football stadium," USF Director of Athletics Mark Harlan said. "The next step in our study is to reach out to those constituents and ask for their input and opinions. We look forward to their participation in this process and learning from what they have to say." A link to complete an online survey regarding an on-campus stadium will arrive via e-mail this week. USF students, alumni, university faculty and staff members, Bulls Club members and fans who have previously purchased USF football tickets will receive the e-mail and are encouraged to take a few minutes to complete the survey and provide their input. The survey data will be compiled later this spring as the next step in the stadium feasibility study, which has also included identifying potential locations for an on-campus stadium, analysis of potential costs, and evaluating the financial feasibility and prospective philanthropic support for a stadium. The feasibility study will be completed this summer. The initial phase of the study, presented last August, identified potential locations for an on-campus stadium and analyzed the scope and potential cost of the project. Two primary options were identified: the western portion of campus, slightly north of Fowler Avenue and east of Bruce B. Downs and a second location farther east on campus, near the corner of Fowler Avenue and USF Bull Run Drive on the existing Fowler Fields site. According to the study, the estimated cost of a stadium would be $200 million; however, many factors could cause the final amount to be modified. The feasibility study can be found here: http://www.usf.edu/pdfs/football-conceptual-planning-study.pdf Conceptual renderings can be viewed here: http://www.usf.edu/images/ucm/media/zone-1.jpg http://www.usf.edu/images/ucm/media/zone-2.jpg USF will continue to play home football games at Raymond James Stadium. In 2017, USF signed a six-year lease agreement to continue its partnership with the Tampa Sports Authority and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Turns out, USF's spring game may have answered the Bulls' most pressing question after all. One might even suggest Saturday's proceedings left no room for doubt. An on-campus stadium probably wouldn't nudge the needle in terms of attendance. And you thought we were talking about the quarterbacks. Nope, just the ones who choose — or don't choose — to come watch them. full article Does the lack of spring game attendance mean that an OCS would not help attendance?
  4. No way do we get a stadium any time soon. No way, no how. Just saved a bunch of $ for USF, and didn't even have to switch to GEICO. Time to return OCS to the back burner for a while - if it ever even truly left. There is NO reason to build one right now. Pipe dream over.
  5. hmmm someone is listening... http://tbo.com/sports/colleges/usf-bulls/usf-officials-ready-to-act-for-on-campus-stadium-20140912/
  6. Bulls Beat: Football’s next step is on-campus stadium Once the weather cleared, fans flocked to last week's USF spring game at Corbett Stadium, which provided a perfect setting. Published: April 3, 2014 TAMPA — When the torrential rain finally gave way Saturday afternoon, the University of South Florida’s spring football game suddenly had perfect weather. And a perfect venue. Instead of cavernous, antiseptic Raymond James Stadium, Coach Willie Taggart and new athletic director Mark Harlan decided to play the game on campus at Corbett Stadium, normally the site for USF soccer. Instead of zero atmosphere, there was a festive feel with palm trees swaying, the band performing, cheerleaders cheering, students turning out, along with campus buildings in the background. That’s the way it was. And it’s also the way it should be — every Saturday in the fall at USF. Read the rest there http://tbo.com/sports/colleges/usf-bulls/bulls-beat-footballs-next-step-is-on-campus-stadium-20140403/
  7. Future hinges on hiring of new AD http://tbo.com/sports/colleges/usf-bulls/bulls-beat-future-hinges-on-hiring-of-new-ad-20140122/ Excerpt: "The new AD must have the creativity and vision to address USF’s needs for an on-campus football stadium. Anyone who attended the USF-UCF contest in November saw how much that added to the atmosphere. USF is fortunate to have Raymond James Stadium. But it isn’t a true home. The next game-changer is a 40,000-seat stadium that would invigorate the football program – and the campus."
  8. I have been trying to piece together the state of the program, as I am sure most of you have as well. My thinking is the time is now for USF and Woolard to announce an OCS. We can all agree this season has been a reboot. CWT has stuck to his guns and forced a regime change, and for that I respect him. Next year may be rough as well, as the last stains of the Holtz era are washing away. However, by 2015 we should be poised to be competitive once again, especially in the diluted AAC. So as CWT grows here at USF, I feel the university is poised to make a move to place a stadium on campus (where the Tennis courts are or east of Greek Village). I have a limited understanding of the Genshaft regime, but everything up to know seems to point in this direction. My time in Greek during undergrad allowed me to understand the Universities plan for Greek organizations, and it would seem to parallel all other facets of the Genshaft Regime. For Greeks, housing was to be designed in stages, or phases. Phase I saw the construction of the current Greek housing on the North-East side of Campus. However, this was to be temporary. Phase II would see the construction of improved Greek housing on a predisposed Greek Row located just north of Pizzo Elementary School on campus. There is even a long road and cul de sac located there in anticipation of the expansion. I’ve seen the blueprints, it would have been glorious (for Greeks). Now in this same line of thinking Genshaft recently announced Phase II of the Unstoppable Fundraising Campaign. (http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/college/usf-increases-fundraising-goal-to-1-billion/2152763). Phase I saw the University raise $630+ million. Only around $100 million of that was used for athletics. From that we saw the Sun Dome renovations, as well as improved facilities for all other varsity sports. This leaves football as the only sport which was essentially unaffected by Phase I money (save for the re-purposed old IM fields). Further, and more importantly, the renovations to athletics were done without using State money. If a similar proportion of Phase II money is given to Athletics then we could see between $150-250 million available for ______. In 2012, USF executed it's five year option with Raymond James Stadium to remain there through 2016. (http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/content/usf-extends-raymond-james-lease-through-2016) Raymond James clearly wished to lock USF **. This leaves USF without a home for 2017. Also the terms of the lease are not that demanding, as USF pays $150,000 a game, plus $2.50 a ticket to Tampa Sports Authority who manages Raymond James. USF also has to give a share of concessions up to $2,000,000/season to the Buccaneers. Should USF decide to terminate the lease early, it shouldn't be hard to offset the damages (provided USF Athletics has the Phase II money to play with). Now our athletic department has been operating in the green for years, but such management has come at a price. (http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/article/248640/8/Athletics-taxing-USF-students-heavily). However, rising tuition is not keeping new students from USF. This is evidenced by the fact that the USF systems total student population is north of 48,000. (http://usfweb3.usf.edu/infocenter/?silverheader=&report_category=STU&report_type=SMAJS&reportid=211193) Further, it is conceivable that such a high commitment straight from tuition may be a better model for a young athletic's department like USF. All sporting events are essentially free to those who wish to go. We are not the likes of FSU and UF where we have the luxury of being a storied program to point where students will pay large sums of money to secure game tickets. This approach has not cost USF and has kept Athletics solvent. This is more than can be said for the likes of Maryland, or even our friends to the East (http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-06-27/sports/os-ucf-athletics-increasing-cash-big-east-062712_1_ucfaa-ucf-athletics-association-conference-usa). I bring this up to show, (Woolard's faults aside) our Athletic Department is operating in the green and in a position to make make such a capital investment as an On-Campus-Stadium and bear the brunt of possibly breaking the RayJay lease early. From the horses mouth, just this past summer Woolard expressed optimism about an OCS. (http://tampa.cbslocal.com/2013/06/06/audio-justin-pawlowski-with-usf-ad-and-coach-willie-taggart/) This also was not the first time Woolard expressed interest in a 50,000 person facility at USF. In 2012, when the Sun Dome reopened Woolard mentioned how great it would be to have a 50,000 person OCS. (http://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/sun-dome-reopens-campus-football-stadium-usfs-future) I hate playing a psychologist, but he has said it twice. I would think then that he, Genshaft, and the board of trustees have just such a facility in mind. Also, for those of you that believe winning is a prerequisite to constructing an OCS, look to UCF and FAU. UCF went a combined 12-24 in the three seasons preceding Bright House Network Stadium. FAU went 6-6, 5-7, to 4-8 in the three seasons preceding the completion of FAU Stadium, and that team went on to go 1-11. Further, Minnesota, who many suggest USF needs to emulate in order to get competitive facilities, went 14-24 in the three years preceding their $300 million facility. We currently sit at 10-25 over the past three seasons. It has been miserable, but it is also a perfect time to make a move and improve USF's situation. Woolard also feels that he has a coach to build with in CWT. Is Woolard going to build with him. 45,000 to 50,000 seat OCS opening 2017. What do you all think?
  9. Wikipedia may not be the most accurate source. However, when trying to quickly find information about the university; Wikipedia seems to be very out of date (content, photos, sources, etc...). I personally took the liberty to update our academic rankings the moment US News & World Report released the 2012 figures. In conjunction, I fixed a few disconnected links. Another person went ahead and added new photos of the university to the main article. While it was a good effort, many of the photos have just been randomly placed. If you happen to come across Wikipedia pages about another school on the other side of I-4; you will notice that they went to great lengths to detail and document their school and achievements. So, I am just wondering: How does everyone on TBP feel about this? Waste of time, or an endeavor that we should correct? I do envy envy the big 3 (and even UCF) for their pride. Main: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_South_Florida Athletics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Florida_Bulls Sundome (really needs to be updated): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USF_Sun_Dome
  10. http://www2.tbo.com/news/sports/2012/nov/28/13/major-league-soccer-may-return-to-tampa-with-400m-ar-578282/ ^^ Maybe we need to get in on this deal and split a 50-50 deal with them for this stadium
  11. the 7th Annual USF Preseason Tailgate party is scheduled for July 28th from 4 to 8 PM at Capogna’s Dugout (1653 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater 727-441-4791). For the past six years, this fan-based “grass roots†movement generates excitement in the surrounding community for the upcoming football season and creates new fans and season ticket holders. The event is always free to the public, and you are invited to join other BULLS fans for an appearance by head coach Skip Holtz, watch last season’s video highlights, buy merchandise from Bulls Outfitter, play games, and win prizes. In the past we have had representatives from ticket sales, the Bulls Club, the USF Alumni Association, the Herd of Thunder, cheer squad and even Rocky the Bull show up to support the event. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please post here or email usfmutt@hotmail.com -mutt For those who need an explanation. It started as a joke between a few friends on how we could get the BULLS football highlight tape to watch in the off-season. This idea however started to gain popularity between the truly insane BULLS fanatics out there so we decided to have a party at the same place we watch the BULLS during football season watch parties (Capogna's Dugout). We had some friends who worked in the Athletic Department (to get the tape) and since we would watch it in the summer It turned into the "Preseason Tailgate". This little party of friends turned into an annual event that has seen thousands of BULLS fans over the years (we've had people drive from Orlando and Fort Myers before) Every year I invite The Head Coach of USF football to come out and speak and take questions about the upcoming season (Coach Holtz is a helluva speaker btw). Capogna's has food and drink specials and lets me sell beer mugs for $10 that they fill for $2 (believe me you'll like them), Craig from BULLS Outfitter comes by and sets up the latest in BULLS merchandise, In the past we've had reps from Bulls Club, Season Ticket sales, and USF Alumni. We've had the Herd of Thunder, Cheerleaders and Sundolls, Rocky, Ex football players (and others), We've had a book signing from ex B-Ball player Tony Grier, We play games, Give away prizes,and generally have a good time celebrating the USF BULLS. So this party is for all of us, the fans, and it will ALWAYS be free to the public. I hate the concept of charging people money so they can participate in what everyone in Florida should be celebrating anyway the USF BULLS ! It is on the same day as the ladies football clinic, but Holtz likes the way it turned out last year and we all get together and party afterwards. As always, if there is anyone out there who wants to help set up the event, If you'd like to take pictures (to post on the BullsPen) or video (to broadcast over the web), if you're a BULLS fan who wants to party, or might have BULLS related Merchandise to sell (compliance-based), or knows a BULL-friendly business who would like to offer discounts for BULLS fans, I will never charge anyone to show up. (but you can always buy a mug if you want one...LOL) Thanks to everyone, especially, Swamprat. He is a good friend who bleeds Green and Gold. Brad, who is the king of TBP (who let's me rant) and BDYZR who always carries the torch for BULLS COUNTRY !!! Enthusiasm is contagious people, Clear your calendars and let's do this... -Mutt
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