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  1. Says in the article that he is remaining on staff as a faculty member in the college of business.
  2. https://twitter.com/USFAthletics/status/1387562955244441611?s=20
  3. The last time I had a guy try to jump through a table at one of my USF tailgates he missed the table and had to get stitches 😂
  4. That is a great idea, and before I found the chairs at Kohls and Belk that is what I planned on doing, but couldnt find the iron on patches anywhere. Where do you get yours?
  5. Nope. I already had a columbia shirt that was that color so I just wore that. I could have sworn I have seen coaches and the stadium MC (greg wolf) wearing them before. But couldn't find them anywhere.
  6. If anyone else plans on spending time alone in their back yard pretending we can tailgate, Kohls and Belk are all currently having sales on USF Tailgate Chairs. Belk offers free shipping so it comes out to be the cheapest. I ordered a few from kohls because I had Kohls cash to use. Side note: I confirmed with Kohls that the chair is actual USF and not Oviedo Community College. Kohls: https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-4522089/logo-brands-south-florida-bulls-quad-portable-folding-chair.jsp?skuId=south florida bulls chair&search=4522089&submit-search=web-regular Belk: https://www.belk.com/p/logo-ncaa-south-florida-bulls--quad-chair/0438651055009.html
  7. I loved it and spent the better part of Thursday looking for a USF polo that was that color. Was prepared to throw my entire paycheck at a store for one 😂. I will have one for next season even if I have to make it myself
  8. This has been USF's identity the last 3 years thanks to dismal recruiting by fCCS. Scott has brought in some promising recruits so far, and hopefully his recruits will prove to be more reliable than what has been coming through lately. But until his recruits get here and are ready to play, we need everything we can get from the portal.
  9. The $&@# are you watching!? No serious, want to turn off the game
  10. Drank too much at brunch this morning pregaming for the game and just woke up from a nap, what did I miss!?
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