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  1. The $&@# are you watching!? No serious, want to turn off the game
  2. Drank too much at brunch this morning pregaming for the game and just woke up from a nap, what did I miss!?
  3. Just stumbled across this online at dicks sporting goods. Says there is one in stock in citrus park. There was a second one in stock online but I already bought that one... https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/south-florida-bulls-economy-tent-20loguncsflcnmytnsfl/20loguncsflcnmytnsfl One that I bought: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/rawlings-south-florida-bulls-9-x-9-sideline-canopy-tent-17rawuncsfl9x9slchdg/17rawuncsfl9x9slchdg
  4. They are doing everything they can to get fans to actually show up haha.
  5. I went there a couple years ago before the new owners and it even though there was quite a bit of FSU/UF Stuff, they still had quite a bit of USF stuff that I was unable to find elsewhere (belts, flipflops, etc.). If they have even more USF stuff, I will definitely be stopping by.
  6. Agreed, USF football is best watched drunk with a beer in hand.
  7. Agreed. Covid hasn't affected us any differently than anyone else. But it has still affected us. I think we finally have an opportunity to have stability. Assuming our coaching staff remains in tact (can't imagine anyone wanting to poach any of our coaches with how terrible we have been), I think the system will finally take a step forward next season. It does definitely suck. But until we have some sort of stability that will always be the saying. Can't expect an offense to be productive when it is completely overhauled every offseason.
  8. I realize a lot of people are upset, embarrassed, and even angry by the on field product that is USF football this year. But lets put this season into perspective. Below are 10 reasons why (in my opinion) we should all just take a deep breath and calm the frick down: 1. This is the 3rd offensive system that has been put in place in the last three years. Rather than having an entire offseason to learn and perfect a system, we have had to learn a new one each year. This makes a huge difference. 2. This is the 3rd offensive coordinator that has been hired in the last three years. Again,
  9. 1) South Florida2) 34-213) Johnny Ford4) Bryce Miller5) 400
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