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  1. 21-17 at halftime!? Wow, this upset might actually happen lol
  2. TheAccountant

    Girls of ECU

    Been waiting for this thread all week, ECU has some of the most attractive women I've ever seen.
  3. TheAccountant

    Aussies looking for first tailgating experience

    @Downunder Dan Welcome to America! There are 2 different tailgate experiences you can achieve at USF games. If you want a family friendly "fan" tailgate, that is more relaxed, head to the south side of the stadium (Lots 5 through 8). Additionally, Bulls Bay is on the south side of the stadium outside of gates D and C. If you want a more raucous "party vibe" head to the south side of the stadium (Lots 3 and 4). This is where the majority of students and younger alumni tailgate. Additionally, I have never been to a USF tailgate where somebody got upset because someone they didn't know walked up and started drinking with them. So feel free! Everyone will be excited to have you, especially if you have an accent! Go Bulls!
  4. TheAccountant

    USF up to No. 2 in AAC Power Rankings

    If we show up prepared, play well, and shut them down early we will be fine. If we show up and play like we did against Illinois, and let them stay in the game, I feel that their emotion will take over and we will be upset.
  5. I think its too early to get too excited about this. With games against Houston, Cincy, and UCF coming up, we may have a tougher schedule than we originally thought. I also don't think we know enough about ECU to make a judgment on how tough Saturday's game will be. I hope the team is prepared and is not sleeping on them. Article Link
  6. TheAccountant

    Ticket Needed for ECU

    Check gametime.com if nobody has any available here. They usually have good prices on tickets.
  7. 1) USF2) 42 - 213) Barnett4) St. Felix 5) 580
  8. TheAccountant

    Illinois game TV

    Just a friendly reminder for everyone to cancel their Fubo.TV, Youtube.tv, hulu live, PS Vue, or any other free trials you started last week in order to watch this game. I just cancelled my Hulu live trial. Go Bulls!
  9. TheAccountant


    I agree, but him and the Mickey Mouse town mayor place a bet on the USF v UCF game every year, and the loser has to hang the opposing school's flag outside of city hall.
  10. TheAccountant

    Parking for ECU questions

    Parking almost never fills up (maybe the UCF game), but there are usually spots open. Parking is $20 in any of the General Admission lots and the lots open 5 hours prior to kickoff (3pm for the ECU game). If you're looking to tailgate, lots 3 and 4 (North side of the stadium, Gates A and B) usually have the students and younger alumni, and is more raucous. Lots 6 and 7 (South side of the stadium, gates C and D) are usually more family friendly and have older alumni and fans as well as families with kids. The South side of the stadium is also where they do the Bulls Bay (see below) and Bulls Stampede. Hope that helps, Go Bulls!
  11. TheAccountant


    I met Mayor Bob Buckhorn last night. I told him I can't wait to see him hang the USF flag outside of city hall this year. He replied "I can't either, I'm tired of hearing **** from the Orlando mayor". Don't let me down bulls! Horns Up!
  12. TheAccountant

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Mehh, I'll pass
  13. TheAccountant

    Illinois game TV

    It worked for me, but only after I started a Hulu trial. Although I get Fox Sports on Sling, I do not get BTN so I cannot stream it via Fox Sports Go. Once I signed in with my Hulu account, it was there.
  14. TheAccountant

    Publix and USF

    Can't wait to get my buns around those!
  15. TheAccountant

    Bulls Move up in AAC Power Rankings

    Pshhh, just let the intercepting player ride the motorized bull the engineering department built up and down the sidelines