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  1. If you exclude SC State from USF's stats, then you have to exclude the other FBS team's layup/FCS games from their stats. If you do that, the rankings would not change as drastically.
  2. I’m not home, so I don’t have my spreadsheet but they would definitely change. But if we exclude scs from our stats, and excluded the other fbs teams layup games the standings would be about the same
  3. Also not drinking. I never said we would win, I said we could win if those 2 things happen.
  4. I’m early, and my opinion may change after today’s slate of games. But here we go. The highlight of this season for USF has been our defense when they show up (see GT, SC State, UConn, BYU, ECU, and temple). The defensive stats in those 6 games are as follows: 19 points per game - 18th in the nation 335 yards per game - 29th in the nation 196 Pass yards per game - 35th in the nation 139 Rush Yards per Game - 45th in the nation 3 turnovers per game - 1st in the nation 10 Tackles for Loss per game – 1st in the nation 3 sacks per game – 23rd in the nation At times, the defense does give up big plays and is not very consistent, but the stats above don’t lie. When they show up, they are darn good compared to the defenses USF has been putting out for the last couple of years. The unfortunate thing is that we lose a lot of the defense to graduation (Reaves, Livingstone, Macon, Studstill). So for everyone saying that we need to raid the portal in the off-season for offensive players, keep in mind our defense will also be lacking depth. I stand beside my statement that Mickey Mouse Community College is (see Tulane). It is still possible to make a bowl game if 2 things happen. Offensive line shows up and we rush for 200 yards or more (Team is 18-1 under strong when it rushes for 200 or more) Defense shows up and has a stat line along the stats listed above in the 6 games they have shown up If both of those 2 things happen, I can see us squeaking out a close one at home verse Memphis and taking it to a defeated and discouraged UCF. I have already written off Cincy as a loss since they look like the most complete team in the conference.
  5. Yeah there isn't much around RJS. Maybe duffy's at 275 and N Dale Mabry? That's the only place I could think of. Or chilis next to chicfila across columbus from the stadium.
  6. https://am.ticketmaster.com/univsouthflorida/#/ That is where you should be creating an account and managing your tickets. It is a ticketmaster account, but it is a USF ticketmaster account. You cannot access it through ticketmaster.com. It is the same for the bucs games except their ticket accounts are at https://am.ticketmaster.com/bucs/#/. It is really annoying that you have to have a different ticketmaster account for different teams and even more annoying that you cannot use the ticketmaster app on your phone. They really should streamline it.
  7. At some point in this season Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, Navy, UCF, and Temple (#25 in the coaches poll in week 8 ) have been ranked at some point this season. That is 6 aac teams. Not too shabby.
  8. USF didn’t lose this week, so go bulls! Memphis’ defense allowed around the same amount of points to SMU as we did, meaning their defense is on par with ours. However, Memphis’ offense put up 54 points against a defense that we scored 21 (garbage time points) against. Our defense is in for a long day against Memphis in a few weeks but our offense should be able to put up some points. Additionally, Memphis plays 10x better at home than away. So perhaps this could turn out to be a more interesting game than people think. Cincinnati almost lost to ECU. The same ECU that we just blew out. Perhaps cincy just had a bad game, happens to everyone. But if that same cincy shows up at Raymond James, we could have a shot for an upset. Mickey Mouse community college is and I hope they lose every game they ever play. Thought Houston had a shot at this one but then they shirt the bed. USF is better than last year’s team, UCF is overrated, Memphis’ defense can cause their team some trouble, and cincy has some issues. Maybe, just maybe there’s a chance we make some no name bowl game. If we do, I’ll be there!
  9. Was this an exhibition game or are we now 1-0?
  10. With solid, reliable reporting like this I am surprised the Washington Post has not offered you a job!
  11. I still say it would be hilarious to put your venmo on a posterboard and say "USF Fan here, need money for Charlie Strong Buyout."
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