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  1. 1) Mickey Mouse University2) 56 - 353) Cronk4) McCants5) 380
  2. TheAccountant

    U-Haul Black Friday Sale

    I get 25% off because one of their drivers backed into my car a couple years ago. I will gladly let a couple coaching staff members use my discount.
  3. TheAccountant

    So....what's changed?

    I still am not on the fire CCS bandwagon yet. I think it is too early to fire him and I think firing him sends a bad message to every other potential coach, and we would struggle to get a half decent replacement. I do think that MK needs to have a serious conversation with CCS and tell him that if things don't change and this team doesn't make strides this offseason and come out firing next year, he is going to be gone by the end of the season. Maybe this will light a fire under his ***. IMO CCS is a stubborn old man that doesn't want to adapt. He wants to play conservative and he wants to use the same staff he used at texas. And we all know how his time at texas went. So is CCS just a terrible coach or is he terrible at hiring staff? This year reminds me the CWT offense before he started letting QF do his thing. This time though, the entire offense is QF. Right now, it is handcuffed and needs to be set free. We have SO much talent on that side of the ball, but are not utilizing it at all. GILBERT NEEDS TO BE GONE! As far as defense, I think that the first half of the temple game showed what we could be. I think that inexperience and lack of focus has plagued that side of the ball all season. If we can get some size, experience, and proper focus coming into next season, I think the defense will be ranked in the mid 50's rather than the high 100's like this year. Special teams is a joke and the coach (name is slipping my memory) also needs to be gone.
  4. That was 6 if Hampton catches the ball. Good play!
  5. TheAccountant

    USF MBB Undefeated

    We want duke
  6. Gilbert must be reading the forum and trying to save his job haha
  7. TheAccountant

    USF MBB Undefeated

    Btw, USF MBB is still undefeated
  8. 1) Temple2) 38 - 143) Cronk4) Wilcox5) 414
  9. Also throw in the fact that I would rather have a five year old calling our plays than Gilbert.
  10. TheAccountant

    USF MBB Undefeated

    Just an fyi, mbb is still undefeated haha
  11. TheAccountant

    Potential QB Transfer

    If he transferred it wouldn't affect BB or BK, as both would be gone before he was eligible to play. It could affect CO however, as the two of them would be battling it out for the starting position in 2020.
  12. 1) UC2) 42 - 243) Barnett4) McCants5) 484