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  1. TheAccountant

    Big Saturday of Basketball in Tampa

    Just an update, a ticket rep sent me updated tickets with buffet access. So we are all good!
  2. TheAccountant

    Big Saturday of Basketball in Tampa

    Yeah, I specifically asked for tickets that included the buffet when I called the ticket office and was reassured that the tickets I was purchasing included the buffet. When they emailed me my tickets, it clearly says "No Buffet Access" on them though. Oh well!
  3. TheAccountant

    Big Saturday of Basketball in Tampa

    I am looking for tickets to the men's game. What tickets are considered premium? Is there a specific section that includes the buffet or is that something that you have to purchase separately?
  4. I am looking for tickets to this game. What tickets are considered premium? Is there a specific section that includes the buffet or is that something that you have to purchase separately?
  5. You're all forgetting the best part, no requirement to have pants on! Nothing better than an open bar, a recliner, and sitting in your boxers to watch some sports.
  6. TheAccountant


    I get where he is coming from. We have a crowded backfield (Cronk, Bell, Ford, etc) and Charlie's favorite guy is by far Ford. Cronk didn't get nearly the amount of touches he probably should have last year, and probably expects much of the same this coming year. Playing another year in college just means a greater chance of being injured and not being able to play in the NFL at all. If he leaves now, he has less of a risk of injury with a decent shot at getting paid to play. I hope he stays, but I get his dilemma.
  7. TheAccountant

    Basketball Stats - NCAA Rankings

    Like I said in an earlier thread, this team could easily be undefeated right now
  8. TheAccountant

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    I was referring to Alison Posey and ABC 27, which is based out of Tally. Josh just seems to break USF news well before dumb and dumber at the tbt even catch wind of news. I feel like he would serve the USF fan base well.
  9. TheAccountant

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    I just love how we have to rely on newspapers from Tallahassee to report breaking news about USF Can we start a petition for the tampa bay times to hire josh newberg? Sheesh
  10. The next 3 games against Temple (12-3, just beat undefeated Houston), Cincy (12-3), and #17 Houston (15-1) are going to make or break this season. These guys are showing so much promise. Even in the games they have lost, they have only lost by 3 points and fought until the final buzzer went off. They could easily be undefeated right now. I haven't been to a USF MBB game since I was in college as my schedule does not permit much weekday fun. But I am going to try to get tickets for the Houston game on Saturday 1/19. Hope we can pack out the Yuengling Center for that one!
  11. TheAccountant

    Bowl Records by Conference

    I think it means more for G5 conferences than for P5 conferences. As a G5 conference, this is your opportunity to show you belong on the big stage, which is the argument that UCF and the AAC has been making the last two seasons. In the AAC's case, if you think you belong with the P5 conferences (P6 initiative), then your mediocre teams should beat the other G5 conferences' mediocre/good teams (USF lost to CUSA Marshall, Houston lost to independent Army) and the best teams in your conference should be able to beat the better teams in the P5 conferences (UCF lost to SEC LSU, Temple lost to ACC duke, Memphis lost to ACC Wake Forest). For reference, last year the AAC went 3-1 against P5 opponents (USF beat Texas Tech, UCF beat Auburn, and Navy beat Virginia) and 2-1 against G5 opponents. Those kind of results are what you would expect from a G5 team that is equal to the P5 conferences.
  12. This was a very bad year for the AAC. Definitely hurts the P6 brand they have been pushing. It was also a bad year for the SEC, and shows that they need to schedule tougher ooc games instead of playing teams central oklahoma community college for the blind. Conferences that had winning records for bowl season were the ACC, B1G, Big 12, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and Independents. American Athletic Conference Record: 2-5 Wins: Tulane, Cincinnati Losses: South Florida, Memphis, Houston, Temple, UCF Atlantic Coast Conference Record: 6-5 Wins: Wake Forest, Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, Clemson (vs. Notre Dame), Clemson (vs. Alabama) Losses: Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia Tech, Pitt, North Carolina State NOTE: Boston College's bowl game against Boise State has been canceled. Big Ten Conference Record: 5-4 Wins: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Iowa, Ohio State Losses: Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State Big 12 Conference Record: 4-3 Wins: TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Losses: West Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma HIGHLIGHTS: Alabama wins shootout with Oklahoma Conference USA Record: 4-2 Wins: UAB, Marshall, Florida International, Louisiana Tech Losses: Middle Tennessee State, North Texas Mid-American Conference Record: 1-5 Wins: Ohio Losses: Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, Toledo, Western Michigan, Buffalo Mountain West Conference Record: 3-2 Wins: Fresno State, Utah State, Nevada Losses: San Diego State, Hawaii NOTE: Boise State's bowl game against Boston College has been canceled. MORE: College football programs with the most national championships Pac-12 Conference Record: 3-4 Wins: Washington State, Stanford, Oregon Losses: Arizona State, California, Utah, Washington Southeastern Conference Record: 6-6 Wins: Auburn, Florida, Alabama (vs. Oklahoma), Kentucky, LSU, Texas A&M Losses: Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi State, Georgia, Alabama (vs. Clemson Sun Belt Conference Record: 3-2 Wins: Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Troy Losses: Louisiana, Arkansas State Independents Record: 2-1 Wins: BYU, Army Losses: Notre Dame
  13. TheAccountant

    Why is OC hiring taking so long?

    Im still waiting for a go fund me page to pop up asking for money to help USF pay for its new OC hire