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  1. The bull I used is the bull in front of the marshal center on campus. Downloaded the picture from the bulls pen actually haha.
  2. Just gonna leave this here. Feel free to use it. Flag made by yours truly
  3. Honestly I was okay with how we performed (given the circumstances) up until the Tulsa game. We lost to NC State (currently #18), UF (ranked as high as #10), BYU (ranked as high as #10), and SMU (currently #21). So arguably we had one of the toughest schedules in the country through week 5. But after this most recent loss, we 100% deserve to be in the bottom 10. We had so many opportunities to put that game away and solidify the win and we squandered every single one of them.
  4. 1. Good places to stay? Downtown Tampa: Hilton, JW Marriot, Hyatt, Aloft Tampa Downtown, Sheraton Hotel Close to Stadium: Aloft Tampa Midtown, AC Hotel by Marriot, any of the hotels near the Airport Close to nightlife: See downtown tampa above, Epicurean Hotel, 2. Good Cuban food? Columbia in Ybor, Le Segunda Bakery, La Terisita, West Tampa Sandwich Shop 3. Best beach? For partying and a younger crowd, St. Pete Beach (near Post Card Inn) For a family oriented touristy experience, Clearwater Beach For a quiet not as crowded experience, Indian Rocks, Sand Key 4. Nightlife? (I'm 21) Most the college kids go to Soho (South Howard). There are about 10 bars within a mile of each other. Some of the most popular are Bar Howard, Macdintons, Soho Saloon, and Yard of Ale If you're into line dancing and country music, check out Dallas Bull If youre into a more young professional crowd (college kids still go here), check out downtown tampa (Parks and Rec, Gen-x, American Social, etc.) 5. How is the tailgating and where do I park? Tailgating is probably a $&#@show if you havent been before. The two main things are that (1) if you want to park with friends or family, you have to drive in together because they won't allow you to save spots and (2) you need to buy your parking in advance (you can do this on Raymond James Stadium's website).. Lot 4 (on the north side of the stadium) usually has a younger crowd, as thats the side the student section is on. Most of the fraternities rent out houses or lots to tailgate out of in the area, so although you may see one or two fraternity tailgates at the stadium, the majority will not be at the stadium. Lot 6 (on the south side of the stadium) is usually more family oriented. That is also the side on which they usually have "Bulls Bay" set up which I am not sure if they do anymore. 6. Flags allowed in? They will let you in with a flag but if one of the sentry security guards (aka glorified mall cops) decide they don't like it, they will kick you out (I got kicked out during last year's USF-UCF game because I had a trump flag)
  5. Hopefully whoever becomes our next President doesn't stop construction halfway through!
  6. I only sent the columbia because I am partial to columbia polos haha. Per the USF branding guidelines, I would say the columbia is a little closer than the shirt I used because it is a little duller haha.
  7. haha no, that was just the first lime green polo for a decent price that i saw when I just searched. I actually will probably buy that one and put the logo on the side opposite the columbia logo since adidas doesnt make a polo in that color haha
  8. I feel like you are joking, but if not I actually ordered a bunch of iron on patches in black and slime, and bought a lime green polo (https://www.amazon.com/Columbia-Protection-Moisture-Wicking-XX-Large/dp/B089K6ZD9S/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=matcha%2Bcolumbia%2Bpolo&qid=1632480492&sr=8-1&th=1&psc=1) and made my own slime green USF polo. So if you want one, let me know and I can give you a patch at the next tailgate to make your own. Wore it to the game this past weekend and got a bunch of compliments. Don't tempt me with a good time
  9. Yall want the polos to be slime green right? 😂
  10. Hey everyone! It has been quite a while since I did these, but yes, it was around $37 per polo including shipping. I would have to verify with the company I used to make sure they still have those polos and that prices have not changed (and that they are still open after covid) since it has been a while. I actually also run a t-shirt store on etsy now, but the third party I use to fulfill does not have polos. I could, however, come up with a t-shirt design and take orders for that. Could even charge cost only that way (which would be around $14-$18 depending on size, including shipping). Give me a few days to do some research, but in the meantime weigh in on what you'd be interested in between a t-shirt, baseball jersey, hoodie or polo.
  11. What section? Me and my girlfriend are just using student tickets (she's in her master's program)
  12. Just came across these on ****'s website. Says they have 10 in stock. It is a steal of a price imo! South Florida Bulls Economy Canopy | ****'S Sporting Goods Shop a wide selection of South Florida Bulls Economy Canopy at ****’S Sporting Goods and order online for the finest quality products from the top brands you trust. Also, LOL at the website censoring the company name 😂
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