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  1. It's busy season and I am a CPA so I am not able to travel. I am going to try to watch the game from my desk though if I can find a good stream.
  2. Mickey Mouse community college (MMCC) still has to play Temple, Memphis, and Houston one more time and Cincinnati and us twice. So I would expect them to start falling down that list a little more. Hopefully we can beat MMCC both times and win at least one of our remaining games against Temple and Houston. Could possibly sneak up into that 3rd place spot.
  3. wow, at least drunk bullspenning is better than texting my ex
  4. I was 2, welcoming my little brother to the world. And definitely not voting for clinton. Im also drunk right now. That is all
  5. This is the longest we have gone without a loss since we were 7-0!
  6. I don't think Blake has anything to worry about. I think Evans redshirts (plays less than 4 games) this season and then competes for and wins the starting position in 2020.
  7. There seems to be a good amount of undecided O-linemen, D-linemen, Linebackers, and D-backs in the transfer portal. The list below doesn't include Juco players or Div II or Div III players. O-Line Alex Gellerstedt, Penn StateZeke Martin, IllinoisRJ Proctor, VirginiaDrew Richmond, TennesseeReuben Unije, IllinoisLarry Boyd, IllinoisAndrew Trainer, Illinois Jonah Jackson, Rutgers Parker Braun, Georgia Tech Michael Eletise, Arizona Thiyo Lukusa, Arizona D-Line Malik Barrow Ohio StateTrevon Hill, Virginia TechDaviyon Nixon, Iowa Jauntavius Johnson, Auburn Zach Abercrumbia, Rice Davontae McCrae, NC State Allen Daniels, Purdue Reuben Jones, Michigan Ja'merez Bowen, Indiana Sione Taufahema, Arizona Jalen Bates, Arizona State Darius Slade, Arizona State Joe Babros, NC State Linebacker Oluwole Betiku Jr., USCDae'Lun Darien, Penn StateAaron Mends, IowaJaelan Phillips, UCLAGuy Thomas, NebraskaKam Jones, LouisvilleNadarius Fagan, Syracuse Loren Mondy, Arizona State Austin Smith, Tennessee Patrick Macon, Oklahoma State Layton Garnett, LSU Eyabi Anoma, Alabama Defensive Back Jarius Adams, RutgersTrey Creamer, IowaZaire Jones, VanderbiltYkili Ross, USCJack Leius, MinnesotaMarcus Lewis, MarylandBennett Williams, IllinoisAyron Monroe, Penn StateCameron Watkins, IllinoisSpencer Perry, South Alabama (former Notre Dame player)Nate Dalton, Arkansas Nick Harvey - South CarolinaAntonio Parks, ArizonaE.J. Thomas, Kansas State Devante Smith, Virginia TechTavyn Jackson, South CarolinaOctavius Spencer, UCLAJay Irvine, Oregon StateKyriq McDonald, Alabama Source: https://247sports.com/Article/NCAA-transfer-portal-names-players-destinations-127866941/
  8. Another case of people presuming guilt before the whole store comes out. Its innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa. Definitely sucks for Francois, but I am sure he will land on his feet somewhere.
  9. Who buys popcorn chicken and doesn't eat it that day? What do they want people to do? Dig into their septic tank to retrieve the digested popcorn chicken to return it?
  10. I don't think who will be the QB is even a question next season. I think BB is clearly the choice. The following season is when it will be interesting. It will be another 3 way battle between Battles, McCloud, and Jahquez Evans (the dual threat QB that just signed last month).
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