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  1. He was too talented and threatened the possibility that CCS would get fired and therefore be entitled to his buyout. Couldn’t risk playing him and missing that sweet payday
  2. Didn't know you did this. Great work! Sorry for stealing your thunder haha.
  3. It was 38 degrees when I walked to the gym this morning. supposed to be colder tonight.
  4. We just picked up another wide receiver too. Was a former app st. commit but CJS flipped him
  5. I know nothing about this kid, but it seems like people think he could make an immediate impact on the OL.
  6. Hes on the Practice squad for the Jets. Was the third string QB at Dallas last year. Only know this cause my friend just married him in 2019.
  7. According to the official USF brand management color palette, it is one of our colors: https://www.usf.edu/ucm/marketing/colors.aspx It is considered an accent color. Accent colors are used a lot in the NFL for color rush uniforms. Colleges are following suit and using accent colors more often for special games. That being said, I definitely don't think it should "dominate" as the website says it shouldn't. I think the football team has made better use of the neon green in the past, using it for numbers and the outlines of numbers, etc.
  8. I disagree. We are in Tampa, FL, which is also known as the lightning capital of the world. If you live here, then you know that it pretty much storms at least once per day from late June through late September, sometimes October. Practice is a very important part of the game, and when you're having to cancel practices and shorten practices because of the weather it hurts your team. Not only is the IPF worth it just for the weather aspect, but it is worth it for the recruitment aspect. All of the top schools, and even a large majority of the AAC programs have IPF's and dedicated football centers. If we want to be able to get good players to come to USF to play, we have to have comparable facilities. With no IPF, it is even harder for us to compete in the recruitment world.
  9. Me, my buddy, and his wife plan on joining the guys I tailgate with in 109. Waiting to see what row/seats are available
  10. I didn't contact anyone. I made my deposit through usfbullstix.com. Wasn't sure if someone would contact me or if I'd just be able to log in and pick seats/choose a payment after a certain date haha.
  11. I am finally doing it, finally getting season tickets for the first time for the 2020-2021 football season. I put my deposit down last week, but am not familiar with the process at all. When are new season ticket members able to choose seats? Will I be contacted, or do I just need to log in on that date and pick my seats/payment options?
  12. Agreed, Clemson is my new second favorite team!
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