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  1. Just checking to see if there is any spring football interest on this site.
  2. I see lots of rpo and him being the safety valve on lots of plays to keep the D honest
  3. Any info of anyone seeing these kids throwing this winter or doing extra work throwing to receivers?
  4. Well don't forget when the tempo is high that he can easily give Cronkite a breather by switching positions so they don't have to substitute. Subsequently, the D can't sub either.
  5. Since this board lacks football news this time of year. This will be a great time to post any gossip that you have recently heard. The Spring Game is next month and the news around here is like the home game attendance, limited, very limited!!!
  6. The defense was awful because the players were subpar. Badly need grad transfers on the D. I would take 11 if there was room. I have never seen a group that couldn't tackle a fat accountant in a phone booth. Strong should have played freshmen down the stretch.
  7. Does anyone know when spring practice begins or has the spring game been set? What do you expect from KB and the offense? What do you expect from the defense? What positions should be addressed through the portal?
  8. I think KB will do things that will help the other side of the ball. Will score bunches and have extended drives and the d will not be gassed.
  9. Just curious why no one was talking about the substantive conversation with KB. Good info that took backseat to why no one got an invitation to the popcorn stand.
  10. So you are saying the average attendance last year was 31k? Actual or what the school made up?
  11. If you read this board frequently, there is an elitist attitude by Bull Fans. "CCS should recruit higher....we should never lose more than 2 games...we should never lose to certain schhols." Attendance is dreadful and painful to see on tv. Will be hard to get into a big boy conference with this kind of fan turnout. There is rarely any news about the program. If you go to a blue chip site, there is plenty of talk about recruiting, current players and personnel. So yes, the lack thereof any meaningful news makes it pedestrian.
  12. The reality is, this program is on a budget. I know everyone think that this program has been elite, but not having ever won a championship makes it more pedestrian. Look at the attendance and the infrequent postings and news on this board. I think the NCAA portal is the best thing to ever happen to budget programs. Let's see what Strong can convince to come to the program.
  13. The portal is the best way for G5 programs to get instant impact players. There is only so much playing time at the blue blood programs. Kids that g5 programs could not sign out of high school due to ratings. I fully support this strategy. I'm surprised some of you aren't raising hell about only 2 recruits are from the bay area.
  14. Really? This program has to be improved by transfers. When you are running 5'7 lightweights against grown men, it will take some time to get talent. Also, you have the budget of a private high school. This new transfer portal will be the lifeline of the future. You no longer have to project measurables for immediate impact players. Most of the time, a team leaving a P5 to come to this level just wants to play. The guys that are recruited here, were in most cases, kids that couldn't play in P5 early, if at all. CCS did the right thing by getting Bell in and dismissing coaches and players, now give him a chance to get this dog off the porch.
  15. We don't need anymore high school kids this year. We need schollies for instant impact transfers.
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