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  1. Been watching him since his first game at Louisville. Not the same guy. Expect King to be named OC after the early signing period. 4 coaches will be fired. David Reaves is the new LB and Sawtelle will have to fight for the other spot.
  2. Yup...great coaches are beating down the door to make a million. Let me give you a hint... Tags can't win with five stars and these are mostly his bums on the field.
  3. Corey lea

    Strength and Conditioning

    Yeah...fire everybody!!! We need to put more trophies in the case. This team just don't have talent.
  4. The blame should fall on both the players and the coaches. My recommendations: 1. Replace Justin Burke and Mike Maddox 2. Go the JUCO route for DBs, LB's, OL and DL 3. Put Gilbert and BJM on notice 4. Strong needs to stop being loyal to dogs. If there are no better options for some of the players at RT and about every position on the Defense then Strong needs to find some immediate help. I saw him do this same thing at his last two stops and it cost him on the last.
  5. The offense is ranked 10th nationally with a little over 500 yards per game. Blake Barnett is on track to becoming the first qb in school history to pass for over 3,000 yards. The offense has score 13 TDs in 3 plays or less. The offense is averaging 291 yards on the ground over the last 6 games.
  6. I would keep my eyes on UNC and Gt. If Maryland offers, he is gone!
  7. Corey lea

    Please Get Rid of Strong

    All those championships hanging on the stadium wall. Reading this thread is embarrassing. This does not have a championship culture or talent. You can blame the staff all you want, but he has to groom his recruits. The worst defense in the country 2 years ago does not automatically change over night We need talent in a lot of positions!
  8. Corey lea

    Please Get Rid of Strong

    I wish people would stop acting like this program is like Bama's. I have said time and time again that there is not much talent on this team and certainly no depth across the board. I saw the same his first 2 years at Louisville. Once these young guys get some experience and put some depth on this roster it will be a beautiful thing. We are 2 years removed from the worst d in the country and the recruitment from the past staff glares.
  9. Leavitt call the D and Tags the O....probably Skip be the head coach.
  10. Corey lea

    Reaves at middle linebacker

    Well don't be an empty suit. Refute anything I said. You might sway my opinion.
  11. Corey lea

    Reaves at middle linebacker

    Ummm well Cronkrite and Barnett worked out well. If you think Sawtelle is solid then I am going to question your football acumen. Sawtelle reminds me of a guy that played for Strong in Texas, Dylan Haynes. Make a play here and there, but cost you big on other occasions. I hope Johnston steps up. Did not say that the Grad had to start, but would probably be good insurance. Who is to say that the grad doesn't come in for the spring and learn the system? I am just not personally sold on Sawtelle and McGee leaving. It's not personal, I am just not sold. I think the only player that you and I have ever agreed on was BB. Mostly everyone else thought BK and CO were adequate. We would have a losing record with those two this year. Any player that transfers from a blue blood would get a serious look at this level. Most of the time they will have size, speed and the benefit of practicing with more elite players.
  12. Corey lea

    Reaves at middle linebacker

    Even the best jockey has to have good horses. Well the other board mods was a frat boy who could stand for someone to be right. This staff is 17-2 and some of you want Leavitt or Tag back. I can't fix stupid. Never seen people get so irritated by success.
  13. Corey lea

    Blake against UConn

    We would not be undefeated without him.
  14. Corey lea

    Reaves at middle linebacker

    There are some glaring holes on this roster that needs to be fixed immediately.
  15. Corey lea

    Reaves at middle linebacker

    I think the position can be upgraded. I watch him a lot and he is not very good. We really could use a grad transfer to help next year as insurance. McGee will be gone also and it could be really bad.