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  1. Smart enough to know Chad Morris sucked at SMU too.
  2. Sucks when the recruiting and development facts lead to the nfl. His recruiting and nfl development speaks for itself. I get everyone wants to win right now...but this is not a football factory. You guys throw out academics...well just be like duke and vandy. Your hero tags got canned and Leavitt can't get a job. Beer Budget and #Baymade caught up to the program.
  3. Patrick Macon...portal counts too. Joiner if he puts on 30lbs. Bellamy flies around...will have to see with those two. His players...most of them redshirted so you really don't know until they hit the field.
  4. Well I guess you can just go to the internet and see just how many players are in nfl that he recruited as a head coach. Your ignorance is bliss!!! Tags 3 straight #1 classes won how many conference championships? That's what I thought!!! Remember Shane Beuchel...the guy that lit us up from SMU? That's CCS guy.
  5. Fact!!! CCS has won 2 conference championships and USF has 0. Obviously he has the pedigree. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but this program is not historic and has the budget of a D3 school. People complain about recruiting, but the budget allows for the coaches to take bag lunches on recruiting trips. Texas paid more than half of the Salary for the first 2 years. So he needs at least one more year to raid the portal to get some p5 talent until the kids can develop. It worked on defense.
  6. Norman was never a prospect...just like you guys were saying Hampton was an nfl guy. The talent before he got here was sparse on the depth chart.
  7. So he went 11-2 with good playmakers. He now just has to blow up the portal to get an offense. Confidence in Vincent Davis to replace Studstill. The LB room is much deeper now. Playing much better.
  8. If you think this cupboard was stocked and a foundation with depth, it's clear that you can't evaluate talent.
  9. Atterbury, Norman, Clearveaux, Phillips... I'm pretty sure were not Strong's guys.
  10. Year School G W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Bowl Notes 2008 Clemson 7 4 3 0 .571 6.97 2.51 9 9 Gator Bowl-L 2009 Clemson 14 9 5 0 .643 11.73 4.01 15 24 Music City Bowl-W 2010 Clemson 13 6 7 0 .462 7.35 3.74 Meineke Car Care Bowl-L Tom Herman getting his own players in the system Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes 1 2019 Big 12 5 3 0 .625 10.83 4.71 10 9 Tom Herman (5-3) 2 2018 Big 12 10 4 0 .714 11.15 6.30 23 6 9 Tom Herman (10-4) Sugar Bowl-W 3 2017 Big 12 7 6 0 .538 23 23 Tom Herman (7-6) Texas Bowl-W ED Orgeron at a P5 school similar to this program....put him where there were players and facilities Year School G W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Bowl Notes 2005 Ole Miss 11 3 8 0 .273 -7.48 0.52 2006 Ole Miss 12 4 8 0 .333 -1.74 4.59 2007 Ole Miss 12 3 9 0 .250 -1.31 6.11 The point being made is, this is not a powerhouse school that was chopped full of talent. Herman won with Strong's guys coming of age. Now that his players are in, well he isn't in the top 25 with the richest football budget in college football. Year four is the magic number when you have to build with your own players. CCS did well with Flowers, just like Taggart. The the lack of talent of the program happened and now he is trying to build legit talent. Defense is about there and the offense needs a 10 player portal infusion, just like the D got last year. It was good to see the recruits CCS brought in get some quality time yesterday without any major drop on D. Bell will bring in a young QB and we will get some help from all positions on O from the portal and you will forget this mess that we are having to endure. McCloud is not a dang qb. Period!!!
  11. That's the point. All the good talent goes to p5 schools and there is nothing left for G5 as a whole. This fan base wants to be p5 but working with D3 money. These kids want to be big time and experience all the stuff they see on social media at p5 schools. Yes you can get a gem every now and then, but the best route is to get the players coming back from p5 that just want to play. Just look at our D. No real complaint on the portal guys. The young guys that we recruited need time to develop and that's why they are not at bigger football schools.
  12. They had money, facilities and players from all over the south east. Now it's your turn to figure out the difference here. 1. The good recruits from the bay go to better p5 schools to go have the college experience in style. 2. The raked over talent ...some gems in the, come here. 3. Now that you have a way to sell playing time to p5 talent, you must use it. 4. The fanbase couldn't pull enough resources in 24 years to build an ipf and they act like they are at Clemson and have some say in what the AD does. Most of the fans that show up have free tix. 5. Maybe usf is the vandy and duke of fla. 6. Reality is that this program is one portal makeover away on offense to win the conference. The talent is really that bad!!
  13. Maybe the strategy is to get some impact players due to the simple fact that the inherited talent was really that bad outside of a few player. I think.we really are just 1 raid away to.have a good team.
  14. For the same reason you are trying to.get cheerleaders to join your boycott.
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