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  1. You guys crack me up. So there are rumors floating about Strong as the DC at Michigan State. He dropped the ball here, but this school has high expectations and no resources (or conference championships). Strong screwed the pooch by not getting a capable qb or safety. So he got what he deserved.
  2. https://bamahammer.com/2020/02/15/strong-coaching-staff-analyst-horizon-alabama-football/ Good move
  3. Lol. The proof will be in the pudding. I just know that he better hit the portal for a few more players.
  4. With the success of Jackson, Wilson and Murray, there is no way that I don't have Flowers on at least the practice squad. Andy Dalton sucked.
  5. Well I'm pretty sure you are not my dad!!! LOL The fact still remains, the D needs a safety in the worst kind of way.
  6. A realist!!! However, let him work the portal to get some lineman and should be fine. Oh, he better get a safety or he will be on the hot seat early.
  7. Watch out for Vandy getting in on this recruitment.
  8. Temper your expectations. He doesn't have the personnel up front to be competent and CJS was not the calling plays at Clemson. He was given the title Co-OC so that Dabo could give him more money for staff continuity. Give him at least until the third year to flush this current turd.
  9. Well that is my argument. Sawtelle is not good period. Macon made the fan base forget that kid totally. The two young players got better as the season progressed.
  10. The Home Grown Talent that had been cherry picked by legit P5 schools went elsewhere . Slick Willie sold you fool's gold on #Baymade. There were a few decent players here and there, but the bulk of the players were division 2 talent. Just look at the mess he left at FSU. Charlie was an idiot for not hitting the portal earlier for OL help. Was even more dumb for playing homegrown McCloud and Roberts. Then he got what he deserved. The new coach is being helped out by KJ Sails who is recruiting real talent from other schools to this dumpster fire.
  11. Put up your crayons and go to your room. Roberts and Sawtelle on the field at the same time this year, we only win 2. Sawtelle is just that bad too.
  12. You can pull for him all you want. Might be a heck of a kid. However, he is not a very good football player at this level. This is a business.
  13. You can improve in practice, this is a business and this is not the time or place to see what you already know. If you can tell me that he was the best available, then CCS should have been fired the year before. I bet you CJS won't make this same mistake.
  14. He is toxic and will sit a year out. Maybe take an analyst position with Herm Edward's.
  15. I leave you guys alone for a month and I come back to see what's new and all I see is possible transfers coming in and people are excited. What in the world is going on? LOL On a serious note, the facts still remain. This roster voids talent up and down. Take all the P5 talent that will come in every time and it will not take long for a competent coach to turn this thing around. The roster really needs OL from P5 schools now and recruit HS from Ga., Al. etc.. New England Bull, please find a dang FS or 2 in the portal. Nick Roberts will get this staff on the hot seat in record time. Yes his is just that bad. I would also find 5 P5 transfers for the OL and I believe the team could win 10 games. I would suggest that McCloud transfers, his experience is not needed in the room.
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