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  1. Did all of the 2019 class make it to campus, plus the transfers? I think we will be surprised that we might have 1 or 2 faces on campus at the beginning of camp that transferred in.
  2. Strong has shown he can coach in the AAC...was remarkably awesome in the last 2 years...capping a win over Florida in the Sugar Bowl. I think he now has found his groove in getting talent in here We will simply out athlete most teams while getting our stars up for the big games. I predict this years defense will be the best he has fielded as a head coach and definitely the best complete offense.
  3. I'm predicting 11-1 regular season with wins over UCF, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech. I give the program an A on addressing needs and staff. Please give your prediction on W-L's and how you feel about the following below: 1. State of the Program- I think that CCS needs to be on Defense full time and leave all of the offense and special teams to KB. CCS has the chops for defense and needs to so called get off the bus blitzing. Through the infusion of players from P5 programs, we have depth unseen in these parts. Linebackers were going to be a big problem for us, but through development and transfers, it now has become a plus instead of a minus. I am confident that the offense will put up 35 on Wisconsin. I think since CCS has always had awful special teams, let KB run the entire special teams unit, period! I was probably more concerned about the secondary than I was the lb's, but with Studstill and Barnett eligible I feel we have a real chance to be solid. I liked what I saw out of Evans and hope Sails is eligible. Now, just take a look at the weight that has been added upfront on defense, now we have some players that can wreak havoc on the edges and hold their ground up the middle. Something tells me that our ends will be the best in the conference and we certainly have addressed that through the portal. I mean we can be real special at that position. 2. Transfers- CCS did exactly what I thought and even added a few more surprises. I like Thaxton, Burnett,Studstill, Slade, Jones, Sails, Macon and Trice. I am hoping to get a surprise on the OL. All of the D transfers are instant impact if eligible.
  4. It think the program quit. I think he had to weed out staff and players. There will be competition will be fierce.
  5. The charges were dropped and he was vetted by Strong himself. We couldn't afford not to give him a chance. Will.be on a short leash though. Don't forget our starting Olb was 200 lbs Last year. We now have real potential at lb this year.
  6. Some have. The D needed a total rebuild and for the most part, got it!
  7. Is it pretty safe to say that no one has any idea on what to expect? One thing is for sure, we will finally have size and depth to compete against p5 teams. Some people don't like the idea of bringing in all the transfers, but this team had major talent and depth deficits. Charlie realized that he has to win right now and he is building a team that will possibly win 11 games. What's really on his mind is the first game of 2020. I think we see more offensive players trying to come in next year after Kerwin puts up 36 a game ...I would like to see two p5 running backs come over.
  8. You don't want those guards pulling and leading the way. If you set the corners and blitz you can get to the ball carrier before the play can develop. Even if you bring Studstill or Davis and the play is to that side...it will take out a blocker and give the DE or scraping backer a chance to get the runner down early.
  9. When the writer says they will win the game....it's an easy win.
  10. Those programs have money and good local following in contrast. Also, they have other sports that are competitive with the conference and nationally or at least at some point in time to maintain value.
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2019-acc-win-total-picks-predictions-clemson-set-with-big-number-syracuse-vastly-underrated/ Well I guess they have short memories. Will get them by 18 this year.
  12. https://www.thedailystampede.com/2019/6/25/18758838/uconn-big-east-american-conference-kickout-tulsa-ecu Before the writers and fan decides who is worthy, they might want to look in the mirror. Appalachian and GEORGIA Southern both play championship football. Usf has 0 conference championships, no stadium of their own and 9k people showing up to games. Not trying to dog the program, but put something in the trophy case and improve your value before trying to lobby on who should be added. Waste no effort on who should be kicked out.
  13. I think the box on D is the key. 1. We have beefed up everywhere, but we really need to set the edges to keep the badgers running inside. 2. We need Studstill low and deliver the hammer on the running backs. 3. I have confidence that Greer will have his coming out party in this game. 4. Look for Waller to flash up front and the Badgers will have to eventually double team him and therefore leaving the backers clean to really shoot the gaps. 5. BJM will have to blitz often and cause confusion to the young qb. We have a talented secondary now, with experience. 6. Vincent Davis should get plenty of reps as a blitzer to lower to boom to make ball carriers and qb light in their shoes.
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