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  1. I still think we need to pick up 2 or 3 receivers. Also, Blackmon is leaving FSU. Would be a perfect replacement. This new portal could be vital to G5 programs and able to plug holes with talented players if you couldn't get the same talent level through recruiting. Win 10 next year and you can plug some holes in a hurry.
  2. He was OC in title. The first year he called plays on his own was at Texas.
  3. Gilbert didn't call plays in Tulsa.
  4. There is another side to that too...If Bell lights up the scoreboard, Strong can get a P5 job and Bell get's USF. Strong screwed the pooch this year, but keep your eyes on Illinois next year or Syracuse. Dino Babers will get a bigger job. I think Baylor would be interested in both so you don't know how that will pan out. Ruhle will be in the NFL after next season. Miami should have went after Babers with it's talent pool. Don't see anything in the ACC that would open next season other that Babers taking a better job. All the SEC team except Vandy are likely secured. Actually I think Strong needs to be at a place like Wake Forest.
  5. The S and C coach has nothing to do with the dogs CWT left. We just have a plain lack of talent problem. CCS will address this through recruiting and transfers.
  6. You left out McDoom as Wr Johnston at Lb Stehpens as DE Hopple OL from VT and best believe all transfers coming in will play a lot.
  7. South Ga. is not that far and even SC, Bama, Panhandle and Louisiana...and naturally go to Miami.
  8. Ok..I'll play. You can find players in other areas that do not go to camps and are not being pushed by their coaches. You get in South Ga. or La. some of those kids don't have the resources to go to camps or get the exposure that the kids from Tampa may get. However, you put them in pads and they will knock your head off, run around your and throw it a country mile on the dime. The recruiting services are showing to be more bust than boom. What was the rating for CO and BK...surely not higher than a 2.
  9. Actually I fault Charlie for not giving Battle or McCloud to get some snaps...although garbage snaps at the end of the year. It was obvious to me that CO and BK were not D1 talent and it showed when they played. I doubt if Evans is switched.
  10. Well you got two Qb's from Georgia in the last two cycles....so they they will.
  11. You are jumping around the point. This school is not in the running for the better talent of the area. No doubt it has talent, but building a roster on that principle of geography is not sound when built on rough prospects. Need to find best possible players possible. Period end of story. and have you checked the attendance of the games?
  12. Even Slick Willie is not using that dumb approach anymore. You go find the best players wherever they are located. In the position this program is in...have to mine some undiscovered gems.
  13. Well the better players were going to bigger programs. You should look at each individual player.
  14. If he tanks next year I will buy the ticket to get him out of town.
  15. In the end....let's see what Herman's guys can do. You will find that he is fool's gold. Just a younger Bobby Petrino.... All of this reminds me of all that Nebraska talk. Proven coach and dog players. Well need we even go there?