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  1. Point being is that this is a 9 win team.... so why all of a sudden that you drop one to GT that you should have won and now the program is better than that. I will admit that he has done some dumb stuff...like personnel decisions. However, just like the 4 transfers on D, he can go right back in there and get some better players to fill some holes while the few young ones get some experience. Roberts and Sanders will get you fired!!! So will Atterbury and Norman. Those are just dumb decisions.
  2. I mean 17-10 that has never won a conference championship under any coach and now all of a sudden it's bring home a championship or you are fired!!!! After all, Slick Willie left the cupboard full and had high level recruits 3 deep on both sides of the ball. Such a great coach, he can't win with 4 and 5 star recruits now. Just let that sink in.
  3. Usf is a G5 school and the D3 fanbase thi ks the program should compete with elite P5 schools on the field and recruiting. 1. No stadium on campus. 2. No indoor facilities. 3. Soccer fields with trailers for practice facilities. 4. Averaging 9k for attendance at home games. When CCS was at Louisville, they had everything a p5 school had. Even a sugar bowl when over mighty UF. Do you really think the AD cares what a lowly fan base has to say on coaching changes? No coach is busting at the seams to get here. Even the mighty Lane Kiffin can't win at a school with no bells and whistles. We have some decent players, but not enough depth in bottom dwelling recruiting to mine multiple gems to compete with elite programs. It is just reality!!!! Get over yourselves!!! The portal is the only hope this program has and without fan support and facilities, P5 conference affiliation is a pipe dream. Enjoy the role of Giant Killer!!!
  4. Well, as this year has shown, by time we get to recruits that will come here and possibly develop, there are very few that can play with a Wisconsin. Getting players from the portal from P5 schools has its advantages. They were probably pushed out by players with better skill sets at a higher level. Just look at the success of Sails, Macon, Slade and Studstill. Even look at the splash plays of Evans and I'm seeing Thaxton getting PT. I'm convinced that Norman and Atterbury has evidence that Strong killed someone and that's the sole reason for not putting in Hopple and someone else. All of that crazy talk about Sawtelle was the guy over Macon was laughery ... Mims is a capable backup, but I would not want him starting against better competition. Again, Roberts and Sanders are not big time players and need to be replaced. Evans and Davis should be getting a shot. I'm fine with developing Bellamy and a few of the younger linebackers, but everyone wants to win right now! Boyles and Greer haven't shown squat and I would not rely on them developing for next year. The two are both built like Tarzan and hit like Jane. We have some real holes that need to be address and I'm down for filtering out a few more players and raiding the portal for some legit P5 talent to mix in with the gems that came in as freshmen, ie Ford, McGloud. I watched Waller the other night and he has a long way to go. Haven't seen Kirby or Armon Williams. Can Tyrik Jones play in the middle? He has flashed a few times in limited action. Did McDoom even play against SC State? He was not a portal guy, but just transferred in from Michigan. I think he was recruited there to be a running back. I think I would give him a shot there. Joiner Jr. will be a good back and where the hell was Sands? I'm glad to see Sails handle punts..I puke every time I see Sanders on the field. Might be a good kid, but he is average at best. After watching Sails play, you now see that Hampton is just average that does not like to tackle. He has been burnt several times. We can add some depth fast...now go get some legit P5 talent.
  5. Well most want to win now and we need to recruit also. I'm glad to see some of the younger guys get in...but our O line is awful.
  6. At no point did I ever say anything about immediate eligibility and nor should you ever assume such a thought. Oh kids drop during the season and enter. There are probably a few left from last year that we can work on. Our depth is awful and it's a good way to get some p5 talent.
  7. In order to get this team better, CCS must get some D1 lineman on both sides of the ball. We also need 2 more backers and at least 2 running backs. Possibly 3 dbs and 3 receivers. For the most part, our transfers from the portal are our best players. Goes back to what I always said. The talent pool was really thin. Really disappointed this far with Boyles and Greer. Built like Tarzan and hit like Jane. By the way...Roberts and Sanders are still just as bad and that says alot about coaching and depth.
  8. I saw Hopple in on a few plays and he looked the part. Norman is **** right awful and we need to make the change
  9. Would like to see who else can get in that line. I just think CCS is just being CCS and its gonna cost him.
  10. I guess all that noise died fast!!! The glaring issue is personnel on both sides of the ball. CCS should get Atterbury off the field period. Sanders and Roberts have no business on the field. Davis, Burnett and Evans need more time and Hopple.
  11. Yeah...because the coach actually was the one muffling the punts. I have repeatedly said Sanders and Roberts are 1 AA talent. I would like to see Burnett out there with Sails and Studstill. Hampton now looks like a suspect because we have Sails and Studstill flying around. #portalraid2
  12. How ago? What were the rules on schools contacting players from other schools?
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