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  1. Corey lea

    QB change?

    Maybe it was a little harsh... but I expect the Battle and the other two to eventually surpass them. In fact, I would not be surprised if both transferred.
  2. Corey lea

    QB change?

    Actually, without BB we would be 1-3 at this point. The other two are division 3 talent level.
  3. Corey lea

    QB change?

    Well on the bright side...CWT should have a QB shakeup. This thread is just that dumb.
  4. Corey lea

    Offensive Playcalling

    14-2 = incompetent? Meanwhile in Tallahassee, former coach barely beats fcs team with 4-5 star players. The fact is that most of you will never be satisfied with Strong or Gilbert. Just the nature of the beast... I'm pretty sure ECU was in the backfield before BB could handoff or get a pass off.
  5. Corey lea

    Offensive Playcalling

    14-2 with this play calling with a bad OL...don't forget all the costly penalties and turnovers...We also don't have depth on D so Strong had to protect the D...
  6. Corey lea

    QB change?

    Really? An average BB is better than anything we have. We are 4-0..CS ain't changing QBs unless BB gets injured.
  7. I just hope this thread is a joke and the comments that CCS is in over his head...let's see 13-2 and 36-6 in his AAC career. You don't have the right to know who is hurt or who has discipline issues. You only have the right to know that he is putting the best players available on the field.
  8. Don't forget that this is just year two and 2 years ago this was one of the worst d's in football. We don't have depth, size and experience yet. THIS IS ONLY THE THIRD FULL GAME BB HAS PLAYED SINCE HS. YOU HAVE TO GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR BEING A WINNER AND FINDING A WAY TO WIN. We don't have a solid OL and the penalties are killing us. The is a reason Weiss was not kicking at TSU. I am hoping Charlie finds some personnel to provide immediate help for next year. We need two linebackers and kickers....maybe 2 Ol as well.
  9. Corey lea

    Nico Sawtelle Revisited

    We could do better... He is the "Dylan Haynes" of USF...the guy who got Strong fired at Texas.
  10. Corey lea

    Nico Sawtelle Revisited

    He still hurts us... A Lot!!! I wish Charlie could have upgraded with a grad transfer.
  11. Charlie will wake them up.... We don't have the weight to handle a physical team and they are beating us in every facet of the game... Barnett is our best option and it's not even close. We know he can play from behind. I'm more concerned with our D than anything. Just getting manhandled again!!!
  12. Corey lea

    Good test for our coaching staff

    I would have been worried if we didn't have "Big Red." I think if the offense can get jump on them early and GT has to play from behind that we can win this. The only thing that scares me is the D getting gashed and not playing assignment football.