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  1. He lost 2 games. Q was a good college qb, no shade there. Well how many conference championships does this program have? He did beat Mahommes while he was at Texas. LOL
  2. LOL... Blame Charlie for this class. This is Scott's baby now!!! Just like Charlie had to deal with players left here by Willie. You got a new coach so give him time to build his program.
  3. Very clearly and Willie's guys were not very talented. Chuck did make a mistake with roster management and QB's. Willie left nothing, but a few decent seniors. Just look what he did at FSU and look at the results. Strong should have been fired for his performance and roster management.
  4. Well at least he will have a capable QB throwing to him.
  5. Didn't have a qb who could throw it in the ocean while standing on the beach.
  6. His guys were sophomores and freshmen mainly. It shows you had bad the talent was when he got here. Yeah, he had some faults, but you guys still don't get that it was a cesspool of junk when he got here. Most of you don't understand what NFL talent looks like on a college field. Strongs track record everywhere else speaks for itself. You keep acting like this is some football factory. This school has no money for football.
  7. LOL... I blame Strong for offering this kid a scholarship. This kid, along with Roberts, is one of the reasons Strong got fired. Strong is bull headed and got we he deserved.
  8. McCloud will be moved. If he is even remotely in the picture to start then there is no qb worth having.
  9. You guys crack me up. So there are rumors floating about Strong as the DC at Michigan State. He dropped the ball here, but this school has high expectations and no resources (or conference championships). Strong screwed the pooch by not getting a capable qb or safety. So he got what he deserved.
  10. https://bamahammer.com/2020/02/15/strong-coaching-staff-analyst-horizon-alabama-football/ Good move
  11. Lol. The proof will be in the pudding. I just know that he better hit the portal for a few more players.
  12. With the success of Jackson, Wilson and Murray, there is no way that I don't have Flowers on at least the practice squad. Andy Dalton sucked.
  13. Well I'm pretty sure you are not my dad!!! LOL The fact still remains, the D needs a safety in the worst kind of way.
  14. A realist!!! However, let him work the portal to get some lineman and should be fine. Oh, he better get a safety or he will be on the hot seat early.
  15. Watch out for Vandy getting in on this recruitment.
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