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  1. Doesn't bother me, just giving an example of how a losing team can have optimism. Its because the projections are good. How did you project our team after 2019? Edit with part b. Wouldn't you have projected it a little differently, if we had lost 8 straight with Barnett/Mccloud but then we go with Battle after the bye week and we looks like a stud and we rattled of four straight wins against Temple, Cincy, Memphis, and UCF? or three of those four?
  2. Optimistic- 4-8, a roster with good young talent that just can't finish but most return including a solid QB and a good signature win to show what's there. non optimistic 4-8 with serious QB concerns and losing 4 straight and the biggest win is a 7-6 BYU.
  3. except you can't be. But after you figure that out, you can start looking at who would comparable. But you also have to look at teams who had lost 14 of their last 16 games against current FBS opponents before the new coach took over. We weren't' exactly an optimistic 4-8
  4. Or accept that our situation and everyone else's was unique. As you said the examples are endless and as your cited examples show, they are on very wide spectrum
  5. So in your example about how it impacted everyone equally, you cite one team who was shut down completely and one team who lost one player on offense for one game?
  6. How do you know this? we are responsible for catching or being close to someone who caught an airborne virus (who may or may not even know they have it) and having to abide by our state, county, conference and school protocols...got it Not necessarily saying we had it worse than others but we don't know how it impacted others and we don't really know how much it impacted us.
  7. Cool list, does not illustrate the point as I said it affected everyone differently. You can't tell me having 7 of your 11 defensive starters unavailable is the same as having a few practice squad players out. Not really talking specifics but that's the spectrum. You also can't tell me that having 98th toughest schedule doesn't account for a few wins either. In any case its covid effected everyone differently, due to differing case numbers, due to differing state protocols, due to differing university protocols. It was just different. This is also a line form your article
  8. So who around him are you comparing him too? And covid impacted everyone differently. I don't recall any team being forced to sit players to compensate for their opponents having to quarantine.
  9. MAR 5 (FRI) 6:30 P.M. AT STETSON DELAND, FLA. MAR 6 (SAT) 2:00 P.M. AT STETSON DELAND, FLA. MAR 7 (SUN) 4:00 PM VS STETSON ATTENDANCE IS BY TEAM PASS LIST ONLY TAMPA, FLA. USF BASEBALL STADIUM All Games on ESPN+ Also in other news RUIZ, BULLS AMONG NCAA STATISTICAL LEADERS- 2nd in Hits Also includes where a few other bulls rank nationally. As a team The Bulls are top 25 in both hits and BA
  10. Does anyone know what the extent of his shoulder injury was? was is really season ending or was it not worth coming back?
  11. I don't know what to make of it either. I was wondering is he viewed it the best job in the section, should it open, or if it was more along the lines of your thinking.
  12. "This might be the one job in this section worth keeping an eye on, though."- Interesting line in reference to BG seat.
  13. Those were the days..........Gonna have to drop a small fortune to play the new one.
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