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  1. Texas did manage to squeak out a 50-48 win against Kansas, but they did lose to 5-5 TCU. At this point I want CCS to get another year just so I can watch the meltdown that will surely occur.
  2. I just happy at the progress that has been made in titling threads by CL. Based on the content I would have guessed the title to be "Macon to get 6th year of eligibility and will wear number 7".
  3. That's not what I said. The point about specialists and the development of pitchers are two separate points. One is about the state of pitching and one is a potential side effect.
  4. This doesn't really bother me either way. It's another form of regulation to speed up the game and its not the end of the world to ask pitchers to have to face righties and lefties. the specialists kinda got out of hand. Four or more pitching changes in a game is just to much. could lead to more pitchers learning to be pitchers instead of just throwers.
  5. thats cool, both of them were better runners and I don't think either are pariased here for their throwing ability as much as their x factor ability to make the offense work. JM doesn't show that.
  6. This is true, I don't want the walk-on, I want BB (I know, the blasphemy). But he isnt an option, and JM isn't doing enough to warrant the others not getting a chance.
  7. Adequate would be nice. I don't care if he is a redshirt senior. If he isn't ready see if someone else can step up.
  8. Been saying it since his cameo against Wisky. He is isn't ready. Mentally or physically.
  9. Wish I would have caught that, I didn't make it in until half way through the 1st. i didn't know the game would already be over
  10. The BBWA have shown that they don't take into account the value of the rest of a team when evaluating for the awards. it's good because it's not like basketball or football where one player has the opportunity to take over a game. A pitcher can, but we are long past the days of pitchers trying to go nine everytime out. Another example of this is Jacob Degrom two years in a row. In any case, the AL MVP race will always be a question of is there a player whose numbers surpass Trout's eye test (and numbers). He did finish second in the league in HR while missing those 20 games and has the track record to get the benefit of the doubt.
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