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  1. Anything is possible, but the science doesn't really support his stance. What makes this worse is that he says he only stopped using substances for two starts. UCL injuries are usually very gradual without a noticeable sudden impact (I.E. car wreck). I think his fastball is a much more likely culprit. The UCL isn't meant to support that torque and there a good chance they break after a while under that strain.
  2. Sucks he got hurt......Needs to let the substance excuse go, while I agree that pitchers should have something to help grip, the grip doesn't change the amount of torque he puts on his elbow. If anything, it would cause him to throttle down.
  3. They brought back Schiano and he just stole a really good OC from Oklahoma State, I remember we wanted him here before bringing in Bell https://footballscoop.com/news/report-rutgers-landed-offensive-coordinator-sean-gleeson-with-a-record-breaking-deal/
  4. BullShillings or BullShekels
  5. My first thought for name was the very generic Bullpenny. You could keep Trips on there and put a picture of the athletics center or the Yuengling Center on the other.
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    Name these all-time pitching leaders.
  6. No problem, I plan on putting a few more like it soon. Glad you enjoyed it, Set the pace high on this one.
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    Choose the all-time school leaders for these offensive categories.
  7. Won 3 points on my first gamble. Gonna leave the table while its hot.
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