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  1. Houston is pretty well rounded with the big three sports
  2. If anyone else wants to give away their free tickets, I could use a few of them.
  3. Well if we are going change the offense then ok, but Q wasn’t that great in the offense that Floyd was running. Now when Taggs went GCO then it’s a different story
  4. So when we practice. The defense stands still? I understand there’s a different pressure but no coach will ever just throw out what happens in practice. If McCloud starts it’s because he is practicing better than BB
  5. This is why the GCO worked and the last two have struggled.
  6. I mean I guess you're talking about his attitude? what I have been defending here mostly is the idea that BB can't make the right reads. You will know who can do that in practice and obviously BB does it more consistently.
  7. Thats sorta my point, we were the same team at 7-0 as we were at 0-7. The injuries and competition just made to where we couldn't compete anymore.
  8. Basically what this thread is implying is that CKB spent all summer and Fall camp installing his offense and is to incompetent of a coach to recognize who the best QB to run it is.
  9. If you don't know what the first read is supposed to be, how can you say that he shouldn't throw it?
  10. I think personnel changes in the second half got us and played a role. Sawtelle went down, which might not have been as big cause of him but it took our best DE at the time and put in a an unfamiliar role witch hurt. BB was banged up, OL got banged up and we were playing 2-3 Freshman at a time. We stopped making fourth quarter plays. Two or three of those seven we lost were winnable in the fourth quarter. It's just football.
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