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  1. 2. Health concerns: At last check, the NCAA was fighting scores of head trauma-related lawsuits. Last year, the Chicago Tribune predicted at least 40 were forthcoming. Mix that in with the fact an eight-team playoff would guarantee the two finalists would be playing 16 games. That's an NFL regular season for young adult bodies with brains that aren't fully developed by their mid-20s. Adding games adds more chance for injury. The more chance for injury, the more schools and the NCAA are liable. The NCAA is deeply involved in head trauma research with the Department of Defense. As part of a lawsuit settlement, it is in the middle of paying $70 million to set up a medical monitoring plan over the next 50 years, after paying $75 million to that class. The NCAA Oversight Committee is looking at ways to reduce injury risk, including a general conversation about eliminating kickoffs. More football is not the answer. Health is probably the biggest hurdle to expand the playoff. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/heres-why-there-will-not-be-an-eight-team-college-football-playoff-anytime-soon/ There's a lot that goes into this the just playing another game. Insurance liabilities play a role especially considering a lot of the athletes playing the extra games are future millionaires Now, I understand those are hurdles that can be overcome, but why bother when the system works for you? No undefeated power five school has been left out. They are all ok with win all your games or take what you get. One always eliminates itself like the PAC-12 did this year anyway.
  2. Apparently if you the star player of your position group and team walks, you get moved Houston: Dana Holgersen has finalized staff responsibilities for the 2020 season by moving tight ends coach Shannon Dawson to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Marquel Blackwell will move from quarterbacks to running backs, Justin Johnson will move from running backs to tight ends (and Y-receivers), and co-defensive coordinator Doug Belk has been promoted to associate head coach and will continue to work with safeties. The program has also added West Virginia defensive recruiting coordinator Casey Smithson to the staff as director of player personnel. https://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/
  3. I think one concern is the total amount of games played by the teams that go all the way.
  4. Not that I am a chicken farmer or farmer in general (though surrounded by them). It is a thing https://www.fresheggsdaily.com/2016/03/all-about-chicken-poop-brown-black-and.html No idea where I first heard that expression though.
  5. Would Ohio St. been number two it was solely on the BCS model?
  6. i'll be the first...... I hate them. That is the definition of chicken **** green in my book. That said, I'm all for beating UCF in chicken **** jerseys
  7. Would start of term be submitting the paperwork or attending the classes? I only ask because, ESPN reported that he had already submitted his paperwork to receive the scholarship. If he did that but didn't go to the first day of classes would the scholarship money not be paid?
  8. I think makes the athlete choose before the start of semester, which to me isn't the worst idea. Otherwise if you leave mid semester to have to pay for it. i edited my last post to include something I found online.
  9. There is no difference in them asking you to leave and you asking to leave? I did find this, “The coach took away my scholarship in the middle of the year” This almost never happens because coaches know they are not allowed to take a scholarship away mid-school year without a reason. The truth in these situations lies somewhere between the coach’s story and the athletes. Coaches can pull a scholarship mid-year for 3 reasons: 1) you are ineligible, 2) misrepresent information in a university document or 3) withdrawal from the team. The interpretation of these rules falls to the university and the coach. If you feel you have not violated these rules and lost your scholarship mid-year, you are allowed to file for reconsideration with your athletic department. You will need to contact them to do so. https://www.athleticscholarships.net/question/can-a-coach-take-away-my-scholarship-without-telling-me i have no clue as to how viable the source is.
  10. I think the FBS and the CFP will just count their money and let the FCS keep their format.
  11. So does that mean that Houston can pull his scholarship for this semester?
  12. I didn't think he was coming, houston probably didn't think he was coming back but you can't do anything until he decides to enter the portal. Which he did conveniently after submitting paperwork stating he was coming back and would like to have free tuition.
  13. The only issue I have is starting a semester submitting for the scholarship and then entering the he portal, there’s nothing mutual about that.
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