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  1. Live shot of me attempting to root them on.
  2. BrassBulls12


    I would be inclined to agree as made the same point about Patterson but the difference for me is the difference in their life situations. Barnett is married and started his family and might want to get those NFL checks rolling whereas Patterson is still more or less a kid. We have to remember that Mitch Trubisky went 2nd overall after 12 starts and they weren't amazing starts at that. So although important for development, game reps aren't so important to draft projections anymore.
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    I agree it would depend on projection, but I think the 2019 QB class will be weaker with the leaders being the like of Drew Locke, Ryan Finley, and Will Grier (Justin Herbert could go in either 2019 or 2020). In 2020 he would have to compete with names like Tua Tagovaiola, Jake Fromme, Shea patterson, and Kelly Bryant. His projection this year might inflated this year and deflated in the next. Bryant also has the option to go in 2019 and probably will with trevor Lawrence looking to take over. Patterson could leave to but he may stay to get another year of tape out there.
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    TBP AAC Games Pick em

    AAC games are much harder to pick for me.
  5. So again we are back to I don't think it's wrong but it's wrong. You keep finding those molehills to make mountains out of big dog. I've wasted enough time on this thread.
  6. Because result is that the AAC is a stronger conference the MWC. I understand that its probably a few point off based on that ONE game. But unless you want to make the argument that that ONE game changes the result, which you have said multiple times that you aren't, you are basically arguing something that is meaningless.
  7. First you "aren't arguing for a stronger MWC" but the result of the AAC being a stronger conference is wrong? You are one tough cookie to follwo.
  8. I guess I just don't see the point in bringing it up if you're not saying its wrong. It's like saying I don't agree with how you got to the conclusion but I agree with it. The result is the same. Its like these common core advocates..... Math is Math.
  9. Well Seeing how UNC got beat by ECU. Not sure its to far off. I need to edit my last post. If you can find someone to rank the MWC over the AAC, other than the laughable Colley Metric. I'm all eyes.
  10. I didn't look to far into it,seems like a glich. But if you can find something that ranks the MWC as better. im all ears....or eyes. Doesn't change the SOS though.
  11. At least its not another thread about Taggart.
  12. The AAC is a higher rated conference. A one loss MWC champion will never be ahead of un undefeated AAC champion. Also, boise pissed away their one shot at a quality win this season. They will not be ahead of an undefeated USF. I will take that to the bank. http://realtimerpi.com/college_football/ncaaf_conf_Men.html Notice the difference is SOS ranking between the AAc and MWC.
  13. Any undefeated AAC Champion gets the NY6 game over any other G5 conference. Given the fact that Boise St. has already lost, If we do what we are supposed to, we get the nod over Boise no matter what UCF does.