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  1. I know WDAE is a mixed bag when it comes to USF support but I heard Pat and Aaron (who I think is the best duo on the station) go all in on UCF and how they need to just stop. I personally think they should double down and just keep on making a fool of themselves.
  2. Based on the Bama fans I know, they will always love watching a beatdown at their place. I will admit though, I do not know enough for it to be considered a healthy sample size.,
  3. this scheduling philosophy does nothing for us, I mean who wants this caliber of a team on their schedule??? (sarcasm)
  4. Wisconsin, Aug. 30 at South Florida — If Wisconsin decides to ride with true freshman Graham Mertz, then this will not be an easy debut on the road in oppressive heat. USF was a bowl team last year and won 10 games in Charlie Strong’s first season in charge. Regardless of quarterback, this is not an easy road trip to start the season. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-Playoff-trap-games-2019-season-132212307/#132212307_2
  5. The point was that it really won’t take much for someone to be interested. If CCS gets eight wins, someone will call. The CFB world doesn't view CCs the way this board does.
  6. Disturbed Mine was jimmy Buffett. Never made my way to Margaritaville.
  7. But there's no real precedent to go on here so there's really no way to know how this will all shake out. He could very well have padded his pockets here but I see it as a bigger gamble than he probably needed to take and was probably pressured into this by his agent who is trying something out. (in case it doesn't come off this way, I really don't like scott Boras) I will be very interested in knowing what the MLB tonight guys have to say about this.
  8. No one but thats one pitcher and really there's only ever been about 5 pitchers that have ever warranted that kind of money through the posting system so he would have join that top esculan of all time international prospects for that to come to fruition. Meanwhile three pre-free agency pitchers signed deals this offseason that will give them 10 million per season over the next four to five years. the posting system applies to all players in the japanese league, american or not and the more you pay the player, the more you give the league. But its their choice to post you. Again, I'm sure he will leave when he wants to, but its an added hoop that teams will have to jump through and does affect how much you will get. http://m.mlb.com/glossary/transactions/japanese-posting-system
  9. If he is allowed to leave after six years......I realize there's a good chance he will but he could be held for nine years or more depending on when he gets promoted from the Japanese minor leagues. If he becomes good enough to be a profitable posted player, why wouldn't be good enough to get one of these big money pre- free agency deals that we are seeing young pitchers get.
  10. The contract includes escalators that could take it beyond the $7 million-plus guaranteed. Had he opted to stay in the United States, Stewart likely would have received a bonus of less than $2 million and made even less over the next six years, barring a rapid ascent to the major leagues. i found something about the escalators but there's not a lot of details on when and how much. The secondary benefit for Stewart could be even more lucrative: International free agents 25 or older can sign with any major league team without restrictions, so long as their Japanese team enters them into the posting system. This is the part I have the most issues with Were Stewart to play in Japan for the next six years, sources told ESPN, he would be considered, under the present rules, an international free agent eligible for posting. Although the limit of four foreign players per Japanese team could stem an influx of American players, elite amateur talent could begin to use the prospect of going to Japan -- not just for the greater guarantee in money but the earlier access to free agency -- as a cudgel in negotiations. Stewart's agent, Scott Boras, has long tried to use the prospect of taking an amateur player to Japan for leverage purposes. Never until Stewart had one come close to agreeing to a deal. Boras, who has exploited multiple draft loopholes in the past, opted for a 7,500-mile end-around with Stewart. Here is the true story. This is just an experiment by Boas and he finally found a lab rat. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26797380/pitcher-skips-mlb-draft-japan-deal I see the value in the short term as he was wasn't gonna come close to what he getting in that six year deal. But i'm not sold that this leads to more money in the long term had he stayed. It adds another hoop teams will have to jump through to give him big money and it all depends on if the Japanese team wants to give him up.
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