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  1. There is certainly something to lose. We have to at least look like we belong on the same field.
  2. Not sure when he will be available, but I would like to see Fortin. I would go with Johnson until then. CF will need to come back soon though at a certain point we gotta stick with what we got.
  3. Hot Take: D'Eriq King is really good at football
  4. I realize I'm in the minority but bottom line, that's weak reason to disqualify someone. fine the hell out of them, take a set, take a game, but don't disqualify
  5. I have yet to see where the rule clearly states that a judge has to be struck in order for it to deemed reckless and dangerous. The article I posted provide two examples of tennis pros striking a ball in frustration and striking someone of the court but because it wasn't a judge, nothing happened or they were not disqualified. Meanwhile, only two weeks ago at the Southern & Western Open - which Djokovic won - Aljaz Bedene accidentally struck a cameraman after hitting the ball away in frustration Bedene immediately apologised but the tournament official was called out to
  6. The rule is not clear, proven by the Federer situation, why was he not ejected. If there answer he hit a ball boy not a judge then clearly the intent of the rule is not safety if it is, it seems kinds backward to protect the adults so vehemently and let whatever happen to the kids but....
  7. I don't see how you think this was intentional in anyway. Also how is the federer thing different? That kids job is to get a ball that hits the net, Feds ball didn't hit the net and he recklessly and dangerously hit a trick shot into the kids chest.
  8. its just me but, imma keep my eye on the ball until the play is about to begin. She had no reason to be watching the line, how about keeping an eye on the guy thats starts play? You don't have to agree, but that's soft rule made to protect high horse judges. Proven by the fact that when happens to a ball boy, nothing happens....zilch, they laugh about it and tell him he's gotta be ready..... what a novel Idea And again my biggest contention point isn't right or wrong, its the severity of the punishment. Take a point, ok take a game, seems severe, ejection? negative.
  9. 'Different rules': Roger Federer dragged into Novak Djokovic saga Fans of Novak Djokovic have questioned whether Roger Federer would have been... I got it now, reckless and dangerous is ok, as long as you hit a kid and not the adult judge.
  10. My example was more about demeanor not intensity of strike. That's soft. Hitting a fan ok, but if your on that court pay attention.
  11. I'm sure they were but do you think he disagrees with the move now? I think he would look at like, hey, i've been a part of this decision before and making the move, even with the incumbents credentials, won us a championship.
  12. I don't think we should look to far into whos takes the first snap. Lets see how the snap count goes as the game goes. CJS has shown he's willing to pull the original starter if the backup looks better even after four games, even if the incumbent has a conference title and took his team to the CFP.
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