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  1. injuries have played a role in where we are today that didn't exist in the preseason.
  2. Sullivan attempted to dive under a tag after a high throw to first. The camera angle wasn't good but I thought there was a chance he missed him. Ump thought otherwise. Sullivan was not happy and needed to be restrained. We let this series get away from about the 6th inning on Saturday. Had them on the ropes and let them back in. A lot of well-placed ground ball hits and flares into no man's land combined with walks. We can't survive if the heart of the order goes cold. Tip you cap their starter today, he pitched the best game of his career based on his previous numbers and showed good command. We needed to be aggressive early to stay away from CB and never showed that.
  3. To some degree, you have to tip your cap to the Cincinnati starter. He has shown command of his fastball and curveball and we have been patient to a fault and just let him dominate the game.
  4. Strikeouts have been an issue but the heart has usually been able to get a few hits mixed in there. Genord and Bodrato have been completely silenced since Friday. We can't overcome that.
  5. IDK if its a philosophy thing or not, but we have just let this kid throw an outside fastball for a first-pitch strike almost at will. Then when ahead he has dominated with his CB. The top of our order outside of Phillips has been uncharacteristically awful in the last two days. No hits and 13 strikeouts.
  6. This kid is the best pitcher Cincinnati has thrown this weekend. His breaking ball has us guessing. Genord just swung and missed three times on one in four pitches.
  7. Bulls go three up, three down. We really let this one get away. Probably should pulled Wisely after the 6th, he started to lose it in the 5th and the start of the 7th is when they got back into the game. But hindsight is 20/20. series tied.
  8. Gonzales has a high throw to second which could have led to an inning ended DP, however, a two-out base hit gives Cincinnati the lead. Bulls need a run in the bottom of the 9th. Phillips, Genord, and Bodrato are due up. The best part of our lineup.
  9. Bearcats tie the game with a solo shot with one out in the ninth. Walks have allowed the Bearcats to get back into this game in the latter half.
  10. CBM, is playing matchups as he pulls Cruz for Lyle to face the upcoming lefties. Bearcats did manage to get a flare in a bad spot for a double and chopper that got just over Cruz's glove to bring in two runs. 5-4 Bulls. Still in the 7th.
  11. Wisley comes out for the 7th, gives up a solo shot and four-pitch walk. CBM goes to Ritchie Cruz.
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