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  1. Only started watching after half time but the defense is playing great again.
  2. USF offensive philosophy- cronk has a great first half, let’s limit his carries in the second and give Ford some love. The downfall of this team has coincided with Cronk splitting carries. Not saying it’s the reason but still.
  3. BrassBulls12

    Tonight, We Are All Bearcats!

    Is there any other kicker on the Cin. roster? Warren needs to make a play to get them back in this.
  4. BrassBulls12

    Tonight, We Are All Bearcats!

    Wrong. Cincy wins, wins next week and the conference championship game and gets the bid because they are a one loss champion in the best G5 conference.
  5. BrassBulls12

    Tonight, We Are All Bearcats!

    UCF better not let this team get out to far ahead like they did Memphis. Warren will put a dagger in the clock.
  6. BrassBulls12

    Promote Shaun King

    Scotts tenure at Tennessee makes me think we should stay far away from that
  7. BrassBulls12

    Why wait?

    Its not like we are playing for anything other than pride and next season. Get a head start on finding the replacement by giving King, or whoever you think the best offensive assistant is, a trial by fire interview.
  8. BrassBulls12

    Why wait?

    I don't think this will happen but if you are going to make a change at the OC position, why not do it now and see what king has a play caller. Would it really change our chances next week?
  9. At least we didn't let them cover the spread. #smallvictories
  10. The only senior on the OL just completely whiffed
  11. TE didn't know where he was supposed to be.
  12. They have only done that twice in a row, no way they saw that coming.......