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  1. Count me as one. Another here. Have my inaugural game tickets framed in my office and a shirt with the 80-3 score on it. At times, it seems like yesterday....and at times, it seems like it was forever ago.
  2. Thanks! Don't get to see Nevada much here. What a fun offense you guys have. Good luck!
  3. It was explained in another topic. Skip called for a pass play on the previous play, thinking that clock would stop on an incompletion. BJ thought he coud run it in instead, so kept the ball, thus not stopping the clock when he didn't make it. Skip didn't want to take a chance (trust?) that BJ would take a sack or try to tuck it again, so he decided on the 3 points and allowed time to run down so that time would expire upon the kick.
  4. +1 To OP: And hire who? It isn't like we are brimming with money that we can pay out yet another contract.
  5. They were saying that Skip called a pass play on that down (with the idea that incomplete = clock stoppage), but BJ ran it instead. Skip didn't want to take a chance that BJwould get sacked or pull it down and run it again on the next play, causing time to expire if he didn't make it. So he decided that they should just take the 3 points, and let time wind down.
  6. Done. Only 4 votes away from Mack Brown...still a long way from the top.
  7. what is based in orlando isnt ea sports in playa vista or playa del rey ,ca EA Tiburon (the studio responsible for NCAA 12) is located in the outskirts of Orlando.
  8. Either the Hilton Center City or Hilton Garden Inn, probably the latter.
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