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    Bulls Fans at UMass

    We have won 5 games in a row that we were expected to win. Many teams don’t win every game they are expected to win. I also did not expect us to be 5-0 given the amount of roster turnover this year. Are we one of the 25 best teams in the country? No. Do we deserve to be in the Top 25 this week, based on established ranking formulas and precedent? Yes, but barely.
  2. OnTheBus

    QB change?

    TIL 2 total TDs, no turnovers, 60% completion is a bad performance for a QB.
  3. OnTheBus

    QB change?

    Are you complaining that Barnett can not match the rush stats of the most prolific college rushing QB in the history of the state of Florida?
  4. Can we get this to 2019 pages before 2019?
  5. OnTheBus

    Publix Subs best in US

    Incorrect; best subs are at Laspadas in Broward/Miami/Boca Publix is second though.
  6. OnTheBus

    The Legend of Lynch

    Lynch singlehandedly repowered the Superdome during the Super Bowl.
  7. OnTheBus

    The Legend of Lynch

    Seal Team 6 asked Lynch for advice on how to take out Osama.
  8. OnTheBus

    The Legend of Lynch

    Lynch was a first round draft pick, while still in middle school.
  9. 954 is Broward County. He is refering to Mike White. 404 is around Atlanta Georgia. He also just tweeted out area code 813.
  10. This is from an ESPN Insiders article today. Its their 10 bold signing day predictions, and Taggart is one of the points: "Willie Taggart will make a big splash" "Even though USF won't rank as one of the nation's top 25 classes, high school coaches all over Florida are buzzing about the job Taggart and his staff have done in a short amount of time. There's an outside chance the Bulls could sign a high-profile guy such as Denver Kirkland (Miami/Booker T. Washington) or Stacy Coley (Oakland Park, Fla./Northeast), but even if they don't get those guys, don't count out something else wild happening in the Bulls' favor. USF did a good job in January. And even if it doesn't close strong, it is clear USF has positioned itself to be a force for the future in the Sunshine State." http://insider.espn.go.com/college-sports/recruiting/football/story/_/id/8914899/national-signing-day-bold-predictions Also they predict Johnson to sign with USF.
  11. Last year's class was 49th on Rivals. It will only take a couple more nice commits to make this USF's top recruiting class.
  12. OnTheBus

    Manti Te'o

    Huge freaking bombshell here. This is the top story on all the sports radio stations I can hear, and is the story on today's Pardon The Interuption. This is going to be a huge story.
  13. What I think Auman meant was that Wilson had submitted his name for consideration to Taggart, before going to Georgia. The name wasn't submitted now.
  14. I bought one of those lanyard USF bracelets in Cozumel, also on a cruise. No USF fans on the ship though. It was over Thanksgiving, and they were showing the USF/Cincy game (I think it was that game? The Friday night one?) in one of the bars. I was the only one watching. Other people popped in to see if the Karoke was starting up yet lol.
  15. Taggart is currently mingling with students in the SunDome student club. I asked him if Chuck was our new DC. after some hesitation, he said "yep, hes coming". Im not the most credible poster but I don't have reason to make this up.