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  1. It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life for me, And I'm feeling good
  2. Hell yeah! This is much better than the 8-team proposal I figured would be the result. This would be a massive boon to the AAC. It's just a **** shame that this change will come just a few years into the AAC's current 12-year TV deal with ESPN. If we were renegotiating at any point after today, with this 12-team playoff on the table, our TV rights would certainly be higher. Not by a significant amount, but a noticeable amount sure.
  3. One Marlon Mack for the Dolphins yes please thank you kindly.
  4. Good to see CJS making an impact with recruiting. This was always going to be a multi-year, ground-up rebuild, and it’s hard to expect better than what CJS brought in when you’re coming off a 1-win season. I’m **** sure CJS will have the football program looking healthy again quicker than the culture of this forum will be healthy again (if it ever can with some of the characters here). This forum will never thrive again, even if Bulls football is thriving, until the bull**** goes away. Any lurker (let’s say a USF freshman) thinking about getting involved in the community would be repulsed by the discussion here.
  5. This season was always going to be dead weight, COVID or no COVID.
  6. I could understand an argument that we could have won more games with Strong, but that would have been at the cost of another year of Strong’s “culture” (or lack of) infect our locker room, and set us back further on the path of long term success. In a way, Scott is lucky that this screwed up season happened at the very start of his time here, and not in year 2, 3, or 4 where it would have screwed up a good team.
  7. Remember when Brad tried to get the “characters” here to tone down the BS back in January? Good times.... glad to see that worked out as well as anything in 2020 can work out.
  8. An empty, broken chair is an upgrade over Joey.
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