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  1. The bus driver won't let me get off the bus. And we've been stuck in traffic for three years.
  2. Seriously folks, just start responding to Puc by throwing back his prior comments on being a propagandist in his face. Just make that the default response.
  3. Also you: It's not about personal insults. Brad's policy is about personal conflicts derailing threads. You and several others are rehashing a 2007/G5 vs P5/CJL debate for the millionth time in a thread about USF's 2021 prospects. Now I'm not Brad, but that strikes me as a personal conflict. Somehow, this thread devolved into another thread about Leavitt. I do believe that's what Brad was trying to prevent with his message last week. Lets stop derailing threads with decade old narratives.
  4. Puc, maybe instead of taking out your frustrations on being left out of the P5 on your fellow Bulls fans, how about you go to a P5 forum and let them know how you feel. Because all you're contributing here is a headache. Jesus ******* Christ. This was Brad less than a week ago: I think now is a good time to start with this policy Brad.
  5. GUYS. If Mickey Mouse College could go from 0-12 to 6-7 in Frost's first year, there's no reason we can't cross .500
  6. To me, going .500 or above next year is indicative of a quick turnaround. Not a complete turnaround itself, but would certainly be above common expectations.
  7. Didn't we literally have to have a big talk about this in late January? The circular BS that goes on around here makes the place less accessible to the people who want to focus on USF athletics. Take your garbage, insults, and propaganda to another part of this forum, away from the limelight. It's cancerous. It's detrimental to building a healthy community. Unless your opinion of a healthy community is one where abuse each other for their own amusement. In which case, this place will slowly die, and all that will be left are the same 5 people stuck in an infinite circle-jerk. brybull1970, the last time we had to have this community-chat, you repsonded by posting two BS threads with the intent of ticking off Speedybull. One of those was a fake announcement about conference expansion, that was promptly deleted. If you can't see how you are part of the problem, I'm sorry for you.
  8. Quietly removing yourself from a frustrating situation is much more responsible than throwing a hissy fit in the locker room. It's not like Q is going on Twitter rants. That would be acting like a child. Q knows his value. Q knows that being pulled off field two drives after scoring the team's first TD of the season is not how you grow an offense. Do I personally wish he stayed with the team this week? Yes. Is him leaving childish? No. Far from childish.
  9. I must say.... it feels nice that Q is at the center of the biggest starting QB controversy in pro football at the moment.
  10. Vipers are at home this weekend. Let's see how Trestman deals with three hours of "We Want Flowers" chanting from whatever crowd shows up.
  11. If XFL is considered "pro level", I do think Q has what it takes to impress. Or at least he has what it takes to get the chance. At RayJay. For the city that loves him. But no, of course Q doesn't belong in the same sentence (or paragraph) as NFL MVPs.
  12. Trestman doesn't understand Florida football, and this roster is filled with Florida talent. Imagine if this team was coached by Orlando Apollos championship winning coach, who had a firm grasp on Florida football. What was his name again...
  13. Ehh... the “report” that Colin is quoting is some guy on Twitter with about 350 followers. Co-hosts an XFL podcast (that only has 81 followers). I’d wait for something more concrete.... Even the podcast host just now tweeted “he will be back” in regards to QF.
  14. Looking over Twitter, it does seem like this could be a long-term situation. I don't blame Q, but I don't think withdrawing like this helps his case. Again, it's lose-lose-lose. He looses too. Hopefully it's just for a couple days to make a point. Or maybe there's actually a personal situation he needed to address. God knows he's had to deal with too many tragic personal situations in his young life.
  15. Trestaman confirmed Q is on the team, just not practicing today for personal reasons. So this was just more rumor mongering.
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