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  1. I am seeing all his posts. He has been on my ignore list for a couple days. There is a difference between arguing honestly and being in an echo chamber. There is a difference between honestly disagreeing with someone and dishonestly disagreeing.
  2. I’d like to remind everyone that puc admitted the other day he is a propagandist who only cares about winning arguments with little, if any, regard for being objective, fair, and arguing in good faith. Those are his words. That’s his prerogative. Side note: the “ignore users” function isn’t working for me. Puc was added to my ignore list days ago but I still see his hypocrisy. Anyone else having issues with the ignore function?
  3. Primanti's has a location in Broward County. Fantastic sandwiches (and pizza). I'm there once a month.
  4. Didn’t realize we had that functionality. Where can I find that?
  5. I have minimal familiarity with “meme culture”, nor do I believe that “culture” is anything close to mainstream. It’s just a corner of the internet that likes to look in the mirror. Nor am I attempting to use “propagandist” tactics to “win the argument“. I am here for “fruitful conversation” and “reasonable honest dialogue” that is “objective, fair”. I wish our whole online community shared those aspects, but some, as admitted, just want to spread propaganda with no interest in honesty. Just contradictions and hypocrisy to “win the argument”. A shame our community has to deal with such garbage.
  6. “Triggered” is part of the general language of 21st century political hacks. And people who seek to “trigger” others are hacks. Congratulations on outing yourself. Keep that **** out of here. You are what is wrong with this fan base, not CJS completing his season at Clemson.
  7. Get the **** out of here with that crap and keep it to political websites.
  8. Well at least we all know now that your driving motivation is to annoy people. I hope it brings you happiness.
  9. Then you are going to be forever miserable. No reason for you to keep telling everyone how miserable you choose to be.
  10. And as we all know, USF being kicked out of the power conferences via realignment and the death of the Big East had absolutely nothing to do with the decreased buzz around the program. No role whatsoever. It’s a shame CJL wasn’t here to singlehandedly vault us to the P5, amirite bro?
  11. As opposed to you calling people who disagree “football globalists” who don’t have a “USF first agenda”? Hypocrisy, thy name is Puc.
  12. Is this response to mean you are, in fact, not going to move on with your life, and instead hammer home a moot point for the sake of bothering other people?
  13. You must have really thin skin if you let the excitement of USF fans get to you personally. God forbid someone looks at you the wrong way in real life...
  14. Well it’s all over now, so the good news is that you can move on with your life.
  15. And also Puc, how would have been any different with steve ensminger? He too would have stuck with LSU through the National Championship.
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