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  1. Is brybull still standing on the ledge, posting new BS threads every 5 minutes about how we should be playing in Divison 4?
  2. His silence speaks for itself. To some people, human life is irrelevant.
  3. @94 Bull Would you like to tell me how many deaths are fine by you? Or do you not want to admit that you don't think it matters how many people die? Your idea that the longer it takes for everyone/the herd to get the virus, the chances of an individual getting the virus goes up, is ******* laughable. Absolutely contradictory logic. "If people don't get the virus now, people are more likely to get the virus later". Hilarious. You should do stand-up comedy.
  4. USF has an opening the last weekend of October. FAU has an opening the 3rd weekend of November. The next time both teams have an opening is the first weekend of December (neither team has a game scheduled after the end of November)
  5. FAU had 18 players test positive last week.
  6. How many deaths would have been acceptable? There have been 187k deaths so far in the continent of Europe, with its total population of 741m. There have been 200k deaths so far in America, with its total population of 328m. I suggest that half of our current death toll would have been the upper end of what’s acceptable. Instead it’s double what it should be, because some stupid people were never taking this seriously as early as March. So I ask you again: what do you think is an acceptable number of deaths? Is there a limit to what you would consider to be acceptable, or do
  7. The subject of this thread isn’t even about FAU... it’s about USF’s football team and COVID. What else should the discussion be about?
  8. How many deaths do you think is an acceptable amount? Is there a number at which point it’s too much, or are any-and-all deaths a-okay?
  9. 1: Just like how Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1 and other global viruses never went away? We’re all still suffering so much from those epidemics, right? 2: Does “no one” include taxpayers who funded the special Florida & Federal unemployment checks you were eligible for most of this year?
  10. Best to contain it as much as possible..... right? Minimize risks, save lives, and all that jazz?
  11. None of this should be surprising. Last week, daily average new cases trended up for the first time since the mid-July peak. We got down to 35k new cases a day 12 days ago before climbing back up to 41k now. If that figure continues trending upward this week, then it will be clear we’re gearing up as a country for a third wave this fall (which was already presumed, but might now be shown in the data)
  12. Honestly I expect college football to shut down before the Big 10 gets up and running again.
  13. And as we all know, AD Michael Kelly, although only having been here for 2 years now, has actually been orchestrating the past decade of Brybull's USF misery.
  14. I'd rather have fewer fans that recognized the accomplishments across our entire roster than f'n crybabies like you who think our AD should be fired for not firing our HC after a season which the Bulls were undefeated and ranked at the halfway point.
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