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  1. Brad, can you explain this more? I'm confused. Is this not for the Ybor Block Party? Or is this for another event down the road?
  2. Alright Mutt, way to go brother!
  3. Was hoping the Washington Generals were on the home schedule...maybe next year
  4. Yes there are a few that I see in the lot right in front of Gate D. Lot 5 maybe? South side of stadium. But as another said, you have to pay for a few parking spots
  5. He's going to have work twice as hard now. Bad timing for a suspension. Octavious Battle, QB3 now?
  6. JoeB

    Andrew Perez

    Joe Cavallero is now in Double A, forget where maybe Binghamton?
  7. He had a good one year in the AAC, but overall was a bit of a disappointment
  8. JoeB

    Shane McClanahan Update

    No doubt about that Dave
  9. JoeB

    Shane McClanahan Update

    He wants the 3 million, that is his line in the sand
  10. JoeB

    Andrew Perez

    AP was a Great Bull, so underrated. When used properly, he was unhittable
  11. JoeB

    Coco Montes

    Doesn't hurt he's batting in Colorado, way to go Coco!
  12. JoeB

    Shane McClanahan Update

    Come on back Shane, we'll take you for another year. At the very least he can get insurance much like football players do. Obviously he has a number in mind, and they aren't matching it.
  13. JoeB

    TBT: BullsEYE Magazine

    Great stuff Dave, wish I would have known about it back then. I was up in ATL and obviously out of the loop
  14. I was there for the first 45 minutes and I would estimate maybe 300 people there. Wasn't close to 1000, maybe that was later? Some great stuff though. I picked up 2 visors, a nice polo, a tee shirt, basketball shorts, a sweet pair of sneakers, and a green 3/4 sleeve windbreaker (with Birmingham Bowl patch) all for $75. Didn't realize it had a patch until 10 hours later...
  15. Is Lot 6 the one next to the Selmon Center? And then the gear is at that Sun Dome entrance?