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  1. As long as he's healthy by August, we're good
  2. Still need to find a Saturday and Sunday starter. I'm not sold on us making the tourney either, yet. We have a lot of games to earn our way in. That's the only way we get in, gotta earn it. For what its worth nobody is in the tourney yet...its not even March
  3. Great win by our team. Need to follow it up with a good weekend in Chapel Hill. Pitchers did the job and the hitting was good too, although we should have scored more. Solid win.
  4. Great Win by the Bulls! Need Chatfield and Zech hitting like they did tonight if we want to be good.
  5. Thought CBM mishandled the pitchers tonight. Not sure we would have won but he left Wisely in too long and King in too long...need to win the series on Sunday
  6. Great Win for the Bulls! I'll be out there for Saturday's game. Hopefully Alec Wisely has the same success that Collin Sullivan had tonight.
  7. Did I win the Sunday tickets too? I actually have tickets for this one, can I throw these back out there for somebody else to use? Appreciate the offer though.
  8. KP will be our leadoff hitter, almost certain of that. Also I believe Sullivan is our Friday Night guy (at least to start the year). Other than that, Joe G will be in the 3 or 4 hole. After that I have no idea. He normally likes speed at the bottom of the order, so I'll guess Zech is in the 8 or 9 hole. The rest is a guess, but Chat might start on the bench. I hear Samford has a nasty lefty as their Friday night guy, so that probably means bench for Chat. The new ticket policy hurts attendance really. We used to use the extras on people that wouldn't go otherwise. Truth is there aren't that many Season Ticket holders. Guessing less than 50. We've had them since Lelo's first season, can't be too many that go that far back.
  9. Go Bulls Go! I can't make Friday but will be in attendance on Saturday and Sunday. I've heard Season Tickets don't allow you to use the unused tickets for later games in the season. What a bummer, this was one of the best things about prior years Season Tickets
  10. Mikey Montes is Coco's cousin I'm told. That picture of him holding the bat looks exactly like Coco's stance...I thought it could be his brother. As for the schedule start, I'm hoping we win 2 of 3 from Sanford (no easy task), and then hoping we go 2-3 with the meat of the schedule. Its really hard to say though with the lack of starting pitching and missing Montes and Villar. I think Chatfield will be the one guy that gets snubbed in this lineup unless he has finally learned how to make contact more. His strikeout ratio has been way too high in his 3 seasons so far. I definitely see more options for platooning with the OF depth. As for Rags, he needs to concentrate on his pitching when he's healthy. His approach at the plate left a lot to be desired in his first 2 seasons.
  11. Great story and a great kid. We sit with his Mom and family during the games. Go KP!