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  1. Believe it or not many places are already booked. We booked over the weekend near the airport for around $180 per night. Hopefully we find something better, closer to downtown, but if not we have a fallback. Looking forward to visiting Austin even if it will be 100 degrees or so. 101,000 capacity too. Sweat fest
  2. Well the cameras should be facing the home side. You can thank Andrew Goodrich for that.
  3. 7-5...way too many unproven players and the defense still scares me. We might be able to outscore some, but not all. Who are the leaders of this team? We'll find out quickly in the first 2 weeks of the season
  4. He could have chosen better highlites with bigger crowds. Some of these highlites aren't even from last year. Why not choose video of our team coming out to a bigger crowd instead of the empty one. Questionable at best hype video
  5. Yes, neck injuries are no joke. Once again it feels like we have no LBs. Hopefully a few of the new guys step up or it will be a long night vs the Badgers. Need to make these guys throw the ball in predictable throwing downs
  6. Anyone know what our ticket allotment is for the GT game? How many will we actually sell?
  7. Congrats Jimmy! Still no action yet, but the Reds used 4 relievers tonight, so maybe 7/3 will be the day.
  8. I messaged him today out of the blue. He says he has a lot of people to talk to still, but it sounds like it will happen in some fashion. No date or guest list was mentioned but he said he'll let me know soon.
  9. Just donated...not sure if it went through though...no confirmation?
  10. Hate to say it, but I've watched more than my share of baseball games over the past few years and CBM is not the answer. I don't think he can recruit and I'm not sure how great of an in game Manager he is. I like him with the Pitchers, but I just don't see it as the leader. That being said, he comes back for Year 3...and my prediction is another long, bad year with not much talent. And then he gets the axe.
  11. Cates will be announcing something soon per a source...he left on his own. Not convinced of anything with this staff, especially the Jeroloman brothers.
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