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  1. Billy has one more year left on his contract. I'd be shocked if we don't give him some more seasons. I was critical of him over the last couple of years, but you can't argue with the results he has gotten in the last few weeks. I think the recruiting is in a good place and our run will only help attract more talent. My guess is they will restructure the contract...and soon. His name will be a name that some bigger schools might take a shot on
  2. It actually started in the last series of the year versus ECU. USF took the last two games of that series and they have been brimming with confidence ever since. The pitching in that series was really phenomenal. There really was only one bad inning against that powerhouse of a team and I think it gave them alot of confidence. The Conference Tournament only enhanced it. And Gainesville was more of the same. The pitching has been really good over the last 3 weeks. When you have good pitching and you field the ball, the offense doesn't have to do too much. Thankfully the O has done just enough. Go Bulls!
  3. I spoke with Billy tonight. Brutcher is ready. He won't be playing in the field, but I believe he will be the DH if TLexas throws a tough righty. Let me just say he was ecstatic with the Brutcher at bat today. Go Bulls!
  4. Many of you know me as JoeB aka the Baseball Guy. Kelly was my niece. I haven't posted much this season, but I've been around. My sister Nancy is a Bullspen member, although she isn't much of a poster like me. She was a cheerleader during the Charlie Bradley years. Let me just say that this has been an incredible season in so many ways. Coach Mohl reached out to my sister and wanted to honor her by having her initials on the hats. It was an unbelievable gesture and one that our family appreciates more than you know. We've been huge baseball fans since I've been on the board for 15 years or so...Brad knows. This season has been such a wild ride, but the last month has been some of the best baseball our team has played in a long time. Winning the AAC Championship was truly amazing. Not ashame to say that I shed some tears. Coach Mohl immediately looked up to us and waved my sister and her husband Keith down and they shared a huge embrace. So many emotions were flowing. I have seen so many USF Baseball games over the years and finally we were Champions. The ride didn't stop in Gainesville. It was all gravy for me after winning the Conference Tournament. But winning in Gainesville to reach the Super Regionals was something I never anticipated. They have done more than any USF Baseball team in history...let that sink in. Hopefully they aren't done yet, but they have made all of us so proud. Go Bulls, go get 'em in Austin!!!
  5. For those interested, its pretty f-ing amazing! Go Bulls!
  6. Brutcher has been in shorts all season during games. I noticed at the Championship game he was dressed out in full uniform. I can't see him actually playing at this stage without facing live pitching, but thought I'd report it. Keanu had a brace around his leg, knee area. Not sure exactly what it is, but maybe an acl or something.
  7. I'll be there tomorrow. Need to jump on Tulane again early. Burns should be nice and rested so if he brings his A stuff we'll be in good shape. Go Bulls Go!
  8. Put it this way, Nick would be a valuable guy to have off our bench. Hes great defensively but I don't know if he'll ever bat above .250 and he has had plenty of opportunities.. Good solid player and there is nothing wrong with that.. Keanu only played sparingly, but he looks like a true impact player and has more pop than Nick. I was in attendance earlier in the year when Keanu tied a game with a home run in the 9th.
  9. Brutcher was our best player for a month or so. Not only that he's a great defensive player. Losing him has thrown our Defense out of whack. We have Pena now playing CF, when he's our 2B. And Ruiz now plays 2B. Also he's about the only guy that steals bases. So when he's in our lineup he is a big left handed bat and makes us a lot better. Losing Keanu hurt us too.. I think he'll be our everyday SS next season.. Need some guys to step up offensively as we have no bench at all.
  10. Great outing today for Win #2
  11. My guess is Burns goes on Saturday if healthy. He was used in a weird way last week, only 3 innings in middle relief vs ECU. He threw about 50 pitches so I'm guessing he's ok and they were trying to save him. We had nothing to play for as our seed was set in stone. In my opinion he was our best pitcher over the last month. That guy can accumulate outs quick. If he's healthy I like our chances. He shut down Wichita State earlier in the season. If we lose and have to play another on Saturday it leaves Baron Stuart, Brad Lord, and Joseph Sanchez...or a combination of all three. Logan Lyle should be good by then too and Kerkering only threw 4 pitches so we are in great shape. The other positive is we have Sullivan on Sunday if need be. Billy pulled him early on Tuesday night. He could have pitched another inning or two as he was cruising. That move could prove to be genius by Billy. I've seen a ton of USF baseball over the last 15 years. I can't remember any tournament where we were in the Winners Bracket after 2 games. Hard to believe but I think its true. So come on out to the game Saturday and cheer on the Green and Gold! At $8 its money well spent. Game time will be around 12:30 or 1:00. Go Bulls Go! And now a Victory Beer!
  12. Pretty good offensive team, but we have no starting pitching aside from Jasiak. Burns has looked good in relief and Kerkering seems OK but he's our closer. After that we are struggling to find a starter we can count on for Saturday and Sunday. Brad Lord needs to be moved to relief, he hasn't been good. I think we'll see Burns start on Saturdays going forward. Score 13 and you should win. Blown 2 Sunday games to FGCU with 6 run leads in both. Take those away and we are 9-4...but the pitching is a serious problem...and Mohl is supposed to be the pitching guru. He won't survive this unless they turn it around quick
  13. I think he is a great bench player. Nick is a great defensive player and the 9 hole suits him. I think the lineup is pretty much set now, barring injuries or slumps. Mitchell is now only being used as a runner/defensive replacement in late innings. You might see Keanu start being our DH against lefties (like this past Sunday) as Cantu struggles against LHP. Especially if Jake is hurt and you have to play Cortez
  14. I was hoping for 1 win, thrilled with 2 wins, but when you have the chance for the sweep hopefully they find a way. The bats were the story but Logan Lyle really stepped up tonight. He got them out of a mess in the 7th and pretty much cruised the rest of the game. We actually should have scored more. Guys on 2nd and 3rd with less than two out in both the 7th and 8th innings. Poor Julio Cortez hitting into 3 double plays-one of which was a great diving play by the SS, couldn't catch a break. 4 hit day by Carmine Lane too. Really impressive win. Now's the time to get greedy and get tgat 3rd win of the series, this time at home. Guessing Brad Lord will be getting the ball today. Need 5 strong out of him and then let Burns and the rest of the pen take care of tge rest
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