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  1. Gators with the best start in their history and the Bulls with one of our worst. Won't be pretty, but anyone wanting to watch the games will be on SECTV. 3 losses to the Gators is expected, but the 3 to Northeastern earlier in the season really hurt. Its going to be a long season and Billy will be gone by late May. Maybe Kingston will be available, I would gladly take him back. Go Bulls!
  2. Any other items for Austin? I see a lot of San Antonio stuff but most fans I would think will hang in Austin for the entire weekend. Bars, restaurants, spots to hit around town, etc. Thanks Go Bulls!
  3. Maybe the UConn weekend. The last few years the Spring Game has been the first or second weekend of April
  4. Lost a lot of talent the last couple of years. I wasn't very high on the team going into last year and we know how that turned out. Once again I'm not very high on the team, although I think we will be better. Injuries really hurt the team last season. Hopefully we stay healthy this year. As for talent, new guys will need to step up. I wasn't impressed much with the youngsters last season, so hopefully we got better in the offseason or new players will again need to be relied on more. I believe our Friday starter is Colin Sullivan still. He's pretty solid. I hear the Saturday starter is Carson Ragsdale. He's never really started for us and is coming off TJ surgery, so it is a big question mark for me. Not sure about the Sunday and Tuesday starter roles. Maybe Ben Koff is one of those guys, but he too is coming off TJ surgery. He was impressive when healthy last season. The backend of the bullpen gets help as Graham Hoffman is back, but other than that who knows? I don't really like the home schedule this year. I think its one of the weaker ones since I've been a season ticket holder (roughly 12 years). That being said maybe we rack up a bunch of wins at home to get some confidence before the AAC Season starts. I think Billy Mohl is gone after this year if we don't make the NCAAs...and I just don't see it happening for us this season. We shall see, but I'll still be going to a lot of the games and hope for the best and always root for the home team! Go Bulls!
  5. Sorry just saw this. Baseball Season Tickets are such a great deal. Used to be even better, but still a pretty good deal
  6. Believe it or not many places are already booked. We booked over the weekend near the airport for around $180 per night. Hopefully we find something better, closer to downtown, but if not we have a fallback. Looking forward to visiting Austin even if it will be 100 degrees or so. 101,000 capacity too. Sweat fest
  7. Well the cameras should be facing the home side. You can thank Andrew Goodrich for that.
  8. 7-5...way too many unproven players and the defense still scares me. We might be able to outscore some, but not all. Who are the leaders of this team? We'll find out quickly in the first 2 weeks of the season
  9. He could have chosen better highlites with bigger crowds. Some of these highlites aren't even from last year. Why not choose video of our team coming out to a bigger crowd instead of the empty one. Questionable at best hype video
  10. Yes, neck injuries are no joke. Once again it feels like we have no LBs. Hopefully a few of the new guys step up or it will be a long night vs the Badgers. Need to make these guys throw the ball in predictable throwing downs
  11. Anyone know what our ticket allotment is for the GT game? How many will we actually sell?
  12. Congrats Jimmy! Still no action yet, but the Reds used 4 relievers tonight, so maybe 7/3 will be the day.
  13. I messaged him today out of the blue. He says he has a lot of people to talk to still, but it sounds like it will happen in some fashion. No date or guest list was mentioned but he said he'll let me know soon.
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