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  1. Anybody know why Baron Stuart started tonight? He can't win the midweek starter role let alone a weekend start...is Mohl trying to throw a little strategy moving our two best arms back a day to try to win a series? Basically giving up on Fridays? Very unconventional, but if true I kind of like it
  2. I predicted 6-6 earlier. I think the best case scenario is 8-4, worst case 5-7. The Wisconsin game will tell us a lot. UCF still better than us on paper, but hopefully we steal that one in Mousetown. So far in that series, the better team has always won. No upsets...maybe this is the year that changes
  3. I'm going to try to make it over there tomorrow. They do deserve some love
  4. Good outing, but he needs to go longer. 5 innings isn't enough...that was his problem at USF. He needs to be a 7 inning guy or he will end up being a bullpen arm imo
  5. I've seen the team probably more than anybody and it's the worst team I've seen in 10 years...dont mean to be negative but I'm honest
  6. I haven't heard of anything special going on for the Spring Game this year. Last year they had an offer for Season Ticket holders where it was like $15 for food/beer under a big tent to watch the game and hang out prior to the game. Anybody know if something is in the works? It was a great deal for an otherwise meaningless football practice. Hopefully this will be announced soon. The food trucks weren't exactly the best if memory serves. Go Bulls!
  7. Not pretty but its a Win. Need to take care of Dartmouth this weekend. Anything less than 2 wins will be a major disappointment
  8. We are now pitching a position player in a tied game in the 7th....well not tied anymore. Down 8-7. We have zero guys left if the game goes to extra innings
  9. Maybe it is Derek Sharp. He gets too excited during the play and it affects his call. Bodrato is already in the lineup so he's not really affected. We haven't found a true DH for our lineup. The latest attempt is Jake Sullivan for DH
  10. Who is the guy doing the game for USF radio? He's very confusing with his description of the action. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss Jim Louk
  11. Dutka had surgery on his wrist last week. He'll be out for a while
  12. No Zech is not hurt. He's been getting benched lately. Too many Ks I guess
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