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  1. JoeB

    100 days

    SB is done
  2. JoeB

    AAC Tournament

    Its right next to the big field
  3. Cubs game Friday afternoon
  4. JoeB

    Nick Munera off the team

    I don't think is much of an issue, did Nick ever see the field?
  5. JoeB

    Six Bulls named All- Conference

    Congrats to all the players, but especially David Villar. He was our rock this year. I don't think he missed a game all season.
  6. JoeB

    AAC Tournament

    Just need one good start from Shane. Give us 6 strong and we'll take our chances!
  7. Amazing we finished this high without anything from our Friday night starter
  8. Has the day been any shorter for the UC players? Sounds like an excuse
  9. We shouldn't bunt. Let our hitters hit. I realize the situation, but as a team it is something we don't do much, aside from Zech
  10. Wow, can't even close out the Bearcats. King has struggled recently. AP is over used in his role as closer, but Mohl doesn't trust anybody else. Hopefully we can steal this game back. Finishing 2nd in Conference would be a miracle season for us considering our pitching issues. Pete is the only guy we can trust. Hopefully he'll at least get us a W in the Tourney
  11. In a word, no. You might be able to do $400 if you live within driving distance of Soldier Field
  12. Yep, I was pretty close. Off by $5 for that Illini ticket. Nice to see the Temple ticket at a somewhat discounted price
  13. I'm questioning Billy's moves over the last week or so. He could have reset his rotation with a week off. Could have started Pete on Friday night vs Wichita and then he could have started tonight. If you're not going to pitch Shane in this series, why not do that? Instead we lose a pretty big game and now we have to scramble to get a win in this series. I think we have to have Shane pitch tomorrow now. Nothing is guaranteed. If we get swept by UC, we fall to 6th in the league or worse. That is not an NCAA Tournament team finishing that low in this conference
  14. South Carolina is one of the hottest teams in the country right now. But it would be nice to avoid Gainesville in the tourney. Give me Athens or Tallahassee any day.
  15. JoeB

    USF vs WSU

    Gotta win the series, and that means we gotta win on Friday night. Shane needs to lead us to victory. Hopefully the bats stay hot too.