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  1. Can someone explain that hook and hold call?
  2. Brown is having a rough night
  3. These refs are so whistle happy.
  4. For real. I was hoping to watch the Dillishaw fight later but at this rate I’ll have to split my attention lol.
  5. He have two absolutely awful passes for turnovers so far.
  6. Brady is getting best of Durr.
  7. USF BASEBALL PRESEASON POSITION PREVIEW: OUTFIELD January 18, 2019 By TOM ZEBOLDUSF Senior WriterTAMPA, JAN. 18, 2019 – USF baseball will be swinging for its fourth NCAA Regional trip in a five-season span in 2019 with plenty of bats to choose from."It's great to have depth," head coach Billy Mohl said. "Last year, we had no depth anywhere on the field. Thank God we stayed healthy for a majority of it." Despite lacking numbers at numerous positions, Mohl's first season as USF head coach was a successful one in 2018. Ranked in multiple polls for the final two months of the season, the Bulls won 36 games and advanced to the semifinals of the conference tournament for the first time since 2012.USF is looking to make deeper conference and NCAA postseason runs this spring with a roster re-stocked with talent, especially in the outfield. Returning seniors include preseason all-conference pick Kyle Phillips, Garrett Zech and Chris Chatfield. Joining the outfield mix are junior Austin Bodrato and instant-impact freshman Brandon Schrepf."It would be hard to be hard to find a better outfield defensively in our conference," said Mohl, who had two players – Phillips and Chatfield – post perfect fielding percentages last season.Rolling five-deep in the outfield also gives Mohl more options at DH this season when it comes time to fill out his first lineup card when the Bulls open the season at home against Samford University on Friday, Feb. 15.In the meantime, let's take a closer look at USF's outfield talent in the first installment of the Bulls' position-by-position preview leading up to the first pitch of 2019.Kyle Phillips Mohl says it's too early to name starters at the three outfield spots, but there's more than a good chance Bulls fans will see lots of Kyle Phillips again in 2019.The preseason all-conference selection from Orlando finished second on the team with a .333 average in his 2018 debut season with the Bulls. Phillips' production at the plate included 18 extra-base hits and 22 runs batted, mainly from the seventh spot in the order, but that will change in 2019."The addition of Kyle Phillips last year was huge for us," Mohl said. He's going to hit at the top of the order."Garrett Zech and Chris Chatfield Seniors Garrett Zech and Chris Chatfield have provided the Bulls with a power surge since becoming a part of USF's top-10 recruiting class in 2015. In the past three seasons, the duo have combined for 88 extra-base hits, including 26 homers and 49 doubles."They were good enough to get drafted last year, but unfortunately their cards didn't fall right," Mohl said. "Having their experience on the field is going to be really nice to have."Zech has been trusty for the Bulls in the outfield, starting 167 games since his freshman year in 2016. At the plate, the Naples, Fla., native belted a career-best six homers in 2018 and his six triples led The American. Chatfield has hit 19 homers since his freshman season and collected 19 extra-base hits last year while splitting time between outfield and DH. Like Zech, Chatfield has made more than 140 starts as a Bull."Chat is left-handed and when he gets it, it goes," Mohl said. "The key for him is to keep his strikeouts down and put the ball in play. When he does, it's fun to watch."Austin BodratoUSF expects to get more power numbers from junior newcomer Austin Bodrato, who is now fully healthy after having Tommy John surgery last spring. The 210-pound Northvale, N.J., native drove in 12 runs in 19 games for Santa Fe College last season after playing at Florida in 2017. Prior to college, Bodrato was selected in the 24th round by Pittsburgh in the 2016 MLB First-Year Player Draft."He's going to get some playing time out there," Mohl said. "He's a big, physical left-handed hitter and a really advanced outfielder. We're looking at him as one of our middle-of-the-order, left-handed bats."Brandon SchrepfFreshman Brandon Schrepf jumped on the college scene against tough competition in the fall after hitting .434 as a senior at Gulf Breeze High School in Florida. "He's a really athletic kid from the Panhandle and he's a gamer," Mohl said. "When the lights turned on when we played Florida Gulf Coast and Florida, what he did as a freshman was pretty impressive."Mohl sees lots of potential in Schrepf, who brings more speed and a strong arm to the Bulls."He's going to have a good career here," Mohl added. https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/1/15/usf-baseball-preseason-position-preview-outfield.aspx GoUSfBulls.com will be adding the other positions groups in the coming days.
  8. Considering we are pulling the notion of him transfering here out of thin air, I don't think having the opinion of it not happening is to egregious.
  9. Though still considered rare it does happen, when the players have plans. If this kid's plan was to go to D1 asap, he would be working towards it. If it wasn't, then Bell's hiring wouldn't have changed that. In any case all of the goals listed as possible motivations are still there a year later without having to miss a season of playing time. There's also a trophy in DII that he just missed out on.
  10. it's very possible to graduate in three years. Especially now with kids taking DE classes and summer classes.
  11. Unless he is in line to graduate this semester. I don't think him coming here is an option if has to sit. There's no point. He wouldn't need a year to learn anything it would just be him giving up the opportunity to play.
  12. Kyler Murray walked into a locker room knowing he wasn't gonna start. I feel like in the case of the VSU kid, the notion is he is coming to compete for the job. A little different circumstances.
  13. Going fast is only effective if your offense is good at it. It certainly hasn't helped Oklahoma in the CFP.
  14. He was only with Strong for three seasons. I'm sure your boss would have to pay a lot less to fire you then USF would have had to pay to fire Gilbert. Not to mention that even though Flowers had a lot to do with it, he ran the 10th best offense in the nation in 2017. He also had a 2000 yard rusher in 2016, You have to give that guy another year whether he drives you crazy or not.
  15. Yeah I started looking it up to. the wording is little tough to get through but I think it has to do with whether or not you were on Scholarship. i would assume he was.
  16. I'm not so sure you have to sit when transferring form DII
  17. That's great. I think one of the issues with the veer and shoot is, when its at its best, there are a lot of option routes in which the the QB and WR have to make the same read. That takes time and a small margin for error and I think we saw that a lot when BB was throwing to empty space.
  18. CCS and staff have had one season to bring in talent and even at that, they can't force kids to come here. So at best their recruits are Sophomores. Very few three star recruits, which for the most part is what we get, are D1 ready in their first couple of years. There is no way of knowing if CCs thought what we had was a good option, just the best option in a group of bad ones. We could have some really good LBs on the roster like Boyles, they just weren't ready last season.
  19. If they aren't on the field, they can't help us and I'm not sure you can blame the staff for them being suspended considering they came here with a history of being suspended and dismissed from programs. Just because having a DE and a S at LB was the best option, doesn't mean it was a good one. You have to work with what you got.
  20. No, that was in reference to everyone who so against CCS that they believed he had a hand in our offense. Which was the topic being discussed.
  21. I agree, we would have all liked for it to be better but we lost too many players to the draft and can't reload like the powerhouse programs can. Losing the only experienced and true LB we had by mid-season was tough blow to overcome. Boyles needs to grow up in a hurry this offseason.
  22. I agree, but the CCs haters want no part of this.
  23. https://www.thebullspen.com/forum/21-prospects-potential-recruits/