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  1. My no a/c report came from a couple friends that went there for a camp. The feedback was no a/c, no breeze, miserable. That could have been just before the temp was put in but I’ll concede on that.
  2. They have a warehouse with no a/c, bay doors and football field.
  3. The change is being tried out in the Atlantic league. What do you think? I personally don’t like it, but it would create more offense.
  4. If Meadows and Glasnow continue to play the way they are projecting, that trade will be a list of trade steals. Don’t forget that the Rays also got A young pitcher in the deal too. He could a future major leaguer too.
  5. https://www.draysbay.com/2019/7/13/20693096/rays-trade-peter-fairbanks-nick-solak-rangers Rays get an impact reliever but isn't much help right now.
  6. Yes, he worked under Kingston and then took over the program but was not very successful. After four seasons he was relieved and spent last season working for the U. ISU and UM both hit pretty well under him.
  7. Yes, "Whole staff" is a misleading phrase. I meant his whole staff of assistants have been replaced.
  8. Just saw where brad posted this before I did. Mods feel free to delete this.
  9. https://247sports.com/college/iowa/Article/Iowa-Hawkeyes-Football-Basketball-Kirk-Ferentz-Fran-McCaffery-Lisa-Bluder-Megan-Gustafson-133624483/ Basketball and wrestling carried them. It think it's less about total sports and more of a are you good at football and basketball metric.
  10. Well my picks went to hell. Also, Vlad Jr is a really good power hitter.
  11. https://www.mlb.com/ MLB is running a bracket challenge for the home run derby. Might not be everybody thing but if are interested by it, it should entertaining. Grand prize 250k and there is no purchase necessary. My picks were 1st round winners: Vald Jr over yelich Bregman over Pederson Alonso over Santana Bell over Acuna 2nd round: Bregmen over Vla Jr. Bell over Alonso Final round: Bell over Bregman
  12. I posted this in the fantasy and games club but I'm not sure many check that. If you would like to start and play post here and we will see what we can get going
  13. Would anyone like to start a TBP league for college this season?
  14. After an incredible debut on the mound this past Saturday, Brendan McKay will make his debut in the box tonight.
  15. He was 27 years old. Tonight's game between the Angles and the Rangers has been postponed. Sad news.
  16. A while back in one of these threads the idea of making a specialty brew for TBP. Has anyone started on that or have ideas as to watch the recipe should be?
  17. Is anyone working on a new project for upcoming season?
  18. I think you can edit the title when you edit the OP, if you are still within the timeframe that allows that. I could be wrong though. Either way, it's too late for that.
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