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  1. If he gets 7 picks this year I’ll agree with him lol.
  2. I knew what he meant but the first thing I thought of was that he wasn’t from Tampa.
  3. Is that the school that won a natty recently? like d3 or something?
  4. I used this last year when I taught 7th grade civics because we do civics before Am history. Not sure why, I have yet to get a straight answer for, but anyways. It's pretty fun and enjoyable. I would sometimes play the games with my students who were finished with their assignments. Win the white house is fun, I think there's another one where you are the president that is pretty interesting too.
  5. Contract negotiations next season could get real interesting for players who are on their final year. Especially players who are gonna need to convince another team to sign them.
  6. I’ll take anything. For someone who’s personal and professional life revolved around sports. It’s been a long to months. It’s like waking up everyday with no purpose
  7. The death numbers tell me I’m more likely to die from about 200 different reasons. Absurd. The sad part is I tried to use hyperbole
  8. Played a round Thursday. One person per cart, and pool noodles placed inside the holes, hit the noodle and the putt counts. There is a about half inch gap all the way around but I still think I putted the best I have ever have and it’s not a coincidence.
  9. I think his basic premise has been that we should be on lockdown until 2021. Then we can look at going back into public
  10. I wonder what all this entails? http://brewhub.com/partner-brewing-services-2/
  11. If it were me, 1. Citrus pale ale 2. Amber lager Disclaimer, I don't really like dark beer so someone else would probably be better there.
  12. He got SWAC player of the year, not the Walter Peyton award. Can you name any other SWAC player of the year? Again he’s better than what we had last season but serviceable backup is more than likely what we got at QB.
  13. Was he though? He was considered the best QB in FCS until his backup took a snap but I don't think he (like Q) was ever considered a an NFL prospect at QB. But he could still compete for the starting job here. I think Fortin has a higher ceiling. I like the RB option though. What if he also realized QB wasn't going to happen and is coming to a place he can learn to be a RB for a year before giving that a Go in the NFL. Not saying that will happen, just spitballing.
  14. The replacement was the 2019 SWAC player of the year. I think hes healthy and they just told him they were gonna go with the younger option. https://swac.org/news/2019/12/4/swac-releases-2019-all-swac-football-honors.aspx
  15. Shoulder, can't really find a story on it. Not sure if its throwing or not.
  16. It's easy to cancel spring sports, in some ways it saves the university money. But they will not let the money from football go to waste.
  17. I think he was politely shown the door. he got hurt and his replacement out played him. I think this is just a chance to compete and play close to home.
  18. Not as good as Steve McNair, better than anything we have seen since Q. Better than Fortin? who knows, thank god we have spring to figure it out............
  19. Yeah, as soon as I am allowed, I'm there.
  20. https://www.fhsaa.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2020/03/31/node-48863/fhsaa_coronavirus_update_-_3-31-20.pdf FHSAA released some encouraging news for HS seniors. "In light of the current situation, the FHSAA staff is actively working on creative solutions for the continuance of spring sports, which could extend through June 30th. The FHSAA does understand the hardships caused by COVID-19 and the inability to play spring sports. If we are not able to continue spring sports, the FHSAA is working diligently to create a plan regarding additional eligibility for students who have not been able to participate in spring sports."
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