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  1. The new hitting coach. I understand he’s a great high school coach but still.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Ballplayer-Chipper-Jones/dp/1101984406 Just finished this one. Pretty good IMO, I was a fan of jones and those Braves through the 90's although I was younger. His personal life has a few questionable decisions but he doesn't shy from them throughout the book. His mentality as a ballplayer shines through. Love that he valued staying with one team and also love that he walked out of a meeting with Scott Boras (slight spoiler). I would definitely recommend this to any baseball fan.
  3. Somehow I think our volunteer coach is more qualified than the one we are paying.
  4. I don't think it will work there either. The honeymoon stage will wear off fast.
  5. It almost sounds like he has some backdoor deals in Montreal already. I didn't hear all of the press conference but he was sure they are so into them being there that they will travel from Montreal to support them while they are in Tampa. Really hyped them up as a fan base.
  6. I think the overall sentiment I have seen on Twitter is Tampa Bay fans aren't gonna support this and he really doesn't want them too.
  7. Press conference today pretty much sealed the fate of baseball leaving the Tampa Bay area.
  8. Would this site survive without football?
  9. Hopefully Hogan can provide some offense this up coming season. It would be desperately needed.
  10. Clearly it’s a mathematical algorithm on scale with quantum physics
  11. Michigan and Vandy for the title starts tonight. Michigan was one of the last four to get in the tournament. Quite the run for big blue.
  12. At least the baseball leagues are about USF players. I’m sorry you only care about football and basketball but that shouldn’t mean that every topic you like should be where it you want it. And they can be just as easily discuss in the proper board. So the answer should be to encourage people to utilize other boards. Otherwise what’s the point if you are just gonna treat it as a place to put things that people don’t wanna talk about. Just delete them. Again it takes two clicks to get there. Oh the horror
  13. God forbid anyone have to make a couple clicks to check a different board.
  14. Any chance it could all be moved to the AAC board considering the OP is about UCONN and what was merged is about what the AAC should do about it?
  15. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2842456-fan-struck-by-cody-bellinger-foul-ball-at-dodgers-game-hospitalized-for-tests This has become a hot topic in recent years and more so in recent weeks. The White Sox have announced that they will extend the netting but will other clubs follow suit. To me it makes sense. Foul balls down the line can be very dangerous even to those paying attention.
  16. Correct, even those things you listed that you don't use, some portion of the pubic does for little to no extra cost. Whereas Stadiums only benefit the owners and those who are wiling to pay extra for a ticket, parking, and concessions.
  17. I’m going to need an example of something the tax payers have to pay to build that has the price tag of baseball stadium and such limited public use. The public get no monetary value out of a stadium. A handful of surrounding businesses get a slight bump on game days but that’s it.
  18. I think it would do better in Tampa than it does in St. Pete. I also can understand when voters say no to paying for it. I think at some point teams are gonna have to concede and build smaller stadiums that the can finance. Most of the money is in TV deals anyway.
  19. The baseball stadium only have value to baseball fans. The problem is all tax payers are having to pay for them, whether they like baseball or not. To someone who couldn't care less about baseball, the stadium is nothing but a waste of space but they are still paying for it.
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