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  1. McCloud isn't ready and dropped passes are a bigger issue. They are drive killers and most of hte time catching is the easiest part of the passing process. Drops can't happen.
  2. Also, Jonathan Taylor is a special football player
  3. For real though, how many threads about the coaches do we really need
  4. Former National champions usually don't have their weekday games on national television.........
  5. Yeah, I got baited in again. I thought there would be an article, not a topic we have discussed ad nauseum disguised as something new.
  6. guys looking over pictures that girls willing posted to social media.... the horror.
  7. I don't really have an issue with the Tampa Bay team, It's not great, but its not bad. The only issue I have is with the New York and DC teams. For an 8 team league, Guardians and Defenders are just too closely related for my taste.
  8. You mean the 1st team all-SEC and Manning award winning Jamarcus Russell? Edit: My bad, just realized who was posting....
  9. I hate mid-week games. Automatically takes me out of going.
  10. it really comes down to what you are looking for in a QB but I would go with Ehlinger at any level. Their numbers are very similar
  11. Yeah, now after looking at the list, I think the only thing inaccurate about SE's ranking is that he isn't number four. No way King and Fine are better than him. There is a clear cut gap between 1-3 and the rest though.
  12. Idk if anyone watched Ehlinger but he is pretty good, 6th is probably about right. I think there could be a case for him at 4
  13. I never buy into these things. An anonymous coach can say anything you want him to say.
  14. I know I will not be able to attend the Wisky game because I can't do any Friday night games so could go straight to shipping if that's an option.
  15. If you write multiple paragraphs as a post, its ok for someone to only have an issue with part of you are saying and only quote that. If you write multiple paragraphs to make one point, you should be more concise.
  16. i could only scroll through and see the top three before the paywall got me.
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