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  1. I think you can edit the title when you edit the OP, if you are still within the timeframe that allows that. I could be wrong though. Either way, it's too late for that.
  2. Remember who quoted who. I was just making a comment of something Trip said and you got all bent out of shape.
  3. Sick burn bro. In any case your business and the AAC aren't a good comparison. Are you gonna stop supporting USF if the AAC doesn't listen to your ideas? Most won't so why care what is fantasy theory are being discussed on a fan forum? Its ok to have ideas, but this false sense of authority is perplexing.
  4. This isn't being Vetted. Its fan fiction. So you do you just go out on the street and ask people what your company should do with no regard to what your company can actually do?
  5. Don’t worry, he’s not. It is fantasyland because your whole theory starts with convincing three schools to come the AAC with no logical reason as why they would want to and it all works towards the myth of a P6. There’s no logical reason for the P5 to even consider adding a 6 even if The stars align and all this comes to fruition. If the end goal is the same, why split the pot more? Doesn’t make sense. The AAC is probably staying at 11 because that’s the best real world option.
  6. Lol, wait so you actually believe that the AAC officials are gonna come to the TBP to get ideas about what to do with the conference? That’s rich. You're on the sideline too bud, you just don’t seem to know it.
  7. Oh really? How much influence does anyone is this thread have in making any of this happen? the D and D comp was spot on. Now roll for insight.
  8. This is why I can't stand threads like this. Too much time in fantasyland.
  9. Yes he is, and don't worry, most of the college baseball world is confused as to why the third coach still has to be a volunteer.
  10. Awesome, if he does, let me know what he thinks about it.
  11. For sure, both were very good in the early 2000's. Long beach has been good recently too. Could add Stetson too.
  12. Not sure but we should look into it. Last night Kumar Rocker (best name in college baseball) called him the Saban of baseball, I think it's a fair comparison. Three trips the CWS and two titles in the last six years and spawning successful assistants.
  13. That really didn't start until Corbin got there. Side notes: Corbin was on staff at Clemson with Kevin O'Sullivan (Florida), John Pawloski (formerly Auburn, now WKU). Corbin's coaching tree includes Erik Bakich (who he brought with him from Clemson and just beat for the title) Josh Holiday who has been very successful at OklaSt, and Travis Jewell currently at Tulane. Back on topic, Schools like Cal State Fullerton, Rice, and Dallas Baptist would also fall in that category.
  14. Would Puc answer the phone or just send a letter stating that we are leaving?
  15. Glad Vandy won as they were my pre tournament pick but as the CWS went on I found a lot of respect for the Michigan guy. Also how about the eye for coaching talent that Jack Legget has.
  16. I also just noticed this link to buy and similar books stuff at the top. That's a nice touch. Think i'm gonna look into that down to the last pitch book. also I found the chipper book on sale at Books a million for 6 bucks. Absolute steal
  17. I was never a fan of textbooks either. I really didn't get into reading until I started teaching.
  18. The new hitting coach. I understand he’s a great high school coach but still.
  19. https://www.amazon.com/Ballplayer-Chipper-Jones/dp/1101984406 Just finished this one. Pretty good IMO, I was a fan of jones and those Braves through the 90's although I was younger. His personal life has a few questionable decisions but he doesn't shy from them throughout the book. His mentality as a ballplayer shines through. Love that he valued staying with one team and also love that he walked out of a meeting with Scott Boras (slight spoiler). I would definitely recommend this to any baseball fan.
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