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  1. I didn't pick them in my bracket so that's a no for me.
  2. "The first baseman makes it 20-consecutive seasons in which a USF baseball player has been taken in the MLB Draft. " Genod: 3rd in career HR's for USF
  3. Draft underway tonight. Adley Rutschman went first overall as most expected. Bobby Witt JR went number two, making him and Bobby Witt SR the first father-son duo to both go in first five picks. Rays picked up two more pitchers in the first round. For Genord who I believe could be our only Bull selected has been linked loosely with the Marlins and Mariners. He will more than likely be a day three guy.
  4. Your boys almost pulled off a win in Starkvegas. Had their best hitter at the plate as the tying run in the 8th but he grounded into a DP. That's about as tough of an environment that College baseball has to offer for visiting teams.
  5. Rays skipper Kevin Cash getting a dose of 11
  6. I think it should be a rule to have a clay mound or at least the pitching surface. Some guys like to dig in a little and I feel like it a hazard in the landing zone.
  7. Yep definitely looks like turf. Not sure how that's legal.
  8. Are the mounds turf? I was under the impression that those were still clay. I'm not positive though. I agree though, its an adjustment for infielders who are used to fielding on a natural surface. You can all the I/O you want but nothing compares to live GBs.
  9. Absolutely. I had them going all the way to Omaha because I felt like they would do something special for him. I didn't know if they had the talent to finish the job but if they stay hot like this it is certainly possible. The best part of their games are his interviews. You can see why players want to play for him. Another great story on that team is Tim Becker. Spent three years on the school's club team and made that squad his senior year. He wasn't put in the lineup until the regional and proceeded to hit three home runs and seven RBI's They will take on LSU in their super regional
  10. FSU is pouring it on UGA. 8-0 T 6. Noles might be the hottest offense in the country right now
  11. Florida get eliminated by Dallas Baptist with the tying run in third.
  12. Not sure if anyone is watching but it has been very entertaining so far. Defending champs have been sent home along with the consensus number one prospect for this years draft, a ton of offense especially in the Athens regional, number one UCLA lost last night to LMU in a thrilling contest. I am now watching the Athens regional final between UGA and FSU where the fireworks have started early. Currently 2-0 Noles in the top of the first.
  13. If Cincinnati goes home today they have nothing to hang their heads about. They took down a pretty good Oregon St. team. they even gave Rutschman the Bary Bonds treatment and it worked out. ECU going home would be a disappointment.
  14. Defending champs who also have the next number 1 pick are 13 outs from being knocked out in two.
  15. I understand his reasoning. But I think P5 should have to win their conference to get in CPF too.
  16. That’s awful Just think, someone designed that and then another person said they would wear it.
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