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  1. Bulls win 4-1 and sweep the series. Great outing by Yager. Offense was slow getting going but the bats broke through in the 7th.
  2. Huge 7th inning. Three HR's on the night. Good outing for Wisley. Schrepf makes his second appearance. Great night for the Bulls.
  3. zech back in the lineup. Bulls are off to a hot start up five in the second inning, highlighted by Bodrato’s 2 run HR.
  4. 5 out of 7 losses are to previous tournament teams and three of them were by a combined 4 runs to a top 10 team on the road. Liberty added Virginia to their list of power five wins so although we should have taken 2 of 3 from them, its not like they're slouch either. Bottom line is our OOC schedule this season was much tougher than last season and we have been fumbling a bit to find our way. Injuries have taken a couple key bullpen arms and a productive bat from the roster but there is still enough talent to make something happen, it just might look ugly. The season starts with conference play.
  5. MAR 15 (FRI) 7:00 PM VS DARTMOUTH COLLEGE TAMPA, FLA. LIVE STATS TICKETS MAR 16 (SAT) 6:30 PM VS DARTMOUTH COLLEGE TAMPA, FLA. LIVE STATS TICKETS MAR 17 (SUN) 12:00 PM VS DARTMOUTH COLLEGE TAMPA, FLA. LIVE STATS TICKETS Doesn't look like there will be any radio or streaming for this series. Dartmouth comes into the weekend 4-4 but have won their last three games.
  6. Luck has a lot to do with winning in baseball. There are a lot of really good teams outside of the traditional power house programs like Cal State Fullerton and Dallas Baptist. You just got to get hot and stay hot for a while. We do play a pretty tough schedule where 22 of our opponents wen to the tourney last season. We get a break this weekend and really need to sweep. More importantly, we need our starters to have good outings. Also, recruiting is much tougher in baseball because you not only compete with the big three for the best players but you also compete with local JUCOs who can offer the best players a chance to enter the draft sooner. We lost a good recruit to a JUCO this past off season.
  7. Kind of a side note on this but the article in the OP mentioned Cherry going back to RB. I like that, he had good tape there in HS.
  8. Yeah I think Bodrato needs to be the DH, his outfield play is questionable. I think I might take Zech and his strikeouts in the lineup at right over anyone that we have put at DH.
  9. I can undersand that but man, we need someone who can play right to let Bodrato DH. I believe Derek Sharp has been doing some play by play with Louk but he may be solo tonight.
  10. Bullpen depth is gonna be the downfall. It was coming in with the more experience than the starting rotation and injuries have decimated it. Really need Dutka to come back.
  11. Stuart exits after two innings, 2 runs on 5 walks and 2 hits. Yager makes his regular season debut
  12. Wisely just completed his seventh inning of work with only one run on 84 pitches. Really solid outing and might continue
  13. Both teams don’t seem to be pleased with the strike zone tonight. Particularly the outside fastball.
  14. A couple of nice outfield plays early in this one by chat and Phillips.
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