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  1. The difference of course being that Auburn's fake championship ring was just a coaches decision to award his players for he felt was stolen championship. Not a move made by the athletic department. Theres no banner in their stadium and there was no parade. So no UCF is not abiding by the same rules https://www.thewareaglereader.com/2014/07/the-story-behind-the-2004-auburn-teams-national-championship-rings/ "Auburn Sports Information Director Kirk Sampson doesn’t remember specifics about the rings’ provenance, but thinks ordering them “was a Coach Tuberville decision,” as opposed to a consensus of the Athletic Department constituting an official claim to the college football throne. Jeremy Ingle remembers it the same way. “It was the coaches’ decision,” says Ingle, who started for Auburn at center in 2004. “It came about after the SEC (Championship) game when we realized we were not selected (to play in the BCS National Championship Game) by the voters. It wasn’t something we really concerned ourselves with… we were concentrating on winning the Sugar Bowl and completing a perfect season as that’s all we could control. Everything else was a beauty contest voted on by people who had their own agendas.”
  2. Louisville outhits Vandy but fail to score enough runs and fall 3-1. Auburn controlled the entire game against MissSt. but can't close it out and lose in the bottom of the ninth. The CWS has produce some really great games thus far and looks to continue to do so. There is really no clear cut favorite as two of the last four teams won their opening games. its gonna be a wild one.
  3. Michigan drops Texas Tech 5-3 and Florida State drops Arkansas 1-0 JC flowers got on and scored the only run for the Noles, then proceeded to take the mound and close out the game. He also made a fantastic catch in center. All around special talent
  4. That would both paid assistants out. Not sure we are losing much though.
  5. Good to see these guys finding success. We are going to need them all to take big steps forward next season.
  6. I picked 5 out of 8. Missed on Oregon state, Georgia Tech and NC State. My final of Texas Tech and Vandy is still good. Should be a good one.
  7. It was a good one and I imagine the LSU skipper went to bed last night asking himself the same question.
  8. Go get'em 11. Louisville Vanderbilt and Texas Tech also advance
  9. I don't doubt that it will unfold that way, I just think most of the college football world will treat that excuse the same way they do their national championship banner.
  10. I didn't pick them in my bracket so that's a no for me.
  11. "The first baseman makes it 20-consecutive seasons in which a USF baseball player has been taken in the MLB Draft. " Genod: 3rd in career HR's for USF
  12. Draft underway tonight. Adley Rutschman went first overall as most expected. Bobby Witt JR went number two, making him and Bobby Witt SR the first father-son duo to both go in first five picks. Rays picked up two more pitchers in the first round. For Genord who I believe could be our only Bull selected has been linked loosely with the Marlins and Mariners. He will more than likely be a day three guy.
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