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  1. it really comes down to what you are looking for in a QB but I would go with Ehlinger at any level. Their numbers are very similar
  2. Yeah, now after looking at the list, I think the only thing inaccurate about SE's ranking is that he isn't number four. No way King and Fine are better than him. There is a clear cut gap between 1-3 and the rest though.
  3. Idk if anyone watched Ehlinger but he is pretty good, 6th is probably about right. I think there could be a case for him at 4
  4. I never buy into these things. An anonymous coach can say anything you want him to say.
  5. I know I will not be able to attend the Wisky game because I can't do any Friday night games so could go straight to shipping if that's an option.
  6. If you write multiple paragraphs as a post, its ok for someone to only have an issue with part of you are saying and only quote that. If you write multiple paragraphs to make one point, you should be more concise.
  7. i could only scroll through and see the top three before the paywall got me.
  8. He does, but he also likes to play the role of twitter instagator with USF and UCF fans.
  9. The radio deal is for three seasons and broadens our reach in the area. Love Auggie as much as the next guy but there is no guarantee that he is for three seasons, much less beyond that and there are factors outside of even his control on that. Now five years from now that can be reassessed but as of today, I went with the radio deal.
  10. Ron and Ian, true to form. Gave them 20 mins and the topics covered were as followed: getting porn star Lisa Ann in studio Instagram model wearing and I pee in the pool hat Serbian model that crashed her car into a pool and a debate over her attractiveness a fitness model providing four pictures instead of three for their birthday challenge new USF deal which quickly turned to how Wisconsin will fill 70 % of Ray Jay. Then I changed it.
  11. It is a win, I went back and edited my post to confirm that WDAE did in fact bump the gators for USF.
  12. I thought about doing that in the moment but then I realized that I just didn’t care enough. I think what got me was calling out Ian, I remember him talking about an OL and saying that he wasn’t good and I ask what he knew about being a good OL.
  13. I can’t confirm this at the moment, but I believe I saw on Twitter that WDAE ended their agreement with the Gators. Edit: there is this it does also appear that USF will get bumped when there is a conflict with the Rays.
  14. Agreed, but give Pat and Aaron a chance. Unlike R&I they are celebrating USF today and have always been supportive. Overall they are the best three hours of programming that station has.
  15. That will be interesting. I’m really not a fan of their show even putting aside their opinion of USF. In all likelihood they will mention and then go on to y’all about some half naked girl. They are just a couple of dirty old men who kinda like sports. I’m pretty sure my number is blocked from texting their show.
  16. Very true but to their credit, Pat and Aaron have always been supportive and Pat was very cool about the announcement saying that we are the home town college and should have been featured on the station all along.
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