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  1. I understand his reasoning. But I think P5 should have to win their conference to get in CPF too.
  2. That’s awful Just think, someone designed that and then another person said they would wear it.
  3. Joe Genord has the career HR record for the Amsterdam Mohawks. Hopefully our boys can continue to find success there.
  4. Good to see Villar has improved since the start of the year. With the Giants about to go full on rebuild he could see a shorter path to the show if he produces. I think both Herget and Eveld are gonna get some big league experience before this season ends.
  5. Even if he does come back, I'm not sure we could bank on him being a full-time player. Shoulders are kind of important in this game and especially at that position.
  6. If you are judging this based on last season, keep in mind on how many underclassman and first-year starters we were using especially at LB. They are supposed to be your QBs of the defense. There is only so much you can yell from the sideline. The defense was pretty stout in '17 when he had veterans to work with. 3 of the 4 at Lousiville were top 25 and his first year at Texas was ranked 32 and dropped off after he started kicking players off.
  7. Games start tomorrow if anyone wants to join in do so quickly. If you want to join TBP group, PM me an email that I can send the invite to. I took Vandy this year. They have some momentum coming off winning the SEC tourney. FWIW, this winner of the overall bracket challenge gets a 500 dollar gift card for Easton, 2nd gets 300 and 3rd gets a 200. Any travel ball parents out there can buy a nice bat with that.
  8. Can't let the boys ruin all of our fun. I started a group for the site. its labeled TBP19, if you can't find it, PM me an email and I can send an invite. https://bracket-challenge.d1baseball.com/home Mods feel free to move this whenever.
  9. I know WDAE is a mixed bag when it comes to USF support but I heard Pat and Aaron (who I think is the best duo on the station) go all in on UCF and how they need to just stop. I personally think they should double down and just keep on making a fool of themselves.
  10. Based on the Bama fans I know, they will always love watching a beatdown at their place. I will admit though, I do not know enough for it to be considered a healthy sample size.,
  11. this scheduling philosophy does nothing for us, I mean who wants this caliber of a team on their schedule??? (sarcasm)
  12. Wisconsin, Aug. 30 at South Florida — If Wisconsin decides to ride with true freshman Graham Mertz, then this will not be an easy debut on the road in oppressive heat. USF was a bowl team last year and won 10 games in Charlie Strong’s first season in charge. Regardless of quarterback, this is not an easy road trip to start the season. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-Playoff-trap-games-2019-season-132212307/#132212307_2
  13. The point was that it really won’t take much for someone to be interested. If CCS gets eight wins, someone will call. The CFB world doesn't view CCs the way this board does.
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