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  1. I literally read an article today called “Twitter’s reaction to the Jake Paul Fight”. All it was, some writer just copy and pasting tweets to their page. Laziest writing ever. USF should start making tik-toks or something. That will show UCF.
  2. I say unleash the trolls. It will give us some off season shenanigans to be had
  3. Huge article about Gus and why he decided to coach again at UCF. They mention the huge billboards that they put up in FL and GA as well. Made we wonder, what does USF do to market itself? I hear about them a ton because I live in Tampa, but outside of Tampa I think you would be hard pressed to hear or see any marketing they do for themselves.
  4. Looking at these schedules I feel like 2025 is our big breakout year. If we can run the table with that schedule, we may make an appearance in the CFP
  5. I was at that camp out! Brought a bottle of tequila with me and some roommates.
  6. I think USF struggles to bring in the students and the “area” would rather pull for UF, FSU, or UM.
  7. Problem is there will be more ND fans at our home game than USF fans
  8. I am not understanding what you mean in this bold part. Tampa does not want to see teams that are not UCF?
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