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  1. We cannot catch a break. Football gods are giving us easy picks, great field position, and we squander all of it.
  2. If it’s not that, it’s how special of a team PJ Fleck has at Minnesota.
  3. False starts in an empty stadium, those are unnecessary penalties. and Ford gets smacked on that run.
  4. Oh boy! If we don’t get a TD here, just pack up and go home for tonight.
  5. Our entire team is so small. I feel like our d-line is going to struggle this year.
  6. They all are. Marsh seems to have power, but that’s it. McCloud has flashes, but still makes ugly throws. Fortin and Johnson can’t really seem. Let’s just accept that we have a team of players, and they are all in the wrong position. I mean, open tryouts for a kicker and bringing a film room worker in for long snapper? QB isn’t our only problem.
  7. I for sure thought we were going to get an excessive celebration or unsportsmanlike.
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