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  1. Maybe he couldn’t find people willing to leave their programs last season?
  2. My brother and I were talking yesterday (he’s a Seminole fan), and we both thought it would be great to have a backfield with Rojo and Mack. Get rid of McCoy and Fournette for sure, AB as well.
  3. It probably won’t. So he will collect his NFL payday and our payments.
  4. I think he was completely worthy for OC at our program. I was really bummed when he wasn’t promoted by Strong or kept on by Scott.
  5. My degree was in Bio and my field of work is in chemistry. I try my best at words. Edit: the word I wanted was wunderkind.
  6. Because he was directly working with Q before Strong took over, he seemingly bled Green and Gold, he seemed to fit in great at this program. It’s not entirely an infatuation, but he definitely put in his time here, and I think he deserved a shot as our OC once Gilbert left.
  7. He should have been our OC at the least, I wanted him to stay here. Also, wtf happened that Pat White was let go. I wonder if he got into it with our OC Wonderkind during the season.
  8. I am very bored at work. So I was looking at the football schedule for next year. I was thinking we go 1-3 for the out of conference games (NC State, UF, FAMU, BYU) with the sole win against FAMU. I see us getting 4 wins max in conference (ECU, Tulane, Temple, and finally UCF). A grand total of 5 wins and 7 losses. We find our true starting QB after the third game of the season.
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