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  1. Brass Mug still exists, just at a different location. I think the place across from the Phi Delt house I knew as The Greenery. My favorite spot was Coppertop, it does not exist anymore.
  2. Ok, good. That should be enough time to get his recruits in, and help them learn the system. We may even have an OCS by then! Also, over/under three wins all time for CJS after his 43 season?
  3. How long is CJS contract? Regardless, I am in favor of giving him the full length of his contract no matter the outcome of these next few seasons. I am not a fan of firing a coach when they have years left on contract, and then paying them off while we snag the next ‘hot’ coordinator or retread P5 coach.
  4. That’s not saying much. A lot of our guys don’t make tackles 😂 😭
  5. We are about to be Interception U! We’re any of these guys injured before the start of the season? I wonder if any of them would have helped turn the tides against our previous opponents?
  6. How does he have three recruiting classes if he has only been here two years?
  7. We are only have way through with this season. We will see where we land after 12 games.
  8. I think the ship sunk with Charlie Strong, and Scott is trying to dredge it up from the bottom of the ocean.
  9. Let’s say we add those two to get to 10 teams. Then the B12 melts down with the hateful 8 getting snatched up. Out of the 4 remaining teams, how many and who would we add? My vote is add two, and make it Cincy and UH. BYU is too far and UCF can suck it.
  10. Arizona Wildcats starting QB Jordan McCloud to miss rest of season with knee, ankle injuries Arizona quarterback Jordan McCloud will miss the rest of the season...
  11. I have always said we are the UConn of the south
  12. I know it’s not going to happen. This whole thread is speculation until something is true.
  13. If all 3 conferences restructured all together, why would the exit fee even stand? It’s all the teams simultaneously leaving and entering new conferences at the same time with one team left out. How and why would you enforce that rule?
  14. Our current future conference is Temple, Tulsa, Tulane, ECU, USF, SMU, Memphis, Navy. Memphis and Navy seem like the top two programs in this league. Navy for its fan base, and Memphis for its recent football success and basketball program. Also, in the conferences based on geography, I could see Navy going back to independent in that scenario. Allowing for two 16 team conferences easy. Edit: I still think the most sensible, and fair plan is eight 16 team conferences with a 12 team playoff. The 8 champs get in, plus the next 4 highest ranked teams. You could go even further and restructure them all by geography if you wanted, and if you had an iron hold give the conferences all a flat rate to deal across the board. I know none of this would fly ever, but in a perfect world.
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