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  1. Thursday is when we here about the SEC accepting, if I read correctly. I don’t imagine we will have any true answers until well after that.
  2. So they are raiding us, staying Pat, and fleeing to other power conferences or the MWC or the AAC🤔
  3. I am a lot less anxious this time around than the first go. It is not like we are losing AQ status again, we aren’t losing anything. The only thing that is happening is the gap is widening between top conferences and the rest. This one hurts a lot less than the BE dissolving. My opinion. Don’t help your sworn enemies.
  4. Maybe we will be able to nab some ACC, B12, and PAC has beens to form a true American Conference.
  5. Not so fast. We are a “packaged deal”. To be honest, the next domino is kind of difficult to predict.
  6. A few down years, equals a dwarf I guess. You guys think we can get this thread to over 2k pages? Is there a limit to how many pages before this thread is full? Also, @wesleywillis. You awfully quiet now 🤫
  7. Can this be considered a monopoly and busted up? The ESPN part I mean
  8. I say we still offer those other school. Might as well shoot our shot
  9. I would just donate. Why buy tickets if you, or someone you know, can’t go?
  10. We may not even be in with 20 per league. That being said, hope for the best and expect the worst. The chips will probably fall somewhere in between. No one on this board, except for @wesleywillis, knows what is going to happen. Help us @wesleywillis, you’re our only hope!
  11. Yea, but doesn’t Coastal Carolina have a better athletic program than us?
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