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  1. Houston didn't look comfortable in Tampa. I think the crowd got to them. No one is used to that. Look for them to bounce back offensive with their big dog on full rest on the the mound. Would be a very special win if they can pull it off.
  2. That will be fun.... Probably more so for them though.
  3. It baffles me that so few colleges come here to find their next hire.
  4. It was a great win last night but I think they are headed for a buzzsaw.
  5. I think there is a difference in being down on JM and realizing he's not ready and there could be more damage done than good.
  6. He did take the interview, however why he wasn't offered the job is unknown. Big time coordinators get P5 jobs without dropping down all the time. It's about the fit. Taggart got 10 wins with 6+ pro guys on the roster, where are they at? We are a long way from being considered one of the best G5 programs. since the creation of the G5 we are the 7th best AAC team. It's sad to say but we aren't really even a coveted stepping stone program anymore.
  7. Not very many people will say there no shot of signing me unless they are the head coach of their dream job but that also doesn't mean the asking price isn't to high. coaches take long shot interviews all the time. You're reading into the South Alabama thing way to much. It's much more fluid process. Taggart took an interview at South Carolina and both sides knew if wasn't happening. He also makes 1 million at Clemson, you are gonna have to up that if you want him. 1.7 is a very doable asking price.
  8. Yes conversations but not xyz this is whats its gonna be. That's what the interview process is for. Yes, they do hire consulting companies the find viable candidates for them to interview. If what your are suggesting is true why doesn't every coach walk out of an interview with their deals in hand? since they already know before hand which is the best and what it will take to sign them.
  9. That's just simply not true. The point of the interview is to see if the school and the coach are a good fit. There really is no reason to discuss details at the point. Especially is the school is trying convince the coach to leave the best program in the nation. Your primary goal is getting them in to talk.
  10. Sure you do, people take interviews for the experience all the time. But also in that interview you can say "this is what it's gonna take to get me to leave" which happens in interviews where a school is trying to get a hot commodity. That could cause a school to shake your hand and say thanks for coming.
  11. Ok, I was thinking of someone else about the positions part although he has been in the running for multiple better spots he hasn't seen an offer but that could be for a reason. IE, he ain't leaving for just any offer. Look at the longevity of that staff, they have been on top of the college football world since 2015 and have had the same coordinators the whole time. They just don't leave for any offer and it certainly wouldn't be USF.
  12. Unlike Bama, clemson Assistants don't leave easy. He has turned down offers for more money and better programs.
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