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  1. I know who you are on twitter haha from that username haha but it's all about perspective. It may seem like a mess on the outside, but I promise you it's pretty sound on the inside. Seems like a lot of folks have trouble grasping that ideology. USF athletics was not well run when Harlan was running the show, since Kelly's arrival things are getting in order gradually. I know from your tweets, you won't believe me because you are literally the most negative "fan" I've seen in my life.
  2. They are waiting for the stadium plans to be finalized. Believe it or not, USF athletics is pretty well run. Comical that some people think even after the ceremony, that we wont have a IPF.
  3. Very much expected. Air Force wanted to go but CSU changed their minds I guess when it was confirmed yesterday that SDSU and BSU were standing firm. Look for UAB, Liberty, UTSA, and Charlotte to get hard looks. Anyone who says Coastal Carolina and App state are looking short term and football only. IMO Liberty is the strongest add but comes with backlash. Think Aresco was trying to avoid being put in this situation by shooting for the stars. Also this is pure speculation from my part
  4. yeah small % it happens, but I doubt it. Georgia tech would be the only University it would consider and it would be for academic purposes only. After the Rutgers experiment, I doubt they follow that model. Only schools that would add value to them while also holding their characteristics are: UVA, DUKE, and UNC
  5. BINGO you guys finally caught on why he said that announcement so abruptly during the ground breaking ceremony. I have a friend who works at ________________ who said the same exact thing. They prefer USF and USF would've "jumped in" the 2016 expansion if they didn't change their mind (Texas and OU saying no).
  6. 1. AAU is still far away imo. The school likes everyone to believe we are so close like propaganda 2. Without a doubt, the stadium will be announced this year. However, how long will it take to fundraise and gather funds? I do not know. I assume they will follow the CSU model as build classrooms and other campus offices in the stadium. 3. BIG will never invite schools in the South. Only conference that USF will be able to join in my lifetime atleast is Big 12 or ACC by some god given miracle (if FSU leaves for the SEC)
  7. Stadium announcement is GUARANTEEED to be announced this year... - *in my Charles Barkley Big 12 wants to see more of a investment on Athletics from USF before inviting them since if you invite them right now, they wouldn't really be incentivized to build a stadium and invest on athletics as a whole. Big 12 wants USF more than Boise... However, they need to see the infrastructure and commitment. IF NOT, Boise gets in instead of us. There was a reason why Will Weatherford brought up the stadium during the ceremony... More than one person told me this as well.
  8. I'd say we desperately need to recruit size. Looking at highlights from the Taggart era and our players had so much bigger body frames. Our D-line looks like they play in C-USA while UCF can compete with most P5 lines. This is where I don't trust CJS...He knew we were undersized and didn't atleast get a transfer portal player
  9. Some players in our program want to win and are hungry. Others just want to flex on instagram.. Last year and this year (right after the NC State game) some players posting instagram posts with captions like they won lmao. I think step 1 would be more leadership on the sidelines. Our sidelines are a mess and players just walking around talking like its practice. Charlie Weis Jr needs to come down from upstairs and talk to our offense as well as other coaches. I've seen high school sidelines with more leadership
  10. UAB built a $170 million dollar stadium with a capacity for 46-47k. USF 100% has the money to build a stadium if they did to be honest and USF built one of the nicest medical schools in the country (literally a skyscraper). Don't even need to use endowment money, we just need to sell bonds like every schools does when they build expensive things. Problem is that I'm not sure USF wants to take that risk nor increase student fees to help finance. Hopefully, now that they see how damaged our brand really is, they will take this seriously. Being grouped in the same conference with schools such as FAU, App state, and ECU is embarrassing to the brand and our academic profile. I wish we could start a change.org petition to show the board of trustees or someone, that majority of students want to see change.
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