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  1. 121 Row C I made the cross-country drive from Watts. Picked up some junk along the way.
  2. Looking for a parking pass for tomorrow. Someone come through so I don’t look like a Big Dummy!
  3. Jordan played his heart out today and I am excited for the future of the Bulls. Jordan has been trashed over and over again, but he has kept his head up and he is a True Bull unlike all the fair weather fans hanging around here. Maybe he’s not an All-American, but he played great tonight and never quit. Nobody gave the team a chance and they fought to the bitter end. I knew we would come out and make them sweat and we did. Nobody is happy with 1 win, but if you don’t see the improvement and the attitude change then move on. I will be there every Saturday until the final whistle cheering on my alma mater. Coach Scott is creating a culture and developing a program that is going to consistently win. I am proud of the toughness and effort that the team showed tonight. Thank you to all the young men who persevered through this challenging season. Better days are ahead...GO BULLS!!!!
  4. I am as excited as I am for every Bulls game. I love my alma mater and I will always bleed Green & Gold. I will be there tomorrow cheering on my team until the very last play. Go Bulls!!! Beat UCF!!!
  5. Well this Sucks!!! I guess I have to take my Aunt Esther out now. ****!!!
  6. @Skingraft Sorry been out finding junk all day. I ended up getting a couple from a family friend. I appreciate the offer. Thank you.
  7. Looking for 1 or 2 tickets for Saturday’s game vs Navy. Willing to buy or trade for junk or a date with my Aunt Esther...Your Choice. Please let me know if anyone does. Thank you.
  8. @puc86I guess my Dad was right...I am a Big Dummy!!!!
  9. @puc86 No, it’s called being a fan. I have called for the head of previous coaches so this will be no different if the improvement doesn’t start to show next year. I went to USF and was a manager for the team so I will always love this team. The culture of losing is unacceptable, but I will not quit on my team. GO BULLS!!!
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