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  1. Jordan played his heart out today and I am excited for the future of the Bulls. Jordan has been trashed over and over again, but he has kept his head up and he is a True Bull unlike all the fair weather fans hanging around here. Maybe he’s not an All-American, but he played great tonight and never quit. Nobody gave the team a chance and they fought to the bitter end. I knew we would come out and make them sweat and we did. Nobody is happy with 1 win, but if you don’t see the improvement and the attitude change then move on. I will be there every Saturday until the final whistle cheering on my
  2. I am as excited as I am for every Bulls game. I love my alma mater and I will always bleed Green & Gold. I will be there tomorrow cheering on my team until the very last play. Go Bulls!!! Beat UCF!!!
  3. Well this Sucks!!! I guess I have to take my Aunt Esther out now. ****!!!
  4. @Skingraft Sorry been out finding junk all day. I ended up getting a couple from a family friend. I appreciate the offer. Thank you.
  5. Looking for 1 or 2 tickets for Saturday’s game vs Navy. Willing to buy or trade for junk or a date with my Aunt Esther...Your Choice. Please let me know if anyone does. Thank you.
  6. @puc86I guess my Dad was right...I am a Big Dummy!!!!
  7. @puc86 No, it’s called being a fan. I have called for the head of previous coaches so this will be no different if the improvement doesn’t start to show next year. I went to USF and was a manager for the team so I will always love this team. The culture of losing is unacceptable, but I will not quit on my team. GO BULLS!!!
  8. I will be at both watching until the final clock ends. I will be supporting the Bulls to the very end. GO BULLS!!!
  9. @SkingraftHow much for the tickets? What section are they in?
  10. I’m back from working on the Alaskan Pipeline and ready to cheer on the Bulls!!!
  11. My Dad would never admit he is fond of my Aunt Esther. “I’m calling you ugly, I could push your face in some dough and make gorilla cookies.”
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