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  1. Actually, we do. Gilbert ran an up tempo spread. He just was a poor play caller. But this same exact offense has Syracuse of all places in the top 25, so it's not the offensive philosophy that's the problem. What we don't want is Strong to bring in someone to run a Pro Style, slow down, power run game set. That would be even worse than SG.
  2. Great night by Ford. He's turning out to be a gem. Oddly enough, if Bell had stayed healthy, I think we'd be saying the same thing about him. Bell might actually be a bit better. He's certainly bigger and according to CCS, he's faster as well. Oh well, Bell and Mack went down so Ford took it and ran with it.
  3. Despite Oliver, their defense is mediocre at best. USF will score many points in this game. The question is, can we get enough stops to win. They gave up 63 to Texas Tech. SIXTY THREE POINTS. I believe we played TT in a bowl game recently. Rice had them down in the third quarter, and they might be worse than UConn. No, I take that back, Rice IS worse than UConn. Tulsa was 9 points ahead of them in the 4th quarter. These guys are good, but they are very flawed, just as we are. If we play good ball, we'll be in it all the way. They have struggled in various games all year, just as we have, except they have actually lost one.
  4. CCS is dead wrong. Uniforms have nothing to do with play. Kids like flashy uniforms so let them have it. If anything it's just an excuse because the coaches coached such a rotten game. The uniforms had no bearing on the play on the field. None whatsoever. Just sounds like a terrible excuse by strong.
  5. Strong doesn't believe in running up scores on people. He likes to become predictable with a decent lead, run the ball, and chew up clock. Taggart on the other hand, didn't take his foot off the gas ever. He tacked on style point touchdowns whenever he could. Strong just won't. Taggart would have found a way to tack on one during the last drive to make it 45-30, rather than 38-30. Strong at his core is a ground and pound, defensive, play not to lose type of coach. 3 yards and a cloud of dust win by one score coach. Taggart was a score first and worry about defense later coach, and if he could score 60 on you he would without hesitation. By the way, both philosophies can and do work, but which one would you rather watch.
  6. I wonder if a team such as a, oh let's say Texas, if they struggled with a lowly team such as, oh let's say, a Tulsa, at home nonetheless. If they struggled, I wonder if media talking heads would bash them and if it stopped them from being in the top 10. I just wonder if that would be the case.
  7. And yet still averages 500 yards a game and well over 30 points a game for 2 straight years.
  8. Stay the same or possibly move up 1. It's virtually impossible to fall out being 6-0.
  9. You mean the Tulsa that almost beat #9 Texas? Or was it the Tulsa that was up 9 points on Houston in the 4th quarter. Which one? Don't see barely beating Tulsa stopping Texas from being a top 10 team. By the way, Gilbert's offenses consistently average about 500 yards per game and our #1 back is averaging over 150 yards a game, good for #3 in the country. It's not a bad offense. By any means. Heck, even in this bad performance, yardage was USF 487, Tulsa 299.
  10. Auman is the gold standard in USF coverage. Knight isn't bad except for constant harping on actual attendance (despite the fact that NO other program in the country, out of 130 FBS teams, reports weekly actual attendance). At least Knight 1) puts out a decent amount of USF content, and 2), fairly ranked USF when he had an AP vote. Knight would have USF in his poll, if he had a vote, in my opinion. Baker is terrible. I could make a much more informed poll. (I was going to make an additional snide comment, but I will leave it at that).
  11. So, without reading 13 pages of replies, what are the viewing options for someone who lives out of state and does not get NESN with their cable package.
  12. I didn't say he was now a 3-4 round pick. I said IF he puts up the numbers he is expected to (4,000 yds, 30+ TD's), THEN he could likely be a top 4 round pick. And that is my opinion. I am not an NFL draft expert, but I know he has the raw physical tools NFL evaluators like. He will be given a shot somewhere. If he is projected to be drafted at least mid round, then it is my personal opinion that he will go. If you disagree, that's fine, I could be wrong.
  13. How many USF QB's have the physical tools of Barnett. None.
  14. He's 22 years old and has a family. If he's projected to go in the top 3-4 rounds, he's gone. Period. He has over 900 yards passing and 7 TD's in 3 games. Project that out for the year, 13 games, and you are looking at close to 4,000 yds passing and over 30 TD's. BY FAR USF records in both.
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