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  1. We have a lot of good options at QB. The QB room appears stacked. At least I hope it is. No wonder McCloud left.
  2. I don't understand this thought process that McClain must be redshirted. If he truly is the next QF, then get him on the field ASAP without delay. I am not saying he is, but if the coaches feel he's the best, forget the redshirt. An electric QB can take a team from 3 or 4 wins to 7 or 8 wins by himself. You don't "save" special talents!!! Coaches want to win now, and will play the guy they think will help them do that. I'm OK with Cade starting season, but if he bombs out, get McClain on the field now. Freshmen can come in and make a difference now.
  3. McClain could win the starting job by the end of fall camp. It could happen, seriously.
  4. Good question. Honestly, I don't know who I'd put there. Hopefully, Williams just stunk it up today, but is much better going forward. I could see the number 4 QB transferring, whoever that ends up being. I doubt seriously McClain will be QB4 unless they are 100 percent sure they want to redshirt him. He's too good.
  5. You don't "save" anyone. You play your best players, always. If the coaches decide McClain is better than Fortin, I want him to play now.
  6. I'd put McClain number two, while still attempting to keep his redshirt. If Fortin sucks or gets injured, then play McClain and burn redshirt. He clearly has the most athleticism of all the QB's. Whether that pans out, we don't know, but he has potential starter written all over him.
  7. McClain can play in 4 games and not burn his redshirt. Let him play some and see what happens. If he doesn't do anything, keep his redshirt. If he ends up being electric, burn the redshirt.
  8. McClain went 8 of 13 for 117 yards and a TD and also rushed 6 times for 30 years and another TD. He would have had a lot more yardage if they didn't call the QB down as soon as someone touched him. He also was subbed out a lot, I think he missed two series when they put in other QB's, plus they had the running clock in second half. He looked the most mobile of all out QB's on the roster. Looked like a mini Vick out there (NOT saying he's the next Michael Vick). If he had played the entire first half like Fortin and Williams did, he probably would have put up big numbers both rushing and p
  9. 1. Fortin is a clear number one. Had command of the offense. Looked crisp. Has developed chemistry with Weaver. Moved the team. Threw a good deep ball. Has good arm strength. Wouldn't exactly call him mobile, but can scramble around when needed. His job to lose. 2. McClain. The most athletically gifted of all the QB's. Has the most upside of all the QB's. Could be another Flowers. Has the best mobility and speed of all the QB's. Can extend plays with his feet more than the other QB's. Showed good zip on his passes, and while he may not have an absolute cannon, can definite
  10. Based on today's performance. 1. Fortin 2. McClain 3. Marsh 4. Williams
  11. McClain is our most talented QB, when combining both running and passing. Speaking from a pure athleticism standpoint.
  12. QB situation is way better than last year. I like Cade to start the year, but somehow, someway, McClain has to find his way on to the field. Maybe a package of plays somehow for a series every game. He's too good to sit on the bench all year. I can see why McCloud transferred. He wasn't seeing the field this year.
  13. No. Just click on the link above in this thread.
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