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  1. Yes, I lived in Brandon by Seffner/Mango I think, close to the intersection of Parsons and MLK Dr. Been in Texas the past 20 years so my memory is kind of foggy of some things there. I remember there was a Publix and and McDonalds on the corner, I think. Currently live on the NE side near New Braunfels and fight I35 traffic into San Antonio every day.
  2. I think some really believe he has a weak arm. I would like to challenge them to go out on the field and see how close they can get to McCloud's distance. McCloud can throw it 55 plus. Most of the guys commenting on his arm strength can probably throw it about 35 max (which actually isn't bad for the average male). 55 yards is completely within the average range in D1 football. I've seen him throw it that distance. That's even good. Is he Patrick Mahomes back there, throwing it 70 yards, no. Doesn't have to be. McKenzie Milton didn't have the greatest arm strength either, and he d
  3. For those complaining about McCloud's weak arm, he threw the ball 52-53 yards in the air on the attempt to Williams. Yes, I checked, when watching replay. Ball left his hand at our 41 yard line and landed on Temple's 6 yard line. You do the math. Pretty sure he could hit 55-60 if completely airing it out. Not an absolute cannon, but plenty strong enough. Pretty good, actually.
  4. I am in San Antonio, TX. Formerly of Brandon, FL.
  5. Agree. After the disappointment subsides, there was a lot of positives about the game. - Team competed all night. Didn't quit. - WR's developing into weapons - McCloud has been pretty sharp throwing the ball 2 weeks in a row - Special teams created plays. - Defense came away with turnovers and played well in stretches. - Ford and Joiner ran well. Ford was unstoppable in stretches.
  6. Bad sprains can take a good while to heal up. Sure it can be taped up, but he might be less effective and they hurt like heck. Do you want a 60 percent Ford, or a 100 percent Joiner, and maybe Parker, for example. By serious I mean I doubt there was any torn ligaments or tendons. Looked like a fairly minor injury they way he was walking around 1-2 min later.
  7. OK, so after calming down, we actually do have a lot to feel positive about. - Numerous WR's are developing into weapons. Williams, Dollison, etc. - Ford was as explosive as ever. Joiner also looked good. - McCloud threw 3 TD's and zero INT's and continues to improve throwing the ball. (I know about the fumbles, this is about positives). He also showed decent arm strength on the deep pass to Williams that Temple was called for PI. Ball went 50+ in the air. - Defense played well in stretches and created turnovers - Special teams had several key plays. - Effort
  8. The way he was walking around sidelines 2 minutes after injury, I doubt it was serious. He might miss a week or two max. Ford is so exciting to watch.
  9. And yet somehow they still made it to the ACC and we got relegated to the minor leagues.
  10. Georgia Tech would rout us 50-0. Not sure why you think this score would make anyone feel any better.
  11. You forgot to add the dumb facemask penalty by Kevin Kegler when we had them stopped. Would have got the ball back with a chance to win by only kicking a FG, or at most a TD, without having to make a 2 pointer.
  12. They did, I was specifically talking about the last drive though. USF coaches, Scott and Weis, specifically cost the players a chance to win on the last drive.
  13. Jeff Scott calls a time out before 2 pt conversion. Putting all his eggs in two point basket. Where if you don't take time out there and aren't successful, you have the opportunity to take 3 TO's and still kick a FG. Wies, Jr, the best you can come up with is a sweep to the short side of field? With the backup running QB, everyone on the planet knows is running? These clowns cost USF a chance to win the game. Coaches aren't supposed to factor into the outcomes. USF coaches literally stole opportunities from the players to win the game.
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