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  1. Let's analyze some of what Jose said, to see if he knows what he's talking about. Bulls Nation: 4-24,14-13,7-20 My first three seasons. NIT,NIT,NCAA tourn Next 3 seasons.Patience. Relax. Look at us now.Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes Recruiting,Player Development,and Changing the Culture @USFFootball Support these student athletes and coaches. First, what the women's basketball program has done is completely irrelevant. Has no bearing on football, so not sure why he is equating the two. Second, I see he is preaching patience. Does he think we haven't had patience. I personally have had over a decade of patience. What has that patience gotten me. Let's see, a demotion from a power conference (Big East), zero conference championships ever, missing out on conference realignment for a second time, and multiple losing seasons outside of 2 or 3 years under Tags. Is he saying we should be patient forever?? At some point patience in being a USF football fan wears out after essentially more than a decade of losing football under multiple coaches. As far as recruiting, Scott has proven to be nothing special. His classes are below average, and he failed to bring in enough talent to shore up a terrible team from last year. He can make all the excuses he want, but the fact remains, he did not bring in enough difference makers. Fact. Jose then went on to make a bunch of other nonsense posts that I won't get into. Jose needs to keep his mouth shut.
  2. Why even punt at this point. What have you got to lose except a 10 yard punt. We will never get over this hump. We are just incapable of winning. Yes, this game is over. A completely winnable game, is over.
  3. Why can't we catch any breaks. Why tell me. Every single bad thing goes against us. Every single thing. Why isn't it 50/50.
  4. McClain playing like trash. Has missed 3 wide open sure TDs.
  5. Why are SMU's receivers so open. I mean there is no one within 5 yards of them. I hate this coaching staff.
  6. So sad. How can you not hit a guy wide open walking in for a TD.
  7. "Coach" Scott can't coach his way out of a paper bag right now.
  8. Little things already bothering me. Inability to tackle on a screen pass. Dumb decision by McClain to walk out of bounds instead of trying to fight for first down. Inability to fall on a ball bouncing around. USF will be behind big fast. I guarantee it. These little things can't be tolerated.
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