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  1. OK what I should have said was USF blocked UCF for a few years of getting in the Big East. Which in retrospect, was shortsighted. They should have been added ASAP. If UCF gets an invite, do you think they are interested in helping USF...doubt it. Just as USF wasn't interested in helping UCF (until the Big East crumbled).
  2. I said it was one of the factors. And Rutgers actually had some decent years under Schiano fairly recently to being added. As far as Syracuse and Pitt, they have a lot of wins in their program history. Of course there are other issues, I never denied that, I just said that winning helps your perception and elevates you. That is absolutely correct. Is it the only factor, of course not.
  3. Name one thing I said that is incorrect. Football success does have a lot to do with conference expansion. Why else do you think, Boise State, for example was added to MWC and not New Mexico State. Of course there are other factors. No one is disputing that. But having a successful, winning program helps a lot.
  4. USF is not a package deal with UCF. The Big 12 will absolutely add UCF without USF without blinking. Fact is, UCF is seen as a better candidate, regardless if that is actually true, by virtue of their football team's performance. You need to completely and totally prepare yourself that USF will be in a conference with Tulsa, Tulane, and ECU, along with some call ups such as UAB, Marshall, and App State. If the B12 only adds 2-4 teams, USF will not be among them. If the Big 12 adds 6-8 and goes to a 14 or 16 team conference, then USF may get in. I say may, even then it's not guaranteed. UCF will leave USF in a heartbeat...just as we left UCF for the Big East. USF's best hope is to hope Mike Aresco pulls a rabbit out of his hat and is able to convince B12 teams to join AAC. And this only happens if the B12 loses more members, gets down to 4 or 5, and the remaining B12 schools get nervous. FACTS.
  5. Meanwhile conference realignment will take place during August. This stuff happens fast. Very fast. The person that moves the fastest usually wins.
  6. Well, I hope he is spun up on this by then, and is ready to hit the ground running on day one, the day after Currall leaves. This is a really big deal. The biggest deal of this person's presidency, probably.
  7. Of course they want that, but does the Pac 12 have any interest. Probably not. At most they may want to pick off the most valuable 2-4 programs.
  8. And those 4-5 weeks are exactly when big deals are going to be made. USF is screwed. Conference realignment is not made at the AD level. It just isn't. Who is running the show at USF when Currall leaves.
  9. And what school president is going to be leading the charge, talking up other school presidents, and greasing the wheels for this B12 invite? You need to come to the realization that USF absolutely can be left to pick up the pieces again in Sun Belt light. While UCF, Cincinnati, and others move on. USF will be in a conference with UAB, Marshall, Temple, etc., when this is done (most likely scenario). The quicker you realize that, the better.
  10. Athletic directors don't make deals with conferences and school presidents. School presidents do. USF has none, therefore USF is out of luck for conference expansion.
  11. Y'all need to prepare yourself. Come to terms with it. Embrace it now. USF is going to get left behind. Again. For the second time in the last decade. Conf. realignment is made at the president level USF has no president. If the Big 12 survives (and I am not convinced it will), they will try to pick off the best AAC schools they can. USF will not be among them, unless there is a complete merger. USF will be left in CUSA 7.0 in a much lower conf. than the current AAC. Prepare yourself and come to terms with that now. You will be better off. Who's running the ship at USF?
  12. Then don't take the job to begin with. Why take a job, if you have any inkling you might not be here for longer than 2 seconds. He had to know what the job entailed (work hours, pressures), before he took the job. Otherwise, USF hired the wrong guy to begin with.
  13. We have a lot of good options at QB. The QB room appears stacked. At least I hope it is. No wonder McCloud left.
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