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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. BullsFanInTX

    New unis

    Don't like South Florida vs. USF. Other than that, I like them, so I will give a slight positive to these.
  2. BullsFanInTX

    New AD Search

    Uhhh....Brett McMurphy works for Stadium Sports. This came out 2 months ago. https://thespun.com/news/college-football-insider-brett-mcmurphy-new-job-stadium-sports
  3. BullsFanInTX

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Joey Knight has a fixation with actual attendance. An unhealthy obsession. Literally 129 of 129 other FBS programs only use, announce, and have reported announced attendance, not actual. Joey is the one guy in the entire country that goes out of his way to get actual. I don't see any NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAAF beat reporters anywhere reporting actual attendance, except for Joey. Then he gets mad when you call him out for it.
  4. BullsFanInTX

    Scheduling Philosophy

    There are so many problems with this scheduling philosophy. Let me try to summarize them. First, by doing so many 2 for 1's, it is hard to get 6 home games a year. Meanwhile everyone else is playing 7 home games, and thus, racking up more wins, in theory. Say all you want about going out and being road warriors, but the fact is, it is far easier to win at home. Say goodbye to 7 home games a year. There is a reason Alabama plays 8 home games a year. Even Alabama occasionally loses on the road, because it's just harder to win on the road, especially against a power program. Next, you are permanently etching in stone that you are a second class program. Power programs, which USF aspires to be, never do 2 for 1's. Ever. Ever. You are saying you are not worthy of playing other programs on an equal footing. Next, you virtually guarantee an extra loss or 2 every year, automatically taking you out of the NY6 bid. The main factor for getting a Ny6 bid is wins. Then, once you have 2 teams with no or one losses, all things being equal, THEN you start compare schedules to see who gets bid. But if you start out with 2 losses, you aren't going, even if you win conference. Next, you're putting yourself behind the 8 ball compared to the rest of the AAC, who plays one P6 opponent and are going 4-0 every year, meanwhile you are going 2-2. Next, you could possibly beat yourself up prior to conference play, when everyone else is just working out the kinks. You are telling the entire world that YOU are inferior. YOU are not worthy, and YOU are a permanent second class citizens. 1-1's only. Everything else is a disgrace. Sure, should you happen to win them, and if you haven't beaten yourself up, then you might be able to make some noise. But when you are playing constant road games, that is going to be hard to do. I understand why it is being done, but that doesn't mean I agree. Quick, name me one major program that does 2 for ones. My point exactly. The end.
  5. BullsFanInTX

    USF vs UF Continues

    2 for 1's are bad deals, and I don't give a rat's behind what anyone says. They shouldn't be done. We have officially joined the small time. We used to never do 2:1's. The 2 for 1's only started picking up when Charlie got here. We signed a 1/1 with FSU when Willie was here. What makes Florida any more special. 2 for ones suck. The end. Nothing says small time like giving away home games. Nothing says small time like telling someone else they are too good for you to demand a 1:1. USF = small time = Charlie Strong,
  6. Who cares. He wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't. It's his job to bring in the best possible talent at all times, regardless of who is on the roster. How quickly we forget. Taggart used to say he was recruiting guys to take other guys jobs. I would hope Strong is doing the same. If Barnett "takes" Kean or O's "job", so be it. Give me 20 5 star guys on the roster if you can bring them in and let the best man win. If someone transfers, so sad, too bad.
  7. He got beat out by Jalen Hurts, who led Alabama to 2 national title games. Don't know much about the guy he couldn't beat out at ASU.
  8. I see zero downside to this move. I don't care if Kean and O have been in the system 50 years. I want the best players on the field. Coaches are not stupid. They play the best players. The end. Their livelihoods are at stake if they don't, including their big salaries. Do you think they'd risk their jobs playing a lesser talent, just because they are system guys. That said, I have no idea how good Barnett will be, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Kean or O beat him out. But if they don't, so sad, too bad. If they transfer, so sad, too bad. Taggart always used to say he was recruiting guys to take other guys jobs. That should be any coach's motto.
  9. Simple question. Who is your favorite to start next year and blossom into a star. Don't be wishy washy and pick 2 guys. Who is THE guy, and why. Brett Kean Chris Oladokun Octavious Battle Jordan McCloud Who is the next star QB at USF?
  10. BullsFanInTX

    Signing Day

    Completely wrong. USF 82.61. UCF 82.40 By the way, USF was over 83 until signing a punter with a rating of 70. That is the reason it dropped to 82.61 to begin with. Because they signed and unheralded punter with a low ranking.
  11. BullsFanInTX

    Signing Day

    Taggart is a better recruiter than Strong. That said, Charlie is also a good recruiter and will have USF in the 40's nationally (which is a great class for teams in the AAC).
  12. BullsFanInTX

    Signing Day

    Because the school could easily move on from that recruit. It is easy for the recruit to gamble and lose that a spot will still be available. Now that USF has filled like 18 spots or whatever, they can be really choosy for the last 8-10 spots. They could say they no longer have a spot for recruit "X". Decommitting goes both ways. This IS the new signing day. If a recruit doesn't sign during THIS period, then they weren't committed. End of story. Now maybe their gamble will pay off. For higher level recruits, it absolutely will. A spot will always be found for them. But for any borderline recruits that don't sign, then it's so sad, too bad, when a spot is no longer available because they failed to sign on signing day. I am betting we see another flurry of signings tomorrow as recruits consider that the signing window is closing and may not get another opportunity.
  13. BullsFanInTX

    Signing Day

    Those signing in Feb are taking a serious gamble that there will still be scholarships available for them. This is the new signing day, and if you don't sign, then you are gambling that a slot will be available. If you are a mid tier or lower tier recruit, you are taking a huge risk if you don't sign. Upper tier recruits can still wait and have leverage, because a spot will be found for them.
  14. Taggart playing Oregon like he did to us last year.