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  1. You, sir, have no idea what you are talking about. Way to hijack the entire board, based on nothing. Leavitt was never under serious consideration.
  2. So basically nothing other than 24 pages of speculation. I mean I wanted Taggart (he actually had more wins in a season than Leavitt and a better offense than Leavitt ever had), but would be fine with Leavitt. I've seen nothing other than a few mysterious tweets and posts that lead me to believe anything is imminent.
  3. Well, I tried. NVM. Back to business and discussion and editorializing as usual.
  4. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Article/FSU-football-assistant-coach-Jim-Leavitt-no-longer-at-Florida-State-Seminoles-139944846/ Jim Leavitt no longer with FSU ByBrendan Sonnone 46 minutes ago 33 Jim Leavitt is no longer with Florida State. The assistant coach -- who joined the staff as an analyst while the season was ongoing and was promoted to a full-time assistant after Willie Taggart was fired last month -- is not with the program, Noles247’s Josh Newberg confirmed. Noles247 also reached out to FSU for confirmation. The Athletic was the first to report that Leavitt left the program.
  5. I'll get it started: The Search Firm of Sherwin & Bond @CollinSherwin · 13h So I said on the pod we just taped I think USF ends up with a guy we haven’t heard about yet. This might be that guy: Jason Candle from Toledo. Been at Toledo for 11 years, the last four as head coach. Won a MAC title two years ago. Beast recruiter in Florida. He’s a fit.
  6. Can we get a thread dedicated to actual news posts, without a bunch of running commentary, so we can see the latest without having to click through 50 pages of commentary. Suggest posting only news articles, tweets, and actual information pertaining to the coaching search here, so we can quickly find out the latest info.
  7. He was USF's savior after the complete debacle of Holtz. Maybe you don't like scoring 50 points a game, but I do. Also, I love it how some people point out his overall record, as if he didn't take over complete dumpster fires, that no one would have come in and won right away. The fact that he took over garbage programs made his record what it is. I mean he literally took over an 0-12 WKU team. Of course that team is going to lose the first year. Same as the 3 win team he took over from Holtz. USF just wasn't going to win right away, I don't care if they brought in Nick Saban, USF wasn't going to win that year. His overall record is misleading due to that, and not pointing out those facts and just listing his record is disingenuous.
  8. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2019/12/04/usf-representatives-willie-taggart-discuss-bulls-football-vacancy/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter At least two representatives of USF have been in contact with former Bulls coach Willie Taggart regarding his old job, the Tampa Bay Times has learned. Taggart, 43, has made it clear to friends and peers he badly wants to return to his former gig, this time for the long haul. Publicly, he has remained mostly mum since being dismissed at FSU in early November, where he amassed a 9-12 record in less than two seasons.
  10. Bell's offense was absolute garbage this year. One of the worst in the history of the program. Bell couldn't coordinate his way out of a paper bag this year. NO.
  11. What we have to do now, Is put everyone on the bus, Put 'em in the right seat...………...
  12. How soon you all have forgotten. The USF of Willie's last year, was number FOUR IN THE COUNTRY in scoring offense, with 43.8 per game. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/years/2016-team-offense.html Give me that every day of the week. And before you say it was all QF, MM, Adams, MVS, etc. Who recruited those guys. Who, who, WHO? Willie Taggart. The end. And yes, I believe he learned his lesson and will be less apt to leave USF so fast at the first sign of success. But even if he does, who cares, that meant we had even more success.
  13. Josh Newberg @joshnewberg247 If I'm USF the first person I'm reaching out to is Willie Taggart.
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