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  1. Big deal. He did nothing. I can't get over the fact he is a WVU Mountaineer. He never felt like a Bulls coach to me.
  2. They aren't bringing any D lineman in. People need to get that through their heads. There are no spots open. All 4 senior defensive lineman are returning (Kegler, Green, Mangum, and Pinkney), which is eating up all the positions, so there flat out aren't any spots available, so you need to hope these guys hit the weights and get serious this off season. I believe they gray shirted one of the DL commits because there was no room for him in the class, although may not be 100 percent on those facts.
  3. Who is this? https://twitter.com/_AmerAmer/status/1347347121050185729?s=20
  4. Wonder why none of our former players aren't finding schools (besides Sanders). Wonder if they realized there weren't many chairs left when they entered portal. Wonder if anyone is educating them on the fact there are hundreds of guys in portal and very few FBS positions available. Some of these guys will be luck to get FCS or D2 offers. Some may be out of football altogether, because they entered portal. The portal has not been a boon to average or poor athletes, and some of these guys are finding that out.
  5. Ok highlights. Don’t know if it looks any better than McCloud’s highlights vs UCF, but not bad.
  6. That's a lot of bodies to lose. Our recruiting class barely made up for those transferring out, so I guess we are not really getting ahead of the number game.
  7. I voted for Williams, but I still like Marsh (big arm), and of course everyone is high one McClain. I see Cade and Jordan Smith hitting the portal.
  8. Jordan Smith switched positions? Guess I have not been keeping up on things. Why is it assumed he's any good.
  9. Guess he didn't think he could win the starting job again. Guys that are solid number ones don't transfer.
  10. Wish him the best. Hope he realizes there may not be a lot of open QB jobs out there right now.
  11. Entered Portal. https://twitter.com/Jordan_McCloud3/status/1342864370456555525?s=20
  12. Why would you keep Smith over Marsh. You have seen nothing from Smith, and apparently, neither has the coaching staff, or he would have played this year. Some QB's will find their way off the team somehow, right now we have what, 6 QB's. One of these guys has to be a player.
  13. We need more DL's. the DL was atrocious this year. I know everyone is coming back, but that's one area of concern I don't see being beefed up through recruits or the portal. Unfortunate.
  14. USF Bulls | BullsInsider.com @USFBulls_Rivals · 4m#USF adds former Miss State DE Jamari Stewart who will be a big boost for the Bulls pass rush. @RivalsPortal Wow, Coach Scott is reeling them in. Impressed.
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