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  1. We were both USF and South Florida, however USF was primarily used athletically. As it should be now.
  2. About where we should be based on what Strong left behind. He was given a stocked cupboard and ate everything out of the cupboard, leaving it bare.
  3. Nonsense. This was never a problem in years past. The USF with the iconic U looks the best. Why change it. "Who" in the athletics department said, "Hey, let's change all of our uniforms from USF, with the inconic U, to South Florida". Whoever that person was made a bad decision. I specifically remember Strong stating he wanted us called South Florida a couple years ago, and well, bingo, South Florida showed up on football uniforms. Strong is gone. Put USF back on football and basketball uniforms.
  4. Why over the past 2-3 years have all of our uniforms gone from "USF" to "South Florida". Who's idea was it to intentionally change this, thinking it was a good idea? And does this concern anyone else? I realize USF and South Florida are interchangeable as they should be, but for years we had USF on uniforms. Why the sudden change? Who prompted this and why? USF was fine. Edit: I seem to remember under the Charlie Strong regime, that he pushed for us to be called South Florida, to differentiate us from UCF. Is my memory wrong about that? Strong is gone. Put USF back on the uniforms.
  5. http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/resources/recruiting-calendars Coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period.
  6. Yes, they can contact recruits via any means except in person. Read the NCAA regulations.
  7. Guaranteed Taggart is calling recruits (as is every other coach in the country). Shame on me for wanting a coach hired by USF, to work for USF.
  8. You do know what recruiting dead period means, correct. Apparently, you don't so let me tell you. The coaches can't do in home visits, nor can the recruit come visit campus. However, other forms of communication is STILL ALLOWED!!! This means actual recruiting is STILL HAPPENING!!! Non Stop!! They can text a recruit, call and recruit, direct message a recruit, etc. And during all this time period, Jeff Scott will not be here. He will be at Clemson. I mean maybe he can get Clemson ready for the CFP AND recruit all day, who knows. Maybe he's superman. However, I for one, would prefer a coach who is dedicating almost all of his time to recruiting at the critical time.
  9. Let me get this straight. Coach Jeff Scott gets hired over a week ago. Spends a lot of his time shaking hands, posting to twitter, and doing interviews. Meanwhile, everyone knows the early signing period is coming up. This time was absolutely critical. Shake hands and do interviews AFTER THE SIGNING PERIOD. Next, he gets rid of the current staff that was doing all the recruiting. Now he's taking off to Clemson for the next 4 weeks, leaving NO ONE at the helm of USF football. No recruiting, nothing. Other than one 4th string RB from Oregon. Meanwhile, Taggart hits the ground running at FAU, doing NOTHING BUT recruiting, getting commits left and right. Did I get all this right? We should have hired Taggart. There, I said it. Taggart recruits his tail off. Every single day. THAT is what we need. Not a hand shaker, baby kisser, or interview doer.
  10. You, sir, have no idea what you are talking about. Way to hijack the entire board, based on nothing. Leavitt was never under serious consideration.
  11. So basically nothing other than 24 pages of speculation. I mean I wanted Taggart (he actually had more wins in a season than Leavitt and a better offense than Leavitt ever had), but would be fine with Leavitt. I've seen nothing other than a few mysterious tweets and posts that lead me to believe anything is imminent.
  12. Well, I tried. NVM. Back to business and discussion and editorializing as usual.
  13. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Article/FSU-football-assistant-coach-Jim-Leavitt-no-longer-at-Florida-State-Seminoles-139944846/ Jim Leavitt no longer with FSU ByBrendan Sonnone 46 minutes ago 33 Jim Leavitt is no longer with Florida State. The assistant coach -- who joined the staff as an analyst while the season was ongoing and was promoted to a full-time assistant after Willie Taggart was fired last month -- is not with the program, Noles247’s Josh Newberg confirmed. Noles247 also reached out to FSU for confirmation. The Athletic was the first to report that Leavitt left the program.
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