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  1. I agree. My heart can’t handle many more of these 4th Q comebacks... no matter who is doing the coming backing.
  2. It would be interesting to see Rutgers again.
  3. TheBullies

    Illinois game TV

    If you have directvnow you can cast BTN2GO to your chrome cast.
  4. TheBullies

    Sirius XM

  5. TheBullies

    Run Defense

    Tech was a great learning experience for our defensive guys. I expect it to be more and more solid as we progress this season.
  6. TheBullies

    GT Attendance?

    I wish we could go just a couple games without an attendance thread...
  7. Mentions UCiF as being the state big dog... no mention of USF. https://es.pn/2wWXiCA
  8. TheBullies

    GT Attendance?

    Just win.
  9. TheBullies

    Illinois game TV

    DirecTV Now also offers a free trial. You need a smart device to use it, though.
  10. TheBullies

    Brutal heat

    Anytime I can use this...
  11. TheBullies

    When will we know ECU game time?

    And/or does anyone have any educated guesses? Given the opponent and the number of ranked matchups that day (that will get better slots)... nooner?
  12. Just checked in to this nice thread I started... Yeah I was pretty ticked-off when it went out. Good to know, I guess, that it was an ESPN problem. I figured it might be a load issue with the number of viewers. If so, good. Maybe they'll give future games more priority.
  13. Disregard came back. Apologies