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  1. Apis, Brad, I’m in Bradenton too... if you guys meet up for a brew let me know.
  2. TheBullies


    I don't check the board much during the off season, so I just saw this... I posted to FB... I hope he is found safe.
  3. Why do they keep calling UCF an upstart? They’ve been around longer than the students that go there.
  4. We need some cash for the football program....
  5. TheBullies

    Mack Attack.

    A lot more leeway for offensive players giving a stiff arm on face-mask calls. Rightfully so
  6. I’m indifferent the Auburn fans were great when we were up there... UCF fans are the opposite... but UCF is in the conference and I have to support a package deal for getting out of the AAC.
  7. I agree. It was a kick in the nuts.
  8. TheBullies

    Frost to Nebraska

    As stand up as Frost was about the situation, his loyalty is now with Nebraska.
  9. TheBullies

    Frost to Nebraska

    Certain? I’m not sure about that... but I’m confident we would’ve pulled it out. Their QB was on fire tonight, though.
  10. TheBullies

    Frost to Nebraska

    Yes. There are no moral victories.
  11. TheBullies

    Frost to Nebraska

    We were really two plays away from playing Memphis tonight... and we would’ve beaten them.
  12. TheBullies

    Frost to Nebraska

    I’d be more concerned with someone else stealing him. He doesn’t leave us for UCF.
  13. I posted in Main due to the coaching changes talk in Main... but wasn’t sure where to put this...