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  1. NCBull

    New kicker!!

    Former Class 7a All-Stater...sounds ok to me. 2 out of 4 isn’t exactly enough volume to determine anything. The two misses could have been in a hurricane, or from 55+ or whatever. Or just freshman jitters, who cares? Glad to have another kicker with some promise.
  2. NCBull

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Yep, me too. Extend the man.
  3. NCBull

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    I didn’t see this answered in the thread...anyone know how they tracked an exact number without tickets or turnstiles?
  4. NCBull

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Exactly. Can’t always make people instantly care about something...you can pique their interest, or begin to create a culture so they eventually care. I think Athletics is doing a good job of that. And I don’t see why an OCS wouldn’t help...
  5. It’s a fair question...how did they get an accurate attendance figure without tickets or turnstiles? Maybe the article explains it; I wouldn’t know because I’m not giving Joey’s bizarre fetish another click.
  6. NCBull


    Hope that storm doesn’t come during the game for your DirecTV, old guy.
  7. NCBull


    Enjoy the dark ages!
  8. NCBull

    Spring Game April 14th

    YES...looking forward to him in the Fall. Cronkrite is impressing as well.
  9. NCBull


    Interviews on the sideline, graphics between plays, multiple camera angles, embedded dual feeds, Louk on the pbp....this is just good stuff. I’d watch this every game instead of ESPN/CBS/whatever.
  10. NCBull

    Spring Game April 14th

    Cronkrite looks very, very good.
  11. NCBull

    Spring Game April 14th

    Our running backs look solid.
  12. NCBull


    Working very well on the website...really impressed with the quality of this!!!
  13. NCBull

    Rodney Adams retired?

    I wonder what the full story is. Maybe Joey will reach out to him for an interview...
  14. NCBull

    Spring Game Live Stream

  15. NCBull

    Spring Game Live Stream

    This is a very positive development!...hope it works well. Will report back.