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  1. NCBull

    What should AD MK do?

    This about nails it.
  2. NCBull

    Good info on CCS

    Chicken tenders too...mmmmm.
  3. I’m a 7-0 defender. Also a 7-2 defender.
  4. I’m not under the movement, but I’m over it.
  5. NCBull

    Young team

    Well said.
  6. NCBull

    This team is awful

    Welcome friend.
  7. Can confirm...we can create one. Oh, did you mean on defense?...
  8. Are you seriously saying we're not playing worse today than usual? I agree we've gotten some good breaks to win at times, but we have been MUCH much better than this usually. This is our worst half all season, easily.
  9. Cashing in those TOs again, Charlie?!?.....gotta save em....