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  1. I’m two hours north and we have a foot of snow on the ground right now. And it’s still coming down. Later this PM it will change to sleet and freezing rain and get really bad, especially for travel. Good move on both teams’ part to postpone this one...
  2. Ah, to be a student again today...
  3. So was Gilbert leaving enough to qualify as a “big change”?
  4. NCBull

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus in a manger Buddha Shiva Kwanzabot Santa Bunny karma is a ***** call the Wolf Vince Lombardi in heaven!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah, but....how about maybe not? Just an idea. I don’t subscribe to the TBT for a reason...
  6. @NewEnglandBull ...Love ya...mean it...could you please...for the love of GOD... STOP POSTING TBT COLUMNISTS ffs
  7. I’d say 23-24 or so. We get Barnett back, return a full coaching staff, and have some quality losses to build on that the voters should look favorably on. Plus we’re sure to get a great recruiting class.
  8. Re: OP...it’s because nothing is happening. Or likely will happen.
  9. NCBull

    Our fans really sck

    Are you serious with this one? I’d believe it.
  10. NCBull


  11. 100% here...today I’ll take a nail biter or a 4th quarter comeback with utter joy.
  12. I agree we take care of business and win and we put ourselves in the best possible position. But I also don’t think a package deal with two solid teams is a bad thing either, at least in theory. The problem is now we’re not doing the former, so the latter is our best hope.
  13. I’d start with Griffin. If the Offense could hum it would make this team a LOT better and balance out CCS’s conservativeness.
  14. NCBull

    What should AD MK do?

    This about nails it.
  15. NCBull

    Good info on CCS

    Chicken tenders too...mmmmm.