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  1. chrisdashley

    USF Brand Survey

    As did I. Told them the font and logo don't make me think of a prestigious institution. Should've just used the iconic U.
  2. Just got this email... They are finally listening to us.
  3. chrisdashley

    Early FB Renewal?

    Yes. The price went up. But you can pay over 8 months with no interest. That's $40/mo per seat if you sit on the 20 yard line. Less if you don't mind the end zone or corners. Do I like paying more for things? No. But it's life. Gas isn't 5¢ a gallon anymore and bread costs more than 15¢. I'd rather have my season ticket money go to USF than the Bucs or Rays. #gobulls
  4. chrisdashley

    Early FB Renewal?

    I'm in 219 and don't have a donation amount for my seats.
  5. chrisdashley

    Early FB Renewal?

    Can someone explain the math to me? The column with the "10% discount" doesn't appear to be 10% off the other price.
  6. chrisdashley

    What would you give to USF if you won the Mega Millions?

    $200 million for a stadium but they have to name it after CJL. No negotiating.
  7. A wise master once said, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. "
  8. chrisdashley

    Houston Kickoff Time

    I figured... This whole wait until the last minute screws with those who want to travel. It's hard to pick flights when you don't know when the game starts and ends. I need to be back Saturday night.
  9. Anyone in the know on when they should be picking the kickoff time? I'm trying to make travel plans and this is holding things up.
  10. chrisdashley

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    I bought a stronger antenna. great 38 for the win!
  11. chrisdashley

    Saturday’s Game

    Thanks Trip!