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  1. chrisdashley

    Homecoming shirt

    Already ordered.... #takemymoney
  2. chrisdashley


    Have to admit it... I laughed out loud at this one.
  3. chrisdashley

    ECU Tailgate plans

    We're doing pub subs this time. They're on sale this week and the kids love it.
  4. chrisdashley

    ECU Pre-gameday

    I wonder how much that is costing their program?
  5. All Publix subs on sale until September 26 https://www.abcactionnews.com/lifestyle/taste-and-see/don-t-miss-this-deal-all-publix-subs-on-sale-until-september-26
  6. chrisdashley

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Great getting to meet up. Your trailer looks great. See you in a couple weeks.
  7. chrisdashley

    Genshaft to retire

    Smazza for President!
  8. chrisdashley


    Big props to the students today. They came out in force and were loud when it mattered.
  9. Great meeting up with you guys.... Even better with a win! See you in two weeks.
  10. chrisdashley

    Helmet Stickers for Tailgating

    We got ours too... #bullspeedahead
  11. chrisdashley

    New logo

    This thing makes robo-goat look good. WTH?
  12. chrisdashley

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    FWIW... I found one at Lids. com.