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  1. I've sat through basketball back in the 2000 with BB and Altron and have been attending football games since they started.. the biggest issue I see is the Bulls pick the absolute worst times to lose games.. they generate a huge crowd and lay an egg. That mixed with with what 3 Thursday games and 1 Friday game isn't when you'll get new fans... you get new fans on weekends, and if you come to see winner and walk out with a rough loss you're not really all that encouraged to return. We had no chance to add on to fans this season with those weeknight games and while it doesn't excuse turnout last night, it didn't help it. The lineup we play against also is far from interesting for even regular football fans.
  2. Yeah I was kinda shocked at him not sugar coating, in a way I can at least respect him being honest.
  3. So this weekend after checking out the sports page in the Tampa Bay Times, I was annoyed with UF getting being slapped over the top 3/4 of the sports page with USF's first article in the paper being that about attendance, this was the placement on Sunday: http://imgur.com/a/hfwXh I sent this in bout of being highly annoyed with both our fanbase and this papers lack of support for the team: This was Tom's response: I disagree with almost everything he responded with (The front page of sports this weekend was the lighting game, which I believe they were down 0-2 to come back from and win late) and early season game at that. Full time writer or not the consistently throw USF toward the back of the page. My biggest beef though is the article they chose to run first was piece about attendance instead of actually covering the news of the team... is the real news of USF football attendance, or the conference record, the being bowl eligible in mid oct, the TD record being broken, nope... the news is attendance. I disagree 100% with his saying that people would express more interest in USF if they covered them like UF... start putting up 3/4 page color write ups about games people might go, wow that looks fun to go watch.. Instead people see, oh so they have ****** attendance, guess it's not that great. Figured I'd pass it on, and maybe I'm completely off base but it just annoys me to no end. /rant mode off
  4. If you can do $60 for a pair I need two for my kids tonight, the package I had fell through on RazorGator
  5. Posted this on my Facebook wall over a year ago, seems more apt now..
  6. At some point you have to shrug sit back and let the new guy have a chance.. who knows of fault it really is.. give the guy a few years if we're still a mess then we'll have a good idea.
  7. Figured something has to come out of these games. Haven't worked in Photoshop for a while... /sigh
  8. this. You leave a minute and a team with two timeouts, what the hell are you thinking.
  9. The Silverlight feed no longer shows me the game, and the flash feed has "Please Stand By" all over it.. not a good investment...
  10. Man that drive took some balls... awesome finish..
  11. Just caught that on the replay.. hell of a game either way.
  12. Looking at the FIOS guide I see it listed on ESPN U, I'm wondering if that will actually air? Actually scratch that I just noticed it's Sunday so must be a replay.
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