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  1. The biggest detractor for adding teams out west seems to be travel and the costs (especially for Olympic sports). Is there some way to limit this by limiting scheduling across the divisions? Football doesn't play every school every year, why should the other sports? Keep the majority of the games among the divisions with 1 to 3 trips cross country. The conference can schedule schools in the west strategically (ex USF and UCF) in one trip and vice versa (Houston, SMU). There has got to be a way to make it work and with UCONN leaving this presents the perfect opportunity to go bold and be the first 16 team conference (only if the tv deal is negotiated to keep the payouts the same of course). Also eliminates your closest competition (MWC) West: SDSU, BYU, Boise, Air Force, SMU, Houston, Tulsa, Memphis, (Wichita) East: Temple, Army, Navy, UCF, USF, Cinci, Tulane, ECU Adding the likes of Boise, BYU, and the service academies are far more desirable than a 12 team league with UCONN. I know most of this has been speculated at nauseam I just think it's time to go bold with a major statement or else the conference may as well throw in the towel for football like UCONN has. I think if Aresco can come up with a structural/scheduling strategy that limits travel expenses, all the schools you are looking to invite would benefit much more financially from the new tv deal and would jump at the chance for higher payouts (with the exception of BYU depending on their current negotiations). The MWC is not going to get close to what the AAC did on their next contract so why not as long as the numbers work, big "if" though.
  2. Ok guys its been way too long since we've used this thread and we've got to get to 2000 pages, plus the offseason is boring AF, so a couple of questions to consider/speculate: 1. Do we know if the new contract has provisions for expansion and if we would receive additional money for quality schools brought in (i.e. BYU, BSU, etc)? 2. Do we wait for the Big 12 to dissolve around the next round of TV contracts and pick up the leftovers or do we act now and grab the best of the rest of the G5 to solidify us as the best G5 conference (P6)? 3. There is a pretty strong consensus about the schools we should go after to strengthen our conference, but is there anything else we should do besides winning and beating P5 teams, that the conference should be doing (legal, marketing, lobbying, or otherwise) that would solidify our position among the P5? Speculate away!
  3. We are winning at the line, getting pressure on king and plenty of positive run plays
  4. I'll be there with the wife and another couple. Any tailgating going on?
  5. It's really sad to see so many students so disinterested in football. Such a stark contrast to when I was a student and everyone I knew went to the games, so many would take road trips for away games, and we willingly did everything we could to get our wristbands for the games. Yes we were in a better conference but still it just sucks to see. The whole argument about not wanting to pay for something that you wont use cause you wont be a student anymore is garbage. THEN COME BACK TO CAMPUS AND USE IT! This is what builds a supportive alumni base and tradition. You want to be a UF or FSU then invest and take pride in your school. A small rise in the athletic fund is nothing compared to the tuition at most other relative schools in the country and is offset because you dont have to pay a cent for any athletic event as a student!!! Stop being cheap!
  6. The Oracle then put out a video on face book where students, who obviously dont care about anything athletics, said there were against it. The video was clearly one sided.
  7. It looks like student gov't is working on their own to see if a stadium is supported by the student body. They are trying to out a vote on the ballot to raise tuition by up to $9 per credit hour for a stadium. http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/1034690/On-campus-stadium-task-force-looking-int
  8. Seriously, where is Wilcox, the guy has a career game last week and is a ghost tonight. He's barely seen the field.
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