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  1. I do not believe that Sands was one of the 11 suspended players.
  2. Cpa_bull1990

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Gatorbull, We are only allowed 10 Assistant Coaches. With the open Defensive End Position listed above, you have 11 listed. With only 10 positions, 6 offensive coaches vs. 4 defensive coaches would not work.
  3. Cpa_bull1990

    AAC Tournament

    Cool, we get to play at the lame B Field with the Camera thru the chain link fence. That is so Bush League!
  4. Cpa_bull1990

    AAC Tournament

    Sweet coverage of our 2nd game today! Love the camera through the chain link fence LOL
  5. Cpa_bull1990

    AAC Tournament

    Our Baseball team is such a disappointment. Once again, we fail to win in the conference tournament. All these veteran players (most now Juniors) should have progressed much better than this. Hopefully, this is not 2 and a BBQ.
  6. LOL, now we have 2 Payton Banks above!!! I think Terrence Samuel PG from Penn State should be added as Graduate Transfer.
  7. The botched Safety Squeeze by Merrell was simply a horrible call. Right then, I knew USF was not ready for prime time and would blow this game. With your best hitter up (who is very fast), you let him hit. Simply a horrible call which blew the game. The errant pickoff throw by Perez (with Genord looking toward plate) was also so USF. Notice the Gators did not make any huge mistakes like that. Overall, was a gallant effort by USF, but they blew it like they always seem to do in clutch games (when they had a chance to win). The Merrell bunt call was just pathetic.
  8. Cpa_bull1990

    AAC Baseball Tourney Day 3 Chat

    What a choke job by the Bulls! The play by this team over the last couple of weeks has been pathetic!
  9. USF is really stinking the place up. Very disappointing, especially after the collapse at UCF this past weekend.
  10. It appears that McClanahan left after pitching to one batter. Hope he is not injured, as he is key part of Starting Rotation. Ryan Valdes is now pitching. Go Bulls!
  11. Cpa_bull1990

    Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    I told all of you how bad Antigua sucked and that he should have been fired after last season. Instead, Harlan dropped the ball by not firing Antigua after last year and further ran our team into the ground. It was obvious from the start that Antigua was terrible hire. What did you expect from a former Harlem Globetrotter and Dominican National Coach. Good riddance! Biggest dumpster fire ever. For someone that has a strong background in Basketball, Harlan sure has created a disaster! Heath was fired a season too soon! Too bad Harlan didn't wait longer to interview more candidates. Gregory seems like a safe, no risk hire. It really should not be all that difficult to make a winner out of USF Basketball!
  12. Cpa_bull1990

    Nicest bathrooms on campus

    Just revisiting this topic to see if there are any additions!
  13. Cpa_bull1990

    David Reaves Arrested

    JupiterBull, sorry, I guess first link did not work. Yes, I am sure about this. See if this link works from KVAL Reporter: https://twitter.com/AshleyForceNEWS?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  14. In reading the Ducks Attack Message Board, it appears that David Reaves was arrested for a possible DUI very early this morning. Oregon recruits may have been in the vehicle. http://inmateinformation.lanecounty.org/Booking/index/17142279 Wow, first Taggart's Strength Coach Irele Oderinde is suspended for a month for working his new players way too hard and now this. Reaves will obviously be fired! Not a good look Willie!
  15. Cpa_bull1990

    Asst Coaching changes

    Is there any actual news on potential hires for our 2 Assistant Coach openings? This thread has spiraled out of control and is severely off topic!