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  1. Finishing 9th and last while being the only team to miss our conference tournament is inexcusable! This was another poor hire by Harlan!
  2. Why is this on the Main Board? This drunk buffoon DUIMeg never had anything positive to say about USF! He was a clown who was not correct about anything sports related. KARMA! Moderators, move this off the Main Board so I don't have to see this crap!
  3. Since DUIMEG was always negative towards USF, why is this topic on Main Board? Karma! Well said PUC86!
  4. How does our Pitching staff have SIX Hit Batters tonight? I thought Mohl was such a good Pitching coach. Brutal!
  5. DUIMEG was a jerk who always talked bad about USF and really didn't know much of anything. I remember when he kept saying the Glazers were going to sell the Bucs. Wrong again DUIMEG. He also always criticized Joe Maddon as not being a good Manager. I can't respect anyone who would give so much air time and support to Joel Miller and the other snitches. He was out to destroy Leavitt and USF. I agree with PUC above. Glad I don't have to listen to that disrespectful buffoon any longer.
  6. If we are the lone AAC team that doesn't qualify for the AAC tournament (which we host), Mohl should be canned. I did not like the hire from the start. Was very poor choice not to look at candidates from other colleges. Injuries are not an excuse. Mohl's recruiting is poor also!
  7. Is RHP Baron Stuart injured now also? He has not pitched in awhile. It is amazing to me how many college pitchers have Tommy John surgery currently (Ragsdale, Hoffman, possibly King, etc.)
  8. Gatorbull, We are only allowed 10 Assistant Coaches. With the open Defensive End Position listed above, you have 11 listed. With only 10 positions, 6 offensive coaches vs. 4 defensive coaches would not work.
  9. Cool, we get to play at the lame B Field with the Camera thru the chain link fence. That is so Bush League!
  10. Sweet coverage of our 2nd game today! Love the camera through the chain link fence LOL
  11. Our Baseball team is such a disappointment. Once again, we fail to win in the conference tournament. All these veteran players (most now Juniors) should have progressed much better than this. Hopefully, this is not 2 and a BBQ.
  12. LOL, now we have 2 Payton Banks above!!! I think Terrence Samuel PG from Penn State should be added as Graduate Transfer.
  13. The botched Safety Squeeze by Merrell was simply a horrible call. Right then, I knew USF was not ready for prime time and would blow this game. With your best hitter up (who is very fast), you let him hit. Simply a horrible call which blew the game. The errant pickoff throw by Perez (with Genord looking toward plate) was also so USF. Notice the Gators did not make any huge mistakes like that. Overall, was a gallant effort by USF, but they blew it like they always seem to do in clutch games (when they had a chance to win). The Merrell bunt call was just pathetic.
  14. What a choke job by the Bulls! The play by this team over the last couple of weeks has been pathetic!
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