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  1. Rays got too cute putting Shane in on only 4 days rest and out of bullpen. that was pathetic!
  2. Shane wilts under the pressure and blows the game! Rays blew it bringing him in out of bullpen.
  3. Fire Jeff Scott Another game where we are not prepared. What a joke this Coach is
  4. How is Coach Scott changing the culture when we get asses kicked every week? looks like crappy culture to me!
  5. For a Coach that acts like he knows so much, would be nice if Coach Scott put a well prepared and half competitive team on field! This is unwatchable too!
  6. Our DBs totally suck. Evans needs to make that play! well, time to do something else! Unwatchable
  7. Fortin can’t make the clutch play. Poor throw on 3rd and Goal to Weaver. Poor throw on 4th down. Defense is pathetic!
  8. With Fortin, all I heard was about his prior experience with North Carolina and how he was so ready. Then, he looks like a deer in headlights in the entire 1st Quarter. It amazes me that Coach Jeff Scott named this clown the starter and then pulled him after ONE QUARTER. What did Coach Scott see in Fortin during practices? Both Fortin and Coach Scott suck!
  9. I can’t believe how bad Fortin sucked! And Jeff Scott thought this clown was a starter??? in 4th quarter he was 4 of 10 for 10 yards! Jeff Scott sucks at evaluating talent!
  10. Jeff Scott has been Head Coach over a year now and won 1 game. This year is off to a pathetic start with a whole 9 passing yards in 1st half and down 17 to 24 pts. Jeff Scott has done nothing positive and is in over his head! very poor hire by Mike Kelly!
  11. 9 passing yards in entire 1st half. Jeff Scott has done nothing positive in over a year! Fire Jeff Scott
  12. This offense is pathetic. MCClain just runs every play! what do these guys do in practice every day? Is this the best Jeff Scott can do?? We suck agsin
  13. Fortin and this offense are terrible! Really questioning the hire of Jeff Scott. He has 1 won game and not done anything positive!
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