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  1. I agree. He is a true freshmen. He Just needs to develop.
  2. Beating FAMU is pointless, he needs to prove he can beat FBS teams. Hopefully he continues to grow and develop into a QB we lacked since Flowers.
  3. I wonder if he is watching the same team. USF is WELLCOACHED is one of the biggest mind explosions I have heard in a while.
  4. Byu wins, we may cover the spread. I would love an upset, but we would have to drastically improve the oline and dline play. We need to stop the run and force them to pass. I don't see our dline and LB able to shut down their running attack. If we can get some key turnovers and not turn the ball over we may have a chance. I still think byu by 20
  5. Being undefeated in fashion should place us in the top 25 of fcs. Being defeated against fbs should rank us near the botfashion. Either way I will take a win and we started McClain. There will be growing pains but hopefully the teams builds of this.
  6. Talking about CJS... HE was not the coach at that time. His only two wins are Citadel and FAMU.
  7. McClain is our QB . WE need to just build confidence and get into conference play. The American is pretty open minus Cincinnati.
  8. I hope he heals and UCF losses every single game.
  9. Yes sir lots of good memories in those jerseys! One could say the firing of JL and switching from UA were the downfall of this program.
  10. The calls on the offensive side have been better and we need to execute and score. The defense needs to tackle and get bigger . We need talent and depth at every position. Our defensive and offensive line seemed undersized and lack skill. The coaches need to recruit and develop the current talent. McClain seems to be a better fit at qb.
  11. OH well CW did at least call some plays that fit TM so I am happy with that . Hopefully TM and CW improve together.
  12. Awesome thank you. Now I have to find someone to take my nonclub tickets lol
  13. Sounds like a nice menu. I bet their will be lots of cold lattes in the cooler.
  14. Anyone know if he is even capable at this point? He looked good as a freshmen at the U.
  15. The results speak for themselves so far. Hard to think a guy is a good coach who hasn't beaten a FBS TEAM.
  16. It said prepaid only at 10am last saturday
  17. All lots were prepaid only at Rayjay at 10am .i got stuck at HCC .
  18. Are you going to be able to pay and park at RAy Jay? Are they selling prepaid parking in advance anywhere? The prepaid only option really killed the tailgating experience. If I am not going to be to pay and park at the stadium on game day, I will probably just stop having ST.
  19. Does anyone have a parking pass for sale? i had to park at HCC and missed all the tailgates because of the RJ lots are prepaid.
  20. Did you have your All hope is gone or United from Start to finish button on?
  21. Welcome back, do you bring any good players from the portal with you?
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