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  1. CASTRO still won't us go full capacity.... such a shame.
  2. I can't stand people who make extreme rules and don't follow them. Real leaders make difficult decisions and lead by example.
  3. We need survey to move athletics up a few spaces...
  4. Not allowing businesses to open and not allowing the lightning to be at full capacity. She also got caught violating her own policies and created an unconstitutional covid fine force for businesses not following the guidelines she broke. Good thing the governor waived all the nonsense.
  5. The boys are really surprising us. Upsetting and taking down UF and Miami. Lets home the football team takes notice and follows their lead. GO bulls!
  6. I mean it is true they dig the long ball and long stick!
  7. I don't think they can actually do worse if they played 3 years of football. Yes the bar is set that low now.
  8. Rays continue to impress and overachieve. Baseball was better in the steroid and chick's dig the longer era.
  9. The bolts are just playing d and keeping the canes from the net. They will capitalize on the mistakes from the canes, similar to what Columbus did to us. I expect more energy and goals on home ice. To come away with a 2 0 lead is huge. Let's seal this at home. I called bolts in 6 but I'm thinking bolts in 5.
  10. Until we are ranked again and start knocking off p5 programs again. I will not believe we are improving.
  11. Closing the series out at home for some extra income
  12. That was rat like aka Marchand. Fitting from a team that hangs a bunch of rats. Now if we just go old school hockey style and get maroon or Schenn to pull their star player off the bench and beat him until Duclair answers the bell.
  13. We are not scared to play anyone, but can we pull off an upset and show improvement on both sides of the ball?
  14. To be clear Jonsey, what was your second shot of tonight? Or did you do the double 2nd shot? One medicinal and another two shots of adult beverages.
  15. It is where he belongs , put up or shut up. He didn't even beat a fbs team.
  16. I will be shocked if we don't get beat down.
  17. If we play Florida it will probably sellout, the only question is how many gator fans will be in attendance?
  18. I would guess many of the portal transfers have more talent and work ethic than the current crop ccs left us.
  19. Would this increase the win total and stomp ucf again ?
  20. The fix was in. WE have gone nothing but downhill since he was fired. It was a terrible choice for the football program.
  21. Does unknown equal atrocious or surprise us this year is the question?
  22. I DONT care for or follow basketball, but CJs seems to be cleaning house of cancers and lack of work ethic and in the process lost some of the locker room.
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