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  1. Proud to have a Foundation Grant Fund in my name for Internal Medicine... USFs Medical School is a HUGE part of my success. I recent had to have a large section of my colon removed and was in the James A Haley VA for 7 days.. my care was overseen by USF residents and truly, they did a great job... made me very proud to be a Bull!
  2. I’m a dipper; sauce on the side man
  3. Crispy chicken strip sub with bacon and extra cheese
  4. ****... he looked like he has a personality “sarcasm”
  5. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/02/28/inter-conference-championship-part-of-big-12-pac-12-scheduling-alliance-proposal/
  6. I saw who the OP was, not knowing the context, and I was like.... ummm.. somebody done ****** up
  7. The amount I know the guy, and it’s been awhile, he won’t stay dormant long I guess is my point
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