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  1. Skingraft

    Good News for T Horne

    He will be pure fire in this new offense
  2. Skingraft


    I’m in
  3. No.., they are lying to you
  4. Skingraft


    Did anyone else see her name and eyes go crossed
  5. Skingraft

    Happy Birthday . . .

    Vodka and Hotdogs
  6. I called him Mr Techmo Bowl I owe you a call man... Just been crazy...
  7. I have a giant *****... that is all... carry on
  8. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/14/big-12-championship-game-rights-reportedly-up-for-grabs-after-fox-turns-down-option/
  9. Skingraft

    FB survey

    Don’t worry, it’s a survey to do a feasibility study, before voting on it, and then deciding more surveys will be needed and a newer, shitier, logo is created
  10. Skingraft

    FB survey

    Left leg went a bit numb... but gas flow was acceptable for non-fan usage
  11. Anyone do the survey? I marked being at all home games but because I missed the bowl game for being enroute to Europe, the survey progressed as if I said I didn’t attend any home games at all.. simple error but had a good laugh... made my toilet time a breeze
  12. Skingraft

    Transferring players

    Good luck hope the best
  13. Skingraft

    Willie in trouble

    I still have PTSD from our 2 win season... whats the cash value of that?