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  1. Better than David beating off Goliath
  2. Yup.... still blank but got my tickets through the website thankfully.
  3. Anyone else have an issue today? My ticket section doesn't pull up anything. I accessed the tickets through Ticketmaster.
  4. Most of those were dinks and dunks... When he had to go yard, it was either off of intercepted...
  5. CF must be a practice stud.... He is so stiff and inaccurate during a game... I get it that TM is young but he passes the eye check... has a QF vibe to him.... Let him play, feed him some sandwiches, and let him grow....
  6. I'm not doom and gloom.... I see some great strides....
  7. I saw a lot of improvement... I see a lot of coaching... I'm still on the fence with the DC but other than that... I'm very positive
  8. He Blows Seriously... this is comical
  9. It did to me too... I prefer whiney *****.... makes me feel special
  10. True.... still sucked... we need as much attention as possible right now
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