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  1. Skingraft

    Craig Watts is back

    Im confused
  2. Skingraft

    Nick Munera off the team

    Exactly... my initial response was "Who?"
  3. Don't we have someone on here who can setup autoclicks... cough, cough.... Mascot Challenge
  4. Skingraft

    HB QF

    Id kindly ask you take ma kin down.. dem private momants
  5. Skingraft

    HB QF

    I've been trying to send you pics, the one of the Richard variety, just in hopes of brightening your day buddy
  6. Skingraft

    HB QF

    I feel like some vulcan mind trick just happened
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/05/11/falcons-agree-to-terms-with-terrell-mcclain/
  8. Skingraft

    HB QF

  9. Skingraft

    HB QF

    Exactly... get paid homie
  10. His last article updating on where the USF guys are in rookie mini campa was pretty good
  11. I hate that he hates black pepper
  12. I've spent a lot of time reading about this kid and honestly based upon his own words, it sounds like he landed at AL as a grade A premadonna amd was humbled by Saban.. funny enough, Saban has done the same thing to Hurts he did to this kid.... Sounds like ASU is where is found humility and hopefully USF will be where is finds a home and family.... Best man plays... I hope the best for the kid who looks like he grew up
  13. Skingraft

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    Dude just needs to fade away