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  2. I totally agree. But my point is our conference at least is positioned well in case there is expansion down the line. And right now it seems better than I expected.
  3. There are many differences.. that support alone is very telling in my opinion...
  4. Yesterday
  5. Sure his 58% completion percentage is highly sought after by NFL scouts.
  6. Texas had just struggled through three years and Strong was fired. Clemson is on a great run possibly repeating a national championship. There is a difference.
  7. He didn’t seem that fast to me. He is not Jameis slow but he got ran down a lot.
  8. Didn't he just become a QB in his senior year of high school? I thought he had good athleticism but our o-line was so bad that it was hard to judge. His arm strength was definitely lacking. I thought he showed good quickness when he was able to get outside the pocket.
  9. I was reluctant to say the same thing. I hate to say anything negative about these kids but he has some work to do. I hope he busts his ass this offseason and shuts us all up next year.
  10. 20never. We need more academic buildings and continue increasing our honor's college. USF has never fully committed to athletic excellence. That is why they want us to build the IPF .
  11. T.O. wouldn't need me, he would just call the news and start doing push ups. He is a self promoter.
  12. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2019/08/05/usf-season-ticket-sales-holding-steady-in-2019/ These number are disappointing after nearly 25 seasons. Coaching changes only hurt, hope we make big strides over the next few seasons. Go BULLS !!!
  13. Think we got to go back to the Gulf Coast Offense and we better patent it before FGCU starts a football program lol
  14. Don’t worry if we give KB three years he is going to completely change genealogy.
  15. McCloud is at best a scout quarterback.
  16. Was a quorum established? Where are the minutes?
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