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  1. How many times do we need to lose to C.? Seems like its a normal occurrence since we left the big East. We are the little brother at this point and its a joke.
  2. Lawrence hasnt been good QB is basically the one and only in football.
  3. Might be tough turning the momentum when l$u is playing a home game
  4. Not going back through the past few pages to see if it got talked about, but how wasn't that hit on Clemson #3 not defenseless? Literally hit the guy in the back not looking, but the Clemson hit earlier in the game...in the front shoulder was defenseless?
  5. Just when you think CFB cant get any better....they go and do this.
  6. Trying not to be a homer, but I'm liking them too.
  7. Huh? BCS wasn't a playoff if that is what your 22 years are referring to.
  8. you can always tell a southerner by the use of snow skiing
  9. Please tell me this is real? I would almost like that bum.
  10. It was a defensive game. I guess you should worry about it being so low smh.
  11. Need to show that UCF isnt the only one who can beat good teams. Beat the kid touchers.
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