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  1. I'd pass on miami this year. No reason to get pounded by another FL team.
  2. QB is the most important position in football. If you have one you win, if you don't, you don't. *unless you are Bama
  3. I think we know how the ranking system works. You'll see the same handful of teams you see every year. Bama, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State.
  4. Surprised Eddie didn't get kicked off the team for that or maybe that is why he hasn't live up to expectations...
  5. If he's good it'd be a shame if we waste a season on him this year.
  6. Five best returning players: LB Dwayne Boyles, NB Bentlee Sanders, FS Nick Roberts, LB Antonio Grier, RB Kelley Joiner Jr. ouch.
  7. Muscle Hamster had a couple good seasons. Mainly I just wanted to say Muscle Hamster.
  8. serious question, how has he improved the league?
  9. This was arguably one of our best players....no wonder we blow chunks. Love Mitch, but we need to get athletes back in the program.
  10. I'll be impressed when he can get the avg ranking to 84\85+
  11. He'll last one season then they'll part ways bc Chuck doesnt care anymore.
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