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  1. I have to say I like what Scott is doing at the QB position. Two somewhat solid transfers, a young pocket passer with a huge arm and a young dual threat. Covering all the bases. Hopefully one of the transfers and young guys work out then we are set for a good amount of time. Things could turn around quickly if they find a QB and recruiting picks up with the IPF until Scott bolts for a better job.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/ltdces/top_5_schools_likely_to_leap_to_power_5_coaching/ Not even a mention really. We should have been light years ahead of everyone except Cincy, but we failed to capitalize on the Big East times.
  3. I've realized this for a while. The school cannot figure how to get students to become fans generation after generation. Are we the last D1 team in Florida without an IPF?
  4. Whatever they did to get this IPF funded needs to be the standard on which to get donations. We should have had the best facilities while being relegated down from BE.
  5. If Fortin was truly coming on at the end of the season I have to imagine it is gonna be between him and Williams. Unless Marsh or the freshman come in like world beaters. I do like the shotgun effect Scott is bringing to the QB position.
  6. Correct - QBs will define how the coach does at any school. Also, Gus wasn't the head coach when Auburn won with Newton.
  7. So, once we hire the up and coming OC they go for a retread. Why do I feel like its going to work out for them?
  8. Let me help you out. The NFL is a good example. Level the playing field with a salary cap and the division winners( conference champs) get and auto bid with a couple wild card( at large) teams make the playoffs. However, you could prefer the gate keeping boomer model. Have fun with a half dozen teams being in the playoff year and year out.
  9. Stop the arms race and level the playing field across all the FBS teams. All 10 conference winners get automatic bid and some at large picks, same idea as college basketball. There shouldnt be a committee gatekeeping less popular teams from getting a chance to make the playoffs. I don't see anyone being able to do this outside of legislators, maybe?
  10. Dang wish they stayed with Heupel a couple more seasons while piling on the losses. Smart of him to jump ship as well.
  11. Wins are trending down, next year they shouldnt be good and now a new AD will be in town. Writing is on the wall for Heupel.
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