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  1. Awesome vid. Should have received an opportunity a lot sooner. Amazing how guys like him still fall through the cracks these days.
  2. This isnt 20 years ago. Transfers and freshman can help immediately.
  3. Someone refresh my memory on if these guys are immediately eligible bc of covid or is it normal transfer rules?
  4. Just because it's popular does not mean it's good and vice versa.
  5. 5500 dead is a "little damage"? Its not hard to understand your cherry picked dates. Was just saying they are a bad example and currently, it looks like they are reconsidering their initial plan bc it isnt working.
  6. Yup, it's pretty obvious they are completely wrong. 91st in population - 12th in Covid deaths and by far the worst of the Nordic countries. Weird lol.
  7. The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster. It Shouldn’t Be A Model for the Rest of the World Sweden's unique approach to the pandemic has drawn interest from... Sweden is not a good example.
  8. Even when they made good play calls the players could not execute.
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