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  1. The last thing we need right now is a sympathy hire. We need an @$$ kicker.
  2. Can we all let it sink in that UCF, Memphis and Houston all jumped us because the admin just screwed off for the last half decade. We should be asking for heads at this point. The fact that people in charge will remain in power is insane.
  3. I said it was the best possible scenario not the most probable. I def do not have faith in USF to get out of this death spiral.
  4. Seems like the best possible scenario for USF is hoping the PAC 12 and ND sit on their hands. We move with a few other AAC teams, BYU and Boise to Big 12.
  5. The fire is the program burning down. We are destined to be in the CUSA or Sunbelt.
  6. Id be happy if we can just find a QB this season. Going on two seasons without one is a Holtz new era. We don't want to see a Holtz new era.
  7. This really is the best way to describe it. The school has all the advantages in the world and has done squat in football and bball. Failing realignment should have been the wake up call, but instead we sit here barely able to stand up basic facilities. Don't give me the BS about donor base when the school doesn't do anything to develop one.
  8. Just needs to find a QB and he'll be in the top half of this list and #1 in my heart.
  9. I have to say I like what Scott is doing at the QB position. Two somewhat solid transfers, a young pocket passer with a huge arm and a young dual threat. Covering all the bases. Hopefully one of the transfers and young guys work out then we are set for a good amount of time. Things could turn around quickly if they find a QB and recruiting picks up with the IPF until Scott bolts for a better job.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/ltdces/top_5_schools_likely_to_leap_to_power_5_coaching/ Not even a mention really. We should have been light years ahead of everyone except Cincy, but we failed to capitalize on the Big East times.
  11. I've realized this for a while. The school cannot figure how to get students to become fans generation after generation. Are we the last D1 team in Florida without an IPF?
  12. Whatever they did to get this IPF funded needs to be the standard on which to get donations. We should have had the best facilities while being relegated down from BE.
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