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  1. Not feeling great they have had almost 2 weeks to prepare for us...
  2. In no way will low tier P5 or high tier G5 teams help us. Playing the best of the best is how you get noticed and if we lose, so what, we still have the conference championship to play for. It is a win win to play a blue blood type program(unless injuries).
  3. Play the best team you can find and play wherever. We should already be doing this.
  4. USFBULL_08

    How do you assess this?

    When things shake out we might make top 25, but we arent there. Our big East teams would have destroyed the flowers\Barnett eras.
  5. USFBULL_08

    USF Run Defense

    I suspect its not just the run defense.
  6. Blaming GTs offense for the amount of yards they got. Illinois with three straight runs for 80 yards and a TD.....
  7. Ugh I'm getting tired of this excuse.
  8. USFBULL_08

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Blackmon is the same type of QB except he is 100lbs soaking wet. They need a guy back there that can run with how bad their O line is.
  9. Our defense isn't good guys.
  10. USFBULL_08

    Illinois Message Boards

    is that why they paid lovie so much?
  11. I've been checking in all week and maybe its because we beat them pretty good last year, but they have been really reasonable fans. They have had a rough go of it since, I don't know, the zook years? Haven't seen much hate out of them and I just wanted to appreciate that they have some respect. I haven't seen many communter school remarks and the like, mostly just that they aren't there yet and hope to keep it close. So, Illini fans, thanks and good luck tomorrow!
  12. USFBULL_08

    Genshaft to retire

    Doesn't seem......feasible.
  13. USFBULL_08

    Early betting line USF vs Illinois

    I still think we win by 2 TDs, so I might make it anyway. Is there a safe-ish way to bet the game? Asking for a friend.
  14. USFBULL_08

    Genshaft to retire

    Could say the same thing to you for caring about upvoting\downvoting lol.
  15. USFBULL_08


    The win only means something in name only. GT didn't make a bowl game last year. We clearly had the better althletes, but get cheesed out by a gimmick offense.