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  1. If he's good it'd be a shame if we waste a season on him this year.
  2. Five best returning players: LB Dwayne Boyles, NB Bentlee Sanders, FS Nick Roberts, LB Antonio Grier, RB Kelley Joiner Jr. ouch.
  3. Muscle Hamster had a couple good seasons. Mainly I just wanted to say Muscle Hamster.
  4. serious question, how has he improved the league?
  5. This was arguably one of our best players....no wonder we blow chunks. Love Mitch, but we need to get athletes back in the program.
  6. I'll be impressed when he can get the avg ranking to 84\85+
  7. He'll last one season then they'll part ways bc Chuck doesnt care anymore.
  8. Hmm idk Id say he did a lot worse damage with the Brasheer deal. Single handedly softened the entire league and killed the careers of enforcers for the rest of time.
  9. I sort of keep up with them since I played during my time in school. Wish we had our games broadcast on twitter.
  10. That's not a dream...its a fact. This conference wont matter if they don't get those teams or pull from the p5. The other pipe dream is believing sdsu or a similar team could ever enhance the league lol
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