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  1. Ah okay, i hadn't seen that reported.
  2. If you're Strong and this kid is interested in coming here you say no in any circumstance?
  3. guys on 620 are saying hes coming to USF. Anyone confirming this?
  4. Correct - Culture problem is the answer here.
  5. How many offensive lineman have ever been drafted from USF? We haven't had good lines and the time we didn't have a mobile QB resulted in Willie's horrendous seasons. Defense and mobile QB is our identity. Leavitt figured it out and we should keep with it.
  6. Can anybody guess on how many were students vs alumni\public? I still think the school hasn't created the culture to improve attendance yet.
  7. USFBULL_08

    Mack Attack 2.0?

    I remeber missing the WVU game...
  8. USFBULL_08


    Other than us, I wonder if any P5 has neither an IPF and OCS? Us and Miami?
  9. USFBULL_08

    Q is Flexible

    I dont want him to go the BJ route thats all. Give QB a quick shot, if it doesnt work find a place where he can get rhe ball in his hands and play. In the end, play slot WR, no way LBs can keep up with his quickness.
  10. USFBULL_08

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    the University of South Florida Tampa Bay The Univerity of South Florida, Tampa Are these effing jokes? These will sound like a satellite schools. Just unify the use USF on everything. No South Florida on CBS, ABC, ESPN, etc..
  11. USFBULL_08

    Football Complex (IPF) News

    As far as I know it's a conference rule.
  12. USFBULL_08

    Football Complex (IPF) News

    Throw a gold U on top of the green roof and call it a day.
  13. USFBULL_08

    Bulls Signing Day Central

    Wins aren't helping the recruiting classes much.
  14. USFBULL_08

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Mark emmert gonna be gone. Will that change things for playoffs or realignment?
  15. USFBULL_08

    QB next year - who's your guy.

    Man, if only we could have not run the ball up the middle 50 times and actually put points on the board before the 4th quarter, we could have got a look at these guys last season. My uneducated guess thinks Chris O. Hoping he is the real deal and Kean keeps the back up duty while the young guys learn the system. If not, I just hope one of these guys can seperate themselves.