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  2. For today. I have some tickets, Send me a board message @Brad
  3. Looks like we just lost Khris Love.
  4. Given what CCS brought to the table recently, losing recruits may not be a bad thing
  5. CJS hasn’t done anything yet (not that it’s expected that he should at this point) and if he decides keeping KB is a good plan it’s a pretty good reason to question his judgment and expect a rough and long 5 years.
  6. I’d like to think it would be more successful than this current marriage which for those keeping score has resulted in one of the worst offenses in USF history, one of the worst offenses in FBS football, musical chairs at every position, an inability to score, an inability gain yards, hiring of one coach for the Oline, having that be the worst position group on the team and having people say well at least keep him to bring in recruits that he can’t land even when he has the advantage of being the only person with a relationship with that recruit.
  7. I wouldn't. Not that I want him back, but if CJS thinks that he can work with him, I'll trust him.
  8. I would assume we will know within the next week or two. If CKB returns, everone on this board will lose their minds including myself.
  9. One of the tangible arguments people made for keeping KB is he would bring his former QB with him due to the great respect and love of the system Rodemaker had for KB. In typical KB FBS fashion this plan failed miserably. Too bad we didn’t give him the head coaching position so we could see if it’s possible to fail in every aspect of every single thing you touch.
  10. Today
  11. I love the lower-case "d" in your thread topic. We've missed you, Sir!
  12. Being in the AAC is already a loser and we have hemorrhaged fans and money since we have been in it. What’s the fear? That we could lose more than the millions of dollars we already lose yearly? That the stadium will be more empty than you already complain about? Fear isn’t a reason to stay stagnant and if you started a side hustle of USF football in the AAC it would already not be a business on your tax returns but a hobby. People keep saying we can’t be independent because it’s crazy because we will fail, news flash we are already failing and the crazy thing is thinking something can improve by continuing to do the same things over and over.
  13. The best idea is to wait and see if the Big 12 implodes in 5 years. If that happens a new conference could be created with the 3 to 4 leftovers in the Big12 and then add the best of the rest. Going independent is a loser and it’s unlikely we will be added to a P5 unless some really crazy things happen with their own structure.
  14. To paraphrase James Carville, “ The conference, stupid”. People can run around pretending the AAC is great and just as good as whatever outlandish claim they would like to make but the market has spoken and collectively no one cares at all about this conference. We need to stop pretending and start coming up with a plan for the post AAC failed experiment.
  15. It will always be a problem. I am not a believer in the “win and they will come” adage. There are too many issues with TB sports fans and USF fans/students for us to draw well consistently. I think 40-44k will be reachable at times but not consistently.
  16. JK laughs at your disrespect as he whips his ass with pictures of CJL...
  17. Is it about how JK is fired or the local kennel liner maker is going dark forever?
  18. One of my best friends is a family practice doc in Greenville. Love what they've done with the downtown area.
  19. I think it is more than that. In 2016 at 8-1 in our last home game before we played in Orlando we only drew 26k. We were winning and scoring and not drawing crowds.
  20. OK Gents - The 3 of us can start the Bull Tigers . . . but gotta convince GVLPalmettoBull that having Clemson as a 2nd stringer is allowed - especially now with Jeff Scott. You in, Joe ?
  21. We have time. Scott has been recruiting for Clemson, so he knows what they passed on but would be a good fit for USF. I trust him. I am sure he has been in touch with the coaches such as Shaun King about recruiting.
  22. Being born into a Clemson Family - I have seen the lows & can hardly believe all these all-time highs we are on right now. Never over-confident because of all the lows - so I hope we play our very best 2 games of the year coming up . . . . and whatever happens, happens. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm thinking Coach Scott is gonna be pushing very hard to get a couple of high level guys looking our way for the early signing period. He is a top-level, dynamic recruiter. G O B U L L S ! ! !
  23. USF because she's my alma mater and Clemson because I live 3 miles away from the University. Joe
  24. Lets not forget this is coordinator vs. HC we are comparing. CJS hasn't had to bear the weight of a program like CCS did.
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